If I had to pick a colour for my anger right now it would be white.

Most would probably expect red, but mine is white. It's pure and raw. Both hurt and shock are mixed into this feeling. Bella had told me the truth.

She had told me there was more to do with Jasper, but I had already run away from her. Sprinting like a track athlete toward him.

The lying son of a prick. I would make him pay for this lie. He'd played me like a total fool and I'd let him.

He sits on his bed laughing at the movie playing on the tv mounted to the wall.

"Oh babe," he points to the TV, "this Owen Wilson movie is amazing. Come cuddle and watch it with me. I've almost pissed my pants twice from laughing so damn hard."

I say nothing. Fists clenched against my sides as I try to compose myself. I'm shaking, fighting back the tears threatening to cloud my vision. I want to see his face when he admits to what he has done.

Once his eyes meet mine his expression morphs immediately.

"Let me explain," he holds his hand up.

"You lied," I shout, finally letting go of the tears.

My hand flies up to my mouth as I wrap my arm around my middle, shoulders shaking into the emotion. He's fighting the will to move to me. But he is still bed-bound and needs assistance to walk.

"Baby," he whispers, "please hear me out. It's not what you think."

"I felt like an asshole for not telling you about my job," I shake my head.

"So did I," he says, "but I made a promise and this promise meant the difference between life and death."

"You have no idea. I have had so many people in my life do this to me. You said you loved me. That is a promise to me," I shout.

"I do. God, I do love you so much," he says, "Edward came to me in a wreck and told me he'd done something unforgivable. That he'd created the end of the world and if it got into the wrong hands he would be powerless to prevent it, baby. I had no clue how to help him. When he gave me a way to, I took the opportunity up."

"By hiding a deadly weapon beneath the feet of children. Such an opportunity," Sarcasm leaks through the hurt in my voice.

"It's inactive," he shakes his head, "it was the most basic location and the last place someone would consider. We kept our friendship secret from you at first, because we weren't sure who you were. Plus we were worried Jasper was working for his father. We got word James had a client and until we figured out who we agreed to keep it quiet."

"I'm so mad at you," I growl out.

"You get to be," he nods, "but you lied to me too."

"I had to. To protect you," I'm positively furious.

"What do you think I was trying to do?" he snaps.

Instinctively I jump slightly. Emmett has never raised his voice at me ever. The calm and collected man was in fight mode. While unable to move fast and far from his place on the hospital bed he sure made sure to fill up the room with his passion.

"I fucking love you," he urges, "If I had told you would have honestly kept dating me? Our relationship would fade to black with this stupid gas as the focus. Edward has done some crazy shit but this takes the cake. I was so mad with him for expecting something like this of me, but we had to hide it. To walk around with this on my back has been the hardest thing I've done. Lying to you has been awful and I will never do it again. But you can't stand there and act innocent. You did it too."

"I did it because I was forced to. Jasper instructed me not to," I'm losing this battle.

"Edward instructed me not to," he shrugs, "Edward has saved my life countless times. There's a lot of shit you don't know but let me tell you everything I have said to you is real. The love and devotion I have for you are as true as the sky is blue. Meeting you was a coincidence and it's the best thing to have happened in my life."

"What does that even mean?" I shake my head, the pain at my temple is too much to take.

"I'm a teacher, Rose. My salary is shit," he scoffs, "I went to college, graduated and went into teaching. I was meant to play football. I was going to be drafted. Then cancer came. Twice. I missed my shot."

I stare at him in disbelief. My hands feel limp, my legs are shaky. Cancer?

"You had cancer?" I whisper in shock.

"Edward paid my medical bills without even a second of doubt. He took care of me. Both my health and mental space. I struggled badly," he nods, "Meeting you made it all worth it. I think back to when I wanted to give up and I'm so glad I didn't. I've been in remission for a year and a half."

I want to kiss him. But am I too angry to do that?

I cave.

Racing toward the bed I sit beside him on the mattress edge, leaning down to kiss his lips. It's tender emotion. It's getting air when you thought there was no more left to breathe.

"I'm sorry," he whispers, "but please don't leave me for this. I'll never stop chasing you if you walk away."

His arm wraps around my body so his hand can gently stroke my back.

"I'm not going anywhere," I shake my head, "I just expect flowers and cake."

"Get me my phone and I'll order them now. Red velvet?" He grins at me.

"Yes," I laugh through the last stray tears, "I want you to lick the frosting off me."

"Done deal, Sexy," he chuckles, "When can I go home? Did Carlisle say?"

"Hopefully this evening we can get you back to the apartment. But I have to head to Germany I think. Although we have James we think Jasper's mother will try something," I say, "even without the weapon she poses a threat to our way of life. I'm honestly a little upset it was her. She was always there for me."

"I'm sorry Rose. I want to do something. I feel so useless," he says.

I sigh and shrug slightly.

"This was our first fight," Emmett mutters, "I hate how it feels."

"Me too. But guess what," I grin wickedly.

"What, gorgeous?" His eyebrow quirks up in understanding, he knows what I'm thinking, but he wants the kick out of hearing me say it.

"Makeup sex," I lean in to mutter the words against his lips before sealing it with a kiss.

"Why did the shit have to shoot me in the back," he groans, "how can I slam you against a wall?"

I suddenly want to kill James even more. Not only had the dick tried to take my reason for happiness, but also my killer sex life.

"I love you," I cuddle my body into his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

I'm grateful for each thump beneath my cheek.

"I love you too, my Rose," he runs his fingers through my hair.

Jasper storms into the room obliterating our sweet moment.

"He's fucking gone," he growls out, "Jacob fucking Black let him out."

"Just more reason to kick Bella's ex in the nuts," I sigh.

"Get your shit. We're sending you, Edward and Bella to Seattle. Guard that school with your fucking life," Jasper says, "Alice and I will begin to head to Germany. We'll set up the venue for where this conference will be held. I'm rigging every camera in that building."

"Have you spoken to your father?" I offer.

"Yep. He's coming along too. We're going to lure mummy home," he says.

"What about me?" Emmett says.

We both remember his broken body on the bed.

"We need you out of action, baby. If he realises you're alive he might come after you again. You're not a target because of me. You're a target because of your connection to Edward," I say.

"I can help," he insists, "I know that school like the back of my hand. Please."

"I'll get Carlisle to prep him for transfer," Jasper nods.

Perhaps the man I consider my brother is finally seeing what I see in Emmett.

A fuck load of fight.

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