"We'll be landing in Danville shortly," the Flight attendant says.

"The hell? Danville?!" Peter says.

"Language, Peter," Lois tells Peter.

"Oh, what are they gonna do, Toss us off the freakin' plane?" asks Peter. As you may have guessed, that is exactly what happened
Lois and Peter scream as they fall from the sky.

"We're gonna die!" Peter screams.

"Should have kept your mouth shut," Lois says. Peter blows raspberry at Lois as they land safely on bounce house

"A bounce house?" Peter asks feeling the bounce house, which has deflated.

"Huh, that's a bit anticlimactic," Lois says.

"My bounce house! Waahhh!" a boy cries seeing his deflated bounce house

"Boo!" PEter shouts and the boy screams. Peter laughs childishly

"It always happens. I walk by and two people fall out of the sky!" Milo Murphy says.

"What?" asks Peter

"I'm a Murphy, Where anything can go wrong, It will go wrong," Milo says.

"Murphy's Law?" Peter asks.

"Bingo!" says Milo.

"We got on the wrong plane and ended up here. Can we stay at your place for a while?" asks Peter.

"Gotta warn you, the person who lives with me and Mom is kinda stupid," Milo says.

"I heard that!" Dr. Doofenshmirtz says.

"This is Doctor D.," Milo introduces.

"His head is a triangle, kind of...," Lois says but Peter interrupts.

"Freakin' sweet!" Peter says.

"I was gonna say creepy," Lois says.

"Behold, my travel-back-home-inator!" Doofenshmirtz says.

"Your WHAT?" Lois asks.

"You step in it and your home," Doofenshmirtz says.

"You mean like a teleporter?" asks Lois.

"I suppose it's LIKE a teleporter, but it's an 'inator', there's a difference." Doofenshmirtz says.

"Is the difference tiny?" asks Peter.

"It's branding, leave me alone," Doofenshmirtz says.

"Come on in!" Milo says.

"hehehe, Freakin sweet!" Peter laughs. The "inator" explodes

"Phooey." Doofenshmirtz says.

"Make yourself at home," Milo says. Peter sits on the couch and it falls apart

"Happens all the time," Milo says.

"Really? This exact scenario?" Peter asks.

"Yep," Responds Milo. Suddenly, Stewie appears out of nowhere. "Mother, I found you. Fatman, I found you, too," he says.

"Who's the baby?" asks Milo

"Stewart 'Stewie' Gilligan Griffin." Stewie introduces himself.

"Nice to meet you," Milo says. Stewie's head explodes and everyone shouts in surprise. Peter wakes up to realize it's just a dream

"Dammit!" Peter says.