So you might of seen that I like the Cthulhu mythos. And with Bill as he is, it felt like it fit a little bit. (To me.)

Also some of the things mentioned might be inconsequential to the story at anytime. That might be a bad thing or a good thing.

Anyway onto the story. Enjoy!


I stared at the pile of twitching bodies in front of me.

"Well. One of them is brain dead at least." I said staring at Ug mugs foaming face. "Eh those guys were a'holes anyway, screw those guys!"

With that said I finally walked of the alley I was in. Only took three chapters. My walk stuttered at that


I am almost completely omniscient. How have I not known that yet. I have bills abilities.

"That's going to take a while to get used too. And now I'm talking to myself." A sigh escaped my lips. "Great."

"Wait... What's my name?"

Nothing happened.

"Why do I not know my name?"

Nothing happened.

"Why do I not know anything about my own name. And why is my ability not working!" The panic attack was coming for real now, no off hand thoughts of "not the first time." To distract me.

And again nothing happened.

"Well does anyone or anything know what my name is?"


I tripped and fell on the ground. My little top hat fell off my head as my knees scraped the ground.

"What was that!?!"

Nothing again.

"That's all? Nothing! Only some loud mysterious voice saying no!" Tears prickled my eyes as I exclaimed the sentence.

"Huh... uh." Oh no. I was about to cry. The first thing I will do after leaving an alley, after beating a bunch of grown men was cry.

This is embarrassing.

"No don't cry it won't make anything better, you just have to soldier in on." While it wasn't the best I stopped making the beginnings of a full on cry fest.

In a world I know nothing about.

Oh no

"Wahhhh." Why'd I have to say that

I curled myself in on myself as my abilities lashed out across the empty night street. Lamp posts bent and melted. Cars nearby froze and shattered, one just up and turned into snow. The walls nearest to me just disintegrated, torn molecule from molecule. And the ground just started flowing in a way like water would flow. The effect continually grew across the street and buildings. But it did so slowly.

Distantly I heard the gasp of a person over my own panic and the destruction of the street. I only saw the person retreat from the area their hand held to their head.

The super powered panic attack did not stop or cool down. The gates were opened and the downpour just did not stop. Not knowing my name was just the tip of the ice berg. Family I instinctively knew I would never see again, friends I had were forever gone from my reach, and a future taken from me. Now I'm alone in a world I know nothing about.

My powers activated again.

POV: Ethan

It was a normal day for Ethan, or as some would say Assault. He woke up next to his beautiful wife, had breakfast and went to work. Put on his costume and went patrolling.

Yeah everything was good.

He was just patrolling the downtown part of the city when he got a call.

"Assault, there is a cape incident in downtown Westeria street. Something about a shaker effect tearing down the street, you are the closest to the place. But we also have kid win and Vista coming... over." Was that a growl?

"Yes you said it! Anyway I'll go check it out. This is Assault over."

That was highly uncharacteristic of Shadow Stalker. He usually has to pester non stop for at least two hours for her to say over.

"Huh. If we have a shaker vs shaker it could be over pretty quickly. Vistas pretty good." He smiled as he thought of Vista. The little tot has gone a long way in the hero profession.

Activating his ability Assault sped over to the designated area.

He sped through the roofs. Jumping over them with an expertise that spoke of a healthy respect for them.

One must respect the roof. Or pay the toll and fall victim to its dangers. Heh fall.

Stopping at a roof close to Westeria street he saw carnage. Buildings twisted weird ways, the cars floated in the air and warped in many different ways, not that it was just the cars. Bright flashes of colour cameat odd intervals. And lastly people running from the carnage, screaming and crying.

They must have been woken up by this.

Ethan. No Assault frowned at the horrible scene it looked like a scene you'd see in an endbringer fight.

The screaming grew louder as a pink orb swiftly went through a group of people and left as soon as it came.

Ethan was already running towards them as soon as he saw the orb. Quickly making his way to the downed civilians, he stopped at the downed people and tried picking up a man.

Key being word "tried."

As soon as he touched the man. He started screaming as if burned, scratching, punching and kicking his way out of Ethans grip.Screaming madly as if in horrible pain.

"Get away! Get away!"

The mans screams were horrible. Then of course his screaming woke the other civilians and they started screaming madly too, eyes wide and mad as if they were experiencing something horrible.

Never mind. Not just an endbringer attack but a Smourgattack.

"Console we will need much more than just the three of us." Kid wins voice rung out from beside him. Ethan jumped up in fright.

"Where did you guys come from!" His yell was just met with blank stares.

"Vista used her power to get you here."

Looking down Ethannoted he was on a roof outside the effect of the unknown shaker.


"Assault." Vistas raspy voice alerted him from his examining of thedistant chaos.

Wait raspy.

Quickly jumping up Ethan got away from the edge of the roof and walked towardsvista. She was holding her head looking like she was having a hangover

"Hey you alright. You don't sound alright. He was obviously worried for the girl, she was sweet after all.

"No I'm fine. It's just the other shakers abilities are so weird, and hurt to look at." She shook her head a bit as if to dispel some sort of funk. Which to be fair she was in one now.

"It's just the shakers abilitiesare really powerful and they." She thought it over for a moment before looking up almost fearfully, eyes wide as she stared at Ethans visor covered eyes. "Theshakersarea of effect grow!"

"Oh." That's not good.

He has to alert console.

"Console please alert their director. This is more serious than a mere cape fight." There that should alert them to the seriousness of the situation.

"Explain." Oh Miss Militia.


Haha! Cliffhanger. Bet you were just getting into it Huh?

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