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A month or two passed, and things went as normal as they could in a place where a girl will literally stick her head through the door to ask you a question. My Sunday morning training with Logan was going well. We worked on things like flipping people over your shoulder, kicking plus punching (even though Logan knew first hand what my elbow jab could do) and where the pressure points were so you could take someone down quickly. Though very few actually knew why I was so tired when breakfast came around, for the most part, everyone pretty much left me alone about it. Except for one person that I'm sure you know the identity of.

Every day when he got home from school, Kurt would teleport up to my room and knock on the door to see if he could come in. If he could, the rest of my day would be filled with the blue elf asking over and over again:

"Vat do you do on Sundays? Vhy are you so tired? Can I help?"

Mostly, I just ignored him as he followed me around. I often asked God why my boyfriend was so annoying, but I didn't get a straight answer. Ah yes, the dating scene. For the most part, no one really noticed that we were spending so much time together except Jean, but she was Jean. Oh, my little 'time freeze' incidents? After a while, they stopped happening, but while I had the power, Kurt and I pulled some awesome pranks. For instance, you know Kitty is a vegetarian, right? Well, one day at lunch, me and Kurt froze time and switched her salad with Logan's hamburger. The look on their faces was priceless. Kitty spit beef all over Scott and Jean got a face full of lettuce, courtesy of Badger.

Chuck told me that the whole 'stopping time' spiel was my secondary power; the one I would have had if I didn't have hydrokinetics. He told me that the only other person he'd seen with two significantly different gifts was Jean; telekinetic and telepathy. It went away because it was not the dormant gene in my body. That was okay with me though, because one power was good enough. Other than that, life at the Institute continued normally. I say again, as normal as it can be when your mentor uses your mind as an internal intercom system. But I had a feeling that things would be more or less okay from then on, because I had finally found the place where I belonged. Even if it was in another dimension.

Okay guys, you've waited long enough. … Which is why I'm going to ask you to wait even longer. Sorry muchly, but if there's any of you still out there waiting for me to update, you'll have to wait more. There's some things going on right now, mainly school, that'll dig into my fiction time seriously. From the comments you've been giving, I'm going to revamp Crys, because as a first writing venture, she is MarySueish, which I vowed to myself I would never do to my characters. So if you can wait, I'm hoping to have the first redone chapter up by … mid to late April. See you then, if I haven't bored you all to death by now. You have about a week or so before this version comes down.