Chapter 3

Tsuna's POV

"Hello, I am Tsuna!" Tsuna exclaimed happily. He felt so good that he just had to jump up and down to release some of the excess energy.

Two big black eyes stared at him. The face was expressionless. A red glowing hand was frozen inches in front of Tsuna's nose.

"I really like your Red!" Tsuna continued, with a serious expression. He tried very hard to make the colour sound not only important, but Important.

The glowing hand was slowly withdrawn.

"This is Kitty!" Tsuna said, as no reaction came. He proudly presented the stuffed bunny to the stranger in front of him. "What is your name?"

The glowing stopped and the hand of the baby disappeared behind his sleeves. A serene smile was on the others lips and his posture became tenser. Before it had been unnaturally relaxed. Like a predator ready to jump. Tsuna liked predators. Lions were so cool! "Rawr," He mumbled and moved the paw of the bunny like it was a claw. He giggled.

"Hello," the owner of the Red said. "My name is Fon." Then he bowed, "It is nice to meet you Tsuna and…" The grin on Fon's lips turned into an outright smile, "...Kitty."

Tsuna bowed back and then began to bounce again. Fon's eyes flicked from the toddler's face to below Tsuna's feet and back up again. Tsuna frowned and minutely stood still. The baby looked serious. Tsuna could be serious too. He tried to look twice as serious as before.

"Maybe…" Fon made funny coughing noises. Maybe he was sick? Tsuna's seriousness reached a new level. " should continue bouncing a few steps to the right?"

Tsuna frowned in confusion. "Why?" Just now Tsuna realised that the baby in front of him was able to quickly communicate with him. That was sooo cool! Feri was great, but he did take some time to understand his name. Tsuna nodded to himself. Fon was officially cooler than Feri. For a brief moment he allowed himself to smile.

"-and that is not nice." Tsuna managed to catch the last few words of Fon's answer. His frown returned. "Jumping is not nice?"

Fon took in a deep breath in preparation of yet another explanation. How-

"Child, why are you jumping around on my grandson?" An amused sounding voice came from the other end of the corridor.

Tsuna looked down and blinked. "Feri! Why are you sleeping there?!"

Daniela's POV

Listening in on Fon's conversation with the child and looking around the corner using a mirror, Daniela relaxed a bit. Not completely as she had seen assassins that age before, but to the most part. Assassins that age were still at the beginning of their training and they tended to be honest. Too honest to be truly capable of doing hits. They gave too many signs of their intentions. Fon's conversation with the child so far showed none of them. Being found out during a hit at that age terrified children or made them feel terribly guilty. So there would have been a slight wobble in his voice at the least or fear. A toddler, as long as he was not one of the Arcobaleno, had not had many hits before if any. Too young for "job experience". Therefore it was unlikely that the child had come here for a hit.

Though it was strange that the child had not shown any fear at all so far. Not even when one of Fon's deadly attacks had been only inches from the boy's face. In fact the child had said that he liked Fon's "Red". Interesting.

When Fon attempted to discourage the child's mistreatment of her grandson, Daniela raised a brow and decided to intervene. She could only see so much from her perspective and lurking behind a corner was obviously unnecessary. Any threat the child may pose, she could deal with. Preferable with her youngest grandson safely tucked in his bed first.

After rounding the corner, her brows shot up. Below the bouncing child was not only her youngest grandson but also one of the maids. A quick glance was enough for her to ensure that Federico was safe and well. As well as one could be beneath an enthusiastic toddler anyway, Daniela smiled amused.

"Child, why are you bouncing on my grandson?" When she spoke, Fon turned around and nodded in acknowledgment. He had known she was there, of course. He was one of the top members of the Triads for a reason.

The child's mouth formed an "O". Then he looked down. "Feri! Why are you sleeping there?!"

Daniela couldn't help but chuckle.

"My name is Daniela di Vongola, what is your name?"

The boy's face brightened again. "Hallo, Dani-Dani-..." The boy trailed off and frowned. Then he shrugged and said: "Hello, Ms. Dani! My name is Tsuna" His whole body screamed that he was proud of himself for remembering to be polite.

Daniela smiled kindly. She liked children. Especially those shining so brightly.

Then she looked into his eyes and froze. His eyes were glowing orange. The sign of a powerful active Sky. But he was only a child-

Her brows knitted together. The wave of Sky Flames must have come from the child. It was where her Flames had directed her and where they still told her to be. Also the eyes-...but how…?

"Tsuna, do you know your last name?"

The boy tilted his head. Then his whole face lit up in happiness. He nodded so hard, she feared he would topple over on top of her poor grandson. "Mm-hmm!"

Daniela smiled again. Her body fully relaxed now. Her intuition told her that he was no threat. In fact her intuition indicated him being here was something good. "My last name is Sawada."

Daniela's smile froze. Just to make sure she asked. "How old are you, little Tsuna?"

"I am four!" The boy proclaimed, proudly holding up four fingers.

Daniela's face went blank for a moment. The external advisor of the Vongola had brought his four year old son to the Alliance Day. His four year old son, who had apparently somehow already activated his Sky Flames. Strong Sky Flames. Her smile came back. She made especially sure that it looked natural. As previous leader of one of the strongest famiglias in the world that meant only very few would know it was fake.

Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Fon glancing at her. This would have consequences. Her eyes met Fon's. His Flames brushed hers. Then he inclined his head and took a step towards Tsuna. Good.

Fon's POV

Fon took a step towards the child and smiled. He usually did. Only rarely he truly meant it.

"Should I help you down?" He asked and indicated the body pile Tsuna was standing on top of.

Tsuna was still staring at the youngest Vongola. At his words he looked up. "Oh!" He jumped down. Fon's hands twitched behind his sleeves before he took one of the hands of the child.

Daniela moved to her grandchild and carefully checked him over. "He is alright." Tsuna said. His tone was strangely serious and his eyes were orange. Then he looked down at the still unmoving Vongola. Tsuna hugged Kitty tightly to his chest. His other hand was gently squeezing Fons. "He is only sleeping."

Fon gently led Tsuna away, but he stopped a few paces away as he heard Danielas voice, "Flame exhaustion? But how…?" He continued walking.

Tsuna yawned. "Am tired too..."

Fon blinked and looked down. The previously so energetic child was now stumbling alongside him. Kitty hanging from his hand limply.

Making a decision, Fon picked the child up and let him drop his head on his shoulder. Kitty safely tucked between them.

Rounding the corner he swiftly nodded in acknowledgment towards the baby passing him. His black orbs made it clear that he would follow him once he checked up on the young Vongola.

He smiled fondly. Reborn made a point of showing how irritating he found Daniela and yet he appeared every time she invited him. He was also the first not-family member to react, Flames ablaze, when she was in need. He truly was sweet sometimes.

Federico's POV

His head hurt. He was cold and it felt like he was being squashed by an elephant. He mentally groaned. Everything felt so heavy. His limbs felt as if they were filled with lead. Everything felt surreal and distant.

Somewhere far away he heard voices. He was startled. He fought against the tiredness. He could be in danger, he could-

He knew that voice. It was so very familiar.

It reminded him of loving hugs and bedtime stories. It reminded him of an old wrinkled face and smiling eyes. A voice that scolded him when he did wrong and comforted him when he was scared. The voice was safe.

Warmth swept through his body and he relaxed. It was alright to sleep. Everything was good. He smiled and cuddled closer to the familiar Warmth of his Nonna. The familiar scent of gunpowder and roses lulled him to sleep.