Joe: it's time to go to bed, child.

Kevin: but daaaaaaad, can't you read me a bed time story?

Joe: hmm….

I'm sorry, son. There's nothing i can do.

Kevin: please~?

(his eyes turn big)

Joe: oh, alright.

Joe: sit tight. I'll tell you the Story of ZBJB.

Kevin: what the fuck does that mean?

Joe: i have no idea….

(Joe opens the Book)

Here we go.

Kevin: why'd you say-

Joe: shut up.

(it closes in on the book and into Toontopia)

Narrator: ah, Toontopia.

A place for building the most craziest contraptions….

(Phineas and Ferb are building something…)

Candace: Phineas! Ferb! You get down here or i'm telling mom!

Narrator: Catching Jellyfish….

(SpongeBob and Patrick are catching Jellyfish)

SpongeBob: Bahahaha! I'ma gonna get you!

Narrator: Taking down robots….

Jenny: (fighting Vexus)

You just can't seem to get enough of me, can't you?

Narrator: Hanging out with your BFF…

(Ruby is hanging out with Weiss)

Ruby: Bestie! (Hugs Weiss)

Weiss: (pushes Ruby away from her) don't touch me.

Narrator: and of course, having fun!

That is, unless you're these guys…

(Psycho Fans are chasing Zim, Bessie, Johnny and Blake.)

Psycho Fan #2: CAN WE HAVE YOUR SKIN?!
(Zim pushes Fan #2 away)


(The gang close the door, Bessie gets the hammer and wood and barricades it.)

Bessie: that should hold 'em..

Blake: how many of those are there?

Zim: i have no idea! 5? 10? 69? 420?

What matters now is that we're safe, guys.

(but just as he says that, the door is almost about to break…)

Johnny: uh, guys?

(The door breaks and the fans run towards them, but it turns to be a nightmare zim had)



That was the weirdest nightmare…

(gets out of bed)

But that doesn't matter anyways…

I've got to wake up the gang!

Today's a special day!

(Bessie is asleep until..)

Zim: Bessie! Wake up!

Bessie: wha-

What is it, Zim..?

Zim: today's the big day!

Bessie: what's tod-

(Checks the Calender, it seems like it's March 30th)

Bessie: wait…

Is today your birthday?

Zim: YES!

I'm so glad you remembered!

Bessie: (Hugs Zim) Happy Birthday! I'll go get the cake?

Zim: Wait!

What kind of cake?

Bessie: ….

I have no idea, kay, bye!

(goes to buy the cake)

Zim: ...

Bessie: sigh…. One day, i'll tell him how i really feel…

Zim: well, that was weird…

Ah, well.

(Johnny is also asleep)

Zim: Test! Wake up!

Johnny: what is it?

If it's something about a new-

Zim: Today is my birthday, ya fucking fuckster!

Johnny: cool! But no need to curse, there are kids reading this…

Zim: Fuck the children! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

(Blake is reading her book)
Zim: Bla-

Blake: let me guess, today's your birthday.

Yeah, i heard. Bessie told me.

Zim: oh.

Well, uh…

Okay, then.

(Blake flips the Page..)

Blake: now that's a katana!

(at Breakfast)

Zim: good mo-

Irk~ what is that horrendous smell?

Blake: ...Pancakes?

Zim: (gets PTSD)

Blake: yeah, you want so-

(Zim eats the pancakes anyway)

Blake: …you sure you don't want them?

Zim: n-no…

Blake: okay then.

(TV Turns on somehow and a commercial comes on, then suddenly, a familiar white hedgehog with a moustache comes on)

?: Hey, you!

Tired of looking uncool?

(a person appears on the screen)

Man: yeah, i guess…

?: Then come to Sketchinaire's Bracelet Land!

What do these Bracelets do, you ask?

There are many different modes!

Cool Mode! Awesome Mode!



So come on down to Sketchinaire's Bracelet Land!

Where bracelets are $5 each!

Johnny: woah! An awesome mode? A cool mode? I want one of those!

Blake: sounds pretty lame. Seems sketchy

Zim: an Eeeee…


Sketch? An Evil Mode?


That sounds very sketchy! Are you sure you guys want these Bracelets?

Johnny: uh, did you not hear the commerical?

Cool Mode?

Zim: there's also an EEEE mode which i assume spells evil!

Blake: i'm with Zim on this one. That guy does look a lot like Sketchy.

Zim: Exactly! How could want this, Test?

Johnny: Well, for one, i think it would improve how i'm doing in school. I have all Fs! Fs, i tell you! Teacherman's crazy, man!

Zim: i get Fs in School, but do i care? No!

Blake: look, we should all just calm down and-

Hey? Where's Bessie?

Chapter 1

(At the cake shop...)

Bessie: what do you mean, you guys are all out of chocolate cake?

Cake Shop Owner: sorry, kid, we're just out.

Someone decided to buy every chocolate cake in the entire city for…

Some bracelet, I dunno.

Bessie: well, that's odd… why would anyone buy every chocolate cake in the entire city?

Whatever, isn't there another flavor?

Cake Shop Owner: well there's (points to the Vanilla Cake)


Bessie: I guess that will have to suffice. How much?

Cake Shop Owner: let's see here…

About $10-$20.

Bessie: I'll take it!

(Walks out the store with the cake)

Man, zim's gonna love this b-day cake I bought for him.

I wanted to get vanilla cake, anyway.

Hehehe, B-Day. That should be a holida- huh?

(Looks at Sketchinaire's Bracelet Land)

What the…

(Outside the store, where the news reporter is...)

News Reporter: Hello, folks, and welcome to Toontopia News!

You may have heard of Fidget Spinners or Fortnite, both of which are awfully hip. But this one's just a bit different. Today, people all over Toontopia will be able to Buy Bracelets from Sketchinaire's Bracelet Land! There are 3 modes, one of which is something, you'll have to find out.

Bessie: Lemme get a look at this... (grabs her binoculars) Sketchinaire? Bracelet Land?

Sounds a lot like Sketchy.

Or maybe it is Sketchy!

Let's go over to the Owner, Sketchinaire.

(Slides to Sketchinaire) so tell me, how do you make these bracelets?

Sketchinaire: well, sir, it took me Sweat, Hard Work, and Chocolate Cake. all of the Chocolate Cake.

Bessie: Chocolate Cake?!
That explains why the guy at the cake shop told me that there was no cake! And i had to strive for Vanilla?!

Sketchinaire: infact, i just sold my last 2 to that Sponge and that Starfish!

(SpongeBob and Patrick walk out of the store with their bracelets)

SpongeBob: wow, patrick! These look great!

Patrick: mine's pink! Hehehehe…

Bessie: wow, they really sold like hotcakes.

Hey, there's Zim, and he's with Blake and Johnny!

I gotta see what they're up to!

(in the car…)

Zim: we had to drive, 5 miles for this useless piece of crap!

Blake: Sigh… why did we have to-

Johnny: (gets out of the car) it must be there!

Zim: doubt it!

Sketchinaire: (puts a "Sold Out" sign outside the store window) we're all sold out, come back later!

Johnny: wait..

Blake: told you it was dumb.

Bessie: (catches up with the gang) hey, guys!

Blake: Hey.

Zim: oh, Bessie! You got the cake!

Bessie: yeah, i had to get Vanilla, they were all out of chocolate cake.

Zim: it's fine, chocolate is dog poop, anyway.

Well, shall we get to that party?

Bessie: yeah!

Blake: alright then.

Zim: i heard president JFK is hosting the party at the Krusty Krab!

Johnny: but it's not fair! How could it already be sold out?! (Zim picks him up) it's not fair! IT'S NOT FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR!


(Sketchinaire is Cackling and going under the cash register)

Sketchinaire: those idiots!


(Sketchinaire turns out to be Sketchy! WHAT A TWIST)

Sketchy: those bumbling toontopians don't know the power of the Bracelet, and i didn't even buy the chocolate cake. I stole it. MAN, it feels good to be bad. But i wonder, i could be even badder! ASTOLFO! TATSUMI!

(ok, so let me pause for a second, for those who don't know who those two characters are, and for people that are probably reading this, maybe this will make you familiar on who these characters are. wiki/Astolfo, and here's a video for Tatsumi Antoinette XVI, watch?v=2QktMwwt_PY, alright, that should give you just about enough time to get info on these guys. Oh yeah, they are traps, so take that as you will. Once you're done, come back here and continue reading this hilarious abomination, alright, i'll stop talking now. Bye! Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you, they're Sketchy's sons and henchman. Ok, NOW, i'll stop talking.)

Chapter 2

Astolfo: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what is it, Dad?

I was just busy Tik-Tokking!

Sketchy: you were what?

what is wrong with you, Astolfo?

Why are you using such a terrible app?

Tatsumi: he uses it to become an e-boy…


Nevermind that, i have a plan that will kill the president, kill Team ZBJB, and TAKE OVER TOONTOPIA!

I call it, "Plan S".

Astolfo: so what does Plan S do?

Sketchy: you'll see, Astolfo, you'll see.

Now get in the Car. we got some blaming to do.

Astolfo and Tatsumi: can we get McDonalds?

Sketchy: ...sigh… FU-

(at McDonalds)

Yeah, we'll have the Travis Scott Burger.

Kuyr: take that to go, i assume?

Sketchy: one for my Sons.

Kuyr: (hands out the food) here you go.

Have a nice day.

(Sketchy drives away)

Kuyr: man, i hate this job...

Sketchy: this is the only time i'm getting you food.

Tatsumi: well, to be honest we were hungry…

Astolfo: yeah, you aren't very thoughtful, dad.

Sketchy: whatever, guess where we're going?

(a castle is shown)

The castle of King Griffin V.

(Inside the Castle…)

(King Griffin is as usual, sitting in his throne. And Princess Meg is sitting next to him)

King Griffin: the royal court is now in session.

So, let's see, mr…

Bob Abooby.

You've been called upon here because you freakin touched my crown.

Bob: but, your highness, i'm the royal crown polisher! It's what i do!

King Griffin: i guess i can't punish you…

Off to the CBT Chamber, you go!

Meg: Dad! (frees Bob) you can go, little dude.

Bob: Bless you, Meg… (runs away)

King Griffin: Meg, what the hell is your freakin problem? You dare defy me, the king and founder of Toontopia?

Meg: you don't have to be mean all the time!

King Griffin: Meg, i am the king, and i can do whatever the hell i want.

Meg: ugh…

Dad, i'd wish you be more nicer instead of punishing people for no reason.

King Griffin: jesus chr- ok, meg. (takes off his crown), what is this?

Meg: your crown?

King Griffin: and what does this crown do?

Meg: covers your bald spot.

King Griffin: Shut up, Meg! It's not bald!

It does much more than cover (puts down the crown in a pillow) slightly receding hairline. No, it gives you power, leadership, and gives you all authority to rule Toontopia.

(Sketchy steals the crown, and puts a note saying "i, erm, stole the crown because i, uhm, like shiny stuff. Signed, President JFK.)

One day, you might have a chance of impressing me, becoming a good daughter, and wearing this crown.

Meg: i'm gonna be bald?

King Griffin: nah, it means you'll learn to rule with an iron fist, like your father.

Meg: yeah, about that…

The crown has been stolen…

King Griffin: (sees the crown has been stolen) WHAT THE HELL?!
(Sketchy exits the castle cackling and gets away)

Sketchy: I GOT IT, BOYS!

Tatsumi: got what?

Sketchy: the crown!

Soon, boys, we're gonna be rich once this thing is sold!

(while driving) Hahahahahahahahaha!

(at the Krusty Krab)

JFK: thanks for, erm, helping me with Zim's party, guys.

Mr. Krabs: it's no problem, JFK. the lad's welcome to eat here! Infact, to celebrate, we're making the Zim special!


SpongeBob: (runs over to Mr. Krabs) what is it, Mr. Krabs?

Mr. Krabs: today is Zim's birthday today, and i need you to make a burger named after him, put a lot of green into it, but not too much green.

SpongeBob: Aye Aye, Captain Krabs!

You can count on me. (goes to his station)

Mr. Krabs: Ruby! Go get some drinks for the party, but don't go to the beer section.

Ruby: what? Why?

Mr. Krabs: your white-haired friend be drunk when she drinks her "muscat juice"...

(Flashback: at the Komedy Klub)

Weiss: (in her pajamas) so then i said, "they always ask, where's perry, but they never ask how's perry."

(Weiss falls down and everyone laughs)



Ruby: Good Lord…

(Flashback end)

Ruby: oh, yeah…

Mr. Krabs: i don't wanna see Drunk Weiss, now go!

Ruby: yes, sir!

(goes to the store to get drinks)

Mr. Krabs: Phineas! Ferb!

Phineas: what is it?

Mr. Krabs: since you build stuff, i need you to build the biggest birthday contraption that will suprise Zim!

Phineas: well, i know what we're gonna do today!

(him along with ferb gets to building it)

Mr. Krabs: and Jenny…

I need you to keep watch!

Jenny: why do i always get the lame jobs?

(goes outside the store to keep watch)

Jenny: (sees that king griffin is arriving) huh? King Griffin's coming to the Krusty Krab? Krabs!

Mr. Krabs: what is it?

Jenny: King Griffin is coming!

Mr. Krabs: well, you know what they say, the more, the merrier!

(Meanwhile, outside, King Griffin stops the carriage)

Meg: Dad, i think you're overreacting.

King Griffin: i think i know what i'm doing, Meg.

I know that son of a bitch, JFK, is in there. And he stole my crown, so i'll steal his life!

JFK: well, krabs, the decorations are done.

Mr. Krabs: that's great!

(King Griffin enters the Room)

King Griffin: hello, Peasants.

I wish to speak to JFK immediately.

JFK: ah, yes. Are you, uh, here for the party?

King Griffin: FUCK NO! I'M ONTO YOU, JFK! YOU'VE HAVE STOLEN THE CROWN, YOU CAN'T DENY THAT! For how clever you are, you left one goddamn evidence in the scene of the crime!

JFK: (reading) i stole your crown cause i like shiny stuff, signed, JFK?!

King Griffin: give me the damn crown right freaking now!

JFK: but this is crazy, i didn't do it!

Answering Machine: hey, this is JFK, leave a Message.

Larry: hey, JFK, this is Larry. From Goodwill?

Far from toontopia? Thanks for selling me the crown, which is now in Goodwill, goodbye.

JFK: (sweating) erm, don't you hate Wrong Numbers?


Sketchy: (outside the Krusty Krab) Plan S is working! It's actually Working!


(prepares his gun) PREPARE TO DIE, JFK!


King Griffin: very well, then. Now before i pop this jock's brain out, anyone have anything to say about him?

(Team ZBJB enters the Room)

Bessie: hello, Krusty Kr-


Zim: what is the King doing here?

King Griffin: listen, this fucker stole my damn crown, so he has to die!

Johnny: isn't it a bit harsh to kill someone over a plastic crown?

King Griffin: how dare you, it's not Plastic, it's pure gold! It's almost as gold as the time i made gold!


King Griffin: (making gold) ah, that's good gold.

(Cutaway End)

Blake: …was that cutaway really necessary?

King Griffin: yes, my grandson, Peter Griffin does it all the time!

And besides. I'm a bit bald.

Zim: i'm sure it isn't that noticea- (King Griffin takes off his paper bag hat)


King Griffin: (puts the paper bag back on) yeah, i know.

Bessie: well, your highness, what if we were able to get back that crown, so you can spare President JFK's life?

King Griffin: pfft, nobody who has gone to goodwill hasn't returned!

Besides, how can you four do it?

Zim: i'm sure we can handle it, King. besides, what could pos-

Blake: (covers Zim's mouth) don't say it!

King Griffin: hmm…

Nah. (cocks gun)


Meg: (enters the room) dad, stop it! Can't you go one day without killing someone?

King Griffin: Meg, i told you stay in the damn carriage!

Meg: no, where the hell is your compassion?

I mean, they're willing to risk their lives to save your crown, and save their president?

King Griffin: but Meg, i…

Meg: let them try. They saved the world once, and they'll save it again!

Zim: how do you know about our previous battle?

Meg: i read it on .

Bessie: huh? Someone wrote about us?

Meg: and plus, you have a special problem of your own too!

(takes the paper bag hat off King Griffin)

King Griffin: eh, alright, fine.

You peasants have about 24 hours to bring back my crown!

Bessie: we can do it in 15!

King Griffin: 5!

Bessie: eh, alright, 5 it is.

King Griffin: Until then, the President will be frozen where he now stands.


(Phineas, Ferb, Ruby, and Jenny get back)

Ruby: sorry we took so long but- gasps President JFK!

Phineas: how did this happen?

Jenny: I don't know!

(SpongeBob, who finished the burger, joins in)

SpongeBob: what are you all rambling about? (Sees JFK Frozen) Holy Krab!

King Griffin: alright, now come on, Meg! I gotta watch my movies on Freeform.

Meg: alright. Listen, you guys, the road to Goodwill is a very scary one. There's crooks, black people, and there's a Killer Giant who preys on innocent people. If he catches you, you'll never be seen again.

Johnny: (horny as hell) ehehehehe…

She's pretty hot...

Meg: here, take this.

Zim: what does this do?

Meg: it's a good luck charm! It will give you good luck all the way.

King Griffin: let's go, Meg!

Meg: coming! Good luck, Zim!

Zim: how do you know my name?

Meg: oh, i'm gonna become queen of Toontopia one day. I've learned all the names of every person.

Bessie: what's our names?

Meg: that's easy! You're Bessie Higgenbottom!
(points to Blake) you're Blake Belladonna, (points to Johnny) and you're Johnny Test!

Johnny: (blushes) hehehehe…

King Griffin: let's go, i got a nail polishing at 3!

Meg: bye, you guys! I believe in you!

Bessie: don't worry, JFK! Phineas, Ferb, SpongeBob, Ruby, Jenny, Zim, Johnny, Blake, and i-

Phineas: no way! You guys are on your own!

Ferb: ditto.

Ruby: yeah, no.

Jenny: i'm not getting clustered to bolts that easily.

SpongeBob: yeah, you guys are on your own.

(and so they exit the room)

Bessie: er, Zim, Johnny, Blake, and i, are gonna get that crown and save you from King Griffin's Wrath. Your life is in our hands!

Blake: how are we supposed to get there?

We don't have anything!

Zim: wait! I might just have something…

(At Zim's House…)

(Zim opens the Garage)

Zim: Feast your eyes, smellies!

Johnny: what it is?

(the vehicle reveals to be a pig spaceship)

Zim: the pig spaceship.

I used it back when those saucer morons attacked.

Bessie: looks pretty cool!

Zim: indeed it does, Higgenbottom, it does.

(they climb onto the Vehicle)

Blake: wait, Zim?

Zim: yeah, blake?

Blake: do you even know how to drive?

Zim: i've been driving all my life! Of course i know how to drive!

(starts the Pig Spaceship)

All: Goodwill, Here we come!

(Later, Back at the Krusty Krab…)

(Sketchy enters to see JFK frozen)

Sketchy: hello there, president. You don't mind if i take your place, do i?

I'll take that as a yes!

(steals his suit)

I'd love to stick around, but i have to go make some new laws for this town.

Buh, bye!

(exits) plan s, i love ya!

(JFK drops an Icey Tear)

Chapter 4

Zim: so…

Where you guys wanna go?

Johnny: does this thing have a radio?

Zim: not that i am aware o- (accidently touches the radio. The radio plays "Blinding Lights" By the Weeknd)

(they put on sunglasses)

(music stops, they see a gas station)

Zim: look! A gas station!

Bessie: does this thing run on gas, Zim?

Zim: i think so. We gotta fuel up for the sky!

You never know what's gonna come!

(parks at 7-Eleven)

Zim: alright, now do you pig smellies have any change on you?

Bessie: well, let's see…

(checks her wallet)

I got $50 and 25 cents.

Johnny: i have only a 10.

Blake: $100 and 50 cents.

Zim: hm…

Let's see what i have…

(checks his wallet)

A dollar?

Alright, then.

Let's go get some gas…

(Bessie, Johnny, and Blake are in silence)

Zim: i meant spaceship gas!

(they enter the 7-Eleven)

Cashier: hi, welcome to 7-Eleven. How may i help you?

Zim: gas, please.

Cashier: how much?

Zim: how much?

(laughs) how much?

Cashier: yes.

Will it be $10 gas, $20 gas, or $100 gas?

Zim: $100 gas, please.

Blake: Eh? I'm spending $100 on gas!

Zim: Blake, Honey…

It's not like we're gonna be stopping anywhere that requires money.

Blake: (stares at zim disappointingly)

Zim: you know what? How about $20 gas?

Cashier: okay, then. (zim hands the guy 20 dollars)

I'm sorry, but it we can't pay for it.

Bessie: what do you me-

(sees a black guy stealing their Pig Spaceship)

What the?

Black Guy: see ya, chumps!

Zim: …

Could we get our money back?

Cashier: sigh…


(they exit the 7-Eleven)

Zim: we gotta chase him!

Johnny: But how?

(Zim spots a car, with the keys in ignition)

Zim: Bingo!

(in the car, they start the Engine, and retrieve their stolen spaceship)

(back at the Toontopia White House…)

News Reporter: hey, all! News reporter here, coming to you live! Sketchy is the new President of Toontopia. How is this possible? Let's find out.

(on the podium, Sketchy is waving, and kissing babies)

(News Reporter comes in)

News Reporter: hey, Sketchy, i'm part of Toontopia News. i want to ask you a question.

Sketchy: anything for you…

News Reporter: can you tell me, how did you become president in the first place?

Sketchy: (in owo speak…) fowe my good and woyaw fwiend, JFK, was fwozen by the aww powew King Gwiffin, he confided me in this onye secwet wish. "Sketchy... i nyeed you to take the

Pwesidency. in nyot onwy my honyow, but my pwesidency and absence. don't wet the fwame die out..."


Anyways, act now and you can get a free bracelet!

Here you go! (puts the bracelet on the news reporter's neck)

News Reporter: thanks, man!

Sketchy: free bracelets for everyone!

(the crowd cheers while Sketchy throws a lot of Bracelets)

(at the lab…)

Sketchy: woo! Man, i haven't felt this good since the day i adopted you two.

Tatsumi: we didn't want to be adopted.

Sketchy: Evil Plan S is working! Nothing can stop me now!

Astolfo: yeah, nothing except Zim and his 3 friends. (computer screen displays Team ZBJB on the road)

It seems that they're going after the crown. If they somehow make it back, Griffin may find some finger prints.

White fingerprints.

Tatsumi: very, very white fingerprints.

Sketchy: (looks at his skin) Plan S is way ahead of you, guys. I already hired someone to take care of those losers.

he's a cold-blooded, vicious, and PREDATOR!

(Back at 7-Eleven, we see a guy with orange hair, a hat, and a coat.)

Cashier: hello, welcome to 7-Eleven, how may I help you?

?: not much... Just your head.

(Pops a cap in the cashier's head)

Manager: how's the job so far, st-

(Sees that the cashier is dead)


?: farewell, friends.

(Exits the store)

Manager: ...who was that?

Chapter 5

(our heroes were on the road, walking, getting tired, and heating)

Zim: oh, god…

I'm sweating.

Bessie: how far are we ahead?

Johnny: i'm not sure, but according to this map i now apparently have, it seems that we can get to Goodwill by 10 miles.

Blake: yeah! You're right, Test! It's 10 miles (grabs the map) by Spaceship or Car….

Zim: i still wish we had our piggy back.


Bessie: Zim, shut up! Look! There's the ship!

(The Pig Spaceship is parked in some neighborhood alley)

Zim: that was easy…


Blake: the keys…

They seem to be missing.

Zim: where do you think they are?

(the team look into the Alley. Gangsta's Paradise plays)

(The alley turns out to be a group of Black People)

Bessie: gosh! Those are a lot of crooks!

Zim: there's the key!

(they hide themselves)

Ok, so how do we get that key?
Bessie: i got it! We'll just ask them politely to give us the key!

Black Guy: (in the background) ay, what's good, N(Baba Booey)!

Zim: Bessie, that's a terrible idea.

Bessie: sorry.

Blake: if we're gonna get that key, we need some kind of diversion.

Johnny: but what?

(thinks, then gets an idea)

Alright, i think i have an idea…

Zim: let's hear it!

(Johnny whispers the plan)

(in the alley the black people live in…)

(Zim enters the alley)

Zim: how do you do, fellow ni-

(whispers to Johnny) What's the word again?

Johnny: N(Baba Booey).

Zim: how do you do, fellow N(Baba Booey)?

(the black people are shocked)

Black Guy: did he just say…

What i think he said?

Black Guy #2: HE SAID THE N WORD!

(they prepare their guns)

Zim: w-wait! You can't just shoot us!

Black Guy #1: and why not, alien boy?

Zim: because, uh…

(thinks of a reason, but can't)

Zim: i honestly don't know.

Johnny: way to go, dickwad.

?: guys! Enough!

(the person who just said that reveals to be Gandhi)

Zim and Johnny: Gandhi?

(Bessie and Blake come in)

Blake: what's taking you guys so l-

Who's the bald guy with the glasses?

Gandhi: listen, dudes. I'm My name is Gandhi.

Zim: y-y-y-you're gandhi?

Gandhi: well, more like a clone of the original Gandhi.

Bessie: what a letdown. I thought you were the real thing.

Johnny: so, gandhi, can you tell your friends to NOT KILL US?!

Gandhi: oh, right, right!

Take it easy, guys.

(the black guys put the guns away)

Thanks, guys, i appreciate it.

(recognizes Zim, Bessie, Johnny, and Blake)

Wait a minute, you guys are Team ZBJB!

I've heard about you guys! Saved the world from getting salted, or whatever that means.

Zim: yup!

Bessie: that's us!

Zim: haha! (becomes confused) Wait, how do you know about our amazing victory?

Gandhi: i've heard about it all over the news, the web, everywhere. You're famous!
(Team ZBJB are speechless)

Bessie: what the fuck? (grabs gandhi by the shirt) alright, how do you know about us?

Gandhi: well, you see…

A long, long time ago, way, way back in the 2000s…


(At Viacom...)

Gandhi: hold up, what do you mean i got the show cancelled?

Exec: Gandhi, your attitude offended many indians. Heck, even Gandhi himself is dissapointed. You're out the show!

Gandhi: but if i leave the show, who am i gonna high five?

Exec: that's non of our concern, now go.

Gandhi: alright, then.

(Gandhi is exiting the building)

SpongeBob: what's wrong, Gandhi? Show couldn't last a week? That Zim guy didn't last a year!
Gandhi: be quiet, SpongeDoofus. The only reason, you're still alive is because you're nick's bitch.

SpongeBob: i just love a little fame~.

Gandhi: hey, atleast i didn't have an episode where i smelled!

(Gandhi exits the building, leaving SpongeBob to Cry)

Gandhi: (narrating) after i not only left Viacom forever, but the MTV network as a whole, i stayed on the streets and became a hood rat.

(Gandhi is seen on the streets back against the wall)

Gandhi: spare coochie?

Black Guy: sure.

Gandhi: thanks, man.

Black Guy: say, you wanna be the king of our neighbor hood?

Gandhi: do i get to high five anyone?

Black Guy: it pleases the N(Baba Booey), so yeah.

Gandhi: heck, yes!

Gandhi: (Narrating) years later, we installed a tv…

(speaking) alright, what do you guys wanna watch?

Black Guys: Spike TV!

Gandhi: alright, if you say so.

(turns on TV)

Wait, this isn't spike…

Past News Reporter: in other news, odd team named Team Zeeber Jeebers, has not only saved the world a maniacal horny degenerate named Skerchee, but has been nominated the best Team since…

Gandhi: oh my god, who cares?

(switches the channel)

(Flashback End)

Gandhi: and that's how i became king of the black people. And knew about you guys.

Zim: ….

That is one of the most dumbest and ridiculous stories i have ever heard.

Gandhi: Life-Changing, right?

Bessie: why'd you switch the channel?!

Gandhi: well, i-
Blake: just give us the damn key.

Gandhi: of course!

Hey, BBG!

(a bald black guy is seen.)

BBG (Bald Black Guy): Yeah?

Gandhi: do you have the key to the spaceship?

BBG: (nods his head yes)Bald Black Guy: yeah?

Gandhi: you got the key to their spaceship?

(The BBG (Bald Black Guy) nods his head)

Gandhi: what did i teach you about stealing things that don't belong to you?

BBG: (shrugs)

Gandhi: hand it over.

(BBG hands over the key)

Gandhi: here you go, guys. (hands the key)

Johnny: thanks!

(they exit the alley)

Gandhi: (off-screen) wait! (on-screen) Where are you guys, going anyway?Zim: we're going to goodwill to get King Griffin's Crown.

Bessie: far away.

Gandhi: oh, shit.

You guys are dead.

(laughs) REAL DEAD!

Zim: come on, guys.

Johnny: yeah, let's blow this crackpot.

(Gandhi heard what Johnny just said)

Gandhi: hey! I'm not a crackpot.

(but just as he said that, The team left.)

Gandhi: they're dead…

BBG: hey, can i borrow $60?

Gandhi: fuck no!

(Back at Toontopia, at the Flynn Fletcher house...)

Candace: man, sure feels odd without Phineas and Ferb's weird inventions distracting me every day.

Wonder what's going on?

(grabs her bike, she drives past a guy with a Sketch-Branded Bracelet)

Guy: morning!

Candace: man, some people have really terrible taste in armgear…

Wonder where everyone is getting em? It probably has something to do with Phineas and Ferb.

(In front of the white house, which is guarded by Sketchy's 2 sons)

Candace: alright, what's going on in there?

Astolfo: is there something you need, m'am?

Candace: alright, girly! I need to ask, where is everyone getting those horrid and ugly bracelets?

Astolfo: everyone's getting 'em from President Sketchy! He's giving them away for free for whoever comes to his office.

Candace: (gasps) Sketchy? Free? President? OFFICE?!
(inside the office)

Candace: (busts the door) alright, whitey, so i heard you became president now.

Sketchy: that's right, Candy Cane!

And you get a free Sketch-Branded bracelet when come into my office! Care for one?

Candace: pfft, as if i'm gonna fall for your old tricks. You may have everyone hoodwinked in this town, but you can't fool me! I listen to public radio.

Sketchy: ...the hell's that supposed to mean?

Candace: it means you set up President JFK, you stole the Crown, so Griffin would freeze him so you can become the president and take over toontopia! It was you all along! But you missed one fatal mistake, bitch! You mess with my town, you mess with all of us, White boy! And you know what i'm gonna do?

I'm telling mom.

Sketchy: we'll see about that, Snitchy the Snitch. (presses the mind control button)

Computer Voice: Mind Control Sequence Activated.

Candace: huh? What happened? What's going on?

Sketchy: see for yourself, Candy Cane!

(Candace goes outside, only to see her aquanticies, friends, even her brothers mind controlled by sketchy's bracelet)

Slaves: All Hail Sketchy. All Hail Sketchy.


Slaves: All Hail Sketchy.

Candace: i gotta get outta here! (runs through the stairs, but the exit is blocked by the Sketch Slaves.)

Slaves: All Hail Sketchy.

Candace: (now cornered, screams for help) PHINEAS! FERB! ANYONE! HELP!



Chapter 6

(on the pig spaceship, Bessie is reading the novelization of The Bee Movie)

Bessie: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.

It's wings are too small to get it's fat little body off the g-

Zim: ok, where even did you get that book?

Bessie: ...found it?

Zim: (stares)

Bessie: i found it in my sash. But i was bored, okay? I also carry a copy of Atlas Shrugged...

...and Harry Potter…

Zim: okay, then…

Blake: don't worry, Bess. you're not alone.

I sometimes carry a copy of Ninjas of Love.

Bessie: Ninjas of Love? What's that?

(Blake shows Bessie the book.)

Bessie: (is surprised by the illustration) woah!

(later, it gets foggier)

Zim: man, it's…

Getting a bit foggier, guys.

Don't ya think?

Johnny: i couldn't agree with you more.

Blake: i've seen worse weather.

Zim: hey, look! A portal! This will take us quickly to goodwill! (they enter the portal, but they suddenly end up in a familiar eye rape sky sanctuary zone)

Bessie: oh, GOOD GOD, What is this MESS?

Johnny: MY EYES!




Zim: (back in reality) well, that was…



Bessie: look! Free pancakes!

(she says as she points down to a waffle house with a drive thru)

Zim: Woah! A waffle house?

Alrighty then.

(they go to get the food at the drive thru)

Waffle House Worker: hi, welcome to waffle house.

Zim: 4 please.

WHW: 4 of what?

Zim: 4 Pancakes!

WHW: 4 Panwhat?

Zim: (-_-) Four, PANCAKES!

WHW: so, four pancakes...

Zim: yes!
Finally, you understand ZIM!

WHW: what's a pancake?

Zim: for crying out-

(kills him)

Bessie: Zim! Why'd you go and do that for?

Zim: he was a bit dumb, anyw-

(but the WHW comes back to life…)



Blake: well, any bright ideas, professor?

Zim: yes, blake. It's called DRIVE!

(The Fire Breathing Dragon chases them)

(the team are screaming and running for their lives)

(meanwhile, back at the Black Neighborhood, the guy with the black hat, which we now refer him to as Torchwick, senses that the team was here)

Torchwick: (smells) smells like pork.

Gandhi: Hey! what the hell are you doing in our neighborhood, white boy?

BBG: yeah, this is our territory!

Torchwick: not anymore, (punches gandhi, gandhi falls on the floor)


(torchwick leaves)

Black Guy: who's our leader now?

BBG: i am!

(The Black Guys Cheer)



Fire Breathing Dragon: PREPARE TO DIE!

Bessie: i'm too young to die!

Fire Breathing Dragon: ohh, what a shame.

(breathes the fire, but the team miss it)

Zim: what do we do?

Blake: best bet is to jump off.

Zim, Bessie, and Johnny: JUMP OFF?!

Bessie: Are you Crazy, woman?!


(so they jump off the spaceship and falls down and explodes)

Zim: no….

(then the fire breathing dragon chases the now broken spaceship…)

Zim: well, atleast he's gone.

Bessie: (looks down) boy, that's a… uh, deep ravine.

Zim: tell me about it, Bess.

How are we gonna get throug-

Bessie: oop, never mind, found some stairs.

(Zim, Johnny, and Blake stand around) well, let's not waste anymore time standing here! Let's go!

Zim: hold it! (Bessie holds it)

Bessie: what?

Zim: can't you just transform into your bee form and fly there?

Bessie: that's not how it works! I have to collect every single honeybee badge!


Bessie: NO, I DIDN'T!

Blake: what happened last time then?

Bessie: (sighs) ok, i'll try!

(tries to transform but can't)
Wow, i don't remember my transformation being so dull…

(tries again but, still can't)

Bessie: OH! What's the point?

We're never gonna get that crown!

And we're never gonna save president JFK!

Johnny: Bess, don't talk like that!

Bessie: (sobbing) don't you understand, Test? We're a bunch of losers!

Zim: hey, we're not losers! Today is my birthday, and you got me that cake!

Blake: even we are, we'll still get the crown, and defeat that horny genderbending freak, Sketchy!

Bessie: no! And the worst thing is that…

You guys are better off without me.

I'm going home.

(but out of nowhere, Princess Meg appears)

Meg: i've heard enough.

Johnny: (his pants fall down, but puts it back up)

Zim: Meg?

Johnny: did you wanna see my underwear?


Anyways, Look, guys. You may be "losers" but you guys are the only ones left who can get that crown.

Bessie: (sniffs) what do you mean, only ones left?

Meg: things have gotten way out of hand since you guys left Toontopia, or should i say, Sketchtopia. (shows a computer screen)

Zim: HOLY-

Slaves: All Hail Sketchy. All Hail Sketchy.


Zim: he's turned everyone we know into slaves!

Phineas and Ferb…

Bessie: SpongeBob and Patrick…

Blake: Yang, Ruby, and Weiss…

Zim: (gasps) Even GIR!

GIR: All Hail Sketchy.

All Hail Sketchy.

Zim: can't your dad do something?

(at the castle…)
Meg: my father's too busy with his bald head to do anything.

(the squire tries to give him hair)

King Griffin: for fuck's sake, will you hurry the fuck up, i gotta friggin watch my freeform movies!

(squire sprays the hair in his eyes)

Meg: (closes the computer) so you can't quit this journey, the fate of Toontopia rests in your hands! Without you, the town would be a mysterious wasteland.

Zim: you're right! It's time we stand up for each other! We've known each other since that day we crossed!

Bessie: (stops crying) he's right! And if we just stick together, then i'm sure we can get that crown, save the president, and DEFEAT THAT GENDERBENDING EXCESSIVE MASTURBATOR!

Meg: that's the spirit, you guys!

Ok, i'll be back at Toontopia. Later!

Team ZBJB: Bye!

Blake: i have an idea, what if i used my weapon!

Zim: Blake, you're a genius! Let's use that thing, which is also a gun for some reaso-

Blake: ok, i got it, all of our weapons are guns.

Chapter 7

(the team are ready to jump over the trench)

Zim: alright, so how is this gonna work out?

Bessie: we just jump.

Blake: and then, i use my weapon, to get us over there safely!

Johnny: sounds like a good plan!

Zim: is everyone ready?

(the gang nod yes)

Let's do this.

(and so, they jump off, blake uses her weapon to grab the ledge)

(the gang are screaming, but suddenly, they manage to land safely, Zim is still screaming)

Johnny: Zim! Calm down! We're safe!

Zim: oh.


Well, that wasn't so tough!

Bessie: see?

Told you you have nothing to worry about!

Zim: you never told me that.

Bessie: I don't need to.

Zim: …

Alrighty then…

Now, let's go before we waste ti-


Torchwick: finally.

I got you goons right where I want you.

Blake: (gasps) TORCHWICK?!

Zim: you know this guy?

Torchwick: oh, little alien thing. We've known each other for a long time! Who are the other two?

Bessie: flattered that you would ask! my name is-

Torchwick: don't care.

Anyways, what I do care about is killing you.

Johnny: you're gonna kill us?

(The team (except Blake, she's not the comedy type) burst in laughter)

Blake: don't ask why.

Johnny: alright. listen, toots. We're off to get some crown at Goodwill. Far away.

Zim: very, far away.

Torchwick: Look, I'm here to kill you! OK?!

Zim: ok, enough dilly dallying. If you're really here to kill us…

Then we'll have to-

(torchwick pulls out a gun)

Zim: well, we didn't try for nothing.

Bessie: wh-what are you gonna do to us?

Torchwick: Sketchy was very specific!

Johnny: SKETCHY?!

Torchwick: for some reason he wanted me to shoot you.

Blake: Shoot us?!


Zim: eh?

Torchwick: …

I've said too much…

(his guns transforms into an even bigger gun. As he gets ready to fire, the gang cower in fear)

Bessie: (nervously) that's a large rifle, hehehe…

Torchwick: don't worry! This'll only hurt a lot! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! OHOHOHOHOHOHO! I LOVE THIS JOB!


(then all of a sudden, a police car comes and hits torchwick into the bottom of the ravine.)

(the police exit the car)

Zim: thanks, helping citizens!

Bessie: well, what do you know? Police are a bit nice!

Blake: i dunno. I feel like he'll arrest us.

Bessie: Nonsense, Belladonna!

Police Officer: you're under arrest.

Team: WHAT?!

Zim: But, what did we do?

Police Officer: let's see…

(gets his reading glasses and lists down things)

Actually, i don't really have a reason. He'll explain when we get there.

Zim: who's he?

Police Officer: put these guys in the car boys.

(the other officers cuff them and put them in the car)


Officer #2: trust me, kiddo. We can…

Actually, you know what?

Sir, take these 3 with you.

Officer #1: got it.

(Bessie, Johnny, and Blake go in the car along with Officer #1)

And as for you, green alien…

We have a special cell reserved, just for you.


Officer #2: oh, i can, have, and will.

(he puts Zim in the car with his handcuffs on. He screams for help)


(in Zim's jail cell, we see him sleeping.)

Zim: (wakes up) am i dead?

Where am i? What is this?

(tries to escape)


Where are the other-

(realizes that they're not here)


That's right.

Astolfo: well, look who it is.

Mr. "i'm better than everyone else"!

Zim: hey! I don't always act like that?
Astolfo: whatever, he's coming anyway.

Zim: who's h-

(stomping noises are heard, and to Zim's surprise, it's the Giant Princess Meg was talking about)


Giant: hello, being.

It is time for you to die.

Zim: WAIT! NO!

(giant takes Zim out of the cell)

Giant: mmmm! Yummy…

Zim: well, i guess this is it. Nobody ever liked me anyway. I'm such a failure. I couldn't even invade a planet, nor could i make the tallest proud…

(sniffs) and i didn't even have the chance to save my 3 best friends, that really care about me. And i didn't even come close to getting the crown.

So, go ahead.

Eat me.

(closes his eyes)

Giant: wow, you're making this a lot easier than i thought, in this giant goodwill.

Oh, well.

Zim: wait, this place is goodwill?


(starts to eat him, when suddenly…)


(Astolfo and Tatsumi Antoinette XVI, Sketchy's henchmen, are eating popcorn and laughing)

Bessie: eat pencil, giant!

Giant: huh?

Zim: Eh?

(the pencil is thrown at the Giant's eyes)


(drops dead)
Zim: Bessie?

Bessie: Hi, Zim!

Zim: oh, Bess! I'm so glad to see you!

(hugs her)

Bessie: hahaha! Glad to see you, too!

Astolfo: What the hell?!

Tatsumi: oh, come on!

Zim: how the heck did you get out?

Well, i used blake's weapon, as some kind of stick cutty thing, i forgot what it's called, and somehow, i got out.

Zim: where are they?

Bessie: back in the cell.

Zim: oh.

Bessie: But not only did i manage to escape…

I managed to find…

(she holds the crown up high)

Turns out it was next to our cell. Those guys are really bad at hiding valuable things….

Zim: (gasps) GRIFFIN'S CROWN!


Bessie: aww, it was nothing. Now let's get Johnny and Blake and get out of here!

Zim: right!

(and so, they head out.)

(phone rings from Astolfo's phone)

Astolfo: what?
Sketchy: (off-screen) did you trap them?

Astolfo: no, they escaped.

Sketchy: (Off-Screen) THEY WHAT?!

Chapter 8

(The Team, holding the crown, head out of goodwill)
Zim: come on, guys!

Let's get this crown back to toontopia!

(stops at the parking lot)

Johnny: only problem is, how are we gonna get there by foot?!

Bessie: hmm, you know that is an good question, Test!

Blake: i'm out of options.

?: Perhaps, i can be of assistance!

(a giant bee comes out of nowhere)

Bee: so you want a lift?
Zim: correct! So where's your car?

Bee: (laughs) car?

(we see them on the bee on their way back to toontopia)

Bessie: YAY! GO, BEE!

Zim: Next stop, Toontopia!

(Back at Sketchtopia)

Sketchy: Well, JFK, guess what time it is!



(hears that King Griffin and Princess Meg has arrived)

Sketchy: well, this should be fun!

(back to Team ZBJB (which i shouldn't have to remind you it stands for Zim, Bessie, Johnny, Blake) with the crown, which are on their way to toontopia.)

Zim: haha! We're doing it! Nothing can stop us now!

Bessie: what about that thing over there?

I see a motorcycle…

(sees a motorcycle with a red headed guy with a hat)

Blake: not just any motorcycle…

(sees torchwick coming to kick their asses)

Torchwick: Miss me, fellas?

(cut back as Griffin is about to execute JFK)

(Squire drum rolls)

(sketchy is on a lounge chair, waiting for the execution to begin. His sons are coming inside)

Sketchy: ah, guys! Come in! Best seats in the hous-

Actually, i'm very disappointed in you.

Tatsumi: sorry, master~

Sketchy: did you just call me master?

Tatsumi: is that a pr-

Sketchy: shut up and sit down.

King Griffin: JFK, your 5 hour retrieve is over. And it is time for you to die.


King Griffin: sorry, Kennedy. there's just nothing i can do.

Princess Meg: except give Team ZBJB a little more time.

King Griffin: except give Team ZBJB a littl-


Meg, will you butt the fuck out? I'm not gonna have you stalling this goddamn execution!

Meg: stalling? I'm not doing anything.

King Griffin: yes, you are.

Meg: no, i'm not…

King Griffin: yes, you are! You're doing it right now, ehehehehehe.

Meg: so i am stalling?

King Griffin: stalling!

Meg: stalling?

King Griffin: STALLING!

Sketchy: oh god.

(back to the road, Torchwick has are shooting at Team ZBJB)

Torchwick: come here, you idiots!

Blake: go faster, Zim!
Zim: i'm trying, i'm trying!

(torchwick gets on the Bee)

Torchwick: now, where were we?

Zim: run!

Blake: no! I'm tired of running. If we run now, we'll never-

(torchwick tries to shoot her but she successfully dodges)

Blake: oh, crap.

Bessie: Run, Zim!

Zim: (runs undertorchwick and accidentally steps on the bee's back)

Bee: oof! Take it easy back there, guys.

(Zim runs to the middle and punches torchwick)
Torchwick: ow!

(Zim punches him again)

Bessie: Be careful! He has a gun!

Zim: like i didn't know that, Higgenbottom!

Torchwick: why don't you give up? I'm motherfucking Torchwick! I'm not supposed to lose!

Zim: NEVER! I AM ZIMMMMMMMMMMMM! (punches him off the bee)

Zim: phew.

Johnny: Good Job, man!

Bessie: That was awesome!
Blake: eh, i guess that was pretty cool.

(Torchwick somehow reappears)

Torchwick: Alright, i've had enough. (points gun) say goodbye!
Bessie: (writes the word "Kajolica" in a piece of paper)
Here you go!

Torchwick: (reads it) Kajolica?

(blows up and falls)

Bessie: hahaha! TAKE THAT, DORKWICK!

(back in toontopia…)

Meg: so you think….


(King Griffin is starting to get pissed)


Griffin: alright, i've had enough of this bullcrap, i'm seriously fucking TIRED!

(Meg walks out of the Krusty Krab)

Meg: But dad, you don-

Griffin: NOW!

Meg: (runs out of the building. Griffin locks the door)


Oh, Team ZBJB, please hurry, wherever you are!

(above the Toontopia City…)

Bee: alright, this is where you get off. Toontopia's below!

Bessie: but we won't be able to get down in time!

Bee: don't worry, i got a plan.

(the bottom of the Bee opens, making it a fart hole)

Zim: woah…

Blake: ugh, i'm gonna have to be escaping from that…

Bee: get ready!

(gets ready to fart them)




Griffin: JFK, i'm sorry to say, but the time has come….

(cocks his gun)
Meg: NO!

Sketchy: YES!





Griffin: for you…

Meg: NO!

Sketchy: YES!

Bee: 4…



Griffin: to die!


Sketchy: YESSSS!

Bee: 1…

(he farts the Team down, and to their surpise, they make it! Griffin shoots the bullet, but apparently, the crown reflects the bullet)

(back above…)

Bee: another job well d-

(the bee gets shot by the bullet and falls down, dies, and gives birth outside gumball's house)

Darwin: it gave BIRTH!

(they start freaking out)

Chapter 9

(JFK's eyes open)

(the team cheers and are happy they brought the crown back, even JFK is happy and excited!)

Griffin: (gasps) my crown! (kisses the crown) my amazing and beautiful crown!

(Meg enters)

Meg: hey, guys! I knew you could do it!

Zim: pfft, it was nothing. It was easier than pie.

Blake: you mean cake?


(Sketchy is slow clapping)

Sketchy: ah, yes. Well done, Zoom.

Zim: sorry to interrupt the party, Sketchy!

But the party's over!

Bessie: we brought the crown back and there is nothing else you can do! In your face, Pervert!

Sketchy: you don't have to worry about me. The party will be quite alive…

Zim: what do you mean?

Sketchy: you'll see...

(Sketchy pulls a cord)

Zim, Bessie, Johnny, Blake, and Meg: what the...

(the king sized bracelet falls into peter's bald head, he struggles to get it off)

Meg: DAD, NO!

Sketchy: DAD, YES!

(presses the button, griffin still struggles to get it off, but it sticks to him, and turns him grey.)
Griffin: All Hail Sketchy. All Hail Sketchy.

(Zim, Bessie, Johnny, Blake, and Meg scream. The bracelet controlled people crash into the building, leaving them cornered)

Sketchy: i just want to say that this isn't my doing.

(points to Team ZBJB)

It was these guys fault!

Bessie: what the hell did we do?

Sketchy: yes.

Zim: that's not an answer!

You can't just blame us for no reason!

Sketchy: I can, will, and have.

(grabs a seat and eats some popcorn)

This is gonna be fun!

Bessie: this is it, we're really gonna die!

Blake: i never got to kiss yang!

Johnny: i never got to become a race car driver!


Zim: will you guys quit your whining?

I have a plan!

Blake: well, whatever it is!

It better get us out of this mess!

Zim: alright, i'm gonna need a guitar.

And sunglasses.

(Sketchy and his sons are watching from the seats)
Sketchy: you know, after those four losers are done for, i think i might celebrate!

Astolfo: with what?

Sketchy: i'm not taking you to mc-

Tatsumi and Astolfo: please?!

Sketchy: fine.

(a big explosion throws sketchy, astolfo, and tatsumi onto the ceiling)

Sketchy: oof, my head…

(Sketchy sees smoke come out of the back…)


(Drumrolls are heard)

(Zim is holding a guitar. The words on the Guitar say "Irken Rock". He has sunglasses, a pink jacket (for some odd reason), and denim pants.)

("Robot Rock" by Daft Punk starts playing.)

(Zim plays the guitar really epicly!)

Zim: you all knew this was coming.

(Bessie, Johnny, and Blake clap to the beat)

(Tatsumi and Astolfo clap to the beat as well, but sketchy puts their hands down)

Sketchy: don't give in to this!

I'm in control of this show now! SEIZE THAT MOTHERFUCKING ALIEN!

(the slaves try to convert him, but instead…)

Zim: (in the voice of Daft Punk) ROCK!


(Zim turns into a rock wizard!)

Zim: ROCK!

(his guitar powers up and destroys the bracelet on the person's hand)

Person: i'm free…


(runs out the window)

Sketchy: wha-?

(Zim destroys the bracelets to the 3 people)

Sketchy: NO!


(Zim twirls and zaps more bracelets.)

Phineas and Ferb: (Zim zaps their bracelet) Haha!

SpongeBob: (Zim zaps his bracelet) Dahahahaha!

Patrick: (Zim zaps his bracelet) uh, what happened?
Ruby: (Zim zaps her bracelet) Yay!

Weiss: (Zim zaps her bracelet) finally.

Yang: (Zim zaps her bracelet) aw, yeah!

Jenny: (zim Zaps her bracelet) alright!

Candace: (Zim zaps her bracelet) woah!

GIR: (Zim zaps his bracelet) WEEHOO!

Krabs and Squidward: (Zim zaps his bracelet) YAY!

Sketchy: What the hell? I spent years bio engineering that bracelet.

Astolfo, Tatsumi, DO SOMETHING!

(but to his surprise, those two seem to be having fun!)



(Zim zaps King Griffin's Bracelet)

Griffin: eh? What's going on?

(Meg hands King Griffin the crown)

Meg: here you go, dad!

Griffin: aww, sweet!

Sketchy: i gotta go! Fuck this shit, i'm out!

(runs away, but gets stopped by the freed people)
Timmy Turner: Look! It's the wizard alien who saved us!

Sketchy: get out of my way, you pieces of garba-

(gets pushed aside and stomped on)


(Sketchy wakes up in a police car)
(the car door closes, the window opens)

Police: Sketchy, you are underarrest for lewding, salting, rule 63, and turning people into slaves.

Whatchu got to say for yourself?

Sketchy: i hate you.

Police: oh, and take your two gay daughters with you.

(the police throws tatsumi and astolfo into the back)

Astolfo: this.


Tatsumi: tell me about it.

Sketchy: (the car drives away) NO!

(back inside..)

King Griffin: Well, meg. I have to admit, you're right. Your compassion for these cartoon characters proved an admirable trait. And without it, i wouldn't have gotten my crown back.

And i'm sorry that i didn't treat you well, i'm sorry i didn't listen to you. So, this time, i promise that i'll be more caring and loving.

I love you, meg. (hugs meg)

Meg: thanks, dad!

King Griffin: let's go home.

Meg: up-up-up! Aren't you forgetting something?

King Griffin: huh? Oh yeah! I forgot to unfreeze you, JFK!

(unfreezes him with his wand)


Griffin: oh, kennedy. I'm really sorry for freezing ya for no reason.

And might i add, you are a very lucky fella to have in your city with such a brave, faithful, and heroic young lads.

Speaking of, where's the green one?


Zim: (hanging from a rope) i'm up here!

Bessie: i got it. (pulls the rope down from him)

King Griffin: go embrace them, Kennedy. Go to him.

Now, if you'll excuse me, i gotta get to my freeform specials!

Don't wanna miss Nightmare Before Halloween!

Let's go, meg!

Meg: coming!

JFK: i, er uh, don't how to thank you guys for, er uh, saving me!

Zim: do you?

Bessie: i think that was one of our best adventures yet!
JFK: and now, what do you say, alien man?

You still wanna have that, er uh, birthday party?

Zim: i…

Bessie: what do you say?

Zim: i say, yes!

JFK: let's get this party started!

SpongeBob: Hooray for Team ZBJB!
(everyone is cheering for Team ZBJB! During the party, everyone seems to be having fun! Everybody is dancing, drinking punch, Zim is dancing, but bessie taps his shoulder)

Zim: oh, hey, Higgenbottom. Why'd you come to me?

Bessie: this.

(Bessie kisses Zim, which to be honest was bound to happen at some point..)

Happy Birthday, Zim.

Zim: i…

Thanks, Higgenbottom.

(he hugs her. Bessie smiles and hugs too.)

(everyone is dancing and laughing once more, until it was time to clean up.)


(after the party, cut to a mountain, the gang are sitting looking at the sunset)

Zim: it's beautiful, isn't it.

Bessie: sure is.

Johnny: eh.

Blake: i guess. But it's kind of hurting my eyes...

Zim: you know, this has been one of the best birthdays i've ever had. And i got to spend it with you guys.

The bestest friends i've could ever ask for.

Bessie: i couldn't forget that day when i walked into Beacon and crashed in your Bedroom.

Johnny: and i couldn't forget the time i punched Zim in the nuts.

Blake: guys, guys! Calm down. What matters is that we're together.

Zim: yeah, i guess you're right, belladonna.

Bessie: so, what do you guys wanna do now?

Zim: no idea. But the future is bright, who knows what else we could do!

Blake: well, i'm thinking we should go home and think about it. I'm getting pretty sleepy. What do you guys say?

Johnny: ditto.

(Johnny and Blake get up, and they walk all the way home)

Bessie: same, i should get back on my badge hunting!

(Bessie gets up and walks all the way home)


You coming?

Zim: oh! Of course!


(Zim gets up and runs to catch up with them all the way home.)

Narrator: and so, our heroes rest after an awesome adventure and a truly awesome battle.

The End.

(in prison…)
Sketchy: ugh…

Police: hey, bucko.

(opens the jail cell bars.)

time for your shower.

Sketchy: …


Joe: (closes the book) the end.

Kevin: that's it? No smash?

Joe: son, what does smash have to do with this?

Kevin: where's the next smash character?

Joe: son, just go to bed.

Kevin: but dad…


(sees peter peeking out the window) PETER, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!

Peter: i heard i was in the story, so i came and listened!

Joe: whatever, hey, wanna go to the clam?

Peter: oh, do i!

(Joe teleports outside)

Joe: let's do it!
Peter: YEA-EA-AH!

(so, they leave.)

Kevin: is anyone gonna turn the lights off?