A/N: This is a side-story/prequel to "Heroes Are Over-Rated".

{So, you may be wondering just how this whole thing came about. Ours is a pretty unusual relationship, after all.}

{Hush Moony, just because he's a baby doesn't mean he can't understand; my little puppy is a genius!}

{No, I don't see anything wrong with calling my child a puppy, why would I? Pffft! I'm not going to give him a complex, Moony; now shut your furry arse up and let me tell the story!}

{Anyway, pup, sit still and let your Papá tell you a-a-a-a-all about it!}

{It all started on an ordinary enough day.

Sirius Black was in the library, studying...}

{Yes, I do study sometimes; shut up, Moony! No, I don't just mean for pranking– oh, come on! Moooo-neeeeey! Just let me tell the story, alright?}


{Right; as we were discussing, this absolute paragon of manliness and virtue and good-study-habits(!) was attending to his education as he always did-}

[Always? Really, Sirius?]

{Oh come on, Lils; not you too! What is this; "Everybody pick on Sirius" time?!}

[Oh hush, you big baby. You love it.]

{...That's not the point. I'm trying to tell our pup a story!}

[Okay, fine. But you probably won't tell it right if I leave you to do it on your own, so I'll help.]


[Don't sulk, Love. You know you tend to get carried away a bit.]

{Alright, alright.}

{So, Sirius Black was studying in the library; when suddenly, an actual goddess-}


{Ah! You're laughing! You can't complain when I made you laugh!}

[Sirius, be serious.]

{I always am!}

{...You did that on purpose, didn't you?}

[...Ask me no questions...]

{...I knew I fell in love with you for a reason, Lily Evans-Potter-Black!}

It started one day in Hogwarts, when Lily Evans joined Sirius Black at a table in the library.

Now, at this point, Lily had been dating Sirius' best friend; James Potter, for a few months.

So having her come and join Sirius was... not unusual; but usually James was with either her or Sirius when she did. So it was a bit different for her to seek him out alone.

They studied quietly for a little while before Lily broke the silence with an abrupt, unexpected statement.

"We should go on a date."

Sirius stared.


She raised an unimpressed eyebrow at him.

"I said," she repeated slowly. "That we should. Go. On. A. Date."

"We?" Sirius asked, utterly bewildered. "As in, you and me?"

She nodded.

Anger flared inside Sirius; outrage burning white-hot.

Lily had seemed frustrated with James for a while now, even though he had no idea why she was upset. But the thought that she would cheat on him just to get back at him for something... Sirius was incredibly disappointed in her. Apparently, he'd been a fool to think she could ever be good enough for his best friend.

"In case you've forgotten, Evans," he sneered. "You happen to be my best mate's girlfriend. So, no. I do not want to go on a date with you; and you'd better have a good explanation for asking if you don't want me to tell James about this!"

Lily crossed her arms and scowled at him.

"I know about you and James," she told him, a little angry herself. "I've seen the way you two look at each other when you think no one else is watching! And I am not going to be reduced to a walking womb in your epic love story; so if this is going to work out, it needs to involve all three of us!"

Sirius was stunned into silence.

Then the shame crept in, and he dropped his gaze to the table.

"You're wrong," he said quietly. "That's not- We aren't-"

He huffed, frustrated. "James doesn't feel that way about me."

A bitter smile twisted his lips.

"I can guarantee you that he's never thought of me that way. Even if he ever did, he'd never act on it; just brush the idea aside and forget about it. He's the last Potter, after all; the only one who can continue his bloodline – and he actually likes his family. So," he said, looking back up at her. "I'll just keep on keeping my feelings to myself, and be grateful for his friendship."

Lily's lips parted in surprise as he spoke.

He shrugged. "I get it, you know? The Potters are awesome. I've always known I didn't have a chance, so I've never bothered to hope for anything more than being his best friend. Even if I can't help looking, sometimes."

He flushed. "Sorry I gave you the wrong idea."

Lily shook her head.

"You're telling the truth," she marvelled. "You both really have no idea, do you?"

A frown creased his forehead.

"What do you mean?"

She sighed, leaning forward to put her elbows on the table.

"Whether he's consciously acknowledged it or not, James feels the same way about you. It's written all over his face in the way he looks at you; it was actually one of the reasons I had such a hard time believing he actually liked me."

He opened his mouth to object, but Lily held up a hand to stop him.

"I know," she added hastily. "He really does love me; that's why I'm dating him, even though I thought he was dating you as well."

She shrugged. "The whole point of my coming here to talk to you was to say that I wanted us to date as well; because if there are going to be three people in this relationship, I'd prefer for all of us to be equally involved and equally in love with each other."

"What are you-"

"Triad marriages are a thing, right?"

Sirius stared again, his heart pounding thunderously in his chest.

"I mean, three people who all love one another can get bonded... it's an old pureblood custom I read about a couple of years ago. There are even ways to ensure that any children born from those unions will belong to all three partners equally... I'm surprised you don't know of it."

"I know about it," he said, his voice coming out hoarse. "I just didn't think you did. Or that you'd ever be willing to do it if you did. It's considered Dark Magic, after all."

She wrinkled her nose.

"Yeah, that part didn't really make sense to me. But," she waved away the explanation he started to offer. "You can get into all the technical aspects of the classification later - I'll definitely want to grill you for more information in a bit - but for now let's just focus on this conversation."

"So," she redirected. "You didn't think I'd be interested in being part of a triad. That doesn't explain why you wouldn't just try to get James to consider someone else who would, or start dating him and let him come to that conclusion himself."

He offered her a wry grin.

"James was smitten with you since first year, so your opinion was the one that was going to matter. Which is why I never bothered trying."

Lily laughed.

"Well, since I thought you and James were already together, I never would have agreed to date him if I didn't." Her eyes softened as she watched him. "I assumed that this was what I was getting into from the beginning, and I was starting to get frustrated that the two of you were taking so long to tell me."


Suddenly, the bad mood Lily had been in recently made a lot more sense.

She grinned at him. "So, I guess you'll be coming along on all of our dates from now on, alright?"

A bark of laughter escaped him; disbelieving yet joyous. He'd never felt hope like this before, and it was a little overwhelming.

"We still need to spend time together, one on one, Sirius," she added. "A Triad Bonding only works if all three partners are equally committed to each of their bond-mates. You and I both love James, and he loves both of us; so we need to start working on the relationship between the two of us as well."

"Yeah, I- yeah." It still didn't feel real to Sirius. "I sort of forgot that part."

She snorted. "I guess I should have known that I was going to have to be the smart one in this relationship."

Sirius gasped.

"Evans! You wound me!" He flailed dramatically.

She laughed again, clear and bright and happy.

It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

[It really was.]

{Yeah I remember; you were very impressed that I was being so noble about my feelings!}

[…I regret telling you about that.]

{No, you don't.}

[I do. You get unbearably smug over it!]

{Uh-uh, no you don't.}

[No, I do. I really, really do.]

{No you do-}


[{Shut up, Moony!}]

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