Sasuke Uchiha was a simple man. A simple man with a simple routine.

Work from early in the morning to well past midnight. Travel to numerous countries, if needed. Have some fucks in different countries. Maybe multiple at the same time? There didn't have to be any names exchanged. There was no confusion. One night only. He rarely had to even try. They were naturally drawn to him and his scent.

Sasuke Uchiha knew he was a handsome man. He was described as a man with a deep baritone voice, 'piercing dark eyes', and a thick strong Alpha scent. Impeccable taste and an education to impress. He loathed social interactions. His casual foreign encounters were enough for him. He had his close group of friends and didn't see the need to add more.

Sasuke Uchiha was a confident man. A man who on many occasions had been called cold-hearted and an asshole. Both from his casual encounters and his employees. He could admit that he was easily aggravated and usually in a shitty mood. A scowl stamped on his face daily. But he didn't see the need to change his 'attitude' for anyone. He was an Uchiha.

His flight was called as he perused the news on his tablet. He boarded first. He flew first class, obviously.

Out of the two seats in his row, he took the one by the aisle.

He hoped that no one sat by the window seat. He hated people trying to make small talk and he wasn't particularly looking to get laid. He'd had his fill last night/early morning. It was going to be a 6-hour flight. He put his stuff up and silence his cellphone.

A few moments later he heard movement and a person had sat in the seat by the window. He almost groaned.

Sasuke took a peek, trying to measure the probability of small talk.

A guy. Medium length blonde hair. Creamy tan skin. Short height from what he could see. He was wearing a white hoodie with black skinny jeans. Regular sneakers.

It made him wonder why or how he was in first class.

He guessed rich parents?

Sugar daddy?

Once the plane took off and the flight attendant rolled the cart to him, he ordered a stiff drink. Something to relax him during this boring flight. The flight attendant gave him a flirty smile, before turning her attention to the guy next to him.

The guy was distracted, reading a thick book, so Sasuke did the normal thing and cleared his throat. Which went dry when he turned and looked at him then the flight attendant.

He had beautiful fucking blue eyes. Thick lashes, natural. Natural full lips. Sasuke had become an expert in noting the differences between "natural" and natural. Then he smelled it. His scent. It wasn't flowery or sickly sweet. It was…calming and citrusy. He fought the urge to scent him. To lean closer.

He gave a small "no thanks" and a shy smile before he went back to his book.

Ok. No small flirty smile towards him. No slight widening of the eyes. Now that, was odd. He had been waiting for a reaction, just so he could get annoyed by it. It was expected.

He decided to test it again.

Sasuke leaned slightly towards him and asked, "What are you reading?"


Interesting, not your regular reading. But more importantly, no glance towards him or a reaction.

"Which book?"

Finally, a small glance. "Crime and Punishment."

And…back to the book.

For the first time in his entire life, Sasuke Uchiha had been brushed off.

He was always at least called good-looking or handsome by the public. Some eyelashes being fluttered and sly smiles. Sasuke turned his head back to the screen in front of him. Gears turning in his head.

He needed to get down to the root of this.

The flight attendant came back around, softly whispering in his ear if he needed further assistance. He shot a glance to the blonde by the window and back to the flight attendant. While he thought about his options, the guy turned towards them.

"Sorry to interrupt, but can I get a blanket? There isn't one here." His voice was soft but gravelly. Polite but to the point.

The flight attendant shot him an annoyed look.

Sasuke found himself saying to the blonde, "You can take mine."

"Oh, no it's okay." Denied, again.

"I don't need it." He pushed.

The guy gave him a soft smile, what the fuck is that feeling in his stomach, and a thank you.

He wished the brand-new blanket was covered in his scent. He wanted the blonde covered in his scent.

The flight attendant must have taken his action as a rejection because she huffed away.

"I think she's upset. I didn't mean to interfere." He gave Sasuke an apologetic look and he realized the blonde had the impression that there was something going on between him and the flight attendant.

He felt the need to explain the situation, quickly, something he had never felt.

"She was flirty, she shouldn't have disrespected you."

He shrugged it off, "She just wanted your attention. I won't interrupt again." Another soft smile that had his stomach clenching.

No no no. He needed to continue the conversation. Now he was the one wanting small talk.

"I'm Sasuke Uchiha, what's your name?"

"Naruto. Nice to meet you, Sasuke Uchiha." Damn his name sounded so good coming out of his mouth. His mind suddenly turned dirty. What would he look like during sex? Would he be loud? Would his name sound even better?

Something told him he would be rejected before he could even mutter any indication of what he wanted.

Naruto turned back to his book.

He decided to let it be. For now. He needed to make a mental list of questions.

Do you live here?

What do you do for work?

Do you spit or swallow?

Fuck, there goes his mind again.

The flight attendant would brush against him each time she passed but Sasuke didn't give a fuck. Her scent wasn't his. Nowhere near as incredible. He was mesmerized.

Naruto closed his book after a while and put it away. The blonde wrapped himself in the blanket and must have felt the staring because he turned and gave Sasuke another smile when their eyes met. That damn smile. Those damn eyes. That fucking scent.

"Do you live in the city?" There goes his mouth.

"I do. Do you?"

"Yeah. We have a family business."

"What do you work in?"

Here we go, time to impress him.

"Architecture firm, but I handle most of the financial things. Family owns a couple of buildings."

He nodded so… casual.

"What about you?" Okay, the moment of truth. He was probably from a rich family. There was no way someone could be so unimpressed at hearing his family name or that his family owned fucking buildings.

"I'm working on getting my doctorate in literature."

"You look - young."

"I'm 27, so not too young." A soft laugh, "But I am one of the younger students for some reason."

Fuck, 27? He looked 20. He looked good. Better than good.

"I'm 31." He gave the blonde a soft smile; his laugh was so…heartwarming.

"You should smile more Sasuke. You have a nice smile." It was such a simple compliment. He'd heard way more explicit towards him. But there was something about it that made it carry more weight than any other.

"Th- thanks." Did he just fucking stutter?

"You're welcome." Slowly his beautiful eyes closed, and he fell asleep. Facing him.

He was becoming a creep. But he couldn't help staring. This was his time to make out every detail. Maybe he could scent him?

Naruto fell asleep for most of the flight, to Sasuke's disappointment. They couldn't keep talking but he did manage to engrave his face in his mind.

When it was announced that they would be landing in half an hour, Naruto opened his sleepy blue eyes.

"Wow, I must have been more tired than I thought." He gave him a shy look and turned to look out the window. "I can never get over how beautiful the sight is."

He couldn't agree more but they weren't talking about the same thing.

Suddenly everything turned into a blur. Time slipped through his hands and before he knew it, it was time to say goodbye. They had walked out together, walked to the baggage claim, he had helped Naruto get his bag and now they were standing outside the airport. For the first time in his life, he was annoyed that the driver was there on time. Usually, he was ready to get the hell out. One foot out the door. But he didn't want to leave. He wanted to know more.

"Goodbye, Sasuke Uchiha. Thank you for keeping me company and helping me with my bag." Naruto gave him a dazzling smile, dimples and all.

He was stupefied for a second and then his brain did the only thing it could think of, he stuck out his hand for a handshake. Naruto let out a small laugh and shook his hand.

His hand was so fucking soft.

"You're very welcome. Goodbye, Naruto." His voice came out deeper than he intended. He waved goodbye and just like that, Naruto was gone.

Sasuke had never in his life been so…dumbstruck.