Your Pain is My Pain


Rated M

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or the franchise, as it belongs to Steph Meyers

Author's Note: I'm back again with another multichapter Jacob and Bella story. This takes place in New Moon, beginning after Bella was found in the woods by Sam, and goes on from there. I hope you all will read this story as it goes along, as well as enjoy the chapters to come. XOXO, SehunsBae37.

Your Pain is My Pain

Chapter 1

Charlie Swan looked into his daughter's room at her still form lying in her bed, draped in the darkness of her room. She didn't move except for the slight shake of her shoulders from crying, didn't make a sound except for the sniffles and whimpering she made. He had never seen her like this before, so heartbroken and pitiful. It pained him to see his little girl this way, but it also pissed him off greatly because the one responsible for Bella's current state was nowhere to be found.

He had never liked Edward Cullen from the moment he met him, didn't think he was a good fit for his innocent daughter. He thought him too smooth-talking and cunning, but he hadn't interfered in their relationship, especially since Bella had seemed to happy with him. Even so, he felt he should have said something, done something, especially after she ended up in the hospital because of him. But he hadn't and now it had come to this. Cullen had broken up with his daughter and left her to freeze to death in the woods, and his little girl was utterly heartbroken.

Sighing softly, he looked back at Bella's still form once more before silently closing the door and heading back downstairs, the sound of her silent cries breaking his heart. As he did, he prayed that Bella would be alright and that he would be able to help her through this rough time in her life.

She couldn't believe it, she just couldn't believe it. Edward was gone. Edward had left her. He and his family had left her all alone, and what was worse was that Edward didn't even care about her. She was just a game to him, something entertaining to pass the time. He hadn't ever loved her like he claimed, and now he was gone, leaving her behind forever.

Bella Swan let out another sob as she once again remembered how cruelly her boyfriend—no, ex-boyfriend—had left her alone to wander the woods after him. And not only that, but had also gone through her room while she was at school to erase any evidence of himself in her room, as if it could erase the memory of him from her mind. Curling up further in her bed covers, Bella cried for the love that she had just so suddenly lost and would never have again. Whimpering as she turned her head to bury into her pillow, she continued to cry completely heartbroken, wishing she couldn't feel anything ever since it happened.

Lying there in her bed, Bella couldn't help but feel worthless, like she was nothing and would never mean anything to anyone. She obviously didn't mean anything to Edward, so she wouldn't to anyone else. He hadn't wanted her and thus had left her. That meant she had to be worthless, not even worth him sucking her dry.

Throwing her covers over her head to continue crying, Bella concluded something: life wasn't worth living anymore. She wanted to die rather than live in this pain. And as she finally cried herself into a fitful sleep, Bella continued to think that without Edward in her life anymore, life wasn't worth living. Without the vampire, who was she? What was she? She wasn't special anymore. She was back to being the boring, unwanted girl she had always been; just existing like before, an added shadow to the background of life bustling around her. No, life wasn't worth living anymore. It wasn't worth the pain she was now suffering, and she wanted it to end in any way possible.