Title: Drake & Josh & The Thundermans

The episode starts off in the Thundermans living room where Phoebe is listening to an album on her phone called Drake Parker's music

Phoebe: Drake is such a great singer.

Max: Aw still listening to your Drake music.

Phoebe: Max.

Nora: Drake is so hot.

Billy: Max you're very similar to Drake.

Max: How exactly am I similar to Drake Parker?

Billy: You both have great hair. You're both very handsome and very hot. Plus you both play music right.

Max: You think I'm handsome?

Billy: Well of course I do. Now I'm not sure if Drake is a roll model or not, but you are a great roll model. And I'm glad to have a role model like you.

Max is very touched to hear his little brother's words

Max: I love you Billy.

Max hugs Billy which is something Max hadn't done since Billy was younger

Chloe: Drake looks cute baby.

Phoebe: Hey he just posted a video.

Phoebe plays the video

Drake: Hey it's me Drake. My manager Josh and I are heading to Hiddenville, Florida for my next concert.

Megan (background): Boring.

Drake: MEGAN! It's this Saturday at 7PM. I'll be live so if you can't make it, be sure to watch on my SplashFace page.

Megan: Boobs.

Drake: Stop it!

Video ends

Nora: Alright Drake is doing a concert.

Billy: You should buy tickets.

Hank: You're not buying tickets because you're not going.

Nora: Come on grandpa! Why you got to be a fun sponge?

Barb: Your dad and I are going out and we don't have anyone to watch Chloe.

Phoebe: We can bring her with.

Chloe: I wanna get a selfie with Drake baby.

Hank: Fine. But no trouble or I'm going to drop some thunder on you. (Reference to the episode The Weekend Guest)

Barb: Hank we're going to be late.

Hank: Sorry. Thunder Man...

Barb: Outside!

Hank: Fine.

Hank takes Barb outside

Hank: Thunder Man and Electress away.

Hank flies in the air with Barb

Max: Just ordered the tickets.

Nora: When will they be in.

Thunder Monitor: Alert! Alert! Ticket guy approaching.

Phoebe: I guess now.

Phoebe changes the profile on their family wall and opens the door

Ticket Guy: Here are your tickets.

Phoebe: Thanks.

Ticket Guy: Hey are you dating any...

Phoebe closes the door

Dr. Colosso: Can I come to the concert?

Max: Humans only Colosso.

Dr. Colosso: Then turn me human.

Max: Never going to happen.

Billy: Plus you'll ruin everything.

Dr. Colosso: But I wanna go!

Max: No.

Max uses his powers to lift Colosso and throws him into his lair

Nora: He has a sad life.

Dr. Colosso (background): I heard that!

Nora: You were supposed to!

Chloe: What day's the concert?

Phoebe: Saturday at 7 in the evening.

Billy: That's tomorrow.

Max: Yeah, we know buddy.

Max: Easy Nora.

The camera now cuts to Drake's van where he and Josh are down the road to Florida

Josh: You're concert is going to be great.

Drake: I know. I wonder if I have any fans in Florida.

Josh: Dude you have fans everywhere. I'm surprised none of them hasn't kidnapped you yet.

Drake: Hey Craig and Eric are coming to see my concert.

Josh: I don't think we've seen them since Christmas of 2008.

Drake: It's been a long time huh?

Josh: You're going to do great out there bro.

Drake: Thanks Josh.

Josh: Too bad our parents aren't coming.

Drake: Why should I even care? They don't give us any respect anyways. All they ever care about is Megan. Besides we're in our mid 20s so they can't tell us what to do anymore.

Josh: Good point. Now why do we still live with them and Megan?

Drake: That I do not know.

Josh: We should be in Hiddenville in 1 hour.

Drake: Nice. I found a neat hotel we can stay at too.

Josh: That's great.

The next day

Nora: Tonight's the night.

Billy: How excited is this.

Chloe: My first concert ever.

Phoebe: I hope Colosso isn't mad he can't come.

Max: Eh he'll get over it.

The kids walks out right as Dr. Colosso pops up

Dr. Colosso: We'll see who'll get over it.

Dr. Colosso grabs the Animalizer and turns himself human

Dr. Colosso: If I can't go to the concert, then nobody gets to. I'm going to kidnap Drake Parker and ruin everything.

Dramatic music plays

Craig and Eric are seen at SplatBurger

Craig: You excited for Drake's concert?

Eric: Duh. You better not get us kicked out like you did at the iCarly Webicon.

Craig: That was a long time ago.

Eric: Your the one that had to say Carly and Freddie were dating.

Craig: It seemed like they were.

Mrs. Wong: Are you two going to sit there and talk or are you going to order.

Eric: Easy grouch face.

Craig: Come on Eric. We should get going.

Mrs. Wong: Yeah you better leave.

Eric: You're a gank.

Mrs. Wong: And you two are banned from SplatBurger.

Eric: Who cares. We don't live here.

Craig: ERIC!

Eric: I'm coming!

Eric walks out

Mrs. Wong: Bozos.

Drake and Josh are setting up Drake's equipment

Josh: How excited are you?

Drake: Very excited. Thanks for helping me set up.

Josh: Of course. I am your manager after all. So what song are you going to sing?

Drake: I'm going to sing a song everyone will know.

Josh: I Found a Way?

Drake: That's the one. I'm going to use the restroom.

Josh: Have fun.

Drake heads to the bathroom right as Dr. Colosso jumps out of a bush

Dr. Colosso: Hello Drake.

Drake: Who are you and how do you know my name?

Dr. Colosso: My name is Dr. Colosso and I'm taking you hostage.

Drake: What?

Dr. Colosso sprays Drake with knock out gas and drags him in a car he stole

Dr. Colosso: Nighty night Drake. Have fun getting your concert canceled.

Everyone shows up but is worried on where Drake is

Craig: Where's Josh at?

Josh: I don't know.

Eric: How do you now know? You're his manager.

Josh: Don't tell me how to live my life.

Phoebe: Where do you think Drake is.

Max: You don't think Colosso took him hostage do you.

Colosso appears on Max's phone

Dr. Colosso: Of course I did.

Billy: Why is Colosso human?

Dr. Colosso: Because I took Drake hostage you dumb kid.

Max: Hey don't call my bro dumb.

Nora: Where are you Colosso?

Dr. Colosso: You'll never find me.

Chloe walks to a tree and teleports to Dr. Colosso's location and teleports him

Chloe: Found him.

Max: How could you Colosso,

Dr. Colosso: You wouldn't let me go to the concert so if I couldn't enjoy it, then nobody gets to.

Nora lasers Dr. Colosso. Luckily, nobody noticed

Billy: You're going to jail Colosso.

Billy superspeeds Colosso to Metroburg Super Jail right as Chloe teleports Drake back. Luckily Drake was asleep

Drake: What happened?

Phoebe: You were kidnapped but we saved you.

Drake: Thanks.

Eric: Hey there's Drake.

Josh: Get up here. You're on.

Drake: Got to run.

Drake gets on stage

Drake: Sorry for the delay. I'm Drake Parker. Thanks for coming out. I'm going to sing my number one song. If you know it, sing along.

Drake starts playing I Found A Way

Drake: Well I never thought it would be so simple.

Drake, Josh, Phoebe, Max: But I found a way. I found a way.

Drake, Nora, Billy, Chloe: And I always thought it would be too crazy.

All the Thunder Kids join in

Everyone: But I found a way. I found a way! If you open up your mind! To see what's inside. It's going to take some time to realign. But if you look inside, I'm sure you'll find. Over your shoulders! You know that I told you I'd always be picking you up when you're down! So just turn around! Ooooh oooh!

Everyone cheers

Craig: You're a great singer Drake!

Eric: Way to go.

Josh: So where were you?

Drake: Oh no where important.


In Metroburg Super Jail, Dr. Colosso is thrown in jail and has barb wire on it so he can't escape

Dr. Colosso: I can't believe those Thunderman kids turned against me. Especially Max. He is no longer my best friend.

The End

A/N Let me know what you think of my crossover. BTW, I'm not going to do a story where Dr. Colosso gets revenge on the kids throwing him in jail. When I do my next Thundermans story, Colosso obviously be out of jail due to TV logic. Sorry if anyone was out of character. P.S. this is set during Season 4 of The Thundermans since Max doesn't do anything evil.