The episode starts off with Ray and Henry coming down the tubes

Piper: So how'd it go?

Charlotte: Did you guys stop Jeff?

Henry: Yep.

Schwoz: He so stupid.

Ray: Tell me about it.

Henry's phone starts ringing

Henry: Just a sec. Hello?

Bianca: Henry it's me.

Henry: Bianca?

Bianca: The one and only.

Henry: I haven't seen you since you left to be on Kids in the Woods.

Bianca: Yeah. We just wrapped up production on the series so I'm coming back to Swellview. I'll see you tomorrow.

Henry: Okay see ya soon.

Bianca: Bye.

Henry: Bye.

Call ends

Jasper: I forgot all about Bianca.

Charlotte: Well we haven't seen her in awhile.

Piper: What did she say?

Henry: She said she's coming back to Swellview.

Ray: Well that's nice.

Schwoz: You two going to get back together?

Henry: I might.

Jasper: When's she coming back?

Henry: Tomorrow. Is it cool if I take tomorrow off?

Ray: Sure. Go spend time with your lady. If anything bad happens I'll beep you.

Henry: Okay. Come on Piper.

Piper: I'm coming.

Henry and Piper goes to the tube

Henry: Up the tubes!

The tubes suck them up

The camera now cuts to the Hart house where Henry is making a meal for Bianca

Piper: Why did Bianca leave again?

Henry: To be on that show Kids in the Woods.

Piper: Isn't that the same reason on why you and Chloe broke up?

Henry: Yes.

Piper: Wow.

Doorbell rings

Henry: It's open!

Bianca walks in

Bianca: Henry!

Henry: Bianca!

Henry and Bianca kiss

Bianca: I missed you so much.

Henry: Missed you too.

Piper: So how was Kids in the Woods?

Bianca: It was super fun. We wrapped up production of the series so I decided to come back to Swellview to spend some time with Henry.

Henry: Oh you.

Bianca: Oh your voice is deep. I love that.

Henry: Yeah you do. Come right in.

Bianca: Aw you made us a meal.

Henry: Yep.

Bianca: Hey remember the time we went to that steakhouse and your boss and weird friend tried to imitate us?

Henry: Yeah. Ray really wanted to go.

Bianca: Did he enjoy it?

Henry: Eh he didn't care for it so we went to another place.

Piper: Are you two going to get back together or what?

Bianca: Do you want to get back together?

Henry: Well I... Yes. I missed you so much.

Bianca: Then let's make it official.

Henry and Bianca take out their phones and updates their status saying their back together

Bianca: So how's your job going?

Henry's watch beeps

Henry: Uh sorry. Have to run.

Henry runs out the door

Bianca: Henry wait!

Bianca follows him

Piper: I don't want to miss this.

Piper walks out and locks the door

Henry runs to Junk N' Stuff and goes down the elevator

Henry: What's the emergency?

Charlotte: Jeff broke out of prison.

Henry: Again.


Bianca: Henry I know you're here. Where is he?

Piper, not wanting Bianca to find out, tries to lie

Piper: How would I know?

Bianca walks to the elevator and opens it

Piper: What are you doing?

Bianca: Checking to see if Henry is in here.

Piper goes in trying to stop Bianca from going to the Man Cave

Piper: Why would he be in here. He's clearly not here.

Bianca: I know he's here.

Bianca pushes the down button and the elevator drops which causes Bianca to scream

Ray: You ready to go kick Jeff's butt?

Henry: You know it.

Henry and Ray take out their gumballs and starts chewing on it

Jasper: Hey does anybody here someone screaming?

Right as Henry and Ray start to blow a bubble, the elevator door opens showing Bianca who is shocked that she is in the Man Cave

Henry and Ray are shocked to see her as well

Bianca: Henry?

The bubbles pop and Ray and Henry transform into Captain Man and Kid Danger right in front of Bianca

Everyone is shocked that Bianca has found out Henry and Ray are Captain Man and Kid Danger

Bianca: Oh my god! My boyfriend is Kid Danger!

Kid Danger: No I'm not. I mean no he's not. Who's your boyfriend. He sounds great.

Piper: Give it up Hen.

Bianca: Piper you know?

Piper: I found out 6 months ago.

Bianca sees Charlotte and Piper

Bianca: Charlotte? Jasper?

Charlotte: Uh hi.

Jasper: Hey.

Schwoz: Hello.

Bianca: Hey you were that boy that dressed up as me that one time.

Schwoz: Proof it.

Captain Man: I'll be right back.

Kid Danger: No! I know what you're going to do Ray. You're going to wipe Bianca's memory so she has no memory of anything.

Bianca: What?

Captain Man: What if she tells people.

Bianca: I won't tell anyone. I swear.

Captain Man: Promise?

Bianca: Yes.

Kid Danger: Okay.

Charlotte: In case you forgot, Jeff is on the loose.

Captain Man: Oh yeah. Come on kid.

Bianca: What do I do?

Kid Danger: Piper give her a tour of the Man Cave.

Piper: Kay Kay.

The tubes come down on Captain Man and Kid Danger

Captain Man: Call it kid.

Kid Danger: Up the tube!

The tubes suck them up as the cheer applause plays

Bianca: Piper didn't you have a crush on Kid Danger?

Piper: Don't remind me.

Jeff is seen trying to break into a truck just like he did in Jasper Danger

Captain Man: Hold it right there Jeff!

Jeff: Aw man.

Captain Man: That's aw Captain Man!

Kid Danger: Now freeze.

Jeff: Or what?

Kid Danger uses his lasers to zap Jeff unconscious

Kid Danger: I told you to freeze.

Two cops comes to arrest Jeff

Officer Lacy: Jeff will you ever learn?

Officer Walnut: Thanks for the help Captain Man and Kid Danger.

Kid Danger: No problem.

Back in the Man Cave, Captain Man and Kid Danger come down the tubes

Schwoz: How'd it go?

Jasper: Did you stop Jeff?

Kid Danger: Yep.

Charlotte: What did he try to do this time?

Captain Man: Break into a truck.

Jasper: Again.

Schwoz: Jeff is so stupid.

Bianca: I can't believe my boyfriend is a superhero.

Charlotte: Technically a sidekick.

Piper: Same thing Charlotte.

Bianca: Yeah Charlotte.

Kid Danger: So you're okay with all of this?

Bianca: As long as your boss is okay.

Captain Man: As long as you don't tell anyone.

Bianca: I promise. I would never tell anyone about your identities. Even if someone kidnaps me and forces me to tell everything I know.

Kid Danger: Good.

Henry and Bianca kiss

Bianca: Now I know who I kissed in that elevator. It was you.

Kid Danger: That's why I was upset. I thought you cheated on me.

Bianca: I now understand why.

Jasper: Welcome to the team Bianca.

Bianca: Thanks. So when did you two found out?

Charlotte: About 6 years ago.

Jasper: I found out about 4 years ago.

Schwoz: It's hard to keep a secret from your best friends.

Captain Man: No kidding.

Bianca: Well I'm just glad I'm part of the team.

Kid Danger: Yeah you are. You now how I feel?

Bianca: How do you feel?

Kid Danger: Good.

The End

A/N: Let me know what you think of this story. I really wished Bianca returned in the series but I guess it'll never happen since the show is over and she hasn't been mentioned since Danger & Thunder. I would have loved to see her reaction to Henry being Kid Danger.