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Chapter 1: Kirby's Introduction to Earth! Part 1

Space. On one hand, it can be a wondrous place, stars dotting the sky like the little dots on a pointillism piece of artwork. On the other hand, there is so much left to explore. The amount of space that has been explored can be likened to that of the light of a simple candle in an unlit concert hall. And who knows what horrible creatures or sinister beings could be hiding in the shadows?

But enough about that. Let's get to our story, shall we? It begins in space, where a shooting star streams through the sky. But this is not some meteor about to burn up in the atmosphere. No, our story features a star-shaped spaceship, and its adorable little inhabitant.

"Have you locked onto the Warp Star, Magolor?" A deep malevolent voiced asked a seemingly harmless individual. This would be a fitting description, as one could easily mistake him for a plush toy. He looked something like a fat cat without limbs due to the "ears" coming out of the back of his head, a brown face with cream-colored eyes, and his hands were cream mittens detached from the back of his body.

"Don't worry about that, master. I have the Star Warrior right in my sight! He won't know what hit him!" the newly named Magolor declared. Hitting a few buttons on his control panel, the weaponry on his ship activated. Magolor's ship could be best described as a giant purple caravel with angel wing decorations and three oars jutting out of each side. On the beak of the ship was a belt-like decoration of stars, and they soon began to glow an ominous black. Soon enough, a black, crystalline star-shaped projectile launched out of the star at the tip of the ship's beak.

The direct impact of the star projectile on the Warp Star gave its occupant an uncomfortable awakening. If Magolor could be seen as harmless, than this one was a non-threat entirely. His body was a simple pink sphere with little nubs to serve as hands and arms simultaneously, and little red feet. His slightly blue eyes opened up with the major shake to his ship.

"POYO!" the little creature cried in shock. Jumping to the control panel, which was lit up in a swirl of color, he pushed buttons at random to try and get the Warp Star under control. Managing to get some sliver of steering, he moved to dodge the onslaught of similar attacks fired from the beak of the space caravel. It was difficult, but when the projectiles came in a simple straight line, it was easy enough to dodge.

"GET BACK HERE, STAR WARRIOR!" Magolor called out. Activating the secondary weaponry, the oars on its sides soon detached. Spinning in place for a few moments, they soon acted like homing missiles, and while the little pilot of the Warp Star tried to dodge the barrage of black stars, there came direct impact. An oar thrust itself into one of the Warp Star's sides, causing sparks to go flying out. Strangely, the moment the oar made impact, Kirby himself winced in pain, like the ship was a voodoo doll. The Warp Star began to spiral out of control, critical components having been damaged. An automated distress call soon rang out, but Kirby, dizzy from the uncontrollable spinning, began to pass out, not able to see him heading for a collision course with a blue and green planet with a small grey moon.

"You see it now, Master Nightmare? The Warp Star has crash-landed on that planet! If my sources are to be trusted, then the inhabitants will handle the job of annihilating that pathetic pink puffball for us!" Magolor proclaimed, winking.

"I see. Still, there is something we must consider. It is not that I do not trust your spy network Magolor, but I felt something on the Star Warrior channel. A beacon for help, a distress call. There are still some Star Warriors that still fight our forces. Queen Sectonia tells me that King Dedede and his forces continue to resist our invasion of Planet Popstar, and one must not forget about Meta Knight and his servants," the newly named Nightmare explained, his voice ringing through the ship.

"I see. So would you like me to send down a monster? I have several ready to go at your command. Pyribbit, Coily Rattler, Grand Doomer, Kracko, Fire Lion, Mr. Frosty, the choice is yours, master!" Magolor replied.

"Hmmm. I may have one idea in mind. Send out Mega Titan, and we shall crush him into a little pink cube! Perhaps even Meta Knight may meet his end trying to save the one Star Warrior able to defeat me," Nightmare declared before bursting into maniacal laughter, as the sounds of electric buzzing and rocket ignition rung through the air.

"Sir! We've just gotten a distress call on the Star Warrior channel!" A British accented voice called out. This came from a creature that could be described as a short-statured knight. His armor was aqua green, with his long helmet having four ridges on top, as well as large shoulder pads. His egg-shaped body was brown, and on it was a black belt with a silver buckle, and out of his shoulder pads were white-gloved arms. Finally, he had a scabbard holding a silver sword strapped to his side.

"It must be trap, though, milord! Probably some dirty trick by Nightmare to lure out any surviving Star Warriors," another voice with an Australian accent continued. Much like his partner, he also resembled a stubby knight with white-gloved arms. However, his armor was a slightly darker shade of green compared to his partner, his shoulder pads were considerably bigger and had golden crescent emblems on it, and his helmet was very different, instead ending in a red tassel and having a golden visor above his featureless pink face. His egg-shaped body was blue instead of brown, but his belt was identical to that of his partner.

"I see. Show me where the call came from. Perhaps we can see if we can find the wreckage of the ship," a deep voice with a Spanish accent answered back. This came from the final member of the trio, who possessed a blue, spherical body. Over his face was a silver mask, only showing his glowing yellow eyes, and he also wore a dark purple cape, silver gauntlets, and similar shoes. A scabbard holding a gold sword lay strapped to his side.

"Yes sir, Meta Knight!" the two knights called out in response. Pulling up a screen, the two knights scrambled to see where it was. "It appears to be within 0.7 light-years of our current location. Not that far, sir! We'll send out a scout drone once we arrive near the planet."

"That would be wise. If this is a trap, we shall prepare for it, but we cannot risk the idea of a Star Warrior in actual distress," Meta Knight complimented his servants' forethought, directing their ship towards the location of the distress signal.

The salty smell of seaside air roused Kirby from unconsciousness. As he exited the wreckage of the Warp Star, he found himself confused. The sky was pitch black at night, and he had thankfully crashed on an isolated beach, far from any inhabitants. Still, Kirby was confused: where was he? As he wandered in confusion, he soon found himself sniffing a very pleasant scent: sweet, sugary, and delicious food! Puffing himself up with air, he began to ascend like a hot air balloon.

As Kirby trailed the scent, two other people were smack in the middle of where the scent was coming from. Those would be two humans, both in their teenage years. One was a brown-haired, green-eyed young man wearing a black t-shirt, a green jacket with "10" emblazoned on the side, blue jeans, and black shoes. Accompanying him was a black-haired, brown-eyed girl around his age wearing a pink sweater, white skirt, and white tennis shoes. After being driven over to the pier by the boy's friend, the two were enjoying a nice date.

"Thank you for accepting my invitation, Julie. I'm just lucky that we happened to have our date when nobody else was around," the boy told the newly named Julie, a bit of red dusting his cheeks.

"Why wouldn't I? You're a nice kid, Ben," Julie replied. However, that wasn't what worried Ben. He had something of a double life: strapped to his wrist was one of the universe's most powerful devices, the Omnitrix. Able to change his DNA to that of various aliens, each with their own ability set, it made him a dangerous force to be reckoned with in battle. He first got it when he was ten, having spent his summer vacation as a travelling superhero, choosing to remove it when summer ended to have a normal life. However, when his grandfather got involved in a conspiracy that could spell the end of life across the universe, he took up the Omnitrix once again.

He didn't want Julie to find out, as the only other girl who he had crushed on and had actually known his secret merely wanted to tame him like he was some kind of exotic dog. He just wanted to enjoy some time with a girl he liked, nothing more, nothing less. As they walked across the pier, he could only hope that the universe would be merciful and not send some alien after him.

Unbeknownst to the couple, they had a pink companion with them. Kirby had managed to reach the pier, and looking around, he saw a bunch of wonderful tasty-looking objects: lollipops, cotton candy, churros, popcorn, peanuts, it was heaven for the little puffball. Noticing some pieces of candy and popcorn lying on the ground, he began rapidly inhaling air and, like a vacuum cleaner, sucked up the snacks. Feeling sugar and salt dancing on his tongue, he closed his eyes in satisfaction, the first food in a while finally going into his big tummy. He looked ahead, and saw two tall creatures ahead of him. Deciding to try and get their attention for help in getting snacks, the innocent puffball began to trail them. Unknown to him, though, he was in for a nasty battle.

"We sent the scout over to scan for where the beacon came from, and we managed to locate the craft. It's sending over the images right now," the Australian-accented soldier said.

"Good work, Blade Knight. Let us see what our scout can tell us," Meta Knight replied. As the onboard computer began receiving the images, Meta Knight's eyes widened in shock. The remains of the ship of the one being who could potentially end the war between the Star Warriors and Nightmare lay scattered across a beach, the ocean going back and forth, each time threatening to send it to a watery grave.

"What are your orders, sir?" his other servant inquired.

"Set course for the planet, Sword Knight. We need to make sure that the Star Warrior inside is safe!" Meta Knight instructed, emphasizing the "he". Nodding, the two knights headed for the pilot room as Meta Knight began to ruminate over what he had learned. 'I can only hope that little Kirby is safe. He is 200 years too young to be fighting Nightmare, but if this is what fate has determined, so it shall be' he thought to himself.

'Thank you, universe. At least you haven't sent anything my way just yet to ruin this,' Ben happily thought to himself. So far, so good; apart from the teasing he got from Kevin on the way to the pier, nothing bad had actually happened. He and Julie had been enjoying some simple rides, like bumper cars and a scrambler, and more. The light of the moon made Julie's eyes and hair shine, causing a small blush to dust Ben's cheeks. However, after getting some snow cones for him and Julie, he soon felt like he was being followed, two years of hero time backing that sense. Figuring it was better to ask sooner rather than later, he turned to Julie and asked, "Gwen and Kevin brought us here, but do you think it's possible your parents may have decided to follow us?"

A confused expression on her face, Julie answered, "No. Not really. Why?"

"I dunno, but I feel like we're being followed. Just call it a gut feeling or something, but something's been trailing us," Ben continued. "Not really a bad feeling, but definitely a 'keep your eyes open' feeling."

"POYO!" A high pitched cry pierced their ears. Turning behind them, they found themselves face to face with one of the most adorable creatures they had ever seen. It was a little pink puffball with red feet, stubby little arms, and an adorable face that puppies and kittens would be jealous of. "POYO!" it repeated. And with that little cry and its cute face in an utterly joyful smile, Julie's heart melted faster than an ice cube in Earth's mantle, and even Ben found it difficult to resist its adorability.

"OH MY GOD! It's so cute! Oh, I just want to cuddle you and hug you!" Julie squeed, grabbing the little ball and nuzzling it to her cheek. Seeing her antics, Ben couldn't help but chuckle in amusement at the cute image.

"POYO!" The little thing said in a slightly strained voice, not used to this tall creature hugging him. Its attempts to free himself from her grasp weren't effective, as its little nubs for arms did not give it a lot of wiggle room.

"All right, Julie. I think he's been snuggled enough. Why not let the little guy go?" Ben asked. Groaning in disappointment, Julie did so, dropping the little guy onto the wooden floor of the pier. "What's your name, little guy?" he gently questioned.

"POYO!" the little creature answered, making yet another adorable expression.

"Well, if that's all you can say, what do you think of 'Kirby'? How'd you like that?" Ben replied. The little puffball smiled and jumped up, repeating the one word he could say thrice in quick succssion.

"Huh. Guess he likes that name. Alright then," Julie said. Before they could resume their date, though, Ben realized something was wrong. Probably because Kirby was making a face of terror, not happiness: his eyes were wide, his arms curled around the top of his head, and his mouth was open. Turning behind them, the two teens found themselves looking at an odd-looking automaton. The main body was silvery blue, with silver cylinders on various parts of its body, and its head was silver with yellow horns. It had no mouth piece, but within the visor, yellow eyes glowed ominously, and almost like a beard was a train's pilot. Finally, it flew using a rocket booster on the bottom, and its fists were detached from its body, with the four main fingers being fused into a single unit. Standing at about Ben's size, it was clear that it was not looking for the nearest repair shop.

"Star Warrior found. Preparing for immediate termination. Locking on," the robot stated in a deep, monotone voice. Red tracking lasers aimed at Kirby, and while Julie was slack jawed in shock at her new friend being threatened, Ben could only think to himself one thing.

'Universe, I take back my statement about you sending things to ruin my date. Very funny of you,'

To Be Continued...

Voice Cast:

Nightmare - Andrew Rannells

Magolor - Clancy Brown

Kirby - Makiko Ohmoto

Sword Knight - Eric Stuart

Blade Knight - Eric Stuart

Meta Knight - Eric Stuart

Ben Tennyson - Yuri Lowenthal

Julie Yamamoto - Vyvan Pham

Mega Titan - Ike Amadi

Author's Note

Yeah. I really got no excuse for being so late. All I can say is that exams, writer's block, gaming, the ugly times of late 2020, and even ideas for other stories kept me from writing for a while. However, I can assure that I am alive and working on the ninth chapter of Ben 10: Reincario and almost done with the first chapter of the other story on my profile page, Roller Brawl: The Mega Cyborg. As for said ideas, I'll reveal them when I debut Roller Brawl: The Mega Cyborg and roll out the next chapter to this.

Now onto the story details. This story essentially has the Kirby universe melded with that of Ben 10, and timeline-wise, this will at least go to the end of Ultimate Alien, but with Kirby aspects like Nightmare (who will be Kirby's Vilgax and be a lot more involved with the fight against the pink puffball), as well as more villains like Magolor as you saw and Queen Sectonia as you heard, but also Dark Mind, Zero, Marx, Taranza, the Squeak Squad, and more. As for Popstar, we will get to that sometime after the Highbreed are defeated, but just know that it's still ruled by King Dedede and Escargoon, and they are fighting against the forces of Queen Sectonia.

One elephant I do want to take care of, though. Yes. This was partially inspired by Toy2711's RWBY: Heroes United. I liked the story earlier in the beginning, but when too many franchises came in (Phoenix Wright, BlazBlue, Darkstalkers, etc.), it became a nightmare to understand, but I genuinely liked the idea of Kirby being adopted by Ben.

Next Time: Kirby's Introduction to Earth! Part 2

Running afoul of the deadly Mega Titan, Kirby struggles against a brand new foe, and Ben juggles between keeping his powers a secret and protecting the pink puffball. Will Kirby manage to win, or will this story end abruptly?