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Chapter 16

Jacob had opted to stay at Sam's house so Sam and Jack could have some privacy. The last thing he'd have wanted when he and Debbie were first married was his father-in-law staring over his shoulder.

Some time before oh seven hundred, Jacob was awoken by an insistent knocking at the front door. "Who the hell?" He wondered. He pulled on a shirt that had probably been Jack's and shambled to the door in a bath robe and sleep pants. "What?" He demanded of the tall blond man in front of him.

"Where's Sam?" The man demanded, trying to edge his way around Jacob.

"Who wants to know?" Jacob demanded in an unfriendly tone.

"Her boyfriend!"

"Oh… you're that guy. She's fine."

"I want to see her." The man said firmly, trying to intimidate Jacob by pulling himself to his full height.

Jacob looked up at the man with a baleful frown. "She's not here." He said, his voice a clear warning the other man didn't seem to grasp onto.

"Well, where is she then?"

"At her fiancé's house, I imagine. Unless they went to breakfast but that doesn't really sound like him now that I think about it. He'd probably make her breakfast and then serve her in bed." Jacob mused, now clearly amused by this situation.

"Fiancé?!" The blond man sputtered in shock.

"A lot's happened recently." Jacob said blandly, ignoring Selmak laughing in his head.

"When the hell did she get a fiancé?! I thought I meant something to her!"

Jacob shrugged. "She never mentioned you to me."

"You're terrible. She did too." Selmak told him, laughing even harder.

"Just who exactly are you anyway?" The blond man finally thought to ask him.

"Oh… just her father… who works with her fiancé." He said, still using a bland tone as he leaned on the door jamb in disinterest at this man.

"You're General Carter?" he asked, eyes going wide.

"That's what they keep telling me."

"Stop it." Selmak snickered.

"I've never been so glad Sam figured out she had better options in my life. What in the hell did she see in this idiot?" He silently asked Selmak.

"Most likely that Jack was out of her reach, dear." She reminded him.

"Yah right, like he wouldn't have retired in a hot second if she'd told him to." He groused.

"You need to tell her I still want to be with her. She's making a terrible mistake." Pete insisted.

"Sure. I'll get right on that." He said laconically and firmly shut the door in Pete's face.

Pete stood there a few moments dumbfounded then went to his car.

Jack groaned when a phone rang from somewhere on the floor. He fumbled around with his hand for a moment before finding it and hit answer. "O'Neill." He mumbled.

"Jack... tell your soon to be wife to quit turning off her phone." Jacob barked at his soon to be son-in-law

"Sorry dad." He said, swiping at his face. Sam was still thankfully asleep. They had gotten home last night, a security detail in tow, put Nugget to bed with an AF physically in her room to stand guard then retired to bed to slowly and quietly in deference to their guest's feelings made each other come unglued. "Her ex called a couple times last night and it was interrupting things."

"Well, that explains why he showed up here at oh six hundred this morning." Jacob agreed.

"He what?" Jack demanded.

"Yah. Apparently he wants her to know she's making a huge mistake marrying you." Jacob said in amusement.

"Well yah probably." Jack agreed.

Jacob chuckled. "Stay home today if you can get her to or only go to the mountain. If he shows up, call me and I'll sick some very large Jaffa on him."

Jack grinned darkly. "Are you suggesting I can't intimidate one measly idiot cop?"

Jacob laughed. "Nope. I just want to watch Teal'c scare him until he craps himself." Jacob admitted.

"Okay yah that would be worth watching." Jack agreed.

"Tell my princess I love her and I'll be by later tonight for dinner with you three and Gracie's bodyguard."

"Yes sir, Sir."

"Stop that." Jacob admonished him.

"Well Carter, how's this working out for you so far?" Jack asked Sam while they danced slowly to some random schmaltzy pop song.

Sam chuckled. "At least Pete didn't storm the wedding venue."

Jack hummed in agreement. Teal'c having given him the stink eye when he showed up at their afternoon out as a team plus Gracie and Jacob lunch at the local diner. Sam had not told the man Gracie was hers as Cassie was with them also. It had been a bit of a celebration after watching the breaking news that one Henry Bauer had been arrested in the murder of a young co-ed back in the 1960's. "I don't think Dad would have put up with him showing up again."

"Dad or Selmak?" Sam said, chuckling.

"Fair point." He agreed, dipping her gently.

"May I break in?" Jacob said, coming up behind Jack.

"Absolutely, Dad." Jack said and handed Sam off to her dad before heading to the bar for a drink then remembering he was trying to be fair to Sam who wasn't allowed to while she nursed an infant and grabbed one of Teal'c's fancy ginger ales instead.

"President Hayes would like to see us after you get back from your honeymoon." Hammond told him while casually drinking a beer.

"Oh?" Jack asked mildly.

"Do you think Sam would like to be the one to pin your General stars on?" Hammond asked him in the same casual tone.

Jack gave him a surprised look.

"Think Jacob will have time to come too?"

Jack chuckled and shook his head. "Sir, you may as well invite Daniel and Teal'c."

"Jack, in exactly two weeks you'll be a General. Could you bring yourself to call me George?"

Jack smiled ruefully. "Right about the time Sam stops calling me Sir on accident… Sir."

George laughed. "Practice in a mirror. That's what Sam did as a little girl when she wanted to talk her dad into something."

"Remind me to get more dirt about her as a kid later Sir." Jack said, pointing at Hammond and grinning.

"Make friends with Mark. He'll tell you anything you want to know after a couple beers."

"I will keep that in mind." Jack said with a grin.

"Congratulations son." George said, patting Jack on the arm affectionately.

"Thank you… George."

Hammond grinned. "Hold my beer. It's my turn to dance with your wife." He said and passed Jack the nearly untouched cold beer.

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