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Silver Hope: The Revised Edition

Chapter 20

The wedding was a day away. The former rangers had thought about giving Billy and Kat bachelor/bachelorette parties, but in the end they decided that it would be more fun to spend one last night together as friends.

Billy's House

"Hey! The Rock man has arrived with the pizza! And before you open your mouth Adam, it's still all here," Rocky said.

"Yea, except the one you ate on the way," Adam replied.

"Adam, why dost thou wound me so?" Rocky mocked.

"Because thou art a pig," Adam answered.

"AM NOT! ARE TOO! JINX! You owe me a soda!" Rocky and Adam said simultaneously.

"Calm down boys," Aisha scolded.

"Let's go pick out some movies!" Rocky said. Adam raced after him, as they went to see what the other guys were already picking out.

"Are they always going to be like that?" Trini asked.

"Let's hope so. They keep it interesting," Tanya replied. The girls shared a laugh, before carrying the pizzas and sodas into the family room.

They had managed to agree on a movie. The former rangers munched pizza as they watched. After the movie, the rangers found themselves reminiscing about old times.

"Man, I will never forget that time I got stuck in the old west with your guys' great great grandparents. That was definitely an experience," Kim mentioned.

"Remember when Rocky turned into a plant and told Kat she had nice branches and that her roses weren't bad either?" Adam laughed.

"Yea, I was lucky you didn't skin me alive Billy," Rocky chuckled.

Billy laughed.

"I probably would have except you had vines growing out of your head," Billy replied.

"Yea, green is not your color Rock," Tanya said.

"I've got the ultimate one! Remember when Billy and Kim switched bodies?" Jason laughed. Billy and Kim flashed Jason glares.

"Trust me, we remember. You don't have to bring it up," Billy said.

But Rocky and Adam were in the floor laughing.

"This must have been before us," Adam said.

"That's too much! So Billy, was it fun being a girl for a day?" Rocky asked.

"No gutter mind, it wasn't fun," Billy retorted.

"I think our experience becoming children again had to be the ultimate one," Kat said, changing the subject.

"I second that," Tommy agreed.

"Weird for you guys? What do you think I felt like when I was seventeen and you guys were still 10?" Billy said. They laughed.

"Yea, that had to be weird," Adam said.

"You were so brave during that time," Kat said, as she cuddled close to him.

"Oh please you two, save it for your honeymoon," Rocky teased. Kat's ears perked up.

"Speaking of honeymoon, where are we going?" Kat asked Billy.

"That for me to know and for you to be surprised when we get there," Billy said slyly.

"Billy, I'm sure I'll figure it out. I mean, if we're driving there, I'll eventually guess by looking at the road signs. And if we're flying, I'm sure I'll figure it out when we get on the plane," Kat reminded.

"We're not going by either. I got permission from Zordon to use the ranger express, so I could see the look on your face," Billy said.

"Please tell me," Kat said, as she pouted and looked at him with sad eyes. Billy saw what she was trying to do and looked away.

"That look is not going to work Kat," Billy said. Kat smirked.

"Okay, I'll just have to get you back when we get there," Kat replied, with a sly look.

"Well, tomorrow is a big day, so we should be going," Kim said. Everyone agreed and cleaned up.

"Tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life," Kat said.

"Mine too, tomorrow will the beginning of the rest of our lives," Billy said. Kat and Billy kissed passionately. The girls left for Kat's house, where they were all staying that night. And the boys stayed at Billy's

"All right Casanova, where are you taking Kat" Rocky asked, after the girls had left.

"Okay, but if you say a word to her, I'll kill you," Billy warned.

"Yea, yea, now spit it out," Jason urged.

"Sydney," Billy stated.

"Whoa, Kat will flip!" Adam said.

"Exactly," Billy replied.

"Let's catch some Z's We need our beauty sleep," Zack said. The others agreed and bunked down for the night.

The morning came quickly and everyone was up for the big day.

Kat had showered and was now letting the girls swarm around her.

Kim was handling her hair, and once she had it done, Trini would be helping her weave pink lilacs in Kat's hair. Tanya and Aisha were handling her makeup, and while Kim was doing Kat's hair, Trini was helping Kat with her jewelry.

"Is it normal to be nervous?" Kat asked.

"Of course it is honey," Kim replied.

"Good, because I am really nervous," Kat said.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. And I'm sure you're not as nervous as Billy is," Tanya giggled.

The boys were also up. Billy had showered and was now putting his tux on. The boys laughed as they watched him struggle with the silver cummerbund.

"I've watched you suffer long enough," Adam said, as he began hooking Billy's cummerbund.

"Am I supposed to be this nervous?" Billy asked.

"Of course son. You should have seen me the day I married your mother," Peter Cranston said, as he entered the room.

"Hey dad," Billy greeted. Peter helped Billy with his bow tie and the group of men left for the garden where the wedding would be held.

Kim had put half of Kat's hair up and clipped it with a decorative barrette. The other half spilled over her shoulders and was curled at the ends. Two strands were spiral curled and beautifully framed her face. Trini and Kim wove the pink lilacs into her hair and Tanya and Aisha finished her makeup. Aisha dabbed Kat's shoulders and collarbone area with subtle body glitter that added to her radiance. Finally, the girls helped Kat into her beautiful dress and secured the veil on her head. After that, Kat spent some time with her parents, while the girls readied themselves in their pink bridesmaid dresses.

Background music was playing as the guests began to take their seats. The garden was beautiful and lush with plants and flowers. An archway decorated with flowers provided an entrance to the main garden where the wedding would be held.

Billy stood nervously at the altar. He recognized most of the people. Most were friends from school. The ones he didn't recognize, he figured were friends of Kat's family. He eyed the new set of zeo rangers, who were all giving him thumbs up. He cracked a smile as he saw Ernie doing the same. Bulk and Skull were ushering in the family. Billy nodded at his father, his uncle, and his aunt.

Next, Zack and Tanya started down the aisle arm in arm, followed by Jason and Dulcea. Rocky and Aisha were next, followed by Tommy and Trini. Next were Adam and Kimberly, the best man and maid of honor. The wedding party took their places around Billy and the wedding march began. Everyone stood up as Katherine Hillard entered on her father's arm. Billy stared in awe as his beautiful bride approached the altar. Kat's father released her arm and she joined with Billy as they turned to the minister.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered her today to witness the joining of William David Cranston and Katherine Lynn Hillard in holy matrimony.

Never have two faced so many trials and never has a love shined so bright through it all. Today, we join them together in marriage and they begin their lives together.

The rings please," the minister said. Katherine and Billy took the rings and waited for the minister to proceed.

"You may recite the vows of your wish," the minister said.

"Katherine, I've loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you. Never did I dream that I could love someone as deeply as I love you. Nor did I ever dream that I could be loved as much as you have loved me. You make me feel so complete; so alive. I realize now that dreams do come true, because I am standing here and taking you to be my wife, my lover, and my companion for life," Billy said, as he placed the ring on her finger.

"Billy, you have been my best friend, my love, and my protector when I needed you to be. My life would be empty without you, in fact, I couldn't imagine my life without you. I never dreamed that I could love someone as deeply as I love you. And I never thought someone could love me as much as you have loved me. Dreams do come true, because I am going to be with you for the rest of my life as your wife, as your lover, as your companion for life," Kat said, as she placed the ring on his finger. Billy and Kat joined hands and turned back to the minister.

"With the power vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Billy and Kat smiled as they shared a loving kiss. The audience applauded as the wedding party exited down the aisle. The audience followed the wedding party into the garden complex that was hosting the reception. The wedding party took to the dance floor for the first dance. Adam and Tommy decided to switch girls, so they could dance with the one they loved.

Billy held Kat closely as the song began. They swayed to the music and listened to the words that described them so perfectly. They purposely became lost in each other's cerulean and emerald depths as the song played around them.

The song ended and soon the other guests joined them on the dance floor. Many took turns dancing with the bride and groom. The reception lasted until dusk and it soon became time to see the bride and groom off.

"You aren't going to tell me where we are going are you?" Kat asked.

"You'll see," Billy said with a bright smile.

Their friends and family hugged them goodbye and wished them luck.

"See you when you get back!" Tommy called.

"Behave!" Kim said with a chuckle.

"I want to hear all the details!" Tanya called.

"You aren't getting out of that one either Billy!" Adam called.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Rocky called.

"Don't do anything he would do!" Aisha called.

"Have fun!" Trini called.

"Good luck bro!" Jason called.

Billy and Kat waved and Zordon teleported them to their destination.

"Keep your eyes closed for a minute," Billy said, as they arrived at their destination.

"Oh Billy, I can't wait!" Kat said anxiously. Billy turned her to face a certain direction.

"Okay, now open your eyes," Billy said. Kat opened her eyes and was immediately greeted by the site of the Sydney Opera House. Kat gasped in surprised.

"Oh Billy! I don't know what to say!" Kat said.

"You don't have to say anything," Billy replied. Kat hugged him tightly and then let him lead her into the limo that he had waiting for them.

Once inside the limo, Kat showered him with kisses. They soon arrived at the hotel and their bags were taken to their room. Billy carried Kat into their suite and set her down on the bed. His lips claimed hers in a heated kiss. But Kat broke the kiss.

"Let me slip into something more comfortable," Kat said, as she went into the bathroom. Billy undid his bow tie and removed his shirt. Kat came out of the bathroom and caused Billy's mouth to drop open. She sauntered toward him in a short, spaghetti strap gown.

Billy pulled her close and claimed her lips again. He led her to the bed and hovered over her form. Billy slowly and tenderly nibbled at her neck, making every kiss count. Kat explored and traced her fingers along his chest. Kat dove her fingers into his hair and captured his lips in a euphoric kiss. Billy kissed down her neck and her collarbone. He removed the straps and pushed the gown down. Kat looked deep into his eyes and pressed her palm against his. Billy then caressed her breasts, earning him a pleasurable moan. They continued their caressing and kissing. Soon, all their clothes were shed. They again looked deep into each other's eyes as they became one, making love for the first time.

Later, the two lay on the bed, entwined together, their skin bathed in the afterglow.

"I never thought I could ever be so happy," Billy said, as he hugged Kat closer.

"Me either, but I am," Kat replied, as she kissed him. They drifted off to sleep in each other's arms, both being sleepy from the day's events.

The next day, Katherine took delight in showing Billy all around Sydney. It had been almost two years since she had moved away, but she still remembered all the city's highlights. But their magical honeymoon soon came to an end and they returned to Angel Grove to pick up their new life as a married couple.

They decided to teleport to the power chamber where the gang was waiting for their arrival. The new rangers were also there to greet the newlyweds. Billy and Kat arrived in the power chamber. They dropped their bags as they were bombarded by hugs from their friends.

"Excuse me Billy, but we're going to borrow your wife. Wow! That's so much fun to say!" Kim gushed. Billy chuckled.

"WELCOME BACK BILLY AND KAT," Zordon said with a smile.

"Thanks Zordon," Billy said.

"Come on, let's go grab some burgers at Ernie's. He'll be glad to see you both too," Rocky said. Billy and Kat agreed, and teleported to the youth center with the group.

"Well, if it isn't the newlyweds," Ernie greeted them.

"Hey Ernie," Kat said.

"Did you two have fun in Sydney?" Ernie asked.

"Yea, it was great. But it's good to be home too," Billy replied.

After spending a while together, the friends parted ways again. Kat and Billy went to Billy's house, where they were staying until their apartment was ready.

Soon the summer came to an end and the time for everyone to move on came.

The group of friends saw Zack and Tanya off, as they boarded their plane for New York. Next, they said their goodbyes to Adam and Trini, as the two left in a car for LA. The rest of them still remained in Angel Grove, but they were also moving on.

Rocky and Tommy helped Kim and Aisha move into the dorm that they were sharing at AGU.

Billy and Kat moved into their apartment and classes began.

Though they were all busy with their new lives, they each vowed to keep in touch with each other. They were far too close to each other to not keep in touch. Each of them knew that their could come a time when they were called back into action. If that happened, they would reunite to fight the forces of evil again. But if it didn't happen, they promised each other that they would still reunite with each other as much as they could. Friendships such as theirs never die and they would preserve them throughout their lives, no matter how busy they got or where life took each of them. That silent vow would keep the group of friends closely knit in times of peace and in times of peril.

"What do you think will happen in the future?" Kat asked her husband.

"I don't know love, but I do know that no matter what, we'll be together," Billy replied, as he took his wife in his arms and kissed her passionately under the careful watch of the stars.

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