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~Remus' POV, Monday 3rd January~

I walk into King's Cross Station with my father, who is looking disdainfully at the English architecture.

"It's not France," he says critically.

"Thank God," I mutter.

Together we pass through the barrier onto Platform 9 and 3 quarters. "Your mother and I want you to know that we're very proud of you, Remus," he says.

"That makes me very happy," I reply, kissing my father's cheek. I notice James leaning out of a nearby carriage on the Hogwarts Express and mouth thank you as he levitates my trunk onto the train. "I have to go now." I start to walk away but my father calls after me.



He wrings his hands awkwardly. "About Sirius…" he begins.

"What about him?"

"He's always welcome... I mean our house is… I know he doesn't really have a family and we hope that… That is to say he's… well-"

"He'll be pleased to know you've said that," I say solemnly and watch as my father walks off. Already, I'm surrounded by memories of being here four months ago, madly in love with Sirius, ecstatic at being hugged by him, and barely aware of Glam Rock. I'm about to step on the train when-

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," whispers Sirius in my ear, his hot breath tickling my ear and making me stop mid-step.

My heart skips a beat and I suddenly feel unbelievably breathless, and more than a little bit intoxicated. Drunk on happiness. "Where did you appear from?"

"I stepped out of your imagination," he says, laughing and kissing my forehead.

I look into his eyes and can almost see the light burning in those dark kohl-lined orbs.

"My dad says-"

Sirius shrugs." I don't care what he says."

"-That you're welcome around our house anytime and he hopes you'll consider yourself as one of the family."

Sirius looks disbelieving. "He said that? Honestly?"

"Yes, in those exact words," I say. The train door shuts. "Oh God, the bloody doors have shut!"

"It's alright," says Sirius calmly.

The train starts to move slowly off.

"It's going!" I cry.

"Yes," says Sirius, gently pushing me up against one of the huge brick pillars on the platform and kissing me hotly, his tongue doing wicked things in my mouth.

And as usual I don't resist.

Nor do I resist when Sirius takes my hand and leads me out into the muggle car park, and towards a huge black motorbike. "I had to spend some of my money," he explains.

 "We'll never get to Hogwarts on a motorbike, Sirius," I say, wondering if Sirius might be kidnapping me. "You don't even know where the castle is…"

All the same, I climb up behind Sirius and wrap my arms round him. "Do you like it?" asks Sirius, as we turn off a minor street and ride down a deserted alley."

"It'd alright," I answer dubiously.

"Maybe you'll like it better now!" The motorbike's engine growls loudly and a second later takes off into the air.

"IT FLIES!" I shout, shutting my eyes tightly and trying not to be afraid.

"YES!" laughs Sirius. "You didn't think I'd buy an ordinary motorbike, did you?"


The Hogwarts Express comes to a halt far below us, and Sirius pulls the motorbike straight towards the huge castle. We swoop once around the jutting spires and turrets and then dive towards the bank of the huge lake. Sirius' hair whips in my face and I bury my head in his neck as we plummet towards the earth.

But I'm no longer afraid and I'm going home.


You give me wings and courage to fly-

to dive and soar through a purple sky.

You always were my closest brother,

And now I'm proud to be your lover.

You said "one day we'll live together."

and I say "I will  love you forever."

You hold me in your gentle embrace,

and time vanishes without a trace.

Some nights the stars are falling embers,

and you kiss me, so sweet and tender.

The light of our love never will flicker,

for ours is a love, drenched in glitter.