How did Puck get into this mess? As a member of the small anti- Trinity team, Latte, Molly "Puck" Mallard was in quite a mess. She looked at the skimpy red outfit in disgust before looking at her companion.

"Let me go, you sickos!" exclaimed Puck as her pigtails bounced off of her shoulders. A man named Stephen Jones, a cold man who desired nothing more than to wring Mondo's neck, ran Latte. The grudge against Mondo seemed personal, but Puck was too afraid to bring it up. It was his idea for Puck to go to Trinity Base as an addition to the Trinity warden's collection. Puck hated the idea, especially when Yaruto entered Jones' small coffee shop. He was, to say the least, an animal. Puck had never seen a man eat so many scones in her life! But, Puck grudgingly played along, and flirted with the hairy beast. A few weeks later, Puck got a notice that she was to go to Trinity Base. She struggled and yelled when Jones brought her to the ship, of course, but both of them knew that it was an act. for Jones' part anyway. As Puck's boss pushed her into the ship, he let a quiet message slip into her ear:

"Don't worry about Yaruto, you know who I want dead."

"Wait! Hey!" cried out Puck as the steel doors slammed shut. Sighing, Puck turned to glare at the pilots.

"Don't touch me." hissed Puck as her mahogany eyes narrowed. The pilots didn't reply, and chose to remain silent for most of the trip. That is, until they got a message which gave permission to land.

After they took Puck out of the ship at gunpoint, the pilots took her to a small steel room. Puck was nervous; she had never been on a mission like this. Latte was a rag-tag group, and they had never struck something this big before.

"What do you mean Yaruto was relieved of duty?!" exclaimed one of the pilots.

"Yes, it happened a few weeks ago," said one of the Trinity guards, "I'm surprised you didn't hear about it."

"Then, what should we do with her?" asked the co-pilot as he pointed to Puck, while the pilot started to hyperventilate from confusion.

"I dunno, you should prolly ask the new warden or something," shrugged the guard, "And get her in some decent clothes, Mondo isn't interested in a harem." The pilots nodded before leading Puck to a small room, Puck glaring at them the whole way. They threw her a large baggy Trinity suit before exiting quickly. Puck fingered the small pistol that she hid under the harem gown before hastily throwing on the suit. When she walked out of the Trinity office, a few security guards nodded to her and said, "Follow us." Puck nodded before walking after them, the baggy suit scuffling over the ground.

"Where are you taking me?" asked Puck, her temper-ridden eyes blinking.

"Just to see the new security warden," replied one of the guards, "He'll get you back to wherever you came from."

'Drat it! How can I get to Mondo.?' thought Puck as her face paled.

"You okay? You look kind of sick," asked the other guard, one who seemed far kinder.

"Yeah. I am feeling rather nauseous!" stammered Puck, instantly putting on an exaggerated sick-face that resembled one that a schoolboy would get when trying to stay home on a Monday.

"We don't have time for this." protested the first guard.

"Do you want to clean up the mess if I get sick?" returned Puck. A large sweatdrop formed over the first guard as he quickly shook his head, "The bathroom is the first right in the next hallway." Puck nodded her thanks before walking to the other hallway. When she entered the bathroom, her eyes instantly darted up to the ceiling.

"Bingo!" she whispered as her eyes locked on a ceiling grate that obviously led to an air vent of some kind. Puck hesitantly walked into a stall and stepped onto the toilet seat before reaching up and grabbing the grate. It came loose easily, and Puck set it beside the toilet. She grabbed the sides of the vent opening and pulled herself up. It was a tight fit, but Puck managed to squeeze her small body inside. She started to crawl forward as quietly as she could and looked with hesitation at the various grates that she crawled across. She stopped when she came to a grate that dropped to a large office. Grinning, Puck quickly drew her gun and pushed the grate down. She started to lower herself feet first, the Cheshire Cat- like grin still spreading across her face. It quickly diminished, though, when she felt someone's breath on her dangling ankles.

'Damnit,' she thought, 'I shouldn't have been so hasty. oh well, at least I have my gun.' Puck dropped one of her arms to grip the small pistol but a firm hand calmly took it from her like she was handing it to him.

"Need some help?" asked a rich voice, which had an edge of humor to it. Puck cursed to herself again before flailing her leg at him, trying to knock him down. The man wrapped one of his hands around her ankle and let the other one hold her upper thigh. Puck's face flushed before she exclaimed, "Hey you pervert! What do you think you're doing?!"

"Let go," replied the man.

"Why should I?" growled the enraged coffee waitress.

"Do you want to hang there all afternoon?" Puck was silent at this remark before she muttered her 'okay' and let go of the opening. Her knees collapsed and Puck crumpled into her captor's arms. He was wearing an outrageous tan jacket with many scarves and pants to match. His hairstyle was similar to a mushroom cut and was a dark brown save the multiple spikes of blue hair that covered his head. Small sunglasses covered his blue eyes, which held a sparkle of knowledge.

"You're Mondo, aren't you?" asked Puck, frozen in fear.

"That's right," replied the well-dressed man known as Mondo, "Do you realize that you're the second woman this month to come after me with a gun?"

"Only the second?" Puck's eyes narrowed, "After what Trinity did to Wakatu?" Mondo's eyes narrowed as he sat the anti-Trinity activist down.

"That was back when Yaruto was in power."

"So? You think that makes everything all right?!" Mondo laughed a bit before saying, "My, what an idealist. Do you have any idea what you are accusing me of?" Mondo pointed to a security camera embedded in the wall opposite of where they were standing, "I'm sure that the security will find this very interesting."

"I don't give a damn about that!" snapped Puck, "I belong to Latte! I'm one of their best members and I'm ready to kick your sorry ass anytime!"

"Latte? I've never heard of them," Mondo shook his head, "They must be very new. or else our security would've gotten information on them." Mondo nonchalantly walked over to the security camera and pressed a few buttons, causing it to switch off.

"Are you really that arrogant?" laughed Puck, "What would a man who sits behind a desk all day know about fighting?"

"You don't want to make me have to show you," smiled Mondo as he stretched, a camouflage rune appearing on his forearm as his sleeve rolled up.

"Just what. is that for? Hey! Are you just going to stand there! Attack me, if you're no coward, Trinity scum!"

"If that's what you want."

Puck sat outside in the streets of Manhattan, blood streaming down her body. Jones walked up in front of her and knelt down.

"Did Yaruto do this to you?" at this question, Puck shook her head.

"Then who did?" Jones' eyes narrowed.

"It was."


".The Angel of Yorkland."