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Mutation: It is the Key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism to the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, usually taking thousands and thousands of years, but every few hundred millennia … Evolution leaps forward … Charles Xavier





Several Months later …

Mud and water splattered as Harry, Wolverine, Storm, Jubilee, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Gambit, and Rogue ran down the muddy path.

"We have to get to the jet!" Storm ordered from behind.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of them, causing them all to come to a skidding stop and take battle stances.

"Hello, Potter," Voldemort hissed, "Leaving so soon?"

"Tom …" Harry snarled.

"What's wrong... Mage, is it? Afraid to face me alone?" Voldemort laughed.

"X-Men stand together," Shadowcat said, bravely stepping up to stand at Harry's side.

"How sweet," Voldemort sighed, "I get to rob you of yet another loving family, such a pity."

"Get to the X-Jet," Harry whispered dangerously, "This is my fight."

No, Harry …" Shadowcat started, but Wolverine touched her shoulder and shook his head.

"Alright, Runt," he said seriously, "We'll be back to pick you up. Can you hold on that long?"

"I think so," Harry nodded, "Now get going, I'll hold off Tommy Boy," He said, giving Voldemort a smirk that would make Wolverine proud.

"I have no problem with that," Voldemort nodded, not taking his scarlet, serpentine eyes off Harry, "I will kill them all later, but I would prefer to kill you alone, Harry, so I can thoroughly enjoy your demise."

"Bring it on … Bub," Harry said, earning a grin from Wolverine.

The X-Men ran toward the X-Jet, some more reluctant than others.

"Ok, then, shall we begin?" Harry asked, drawing his wand and running a hand through his soaked hair.

Harry started to say a spell when a voice called behind him, "Avada Kedavra!"

Harry turned to see a green beam heading toward him. He had no time to escape. 'Hermione …' He thought one last time as the beam hit his chest and his body fell limp to the wet, hard ground. His eyes remained open staring at the cloudy sky and the storm's downpour. His lifeless ears not hearing Voldemort's high, chill-inducing, victory laugh.


"HARRY!" Hermione cried, sitting bolt upright in her bed, her face soaked with tears and sweat. "It was just a dream," She panted.

She then crawled out of bed and looked at the clock, 1:15 AM. "At least it wasn't about him again," She sighed. Most nights she'd be awakened by visions of what that monster, Sinister, had done to her just a few months earlier. But she would rather see that than see Harry hurt.

The date was July 29, and tomorrow she, Ron, and Ginny were going to New York to stay with Harry at Professor Xavier's Mansion for his birthday until it was time to go to Diagon Alley. She really needed some sleep, though. What would Harry think if she showed up with bags under her eyes?

She went to the bathroom and splashed some water on her face a few times, trying to wash away the nightmare.

"Have a nightmare, sweetheart?" a familiar voice asked, causing her to snap her head up to see Sinister's toothily grinning reflection in the mirror. She stifled a scream and spun around to see her father looking worried, "Hermione, what's the matter?"

"Oh, nothing, daddy," She lied, "You just startled me … that's all."

"Are you sure," He asked, not letting up.

"Yes, daddy," Hermione smiled, getting on her toes to kiss her father's cheek, "May I use the phone, though, I know it's late here, but it's just evening for Harry, and I am a bit worried about him."

Mr. Granger thought for a moment before giving her a stern look, "A short phone call, remember international calls are expensive, and besides you're going to see him tomorrow afternoon anyway."

"Thank you, Daddy!" Hermione chirped happily, running toward the telephone.

"Young love …" he chuckled, "Reminds me of Scott and Jean at Xavier's … those were the days."


"Xavier's School for the Gifted, Doctor Henry McCoy speaking. How may I help you," Beast spoke as he answered the phone. "Oh, hello Hermione, how are you this fine evening … Oh, he's fine Hermione, no need to worry about Little Slim. Yeah, he hasn't killed us for calling him that yet … No … no, he isn't here. He's gone … uh … out with Scott, Logan, and Ororo … No … no, nothing dangerous … I'd tell you if it was, you know I would … feel better? I'll tell him you called. Still on for us picking you up at the JFK International at four? Alright ,we'll see you then, my little Einstein. Goodnight."

Beast hung up the phone before slamming his head on his desk, "Mage, please, PLEASE don't make me a liar."


Meanwhile, at an East Manhattan orphanage that accepted mutants, a large group of humans, calling themselves the 'Friends of Humanity', were attempting to burn the building down. "Kill all the freaks!" one man cried, waving a shotgun in the air.

"Might want to drop that, bub," a voice came from behind him.

"And who's going to …" the man started, but was silenced by a 'snikt' and half of the gun falling to the ground, "Oh …"

"Storm!" Cyclops barked, slugging one of the men in the face, "Put out those fires. Wolverine and I will take care of the thugs. Mage, keep a look out, and stay put this time! No buts!"

Storm quickly created a monsoon over the area, putting out the fire and disorienting the Friends of Humanity while Cyclops and Wolverine easily took most of the thugs out of commission.

"That was easy," said Wolverine, dusting his hands together, "They get stupider every day. HEY! There's four more!" he barked, pointing at four thugs climbing into a white van with 'FoH' painted in blue lettering on the side.

"They're getting away!" Cyclops shouted, preparing to blast the van, but missing as it sped off.

"No, they're not," came a voice over their collar held communicators, "I've got them."

"Mage! Don't," Cyclops shouted, but sighed when he heard the communicator cut off, "Damn it."


"I think we lost them, Pete," one of the men said, pulling off his ski mask.

"Of course," the driver smiled, "They're just stupid freaks. They probably don't even know how to drive!" he said as they drove under an overpass. Not knowing that someone was watching their every move.

On the overpass, a young man sat on his cherry red motorcycle, the name 'FIREBOLT II' written across the gas tank in flame-stylized gold letters. He was wearing a black leather uniform with large crimson 'X's starting from his shoulders and crossing over his chest and back, and a black motorcycle helmet with 'Mage' written on the back atop a picture of a lion and gryphon.

As soon as the van was out from under the overpass, he peeled out, jumped over the guardrails, and landed in the middle of heavy New York evening traffic. Mage swerved and twisted through the traffic behind the van, waiting for it to get out of the heavy traffic somewhere along the freeway.

Finally, the van cut down a dimly lit road that looked newer than the street before, and Mage sped up beside it. He then quickly pulled his wand from its holster and aimed it at the back tire. "Incendio", he said as a stream of fire shot from the tip of the wand and caused the tire to melt. The van spun out of control and then flipped on its side, sliding along the blacktop.

Mage brought the bike to a stop and hit the kickstand, climbing off. He slowly pulled off the helmet to reveal his shaggy black hair spiked up to reveal his lightning bolt scar and his emerald green eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses. "Easy way or hard way, guys?" Mage asked, walking toward the overturned van.

Then the men climbed out of the van: two with baseball bats, one with a knife, and one with a Japanese katana. "Hard way, it is then," Mage sighed, closing his fists to pop his knuckles.

The one with a Katana dove at Mage, but he easily dodged the strike. Mage concentrated his telekinesis into his own body, enhancing his strength and speed, then ducking a swing from one of the bat boys and punching the man square in the ribcage. The others moved in and Harry quickly knocked them back with a roundhouse kick.

Another with a bat swung at him, but Mage caught it in the hand, and then kicked the guy with the katana in the face. He then threw the man by the bat into the other two, knocking them all out. He looked over the knocked out thugs and heard sirens in the distance.

Mage climbed on his bike and pulled the helmet over his head, "Now, let that be a lesson to you. See you boys next time," he then peeled out again and shot toward home at full speed.


Meanwhile in Magneto's base of command on Genosha, Sabretooth sat quietly in the corner, "You can't sulk forever, you know?" Toad teased, earning a loud growl from the wild mutant.

"Is this the home of Magneto?" a voice asked from the shadows.

"Who are you?" Toad asked angrily, "How did you get past my security systems?"

"Muggle technology matters little to me," came a hiss, causing Sabretooth to visibly flinch.

"Shut up, Toad," Sabretooth growled, "Show some respect to the Dark Lord, before he strikes you down where you stand."

"Thank you, Creed," Voldemort said, stepping out of the shadows with Wormtail at his side. "It is about time one of your family shows me respect."

"Eric is back there," Sabretooth said, pointing at the back door of the room.

"Your faithfulness to your current master and myself shall be rewarded, Creed," Voldemort said, walking toward the door.


"Ah, the infamous He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named," Magneto greeted with a smirk, very unimpressed, "It's a pleasure."

"Eric Lehnsherr, I presume," Voldemort responded as the two overlords came face to face.

"Yes, but I prefer the name Magneto," Magneto responded, "Now, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"I believe we have a similar goals," Voldemort stated, "and similar problems."

"Is that so?" Magneto said, returning to his chair, "Do tell?"

"We both want to rid the world of impure and dirty blooded humans, as well as a very similar stumbling block that seems to enjoy getting in the way," Voldemort replied, pacing slightly.

"X-Men …" Magneto growled.

"Yes, X-Men," Voldemort nodded, "separately they have defeated us both."

"But if we were to work together …" Magneto finished the Dark Lord's thought, a smile slowly growing on his lips.

"We can accomplish both our goals and overpower the X-Men," Voldemort offered, his long, skeletal hand.

"Lord Voldemort," Magneto said, taking it in a handshake, "I believe we shall have much to offer each other …"


The next day, Ron and Ginny were dropped off at Hermione's home. "Hermione?" Ron whined, sitting on her bed, "Why do we have to travel the Muggle way?"

"Sod off, Ron," Ginny scolded, "I think going the Muggle way will be fun!"

"But … But flying without magic?" Ron whimpered, "It just isn't safe!"

"Ron, it's perfectly safe," Hermione reassured, "Remember the deal: if you'll fly my way, I'll let you and Harry teach me how to fly the magic way."

"But it's still not safe, riding in a big hunk of metal," Ron whimpered child-like, "It just isn't natural!"

"Like riding on a long piece of wood is any more natural?" Hermione responded.

"Oh yeah," Ron nodded, a mischievous smile crossing his lips, "You'll be doing that too when we get there, won't ya, Hermione, just not a broom?"

"RON!" Hermione gasped as her face turned blood red, then she shoved him hard. "That's not funny, not funny at all!"

"True though," Ron chuckled, "Oh, before I forget, Mum got us all permits to use magic outside Hogwarts, just in case … ya know where we're going … and all …" Ron said, drifting off as he went on, then handing Hermione and Ginny the permits.

"Ok, sweetheart," Mrs. Granger called from downstairs, "We better go or you'll miss your flight!"

"Well," Hermione said standing, "Let's go, it's been so long since I flew the proper way!" She said with a wink at the scowl Ron gave her. She and Ginny grabbed their suitcases and started out the door, leaving Ron alone.

"Bloody hell …" Ron moaned, grabbing his suitcase and following, not liking the idea of what they were about to do at all.

To Be Continued …

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