Ships of the dragon hunters had come in single file, hiding their true number. What appeared to have been one vessel soon became an invasion. The dragons zoomed around to avoid catapults and arrows as the Berserkers and Defenders went into battle mode. They went into the lower compartments of the ship and brought out weapons of their own. The Berkians were surprised to see their friends aiming at targets that were not present. "What are you doing?" Hiccup asked. Dagur had his eyes trained on the water. "Keira, Espen, get Zephyr and Nuffink into the lower compartments and stay there." he ordered. The children followed his instructions and ran down, inwardly upset at not helping. Dagur returned to Hiccup's question. "I'm seeing where they are." he replied. The chief looked at the rippling of the water and fired a catapult just between the water's separation. A loud crash was heard and water began appearing as though something were being engulfed in it. Hiccup watched in shock, "How did that happen?" Dagur pointed another weapon at another ship and timed it so that when a hatch opened to fire a cannon, a flaming arrow would enter. The flame ignited the powder sooner than intended and an explosion sunk the vessel.

"They've started using Changewing scales for camouflage. You have to look at the ocean to tell where the ships are going." Dagur told the Berkian, "Throk, Heather, stay on the defensive while Mala and I take the offense." The two put their focus on deflecting arrows and catapults fired at the dragons. Astrid and the other Berkians ducked down to avoid a blast and went to help fire some weapons. "When they open the hatches for the cannons that is when you will need to fire." Mala instructed. They nodded and tried their hands at it once the hunters attempted to shoot down more dragons. As ships sunk, more came as replacements. Mala glanced at her husband. "We do not have enough supplies for this large of an armada." she stated, worriedly. Dagur frowned at her true point. The vikings were not the only ones to realize this and Strykie went by his former rider's side. A devious grin spread over the Defender king's face. "Ooh, Strykie, you glorious reptile, you."

Dagur quickly hopped on the Triple Stryke's back and Toothless sent out a commanding roar to the other dragons. All at once, the anarchic display of dragons turned to their king to heed his orders. The vikings watched for a moment as Dagur and Strykie flew to the ships, attacking the opened hatches and vikings on the deck. Heather speedily joined her brother with Windshear and the Berkians looked at their own old friends. The dragons seemed to smile at them as they encouraged the mounting. Hiccup beamed as he retook his long-missed place with Toothless. Next, Fishlegs and Meatlug, Snotlout and Hookfang, and the twins and Barf and Belch followed. The other dragons did their part as Shellshocker and Submarripers put aside their differences long enough to ram themselves into the hunter ships. Smothering Smokebreaths created a fog which prevented the hunters from having clear shots. Through the precipitation, Flightmares and Fireworms found their way to the hunters, sending them into a frenzy of fear and pain. A Skrill shot past Dagur and Strykie, making a large smile come over the chief's face, and directed electricity into three ships at a time. Meanwhile, Razorwhips and Gronckles picked up on how to do the Flying Shatter Scatter. Barf and Belch exploded several ships as Fishlegs and Mealug covered decks in lava. Stormfly shot some of her spines into the hatches and Hookfang sent a huge wall of fire by the into the hunters. Hiccup and Toothless soared high and dive bombed downward in a barrel roll as he shot people with plasma blasts.

After nearly an hour of the assault, the surviving hunters finally retreated. A cheer rose up among the dragons lovers and they landed back on their ship. Dagur got off Strykie's back and lifted Mala, doing a spin. He laughed and looked at the Berkians. They too were smiling, "That was insane!" Tuff exclaimed. His sister nodded, excitedly. Snotlout swopped over, still on Hookfang. "And you have me to thank for this victory." His boasting was cut short when Hookfang sparked up, causing the Berkian to jump off and into the water. He huffed, "Fine, us. You never change!" The others laughed at him and they spent a few more hours in the hidden world before deciding that it was time to return. The Night Fury began to blend into the darkening sky and Hiccup rubbed Toothless's head. "We have to go, bud." he quietly told him. The Night Fury looked at him, sadly. "But, maybe we'll be back." Toothless's eyes brightened and the other viking-dragon pairs said their goodbyes. Dagur nuzzled his head against Strykie's, "Stay safe, Strykie. We'll see you again next year. Good luck with those kids of yours." The Triple Stryke nudged him in response and the dragons descended back down to their world.

The next day was Snoggletog. Early carolers sent a combination of annoyance and giddiness into the vikings. Some fresh snowfall added to the magical nature of the day. The people gathered at the Great Hall, laughed, and told stories. A yaknog drinking challenge began at noon and apple cake was served alongside the treat. As the day came to an end, Hiccup saw how much joy was filling the vikings. The kids, Dagur, and the twins were having a snowball fight while the others continued to catch up and share Snoggletog traditions. "We used to make homemade wreaths every year." Heather told, "It's been years, but it was really fun." Astrid grinned, "This is kind of simple, but we've started decorating yule logs to burn." Throk perked up at the mention of yule-related traditions. "I used to make yule goats to give out as presents." As the group shared, Hiccup went outside. Dagur was laughing as a snowball knocked off Tuffnut's helmet and waved the Berkian chief over. "Joining us, brother?" he called, getting a snowball ready for him in case the answer were yes. Hiccup raised his arms in peace. "No, no." he quickly told, "I actually came out to talk to you about something. Have a minute?" The Berserker nodded and ducked down to avoid Espen's snowball. Hurrying off and avoiding the onslaught of attacks, the two left.

When they were finally out of range, they stopped, both chuckling. "So, what's going on, Hiccup?" Dagur inquired. The Berkian's eyes went from the snowball scene to the Great Hall. "I wanted to apologize again. And say that you were right." Dagur's head tilted as Hiccup continued speaking. "The dragon hunters didn't go away just because the dragons did. They're still out there and now they know where the dragons are because of me." The Berkian's unhappy expression turned into a small smirk, "But we really were able to handle them. I messed up with not including you all for these past years and I won't make that mistake again. I'd like us to be friends like we used to be. You're all welcome here anytime and we'll come visit too if you're okay with it." He extended his hand and Dagur swatted it away before giving the viking a near bone-crushing hug. When he released the smaller viking, an ornery twinkle appeared in his eyes. "You know, H. You're still kinda snuggly." Hiccup shook his head and laughed, "Glad to have to you back, brother." the Berkian told. Dagur beamed and they returned to the others. That Snoggletog truly was one to remember and from that point on, marked a new tradition of alternating visits for the vikings. Every following year, one group would go the other and they would spend the holiday as family and friends. Of course, there were still issues from time to time, but no one would have had it any other way. They had their friends back, new friendships were forming, and they had a certain Snoggletog visit to thank for that.