(If you read Origins: Scripted, then there will be no need to read this.)

A/N: Hey! So, this story is going to be a little different than a lot that you're going to see on this site. In short, it's actually in script formatting. I do write what one may call "normally," but when I first read Twilight (and Life and Death, which this is based on), I always imagined re-doing the movies as a TV show. My dad was a theater major in college, so I knew quite a bit about scripts, and I decided to go for it.

Okay, last thing, I promise. ESTABLISHING means that it's an exterior shot of a town or building intended to show where the following scene generally takes place. EXT stands for EXTERIOR, or outside, and INT stands for INTERIOR, or inside. V.O. stands for VOICEOVER; CONT'D means that a character's line is CONTINUED, and O.S. stands for OFF SCREEN. ALL CAPS either means that a character is showing up in the episode for the first time, or there is a noise that will need to be added.