Spider Rises (Reboot)

Chapter 1

Catnip Olive Branch

Okay. I've been wanting to take another crack at this since the original version was way too over bloated. What with having the Spider-Verse, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Clone Saga, and the Venom-Spawn all at once. So, this one will be fair bit smaller and only use things that were set up in Spectacular Spider-Man itself. With that explained... Let's kick it up!


Within the streets of the neighborhood of Forest Hills in the New York burrow of Queens, the light of the late morning sun peeked through the window of a brown haired well built young man, causing him to groan himself awake. This was Peter Parker, known to the world as the masked hero 'Spider-Man'. As he got up, Peter looked down to his suit, which had seen much better days. He then let out a sigh as picked up the suit.

"I'm running out of recourse to keep my suit together and with that weirdo Warren tightening his grip at the ESU lab, it's only a matter of time before I can't make webs anymore. When it rains, it pours." Peter said to himself as he put his barely stitched together suit on before going over to his closet and putting on a charcoal shirt, a pair of jeans, and a brown jacket before going downstairs to check the mail. Once outside he pulled out a black envelope with no return addressed to him and Peter's eyes widened when he opened it to see a lock of white hair taped to a folded to a coded message.

[ /08:34

'334 'e 2)343 5)9/3 285) '35 ?3(943 2-/ (99:

5)3 !8)5 23 '35 8/ 5)3 36

,-5 ]

"What are you up to?" Peter asked before he went back inside and put the rest of the mail on the kitchen table, not noticing that there was a letter addressed to him from the New York Patent office.

A short time later, Spider-Man arrived at the edge of Manhattan and at an abandoned train tunnel.

'Okay. This is the only place that riddle could have been talking about.' Spidey thought as he made his way in to the tunnel before he eventually came to a small picture of a cat that was taped next to a mural of a pit bull. Feeling nothing with his Spider-Sense, he was able to find a secret panel and type in 617 before the wall slid back to reveal a fairly large room. Upon walking inside, he found a large amount of scientific equipment, an assortment of chemicals, a large computer, and finally an audio recorder placed next to two folded suits, One appeared to be in the design of his current suit though with a much larger Spider on it and one black with a red Spider on. "What is this, Cat?" Spider-Man asked as he picked up the recorder.

"Hey, Spider. You're probably wondering how I figured out who you are. Well, my Dad told me about what happened with your uncle and seeing how much you you hate him, I was able to put two and two together." A female voice belonging to the professional thief, Black Cat said. "Anyway... (Sigh) Peter, I'm sorry for what I said the last time I saw you and... I am so sorry about your uncle. I know this can't even begin to make up for what happened, but I hope it starts to make things right between us. All the gear is yours and the suits are made to be way more durable, so that great ass of yours won't be completely bare in front of all of New York. Theres also enough for you to make plenty more for yourself. Also, before you go all boy scout on me on where the money for all this came from. Yes, it was technically stolen. But I stole it from Silvermane and Tombstone and gave half of it charity, so I think it evens out." She said, gaining a chuckle from Spidey. "Take care of yourself, Spider. I'll see you around." She said.

"Well, I guess if she Robinhooded half the money and took it from the mob in the first place..." Spider-Man said while looking to the regular colored suit and then down to his own tattered one. "Thanks, Felicia." He said as he smiled under his mask. Just then, an alarm went off on a small desk next to the suits before Spidey pressed a button it.

"Attention all units, we have reports that the masked criminal known as 'Ricochet' is robbing a bank in Mornigside." A voice said over a police radio.

"Looks like I need to get to work." Spidey said before he looked down to the new suit in his hands and grabbed one of several burner phones.

(At the bank)

A white haired man in a blue suit and an asian woman in a black leather jacket, purple shirt, and jeans were standing together with several police officers with them.

"Detective Watanabe, you reported that Ricochet was in there. What about Ox and Shocker?" The man in the suit asked.

"It's just Brito, Captain Stacy. No sign of Brice or Bloch." The Asian woman explained.

"Well, that's at least some bit of good news, at least." Captain Stacy said before a burgundy and grey suit crashed through the front window of the bank before Detective Watanabe opened fire on him only for each of her bullets to miss as the man sped up and bounced off a lamp post and headed strait for her when suddenly, a web line shot out from behind Ricochet and pulled him to the waiting punch from a gloved fist that had three blue fingers between a webbed thumb and pinky.

Upon recovering, Ricochet looked to see Spider-Man, who was now clad in a suit which while having the same color scheme as the old suit, had two large Spiders on the front and bach which connected at the legs, had the web pattern stop at the shoulders, red webshooters on the outside of the blue arms, mostly blue legs with the web pattern in triangles on the thighs, and red running shoe bottoms on the feet.

"Well, I'll be damned. One of the Three Stooges stepping out on his own. Where are Moe and Curly, anyway?" Spider-Man asked as Ricochet ran up and punched at him only to be easily dodged.

"I'm more than enough to take you on alone." Ricochet said as he attempted to bounce off of a wall to hit Spidey only for the hero to make a sling out of his webs before catching Ricochet in it.

"Ya see. Everyone always says that when they go off on their own and then..." Spider-Man began as he began as he through Ricochet up. "They get their teeth kicked in." He said as he pulled Ricochet down to kick him in the face, cracking his mask and knocking him out. Afterwards, two uniformed cops ran up to disconnect the power from Ricochet's suit before cuffing him.

"Thanks for the assist, Spider-Man." Captain Stacy said as he walked up to the young hero and shook his hand.

"Any time, Captain." Spider-Man said as he returned the shake. "Any idea why old Danny boy was out on his own?" He asked.

"There have been rumors that Shocker has been making moves to take the reins of the underworld. I'm Detective Yuri Watanabe, by the way." Detective Watanabe said as she held out her hand.

"Good to know ya, Yuri." Spidey said as he shook the detective's hand. "Anyway, if Montana is trying to become the new Big Man, we'll handle it." He said as he began to walk away before he stopped. "Oh. One more thing. This is a number for the burner I'm using right now." He said as he handed a card to Captain Stacy.

"Alright. I'll call you if I need anything." Captain Stacy said before Spidey nodded and jumped up to swing off.

Some time later, Peter was sitting with mask off in the hide out that Black Cat had made for him, looking at a file of the Shocker.

"It doesn't make sense. Shocker's smart, but the new Big man?" Peter asked himself before shaking his head. "No, that's way more than he would want. There's way more going on here and I have to find out what." He said to himself as he continued to stare at the picture of Shocker without his mask.


In a dimly lit high rise office Jackson 'Montana' Brice was sitting at a desk while on a phone call.

"Well, everyone seems ta be buying it, boss." Montana said over the phone.

"Excellent. You are are playing your part well, Mr Brice. Though I have to say that I'm surprised at how quickly you accepted the offer." A mysterious voice said over the phone.

"I've always prided myself on knowing the best team to join." Montana replied with a smirk. "After all, you took down the Big Man, Mr H, and Silvermane before getting away clean as freshly scrubbed shotgun." He said, listing his employers accomplishments. "The only thing you didn't pull off was takin out the bug and really, none of us has been able to pull that off." He said.

"Well. It's not as if my change in address will stop me from contribute to that particular hobby. Look outside." The voice before Montana turned around as the silhouette of of a cloaked individual was cast over him. "Mr Brice. Allow me to introduce you to Mr Macendale." He said as Montana looked in to a pair of soul piercing red eyes placed above a set of grinning white teeth.


Well, there you go guys. I hope you enjoyed this second attempt at a continuation fic to Spectacular Spider-Man. Next time, Spider-Man continues is renewed work in protecting the City as his luck begins to completely turn around. Until next time and as always... Keep on keeping on.