It wasn't long before the news of Remus spending the night in the girls dorm had spread around their whole year. They had gotten to the age where this kind of thing was at the forefront of everyone's mind. Everyone wanted to pretend they were cool enough to not find sex shocking, whilst simultaneously excitedly spreading any sliver of gossip that sex was happening. Of course, it would be ridiculous to anyone that knew Remus that he would have sex with anyone in the middle of a dorm room filled with other students, he didn't even like getting changed in front of his friends. But gossip didn't care for truth or logic, only scandal and intrigue. And the two people least likely to end up in this kind of scandal, had, so of course that made the gossip extra juicy. Everyone had always assumed Remus was gay and Lily was a prude. But this new turn of events told a different story.

When confronted about the whole thing, mostly by people he would barely consider an acquaintance, he didn't justify it with a response. He thought it the most sensible thing to do, given that he didn't exactly want to tell everyone the real reason he was there, and, he had assumed, anyone who really knew him would know it was completely innocent. But perhaps he was too quick to assume.

Although the news travelled quickly it seemed his closest friends were the last to know. Which, he supposed, was a blessing, given how they reacted. James was with Lily almost 24/7 for a whole week, except of course when they slept, because that would have caused more scandal. And no one was going to go around spreading rumours about Lily right to her face, so in a way, they were safe from James' reaction, for a while. Remus wondered if Lily did this on purpose, but when he watched how happy James made her, and how the smiles on both their faces lit up the room when they were together, he understood that their proximity to each other wasn't tactical, it was organic. On reflection, Remus considers this week of his life, one of the best. It was a glowing warmth of friendship, where his feelings for Sirius felt, for once, uncomplicated, and he grew to truly love James as a brother and a friend. Despite the terrible autumn weather, he had never felt warmth as great as he did that week. They joked together in class, drank together at the Three Broomsticks, played Exploding Snap in the common room, and he and Sirius smoked together by the great lake, and listened to the music on the walkman.

The morning after the abortion Sirius pulled him aside while he was walking to Herbology.

"Hey, so you said you'd talk to me. I am going crazy, I need to know what's going on."

Remus was so surprised and in awe of Sirius' ability to be so raw and vulnerable, whilst keeping so much composure. Remus felt like he had the least composure of anyone, like he was always fumbling over words, and through sentences. But not Sirius. In all honesty, Sirius' ability to just be himself, truly and freely, despite the displeasure of his parents, was something that Remus loved about him. Remus always felt himself trying to fit a mould, and try and be who everyone else wants him to be. He was always hiding part of himself, whether it was his condition from pretty much everyone, or his feelings for his friend, or his sexuality from his parents. He didn't want to become this outsider, he already felt like a problem child. But a gay werewolf? What would his parents think of that? As nice as they were, he knew they held traditional values. Besides, it was hard to be open when you are so confused. It wasn't until he met Sirius that he felt he truly knew.

Remus smiled. "I like you, too."

Sirius grinned. "Okay. Good. Well, see you after class, I guess." He said, turning to walk away, but stopping and quickly whipping around to kiss Remus on the cheek.

Remus was blushing for the next hour, his cheek burning where Sirius' lips had been, like they'd permanently marked him. He felt like everyone knew, just by looking at him. But in reality, people had no idea at all. In fact, people were still murmuring about Lily everytime he passed them. But he paid it no mind, all he could think about was getting out of class to spend more time in Sirius' eyes. But the happiness he felt that week, did have to end, eventually. And so, on the Friday, after finishing class early, Sirius and Remus snuck out to the quidditch pitch while it was empty. They messed around with some quaffles they found in the supply cupboard, and ran around, throwing them at achother, and attempting to get them through the hoops whilst staying firmly on the ground, neither of the boys was great with a broom. Eventually, Sirius used magic to win and Remus pretended not to notice, and they went behind the stands to smoke cigarettes, as they had made their tradition. And again, as before, they were interrupted again, only not by Fernsby, but by James, who, followed after by Lily, found himself abruptly unable to word his sentences, at the instance he came face to face with Remus.

"You..You!" He said angrily, stuttering with rage.

"James, please.." Lily cried. "Please let me explain." He batted her off his arm, that she so desperately clung to.

"You got her pregnant." James finally said. Remus, shocked and affronted, looked over at Lily immediately, unsure what to say. He had guessed from the fact she didn't want to tell James that he might not have been the father, but he didn't 100% believe it until now.


"Don't try and get out of this, I know it was you, you've been all over each other this whole time, I kept comforting Sirius, telling him that he was just being paranoid, but I guess he was right." Remus looked over at Sirius, wanting so desperately to see understanding in his eyes, but Sirius just looked away.

"I know you stayed in her bed the other night, I know you went with her to the abortion. It all adds up, it all makes sense. But if you like each other so much, why did you have to drag us into it! Why did you have to hurt us!" James was yelling now.

"James it's not like that please…"

"Whats going on here!" Fernsby turned up, obviously he'd been in his office this whole time. Remus wondered how he and Sirius had avoided his wrath when they'd been messing around earlier.

"Nothing, we were just leaving, right Sirius?" James said firmly. Sirius looked back at Remus, his heartbreak written across his face, then got up and walked away with James. "I guess we'll go too." Remus added.

"No, Lily, I need a word with you." Fernsby said. Remus frowned.

"She didn't do anything!"

"I just need a word about quidditch practice, don't get your wand in a knot, scarface." Fernsby patted him on the back, in a strangely friendly ritual normally only shared between two rather manly men. Remus felt his arm go dead at the impact of it.

"I'll see you inside?" Lily said to Remus, before heading to Fernsby's office, and Remus, once again, was alone.