Like every other morning in summer, Farmer Henk Bakker woke up early, as there was always work to be done on the farm. After having breakfast with his family, he went outside to start milking his cows. On his way to the stable, he frowned at the gigantic windmills on the other side of the border, blemishing the beautiful flat farmland region he lived in. "those freaking Germans" he murmured, knowing those windmills were there to stay.

After he finished milking, he started to walk back to his home. The first unusual thing he noticed was a cool breeze from the east, which was not there in the morning. When he turned that way he noticed a lot more irregularities in short order.

Some of the windmills seemed to have disappeared. Actually, the whole landscape seems to have changed while he was away. Instead of the flat farmlands he was used to, he now saw a grassy uncultured plain that transformed into rolling hills. The unfamiliar landscape seemed to be bordered by a gigantic glittering black semicircle of hundreds of meters across.

"Auw" Henk muttered after pinching himself to see whether he was dreaming. After confirming that this was indeed real he grabbed his new smartphone from his pocket. Henk took a few pictures and planned to call the police, but stopped just before pressing the call button when he saw a small figure walking towards the ring from his backyard.

"JACK, COME BACK HERE NOW!" he screamed to his son who was almost within the ring. However, his son either did not hear him or was way too fascinated with the new landscape and ran through the ring. He immediately pressed the call button while he started running himself towards his son.

"112, what is your emergency?" he heard on the other side of the line while running. He slowed down a bit and answered "I know this sounds crazy, but a gigantic portal suddenly appeared in my backyard and my son just ran through it!". The other side was disbelieving at first. However, she saw her colleagues replying to similar statements from other callers and asked him for his location. She advised him to stay on his side of the portal and try and coerce his son back. "Note that your son probably needs to go into quarantine when he comes back, so keep him away from others!" she warned before promising him that the police and an ambulance would come as soon as possible.

Arriving at the portal, He saw that the low tame grass from his backyard and adjacent farmland immediately gave way for the rough grass of the unknown territory. He called his son again, who had walked a few dozen meters through the rough grass and now finally turned around to answer him.

"Daddy look! There are two suns now!" He heard his son Jack say.

When Henk looked up he was shocked immensely, as not only was there a sun on a different position in the sky on the other side of the portal, the color of the sun was even subtly different from the sun he was used to. When he saw the other moon he was sure: "This is not earth …"


Thank you for giving my story a try! I hope to post around 1 chapter per week until the story is finished.

As this is the first time I wrote a story, reviews are most welcome. If you think I could do something better, please send me a PM or a review using constructive criticism and I might incorporate your feedback in the story if I agree with it.

Futhermore, I want to give a shoutout to two great fanfics which were a great inspiration for me to write this story, I recommend you to read both of them.

Firsty, A song of Guns, Germs and Steel by stannisthemannis1993. This story was my main inspiration which led to me writing this fanfic. It features a simmilar portal between Westeros and Earth, but between different regions (Australia-Kingslanding compared to Dutch/German border - Stony shore in my story) and at a different starting time (After Ned reaches King's landing compared to before the King arrives in Winterfell in my story). It is a great story and features realistic reactions from people on both sides of the portal to the sudden contact.

Secondly, we have A Farmer's Tale by alltheuntold. This is a masterpiece that focusses on the life of the commoners in the Stony Shore, and it is especcially great in the world building department. I obtained many ideas from reading this story which helped me immensely with the writing. He also made a map of the Stony Shore, which can be found on postimg dot cc slash gnVZ7q0d.

Finally, I do not own either a Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones.

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