Summary: People do bad things and things get bad.

AN: So... I know I said I wouldn't do it, and I still can't actually write it or picture it fully, especially to Kurt or Blaine, but I was reading a story which had a line where it said 'three boys reenacted a hate crime' and went into a tiny bit more detail... It made me remember some of the hate crimes I heard about growing up and I thought... you know, I'm sure that still happens even today in some parts of the world/USA elsewhere. Especially children who either don't know what they're really doing, or are little psychos before getting caught (My mind turns most recently to 'Slenderman' and if you don't know what that is, please don't look it up, I dislike knowing). I can't even say it's this generation, it was just different, different malice, different contempt, different motive, different mentality, but it all boils down to- if you hurt someone badly, it's because you wanted to. There are accidents, certainly, people get carried away or black out, I know that... they still need to be punished but there are those who are fully in control and (may get carried away) but never lose control, not really, they chose to hurt someone. This is what this story is unfortunately, exploring what happens when someone chooses to do bad. There aren't "chapter titles" or songs that go along with this one, this is a straight fic exploring a what might of happened but I may do something interesting down the line with the chapter title bit, maybe.

AN2: This story moves fast through time and events and then may eventually slow down and simmer in a few events before moving fast again. We'll see.

AN3: Blaine is older than Kurt, Finn is older than Kurt. Rachel is in Kurt's grade. Finn is older than Rachel. There are other changes too.


Chapter 1

Rachel Berry was the most hated person in McKinley High School.

Or at least she was until and through the beginning of Sophomore Year.

The position she once occupied now belonged to Kurt Hummel and he had earned that prestigious honor with eyes opened to the possibility and had done it anyway. Had painted the target on his own back and had dived right into the fray. He had only underestimated what being on the very bottom would be like for his own unique situation.

Rachel had not known her own actions would have brought her so much hatred and torment. Kurt had seen what she'd gone through but only from the periphery. Once he took her place, she could have run, would have run actually and tried to secure herself a new place, one higher up and treated better. Yet she had no where to go, she may not be the most hated person anymore, but she still wasn't liked by anyone. So she figured, while she wasn't the weakest on the totem pole anymore, she didn't have the ability to get stronger without another in her corner and so she latched on to the one who took her place.

Together, there was a chance of improvement, together they might just survive, if they had each other's backs, it made it harder for someone to sneak up on them. Maybe, she thought, in time they could gain more people and if their numbers grew, they'd be more protected and the earliest ones would be the most protected because they started the mass.

Kurt let the horrors awash him as bottom wrung in this backwater town because he knew he was put there for a reason, that he had a purpose and that he was going to be the spark that lit the flame of change. He would fight and spread what he had to say to not just anyone who would listen but to those who wouldn't as well.

He needed to be heard. He would shout it on the top of his lungs or speak with a quiet voice. He would write it and he would sing it. It would get out there for everyone to see and hear and learn from. He was brave, he was kind, he was himself and he would never, ever apologize for that.

A month into the new school year, Kurt Hummel went from one of the boys, someone maybe slightly strange at times with some of his thoughts or words or actions; but at that time everyone who noted it, shrugged and said who didn't sometimes have those moments. He wore slim fit jeans, he wore polo shirts and long sleeved button up ones. He looked classy, even if he was scrawny but he was no longer short. He wasn't tall by any means, but he wasn't short any more.

His new height, people whispered as he walked down the halls, tall and confident, had probably contributed to his next actions. He became cocky and self-assured because he wasn't as easy to pick on any more; but he was all too easy and probably still the easiest or at least top 5 to out muscle, out strength. He had always been sharp and quick on his feet with answers, but he'd always kept to himself and had been quiet.

Then over the summer something seemed to have changed for him. He hadn't been there the first couple weeks of school, had only returned to see the hierarchy tormenting a new one at the bottom and something had clicked into place for him. Something had clicked out of place for everyone else.

It was only a week later but instead of the classically dressed boy who looked like he was wearing clothes too old for him, too mature for anyone that attended these halls, something very moderate in the business world, maybe under dressed at that. He went from that to all of a sudden, very quirky.

He was 16, he had a car now and he could drive and had his license. He parked in the lot and got out and walked by all those whose jaws now hung open. Gone were the slim fit jeans, already tighter than how most boys wore theirs at the school, he'd brought in pants that were tighter than what any girl in that school would dare to wear. Not jeans, pants. And a long-sleeved shirt that looked almost painted on, an open vest and yards upon yards of fabric around his neck. He went from classic to chic and something the men in magazines might wear but definitely not any normal man in Lima, Ohio.

He got noticed, and noticed hard and not in a good way.

When he pulled up in his Escalade, heads had turned and boys were opening their mouths to congratulate him for a fine beauty of a vehicle and girls were fluffing their hair, adjusting their clothes, wondering which one of them might end up in the backseat with him some day soon. Then he hopped out and he was showing off his new long length in a very blatant way and everyone's mouths hung open even further. That day, it was the style that had confused everyone, they'd never seen anyone more stylish in their lives, not even the girls who went more sexy with their outfits, not sexy stylish.

They let him pass that day, wondering if it was a phase or just something he was trying and he'd gotten comments but nobody really messed with him. He'd been a sweet boy Freshman year who had kept to himself and out of the way and nobody noticed him, not really, he'd been invisible. He hadn't been intimidating at all, nobody worried about him, they felt bad if they were picking on the little guy, he'd been more of a child than anything else last year. The following year though he shot up four inches, filled out a little and was still incredibly slight from head to toe but he may not always be that way. People started noticing him. Now they couldn't do anything but notice him.

The second day that week, it wasn't the style people were talking about, but the almost explosion of color. Not just color, but bright color that looked good on him and shook up the boring blandness of the halls around him and the people around him. They all wore a bright red and white, true, but that much red and white became only a backdrop as it was so consistent and boring.

The third day, there was a totally different outfit, almost like a jumpsuit from the shop he worked at sometimes but a different color – tan and not gray – and he had a scarf – not scarf thing, he called it an ascot that was red and he wore mid calf brown ankle boots.

It was the first day he was introduced to Rachel Berry's prime mode of punishment, a slushy to the top of the head. Kurt stood there and took it from the bigger boys- jocks- he'd never been one of those, he hadn't joined any clubs, actually or sports. Most kids didn't who knew they were just going to be stuck here in Lima following in their parents' footsteps, why get interested in something they'd never be able to do again? Never be able to afford to keep up. Kurt had seemed destined to take over his dad's shop some day, he had no interest in anything school related. He'd go home and nobody would see or hear from him, not that they even really knew he was alive, he was just there, filling another seat.

So when he came to school, dressed far better than the rest of them and then just kept improving on his choices, the others got mad, and jealous and scared. This was someone who thought they could get out of this small town and leave their destiny. No one else would and they wouldn't have it. They wanted to knock him back down into his place and keep him there. He was going to stay in this town and work for everyone else. He wasn't allowed to have a life outside of what they predicted for him. Especially the life they were just now starting to suspect he was going to try and have.

Kurt licked his lips as the slushy dripped down his face. "Cherry? Yum. Thank you, now I don't have to go out and buy myself one." He held the gaze of the guy who was the one who poured it over him. Brown eyes flared in response and Kurt's blue ones just sparkled. "Next time, I'll request grape."

He got a fist to his stomach because he'd pushed it just a bit too far. He clenched over his pained body part and he didn't cry out except for the sound he'd made when the fist connected. He looked up at the boys as they walked off, a determined look on his features. The boy who hit him, looked back and saw that Kurt was still looking his way and his own eyes narrowed in anger in response. Then they headed around the corner and out of view.

Kurt took in a deep breath and tried to straighten himself out. His muscles screamed in protest every time they pulled painfully with a movement but he forced himself to appear unaffected by what just happened. He was ok in the grand scheme of things.

He took out his phone and called his boyfriend. Blaine answered almost immediately. "What's up, gorgeous?" Blaine's voice was silky and smooth and confident and Kurt just smiled in response.

"Nothing, just missed you all of a sudden, is all."

"Things going as predicted at McKinley?" He asked with a note of concern in his voice and Kurt shrugged despite Blaine not being able to see it, he would know.

They'd met at camp this summer and had been inseparable since their first meeting. The fact that they roomed together was only a benefit and didn't annoy everyone else as well because they didn't have to sneak into each other's rooms and annoy the roommates with their antics. That was at the beginning of summer for 2 weeks. They'd made the trip back and forth between Lima and Columbus every week since. Kurt had worn what he wanted to while at camp, not afraid of what the others would think, he often did while he was at home too but he had toned it down for while he was out and about and at school. He was over it, was done with it. The toned down version was nice and all but he would prefer to wear what he truly wanted to. It hadn't gone as well with the other students as it had with himself but he hadn't cared, he was doing what he wanted from now on.

He was tired of thinking he just had to get through these next four years and then could be truly himself. Four years seemed like an awfully long time, then it was three and he was unable to do it for a moment longer. He didn't want to develop that pattern, get to the point where he then didn't feel comfortable in the clothes he loved, feeling like he should tone it down for his new place too, that he had only changed to fit into a new environment, that he'd been seduced by the big lights and changed for it, not being himself. No he wanted to be true to himself before he went and never have to hear that he was only that way to fit in. He didn't care about fitting in. He was done with that.

"Are you ok?"

"Peachy." Kurt responded with a grin and could just see Blaine on his end just rolling those hazel eyes. "McKinley doesn't know yet what's hit them."

"Be safe." Blaine didn't like what Kurt had planned. "You have another 3 years there."

The other boy had been through a lot already, had known how people would be when confronted by something they didn't understand or liked. Blaine had pushed too hard and too fast and had gotten hurt because of it. He didn't want the same thing to happen to Kurt.

"I'll be fine. I grew up with these kids." They had just never known him. He walked by the board like he always did and stopped and retreated back to look at it again and a smile bloomed over his face. "I think I just found a few clubs to join."

Blaine started cracking up when he decided he was going to join the chastity club. It was true so far but he still thought it was hilarious because Kurt had shared a few day dreams with him in the past about where he wanted their relationship to go. Blaine had to cut the call short or he'd probably embarrass his younger boyfriend at those times.

Kurt had also joined the one group that was just starting out and fledgling and was the cause for so much trouble in Rachel Berry's own life, what she had unraveled and now was trying to put back together. Her name was written in big bold letters with a star next to her name. Kurt wrote his right under hers and grinned when he did it. His was in neat sure letters but wasn't a scrawl like hers had been.

Blaine was unsure about that one as Kurt and him talked while they each headed toward their respective classes. "Are you sure you don't want to take up some kind of sport? Or something?" Blaine boxed and he looked like Marcos Maidana or someone similar underneath that seemingly innocent exterior and prep school uniform which hid the muscles underneath. The really real challenge Blaine could be had anyone known he had a body like an Adonis. The prep school uniform was definitely the great equalizer, neither one of them would all that great in that uniform, and that had been the point. No one looked great in that uniform, it conformed all of them and made every single boy who went there look far less intimidating, far less stylish and yet collected and mature and refined and polished.

Even when out of the uniform, Blaine hid his amazing body from others with straight cuts and sleeves that went down to just above his elbows, hiding the muscles, not wanting to fight if he didn't need to but knowing he could.

Kurt loved running his fingers over those muscles, exploring each and every dip of them and knowing only a few knew and he was one of them, the only one allowed such intimacies. The only one ever allowed to touch him like that.

Blaine had been the only one to ever even hold Kurt's hand, much less what Kurt and Blaine did in privacy. It was nothing that wouldn't allow him to continue with his plan to raid the celibacy club though. "Just... be careful." Blaine was all for Kurt showcasing who he was to the world, doing what he planned to, not only here in Ohio but the world over, but he still worried about Kurt's safety and mental well-being. He thought Kurt was being a little reckless. Kurt felt a little reckless and out of control but it felt good too at the same time, he wanted to be, he wanted them all to. bring. it. on.