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A Simple Gesture

'I've never been more happy to see a bed in my entire life' Susan decided, sinking gratefully into the mattress. 'The next time John bloody Carter asks me to cover the end of his shift I'll tell him to stick his "its only two hours Susan" somewhere where the sun doesn't shine. I just hope Abby appreciated the extra attention she got' she continued, sarcasm clearly present in her voice as she shifted, reaching a hand up in an attempt to relieve the tension from the muscles in her neck.

'It was their anniversary Susan' Luka pointed out, trying not to laugh at his girlfriend's outburst against her two close friends as he gestured for her to lie on her front. She obliged, rolling over and pausing to stick her tongue out at him playfully.

'Don't I know it. Abby Lockhart and John Carter take the words lovey-dovey to a whole new level, believe me' she muttered, turning her head to one side to look at him inquisitively. 'Why am I lying on my stomach?' she queried, a smile crossing her face as she looked at him. He shook his head.

'Close your eyes. You need to relax' he said softly, leaning down to kiss her lips lightly as she closed her eyes. He began massaging her back gently, his tender yet firm touch easing her tight muscles. As he moved slowly and leisurely up her back she sighed contentedly, luxuriating in the feeling of his hands on her skin.

'Mmm you're amazing at this…did you learn or something?' she asked, fighting back the yawns that came with this level of relaxation.

'You can yawn you know' he said with a small laugh. 'And its Croatian. My mother taught me before the war' he continued, and she heard the slight hint of regret in his voice. 'She has many talents…this is one of her best though. It was passed down her family.'

'You're a pretty unique guy aren't you Luka' she commented as he reached the tensest muscles in her shoulders and neck.

'Why do you say that?' he asked, lightening his touch slightly so as not to hurt her.

'Well there's not many guys I know who have a talent such as this. Plus…' she paused, searching for the right words. '…You're just you Luka.'

'You're pretty special yourself Susan' he said softly, leaning down to place a gentle kiss on her shoulder. She smiled sleepily, wrapping her arms round his neck as he lifted her into a sitting position. Leaning forward, she kissed him tenderly, feeling him smile against her lips.

'Love you' she whispered softly, before lying back down on the bed.

'Love you too baby' he replied equally softly, pulling the covers around her before wrapping his arms round her waist and dropping a gentle kiss on her forehead. 'Go to sleep'

'Hmm…' she replied, kissing his chest lightly. 'Oh, I forgot to mention…to add to your earlier qualities…you're incredibly comfortable!'

'Only you could come out with that Susan!' he teased, turning the light out and wrapping his arms round her again.

'Only speaking the truth!'

The End