I walk in class just before the tardy bell rings. "Gimmie my journal" I say to Linus Jr. "Class has begun. Everybody please sit down." Says Mr. Electricidad. "Linus Jr. took my journal!" I shout. "No I did not!" he shouts. "Minus! I mean, Linus Jr.. You get a minus for disabordination. Give Jackson back his journal. One more time, Linus Jr., and we'll have to change your name to Minus Jr. I did the same to your father." says Mr. Electricidad. "Oh, c'mon, Mr. E." Linus Jr. says. "Cass, what's my name, again?" asks Mr. Electricidad. "Mr. Electricidad" everyone moans. "Exactly. Not 'Mr. Electric', not 'Mr. Electric-tha-tha-tha'. I repeat myself every year. It's like talking to a stubborn mule or a brick wall" Mr. Electricidad.

I'm pretty sure my Dad had this same exact situation. I flip through my jurnal and see all of the drawings are colored over with black crayon. "LINUS JR. RUINED MY FREAKING JOURNAL!" I shout. "No, I didn't! Mr. Electric, send him to the principal's office and have him expelled!" Linus Jr. screams. I chuck my journal at him, but miss and hit Mr. Electricidad by mistake. "HEY! YOU'RE IN MY CLASS, NOT VICE VERSA. BOTH OF YOU REPORT TO PRINCIPAL SHANIGAN'S OFFICE!" Mr. Electricidad says as the roof blows up.

"What in the name of God's Ridiculous tarnation is that!" says Linus Jr. "Son of a betamax!" shouts a boy. "It's Sharkboy and Lavagirl!" I shout. "From your dreams? That's impossible" says Linus Jr. "No, it's possible! His father dreamt them up first. They're real" says Mr. Electricidad. "We're looking for Jackson" says Sharkboy. "Planet Drool is in danger" Says Lavagirl. "Back there, cowering under his stupid desk." says Linus Jr. Lavagirl walks to the back of the class, setting desks on fire.

James, one of Linus Jr.'s posse members, says "Wicked cool!". "She's smoking hot!" says Linus Jr. Lavagirl lifts up my desk, burning it to a crisp. "We need you to come with us. Planet drool is in danger!" says Lavagirl. "Planet Drool?!" I say. Sharkboy draws on the chalkboard with his frightfully long nails. "Planet drool. It's just outside our solar system. You should know, your father dreamt it" Sharkboy says. "I was gonna say that!" Lavagirl shouts. "How are we gonna get to this 'Planet Drool'?" I ask. "Same way your Dad got there. With my ship. Engage autopilot. You're gonna need goggles." Sharkboy says. "Do you have another blue pair?" I ask "Uh-Uh" Sharkboy says. "Away we go!" Shouted Lavagirl.