So what is Wizard Glam Rock? To the best of my knowledge I invented it and it means wizards, glitter, long hair, wizard rock music, more glitter, tight trousers, jewellery, love, sex and yet more glitter.

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~~~Glam Rock~~~

Remus Lupin's Journal 25th August

I've just spent the last five weeks of my summer holiday in France. I stayed with my cousins Jean-Luc and Pierre (spot the French ancestry) in a huge chateau with plaster mouldings and chandeliers. It lay in the most beautiful countryside ever- rolling hills, clear rivers, lush valleys- and I hated it. It wasn't because my cousins were arrogant, obnoxious brats, or even that my parents had chosen to fly off to Egypt without me. No, I hated my holiday in France because Sirius wasn't there. And I'm in love with Sirius.

            There, I've said it. I love Sirius. Hell, I'm in love with Sirius. I could scream it from the rooftops- I'M IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND! Only I could never scream that for two reasons: firstly, Sirius would be disgusted and secondly, James would be upset that he isn't my best friend. Sorry James.

            You can see my problem, can't you? I want to tell Sirius how I feel so much that it hurts. Only I won't because he'd be disgusted. Sirius is very straight. He likes girls a lot- especially brunettes with tiny waists and huge breasts. And what am I? A blonde haired werewolf, a boy and most importantly, his best friend.

Rule number one of falling in love: never fall in love with your best friend.

It hurts to know that he will never love me but I can stand it as long as I see him soon. I want to be around him, to hear his shamelessly sexist jokes, to have his hair accidentally brush against my hand as he bends over me, to smell the… bloody hell. I can't go on like this. I have to see Sirius Black. 

Remus Lupin's Journal 29th August

Number of times I've repacked my Hogwarts trunk today: 13.

Number of times I've had fantasies about Sirius Black: 19 (oh dear…)

Number of weird owls received from James: 1

Hogwarts tomorrow! I feel so childish- seventeen in a month and I'm more excited than any first year at the thought of catching the Hogwarts express tomorrow. I can barely eat, can't sleep at all and the only thing sustaining me are endless cups of tea. God, I love tea! My Father is French (but I was born in England) and when he asked me why I had chosen to go to Hogwarts instead of Beauxbatons, I told him it was because the British make the best tea in the world. Needless to say, he took that as an insult to his country and went off muttering about the French making the best wine. That's just what would happen if I told him I was gay. I tell you, he'd be in a crazy rage for a moment then he'd go all weepy and ask what he'd done to deserve a gay werewolf for a son…

Anyway, I received an owl from James this morning. Here, I'll copy down what it said:

Wait 'til you see Sirius…

That was it- a whole scroll of parchment devoted to that one line. What does it mean? Has Sirius changed in some way? This waiting is unbearable- I have to see Sirius Black or I think I shall go mad.

Platform Nine and Three Quarters

I run onto the platform (and manage to send a crows of second year girls crashing to the floor as I charge into them). My eyes scan the crowds of wizards gathered. I spot James immediately. He's tall and gangly, with crazy black hair and think-rimmed glasses. I wait for him to notice me. Finally he does and grins broadly. Then he's by my side and giving me a manly pat on the shoulder (which hurts quite a bit).

"Just wait 'til you see Padfoot," he laughs.

I'm nearly dying with curiosity. What could possibly be different about Sirius? Suddenly, I'm stricken with horror at an image of Sirius with bright pink hair- surely not…

James waves at somebody in the crowd of students. It takes me a few seconds to spot him. Then I gasp. That can't be Sirius… My God…

Normally he's tanned and I'm pale but our roles have been reversed. I'm lightly browned by the French sun but Sirius can't have left his flat all summer. He's deathly white and there are shadows under his eyes, or is that- surely not- make up? Sirius is wearing make up! He's grown and must be about 5"10 and lean with sharp, strong cheekbones. And then I realise he has an earring (a rather large earring) and his hair shines slightly blue when it catches the light. He's wearing tight black jeans, and a deep violet cape with a sparkling silver clasp.

I think he looks gorgeous.

James elbows me and gestures towards Sirius with his hand. "I believe they call it 'glam rock'", he says and laughs again.

Sirius comes up to me and embraces me. He's never done it before. In fact I've never been hugged by anyone but my mother when I was tiny. I pull him towards me and hug him a little too tightly. Then I don't seem to let go. He's warm and strong, and hell, hugging Sirius feels right. Eventually, he disentangles himself from me and nods hello at James, who seems to be keeping his distance in case Sirius should try to hug him too. Peter appears at last and the Marauders are reunited. I notice Sirius doesn't even attempt to hug Peter.

Then I realise something. In a split-second of startling revelation I realise that I can't resign myself to just being Sirius' friend. I want to be his lover. I watch Sirius talking with Peter, he hasn't said a single word to me but our embrace was enough. In some ways I love Sirius even more than I did yesterday- he just isn't as straight as he used to be (with the eye make up and everything…)

"Have you heard 'Diamond Cats'?" Peter is asking Sirius.

Sirius nods and starts humming. James is still laughing and I feel so detached from them that it takes an effort to realise that these three boys have been my best friends for five years.

            What on earth is 'diamond cats' supposed to be? A song? I realise with a shock that Peter has far more knowledge of wizard glam rock than I do. And I also realise that I don't have a chance with the new Sirius unless I can learn something about wizard glam rock. Already I find myself eyeing Sirius' eye make up and wondering how humiliating it would be to buy some for me. Maybe I could get myself a new cloak- in deep emerald or blue with a great sparkling clasp… I could enchant my hair to make it glow amber or gold or red- I could even pierce my own ear!

            There it is: my cunning plan. Dreadful isn't it? I'm going to turn myself into a wizard glam rocker to make my best friend love me. It sounds pathetic even as I think it but it's my only hope. I wonder how much it hurts to stick a pin through your ear…