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As the sea slowly engulfed vessels, the last crashes of catapults faded into silence. Of the dozen ships which had just sailed, four remained and all bore the same insignia. Each sail displayed a dragon with the body of an Eruptodon and the wings and tail of a Skrill. In the place of battle cries came joyous cheers. The four ships sailed off and docked at an island, being met with excited vikings. Two children were the most ecstatic of the group. The little girl had long, reddish orange braids, the boy had strawberry blond hair, and both were with vibrant, green eyes. They practically were jumping in anticipation. Watching them in amusement was a tall woman with short, blonde hair. As the vikings began to descend from their ships, the kids moved closer. A viking with a black braid emerged and she smiled as she saw the kids. They mirrored her expression and waved. "Hi, Auntie Heather " they greeted. Their grins grew wider as they saw someone behind her. A muscular viking with a full, red beard, scar over his right eye, and blue bear claw tattoos stood by her. His face broke out into an enormous grin when he saw the trio and rushed down to scoop the children up in his arms.

"How was it?" the young girl asked, eyes gleaming. "Was it difficult?" her brother inquired. The man feigned hurt, "You doubt your father? In some tribes it's considered treasonous to not have faith in the chief." The two laughed and he playfully squeezed them. "Good thing we have a fair queen to rely on too then." Heather joked, poking her brother. Mala smiled and Dagur laughed his signature laugh. He set down the children and wrapped Heather in a gentle headlock. "We took them all down and not one of them got a hit in on one of us." he beamed. Mala handed both he and Heather mugs. "Keira and Eden thought you two might enjoy some celebratory yak nog." They thanked her and the five made their way through the island, passing vikings and Defenders who were stringing up decorations. Lanterns dangled between trees and snow covered the ground like a chilly blanket. They walked to a large tree in the center of the island and waved at an orange haired Defender who was overseeing the ornament placement. "Hey, Throkman." Dagur said. The Defender turned with a small smile until he saw a viking put a couple wooden ornaments too closely together. "To the left." he told, exasperatedly. Sighing, he looked at the royals and pulled out a map.

"My chief, I believe that our combined records have narrowed down the possibilities so that we know the Berkians' new island is in this area." Throk informed, pointing to a small cluster of islands. His expression turned regretful. "I fear that this information should have been found far sooner, my lieges." The royals shook their hands, reassuringly. "Throk," Mala started, "we have been kept quite busy by the hunters and flourishing as a combined tribe as it is. Finding where the Berkians relocated was simply not our highest priority." The Defender nodded and an unreadable expression passed over Dagur's face. Espen went over to Throk and peeked at the map. "It would be nice to finally meet the Berkians after all we've heard about them." Keira nodded, "Could we go find them? It could be like a special Snoggletog celebration." The four contemplated it. "But what about Windshear and Strykie?" Heather mentioned, "They'll be expecting us to be here." Mala tilted her head. "It might not necessarily be an issue. If they come on the night after Snoggletog again, we will be able to see them. We would just need to return before that evening."

Keira and Espen beamed at their mother. "Does that mean we're actually going?" Espen asked, bouncing slightly. Mala looked at her husband and sister-in-law. Dagur saw the hope in their children's eyes and changed his expression to a smile. "I don't see why we can't do a little holiday vacation." Heather paused and a tint of red threatened to go over her face. "It might be nice to see them again." she conceded. Throk had a look of reminiscence. "Yes, it would be very nice to see how sh-they are doing." The siblings high-fived and scurried off to pack. In the morning, the group loaded up the ship, put Captain Vorg in charge, and set sail in search of their friends. Keira and Espen looked out at the water. "What do you think they're like?" Keira asked. When she got no response, she turned to her brother. The girl stumbled backwards as a snowball hit her. Her eyes widened at her laughing brother, "How'd you even get that?" Espen took a break from his chuckling. "I made one before we left and it's been cold enough to keep its shape." The boy face turned thoughtful, "I don't know, though. They made the Berkians seem so extraordinary. I almost don't believe it." "But," Keira interjected, "it could be cool to see the first dragon trainer and Fishlegs since Auntie said he's one of the smartest vikings she's ever met." Keira's eyes twinkled, "And we can't forget the twins."

While the two spoke of how they imagined the Thorston twins would be in real life, Heather had a particular Berkian in mind. She found her brother at the ship's helm. The Berserker opened her mouth several times to speak, but kept closing it. Dagur observed her, though waited for her to decide whether or not she wanted to start. "Do you think Fishlegs is doing all right?" she finally blurted out. Heather turned to the chief and hoped to see his opinion on the matter in his eyes; however, she could make out nothing. "I'm sure Fishy's fine, Sis." he said, a smirk forming. "Plus, what better Snoggletog present could he ask for than having you visit?" Heather gave a sad smile. "Thanks. I just wish I could know for certain." she paused, "It's been so many years-ten in fact." The viking did not notice as her brother's grip tightened around the wheel. It loosened when Mala entered the area. She saw Heather's face and guessed about what their conversation had been. Mala put a caring hand on the younger woman's shoulder. "Which island are we docking at first?" she inquired. Only then did Dagur truly realize that they had come up to a string of islands. He steered the ship towards them and looked at one to their right. "Let's keep going." he suggested, "These are too small for everyone to live on. There are still a couple options left further east right?" Mala nodded. "Just northeast of here." Dagur shifted directions, "Then let's test that out."

After an hour longer, the group saw an island with peaks through fog. Snow shimmered on mountains and made the island resemble a winter wonderland. They docked the ship and climbed down, fully seeing how large the land was. Espen and Keira were kept between their parents as the group proceeded. A row of huts came into view and the group started to see some vikings. None of them were recognizable, though, so they continued forward. Eventually, they saw a familiar face in a blond-haired man with a missing leg and arm. "Gobber!" Heather called, happily. The man turned and his confused expression transformed into one of shock. "Heather? Dagur? M-how did you all-how are you-" he stopped and tried to collect his words. The blacksmith gestured for them to follow him. "Come on. They won't be able to believe it." The vikings trailed after Gobber as he led them past a statue. Dagur and Heather quickly noticed that it was of Stoick the Vast. After this, they were led deeper into the island and to what seemed to be a Great Hall. Vikings young and old were inside, decorating the mantles with garlands. A handful of them stood out from the rest. "Look who's here." Gobber said, catching their attention. The Berkians turned to the man and their eyes opened in shock at the guests. Dagur gave a wide smile and offered in a happy tone, "Surprise!"