Someone has been murdering 10 in Canterlot. The humane 6 and Flash are next. Will they discover who it is, before it's too late?

Chapter 2: The 3rd and 4th murders.

Dear Gilda,(said the text)

Meet me in the alley near The Sweet Shoppe

Gilda was walking home from Crystal Prep, the prestigious school in the city. Gilda's brown eyes widened as she saw an anonymous text. It was a number she didn't recognise.

Still, she followed its instructions. She went down the dark alleyway near The Sweet Shoppe. A rustle. Gilda turned to see a masked figure. "Hello, Gilda," it hissed.

Gilda screamed, but the figure stuffed a cloth in her mouth. "One sound from you," it whispered, "And you're dead."

Gilda's eyes widened in fear. "Can't I have something to eat?" she whined.

The figure opened a bag and gave her a donut. Gilda munched the chewy treat. She closed her eyes in peace, as she enjoyed the beautiful warm taste. The figure's heart leapt.

The figure smirked evilly as it brought down a rolling pin on her head.

the next evening, on Sunday, Rarity was walking with Sweetie Belle from the Carousel Boutique.

The figure was following them, stealthily keeping in the shadows. Then it grabbed Sweetie Belle. Rarity kept walking, then she noticed that Sweetie Belle wasn't with her. Rarity hurridely retraced her steps and hid behind a tree. Rarity's blue eyes were transfixed on the scene before her. A masked figure had stuffed a hankerchief in her mouth. Rarity nearly gasped, but didn't. Rarity saw that the figure raised a knife and ploughed it into her veins in her left arm. Sweetie Belle slumped, dead. The figure took the hankerchief out. A door opened and without realising, the figure dropped the cloth on the floor. Rarity pulled her rubber gloves on and pulled out her fingerprint set that Twilight gave her.

Rarity delicately picked it up and examined the fingerprints. But it was covered in snot and sweat it was hard to tell. A bloody shoemark was imprinted on the surface, 4 wavy lines as the sole. Rarity pulled out her notebook and wrote it down.


Trixie Lulamoon: Jealous of the mane 6 that they get all the attention. Hates Gilda, one of the victims.

Sunset Shimmer: One of my best friends, I know, but she has been known to kill before. She is angry that we left her because of Anon-a-miss and the Memory stone.

Rainbow Dash: Part of the team, she seems convinced that Sunset did it. Rainbow Dash isn't very honest and finds Gilda annoying. She hates Sweetie Belle.

Indigo Zap: Wasn't part in the Dance competition and has a grudge against CHS and hates Gilda.