Chapter 6

Blaine slid into bed with Kurt and ignored Finn's intake of breath, not liking seeing those two in bed together. Well tough, he mentally tossed Finn's way, ignoring him. This was totally PG compared to things that Finn likely did with Rachel and it wasn't the first time they'd slept in each other's arms. Blaine wouldn't listen to anyone telling him to sleep anywhere else. This is why he was there.

Kurt stirred when he hadn't stirred with his dad's presence. He turned his head a little to look at Blaine in confusion. "Blaine? I thought you said you weren't coming tonight." He looked over to his clock on the night stand on that side of the room and confirmed that it was still that night, that terrible, horrible night and not the next morning.

"I said that I wasn't going to push it tonight. I never agreed not to come. You should know me a lot better than that." Blaine kissed Kurt's ear after he whispered down to him reassuringly. "I'm not going to push it tonight."

Kurt had frozen with the kiss though, his body had seized up into one tight knot and Blaine frowned and tried to hug him, to reassure him. He didn't relax under Blaine's touch but Blaine refused to let him go too. He wasn't doing anything inappropriate and he wasn't planning to either.

"Are you ok?" Blaine asked after a minute when Kurt didn't even really breath. "Hey, what did I do?"

Kurt worked on breathing again, he had to reassure Blaine, this was unfair to him, he'd driven all this way to be with Kurt, despite Kurt not wanting him to bother. He found his voice. "Sorry, it's ok, you didn't do anything. It's not you. I'll be fine, stay there, I'll try to relax." He was telling Blaine so much more than he wanted to but at the same time, he had to be honest and reassure Blaine that he hadn't been the one to cause Kurt to tense up. It was just so fresh in his brain, on his body, he didn't know how to act.

Was it cheating when it was forced onto you? Was it cheating if it was forced onto you but you didn't tell your boyfriend about it? Was it cheating when you knew that something more was coming, something similar? How did you tell your boyfriend that another man's mouth had been on yours, another man had touched you in a way your boyfriend hadn't even yet? How did you tell him that when you were dating your boyfriend first and hadn't done that with anyone else ever, and someone just took it and you were helpless to fight back?

Kurt felt so incredibly guilty for his part in all of this, even though he hadn't asked for it, hadn't expected it, hadn't known it was going to happen until after it did. What would Blaine do once he knew? How could he even tell Blaine when the threat of death or worse hung over him if he told? He knew a fate worse than death was coming his way anyway and knew he needed to tell. It would be stupid not to, but there was no proof. Even though Karofsky had touched him and kissed him and jacked him off, it was just faint cells that the police wouldn't worry over, finger prints that may have been there on his clothes still, may not be after he put himself back together before Chandler arrived. It was his semen and blood, only his. If Karofsky had jacked off onto him or in him, then he'd have something, even if it was in his throat.

Karofsky had been right in a way, since he was only getting Kurt off, there was no way anyone would think it was anything but a present to the gay boy, even if he wasn't officially out to anyone but close friends and relatives. They all knew he was without him having to say so. They'd all think that Karofsky was doing him a favor. Hardly anyone knew that he had a boyfriend and they wouldn't even bat an eyelash at that info, they'd all think like Finn, that he couldn't keep it in his pants and a boyfriend just wasn't enough for him.

Nobody would believe him if he did tell, Karofsky did such a great job at getting everyone to believe that he was not only straight but hated Kurt and everything Kurt stood for. Maybe it was true in his own way too, but he was gay or at least bi and he had found pleasure in touching and kissing Kurt.

Only Blaine and his dad would believe him. He knew that much, even Finn would laugh him off and would say that he must have hit his head and imagined the whole thing. And Carole? Well what would Carole do? He had no idea. He didn't know her well enough to have a good read on her or her reactions.

Blaine tightened his arms fractionally, trying to comfort both of them but knew he couldn't tighten them too much, knowing Kurt was probably very tender if he had to call for a ride home. That had been a very telling comment and he worried about exactly what happened. "I'm not going anywhere, ever." He promised Kurt solemnly and he never meant anything he said quite as much.

Somehow they all slept that night and Kurt slept still and soundly in his arms, falling back into that dreamless sleep and Blaine was glad about that. He needed sleep to heal.

When Blaine woke up in the morning, Kurt was still asleep and he turned onto his back and saw that Finn was still in bed with his back to the two boys in Kurt's. He rolled his eyes, that taller, older boy was such an idiot. He couldn't believe he was a junior and had no idea what real life was like.

He glanced over Kurt's shoulder at the clock next to the wall on the nightstand and frowned, Kurt was going to be mad if he didn't get up now. He kissed his cheek and gently roused the boy. "Wake up, Kurt, you'll be late if you don't start your morning routine now." Kurt turned, still half asleep and laid on his back and blinked his eyes open at Blaine.

"But it's Saturday, isn't it? If you're here? Then it can wait." Blaine didn't say anything and Kurt's eyes popped open. "Blaine?" Blaine was staring down at him in shock and he reached up to check if he drooled all over himself, totally forgetting for a brief, merciful period all that went down the day before. "What is it?"

"There's a hand print on your face." Honestly, there were three, one on each side of his face and then one, very dark one, mostly finger impressions along his chin and finger marks on his throat too as if someone held onto his chin and throat for a long painful time period.

"What?" Kurt shook his head to clear it. Maybe the combination of painkillers and alcohol had clogged his brain more than he thought. Why had he taken those two together? Chandler had suggested it... Chandler, painkillers, alcohol and Kurt's eyes snapped onto Blaine's face as he remembered everything. "Is it bad? You said that I could be deformed and you'd still love me and find me attractive."

"Honey, you're still beautiful, but we need to talk about what happened-" His voice was pained, he was noticing how there was bruising on his lips too, usually he had fairly pink lips naturally but they were dark red and purple and not just his lips either, but off to the side too. Someone had either punched him repeatedly in the mouth area or had kissed him – hard and not for a short period of time either. Blaine had no air in his lungs as he recognized what that meant. "Chandler?"

"No!" Kurt denied vehemently and Blaine was relieved he didn't have to go kill a snake. He knew Kurt wouldn't defend someone that intensely if it had been him.

"Then who?" Blaine was going to kill someone, that was for sure.

"He's got friends, we can't – you can't- he'll kill me." Kurt babbled and Blaine entwined Kurt into his arms and held his floundering boyfriend against his chest, trying to soothe him. He ran his hand along Kurt's back.

"Shh, it's ok, it's ok, we'll deal with this at your pace, it's ok, but I need to know. I need to know." Blaine reiterated.

"David Karofsky – Dave." Kurt hiccuped against Blaine's chest, he didn't know when the tears started. "He – he did more than just kiss me."

"I had a feeling." Blaine was calm but resolute, he had known the second he'd seen Kurt's face that it wasn't what he'd suspected last night. He'd had nightmares last night about what had been done to him, but this was different. He knew it hadn't just been a normal beating, he'd thought maybe it had been a lot worse if he'd called for help, but he'd thought it had been purely bullying. This was definitely not that. He bent his head and kissed Kurt's forehead. "What did he do?"

"He- he -" Kurt didn't know how to say it but he knew he had to get used to saying it, that his dad would demand that he tell him too. "He -" His hand fluttered toward his crotch and Blaine held him even tighter to him and released him instantly when Kurt let out a squeak of pain. Touching was not all that he'd done in the end, Kurt had been beat up too, badly, if he was crying out in pain.

Blaine fell out of bed, trying to not cause Kurt pain and called himself all kinds of idiot for his instinctual reaction to trying to protect Kurt from harm from him, because he ended up hurting Kurt worse, hurting him emotionally and he saw Kurt turn and curl in on himself but Blaine wouldn't let him retreat, he pulled Kurt back into his arms and onto the ground with him so he could wrap his entire body around his hurting boyfriend, he was engulfed in his love and body now.

Finn turned over and threw his pillow at the two of them. "Can't you wait until you're alone?" He hissed and Blaine deftly caught it and threw it right back at the giant. It hit the target with a resounding and painful thud.

"Asshole." Blaine hissed through clenched teeth and Kurt whimpered and curled in to Blaine, not wanting to witness them fighting or hear it. "Sorry babe." He ran his hand lightly against whatever part of Kurt he had access to.

Finn was awake now and livid and turned to them and was about to tell Blaine off and yell at the two of them for being inappropriate within his presence and how Burt wouldn't like it either but his words died as he looked at his step-brother curled into his boyfriend's body. He'd never looked smaller to Finn. "What's his problem?" Finn asked and Blaine carefully turned Kurt toward him.

Kurt protested and tried to stay hidden in Blaine's arms, he didn't want Finn to see or know what happened to him, he'd never understand and would treat him so differently afterward. He needed to maintain that air of confidence and self-assurance and cool and calm demeanor, that show of strength and unflappability, he was still one of his bullies even if he never participated, he stood back and watched or walked away. He was just as bad as the other bullies, or maybe even worse, he knew it was wrong and did nothing about it. This was already more weakness than he ever wanted to show any of the boys of McKinley.

He felt more free to be himself with the Dalton boys, show that he had feelings and wasn't always strong. He couldn't do that at McKinley, he needed to be a powerhouse of change. Even Chandler and his dad got something in the middle.

Only Blaine got to see all of it.

Finn didn't deserve to get to see anything but what he showed everyone else at McKinley. He had to appear untouched, unconcerned with their scorn while asking for them to accept others, not letting them accept all of him in the process.

Kurt fought Blaine's hands turning him at first but he had no ability to stop him, he had no ability to stop anyone from moving him into the position they wanted him in, that was the problem and usually Blaine would respect that, wouldn't push him or move him against his will, but right now, he knew Finn needed to have his eyes opened to reality, he couldn't live in that fake innocent world anymore. He needed to know what he was part of, on both sides.

Finn's reaction was not what any of them expected. "What the hell happened to you? Who dared to touch you like that?" He was on his feet and his hands were clenched into fists at his sides. "Who can I go kill?"

"Uh..." Blaine and Kurt just stared at him in shock.

"What?" He asked still furious but realizing they were just looking at him like he'd gained another head. "You didn't think I would care? Is that it?"

Sheepishly, Blaine gave a small shrug and Kurt nodded, not meeting Finn's eyes. "You haven't exactly been involved in Kurt's life so far."

"But you wanted a reaction out of me, that's why you made him turn to face me, so I could see what was done to him. What did you think I was going to do?" Finn asked, not getting less pissed at all, maybe more so with their low opinion of him.

"Maybe realize that Kurt's life is not as easy as you seem to think it is. I wanted to show you that you were off base when you thought there was just something going on between the two of us but not realizing it was serious." Blaine explained, letting Kurt turn back into him and cling to his shirt and bury his head in his chest.

Finn's anger fizzled out of him and he sank down onto the ground with them. "I care, of course I do. I don't know him all that well but he's – well at the very least I thought we were friends. I thought all of us in Glee Club were friends. Even if we weren't, I wouldn't want to see anyone hurt like this anyway and maybe I wouldn't be so angry if it was someone I didn't know but I would have tried to put a stop to it if I saw any indicators that it was going down again. I would go forward against friends if I knew they were doing this, even against a stranger." He reiterated that word again and again, trying to get Kurt to realize that he hadn't thought of him as a stranger. "Then to top it off, I thought we were friends, or friendly at least, and now we're brothers and you're best friends with my girlfriend and any of those alone would have been enough to cause me to lash out in anger at whoever did those things, all of those things together makes me so mad... I want to punch the wall until I can't anymore, if I can't do it to whoever's face did it to."

Blaine tilted his head sharply to the side at that, wondering if the giant oaf wasn't as blind as he appeared and then realized it was just a lucky happenstance of word choices, he just wanted to pound the guy's face in, not that he realized that a guy's face had done a lot of the damage to Kurt's face.

Kurt calmed down and straightened his shoulders back, took a deep breath and detached himself from Blaine, even moving away from him, despite Blaine trying to grasp him and pull him back to his chest. Blaine wanted him there too, not just Kurt, he needed to have him in his embrace to know that he was ok and safe in his arms. Kurt sniffed back whatever tears had managed to escape or were on the verge of it and wiped his face with his sleeve. He turned and looked Finn in the eye. "I thank you for your concern. I'll be fine. I will." He looked at both of them and gave Blaine a pointed look who only shook his head at Kurt's response and behavior.

"You have to let him in too, you know. He needs to try to get to know you and you need to let him when he tries."

"It's too late." Kurt didn't want to hear it or listen and didn't want them saying anything about it to him either. Normally he'd be the one saying the things Blaine was, the one pushing for eternal chances, that it was never too late to change or accept or learn. Sometimes it took years to get there, sometimes entire lifetimes.

Something about Finn had Kurt acting uncharacteristically. Blaine didn't like that, and because Kurt was not himself around Finn, Blaine also didn't like Finn. Finn meanwhile had never made it a secret that he didn't like Blaine, even on day one. Hell, Kurt would probably give this bully a lot of chances, had given Sebastian a thousand too, and would continue to see that Sebastian could be good if only he wanted to be. Was good, most of the time.

"It's not." It was Finn who spoke and spoke confidently, not wanting to believe what Kurt said was true and wanted to make sure Kurt knew it too. "I'll try, I'll change, I'll be a better friend and hopefully some day we can view each other as brothers."

Despite Finn being only a few months older, he was in the grade ahead of the other two on the ground and yet he always seemed so much younger. He just didn't understand but he was willing to learn now. Kurt took a deep breath, held it in and then slowly let it back out again. "Ok, we'll try. Will you rejoin PFLAG?"

"It's only you and your boyfriend who goes to that, people will look at me weirdly." Finn tried to get out of what he'd just agreed to.

"No, Santana sometimes comes too." Kurt didn't think he was betraying any trusts with that comment. Anyone was welcome who wanted to learn. "You can come with questions and we'll try to answer them to the best of our ability. Stupid questions will be ignored though." Kurt held his gaze and Finn laughed and rubbed the back of his head, he was sure he would only be asking stupid questions.

"Ok." He agreed. "Can I bring Rachel too then?" It might seem more like a couples thing then, but no one in this room protested that.

"Sure, she's got two gay dads and could probably answer things we can't. Besides, it's open to everyone." Kurt still attended the abstinance club, or whatever it was really called even though Rachel had quit. He sat with Mercedes and stared Quinn down whenever she thought about saying anything, being pregnant had never helped her case but she was claiming re-birth in the cause.

Kurt wondered if he was still able to claim chastity or celibacy now. He shuddered, did girls think about that too? Could he claim penance then, like Quinn? Finn had stopped attending too now that he stopped dating Quinn and had slept with Santana. He couldn't claim it anymore and he wanted to get into Rachel's pants, badly.

From the gossip he heard from both Rachel and Santana separately though, he was beginning to realize that Finn was actually really decent and wasn't pushing, he just had desires and had actually told Rachel, no. He hated to admit it, but he could see Finn being a decent human being, he just wished it hadn't taken him so long to want to connect with him, his brother. He hadn't even asked him for advice during the wedding, he'd just put together a song to sing for his mom and stepped on her feet when he wanted to dance with her. He could have helped with that. He helped his dad with the dance moves, even if Mr. Schue said he 'couldn't dance'. He knew how to dance, he and Blaine had proved it, but he didn't have groove and swag down.

He did well with choreography not free-style.

"Look, I'm sorry I never protected you at school from the bullies. You always looked so untouchable, you looked untouched. I didn't know you needed the help, I thought you had a handle on it and the worst they were doing was dumping slushies on you. I never knew they got physical. They never got physical with Rachel, someone they had a reason to hate."

"They have reason to hate me." Kurt said calmly. "I'm pushing for change, I'm something they don't understand and are afraid of. They hope to change me, change me back at least, so they're not faced with it every day. And the simple fact, that they keep trying to deny or slur at me otherwise, is that I'm a boy and Rachel is a girl and they have no trouble hurting a guy." Kurt hesitated and slowly undid the buttons of his pajama top and Finn shifted uncomfortably. "You have to look Finn, if you're serious about changing, about being my friend. They never touched my face if they could help it, they wanted to continue getting away with it as long as they could. I should have gone forward sooner but unfortunately, I think I'm still right when I said that the police would do nothing about it, still won't, even after what was done yesterday."

Finn turned his eyes back to Kurt and gasped at the bruises all over his shoulders and upper arms, but Kurt wasn't done after he let the top rest on the bed. Blaine was holding himself very still, not wanting to spook Kurt. He'd known there were bruises, but he thought after teaching him how to duck and avoid hands, that they'd gotten to be lighter, less, this proved very much so the opposite. The ones on his outer arms were large and dark as if there were bruises layered upon bruises there, daily, never given a chance to heal. Those bruises weren't caused by hands.

Blaine struggled to find his voice, to ask Kurt why he hadn't told him about these, about training to learn how to avoid whatever it was that they did to him. He already knew his answer though, Kurt was stubborn and proud and thought he was equipped to handle it alone and only when he was caught out had he admitted to the bullying. Same thing this time too, only it was worse. Also, he knew how Kurt's brain worked by now, had he learned how to avoid the cause of those bruises, his bullies would have just found another way – perhaps worse way to hurt him. He was probably right.

When Kurt's undershirt came off for the first time in his presence, it should have been sexy, and turn him on, instead it wanted to make him throw up. Not because of Kurt himself, but because of that had been done to him. His back was relatively untouched but his from was peppered with fist marks, Kurt's body revealed every touch without mistake. You knew exactly what was done to him when someone touched with just the littlest bit of pressure, this was far more than a little pressure, they'd wanted it to leave marks, to hurt.

"Well those are new." Blaine reached out and ran his fingers lightly against the ones all over Kurt's chest and stomach. There was an incredibly angry, incredibly dark purple one on his side that looked like it came from a shoe. "He kicked you too?" His fingers grazed that area and Kurt let him, there was some swelling and Kurt flinched a little as Blaine touched that area and he snatched his hands back but Kurt reached out and took them and placed them back on his body. He'd touched Blaine all he wanted, he hadn't let him return the favor but he didn't want Blaine thinking it was because he hadn't wanted him to touch him, just fear that he'd have learned the truth of the bullying that hadn't stopped.

"New?" Finn struggled to get that singular word out as he saw the harm that had been administered to Kurt's slight body. Someone had been angry and had taken that anger out on him, not stopping until they lost steam.

Blaine looked up at Kurt and then down at where his pants covered another bruise on his hip, part of it was peaking out over the band and Kurt looked away, not confirming but not denying that there were more below his waist band. Probably all over his legs too. Blaine wouldn't ask to see those bruises, they were totally not there yet. Though Blaine would push it if it was a problem, not to do anything to Kurt or with him, but to get a full understanding of what happened; to be able to be called up as a witness if this were to ever go beyond this room. From what Kurt had admitted to earlier, Blaine was certain there were a few hand prints he'd kill Karofsky over, whoever he was. He would have killed him for just kissing Kurt against his will and pushing his mouth on him as the slight boy fought, all the touching that went on beyond that was just more fuel to his anger and desire to end the other boy.

The bullying had made Blaine want to hurt those who did it to him, hurt them back. This was an entirely new level that he wasn't sure how to deal with emotionally. He may not kill the boy who did it, but he wouldn't say that he wouldn't try if given the opportunity.

"We need to take you to the hospital." Finn finally said, an actually reasonable idea and Kurt shook his head no while he reached for the shirts to cover himself back up with. "Why not?"

"I've already been, I'm fine." Kurt started tugging his undershirt back on and winced as it pulled against his ribs.

Blaine got up and started helping him put his clothes back on. "We need to tell your dad." It was Finn who said it. "And we didn't get a phone call from the hospital."

"No." Kurt was resolute on this point. "He doesn't need to know anything, and the hospital I went to didn't know I was underage and so didn't call anyone."

"He's already suspecting, Kurt." Blaine smoothed his hands over the pajama top and took care of the buttons as Kurt fumbled with them. "He sees more than you give him credit for, love. We all do."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Let me get some makeup hiding these bruises on my face and no one will even know it's happened. If you hadn't been here, you wouldn't have seen them and Finn would still have been asleep well after the time I finished. He doesn't need the stress."

"You hiding things from him is causing him more stress than if he were to know. You should have seen him yesterday when you didn't respond to any of his messages. His brain went to a lot of dark places and only when he saw you safe and sound in bed did he finally relax. That stress can't be good for him." Finn spoke and Blaine sent him a death glare. "What?"

"That was not a helpful thing to say to Kurt. He's going to hide it even more now and plaster on even faker smiles and answer more calls so Burt doesn't worry, even if he were bleeding out on the floor, he'll answer and placate Burt and die without anyone finding him until too late, rather than just tell his dad the truth and get the help he needs." Kurt had already skipped off to the bathroom to deal with the bruising as Finn spoke.

"Then we need to tell Burt for him." Finn said as if he was incredibly bright.

"If you go running to Burt with every piece of information you have every time Kurt tells you, then Kurt's not going to tell you jack shit." Blaine crossed his arms over his chest. "He went to Chandler last night, so none of us had to worry about him, so none of would know. If I hadn't called him when I did and caught him in a lie, then he wouldn't have told me either. The closer you are to him, the less likely he will tell you anything because he's worried that he'll cause you stress, which of course only causes you to worry more." Blaine rubbed a hand against his forehead, having already been on this merry-go-round in his brain already a few times and it always gave him a headache. "It's ironic because he's so incredibly truthful and honest otherwise and lying about this doesn't come easy for him either, but he's trying hard, he's motivated to cover this up. I don't know how to reach him or get him to stop. The more he relies on Chandler, the less he'll rely on Chandler because the closer they'll become and the more Chandler will know and the more concerned Chandler will get. Chandler was supposed to be the last option, I thought I had more time as his first call. I thought he would have called you or Santana or anyone else before he called Chandler. Something must have changed and this was bad, worse than Kurt's even telling me for him to jump to someone he barely knows."

"He can always call me." Finn offered and Blaine shook his head sadly.

"He won't anymore, he knows you care about him too much now, and you're too close to those who he worries about the most, namely his father. He knows you'd tell Burt and he can't have that." Blaine rubbed his temple even more, wishing he knew the solution to this mess with Kurt. He loved that boy so much but sometimes he wanted to throttle him for his warped thought processes. He wasn't completely wrong though, which was the problem.

"I know, I'll try to put the bug in his ear to call Puck from now on." Finn shrugged. "Puck seems safe right now, he's a bully-friend and is close but not incredibly close and he doesn't know that Puck actually likes and respects him but does know that Puck doesn't hate him and won't hurt him."

Blaine nodded slowly, liking the idea of Puck being Kurt's confidant less than he liked the idea of Chandler in his life, but Chandler had done good by both of them. He was willing to give Puck a chance too, even though he had totally betrayed his best friend, he actually seemed like a decent guy underneath all of that bluster. "Only when he stops going to Chandler." He hoped it didn't get there but it was a plan then Blaine shook his head and waved his hand around. "Wait, no, you can't plant the bug, don't say anything at all. You'll be too obvious and he'll never call Puck."

Finn opened his mouth to argue and then shut it again. He couldn't say that he wouldn't mess it up and Kurt came out of the bathroom just then, looking like he'd never been touched. "Wow, you have magic hands."

The blush was the only indicator that he had makeup on, as it came out splotchy and only on parts of his face. "Ok, don't make you blush, got it." Blaine and Finn said together and Kurt laughed and then groaned as he clutched his side. "Or laugh." Blaine sighed, his favorite things to do were now taken out of his hands for a little while.

"I'll just have to work harder on making you laugh." Kurt came forward and took Blaine's hands in his own, squeezing them reassuringly. "It's ok, honestly, I'll be fine. It's just the first day, things will get better." He was fully dressed too and Finn wondered how he could be so quick with all those layers. Just pulling on a pair of jeans and a shirt seemed to take Finn forever in the morning.

"Want to go eat breakfast?" Blaine asked instead of saying what he wanted to say. Somethings were only for the two of them to discuss without anyone over hearing them.

"Sure!" Kurt linked hands with Blaine and started for the stairs. Finn decided he might as well get dressed too, school was starting far too soon after all these revelations and he needed to keep his eyes open for anyone who was hassling Kurt for real. He had no idea about the sexual assault side of the attack yet, he hadn't put that together yet. His brain hadn't worked that way or realized that was what some of those bruises were from on Kurt's face.

Finn had no idea how Kurt could pretend to be so chipper after everything he'd been through.

Blaine was thinking about how to teach Kurt to defend himself without fighting outright. He wouldn't accept it otherwise, he was a pacifist. He would lead sit ins and non-violent protests or rallies if he was old enough and had a big enough following and area to focus his attention on, maybe in the future when policies arose that would effect their future or rights. He would have done well with the flower-power movement of the '60s. Except he wouldn't be caught dead in those clothes or that state of unwash. Blaine laughed when he thought about Kurt's likely reaction to anyone even suggesting it.

Blaine knew he still needed to go down, take a shower and change too, but it could wait, it was fairly quick and he didn't want to leave Kurt alone quite yet, even if he'd been by himself in the bathroom, he'd been able to go in there if needed and couldn't leave past him and Finn in the main room.