After putting it off for almost an entire month, I've finally managed to finish the potion factory quest. Dunno what took me so damn long to wrap up something I could've done in like, a week if I really focused on it, but I was playing around and doing other, less useful, stuff.

I really ought to stop thinking like that. I shouldn't fuck around unless I have a day off or something, and considering my situation right now, I don't really have the luxury. There's only less than a week to my date with Ruby, and after that, I'll need to run about on a dungeon spree, maybe get around to evolving my Sharingan.

I'm not gonna rest until I have enough power to single-handedly destroy Titans. I'm tired of putting others at risk because of my own weakness. I'm the Gamer, damnit, it's about time I power-level properly.

Maybe I can convince Kiryu to teach me some of what he knows once he wakes up. Even though I currently have higher stats than him. He's a bit above S-Rank Hunter tier in terms of stats, which relative to me isn't a lot, but he doesn't have Aura. He's this strong naturally.

Though I still didn't know which version of him I had on my hands. I know this is Kiryu circa Yakuza 6, that much is obvious considering his age is at 48 when I observe him, but is this Gameplay Kiryu or Cutscene Kiryu? The latter isn't that impressive, above baseline for sure, but that wouldn't be anywhere near indicative of what his stats were telling me.

Name: Kazuma Kiryu

Title: Dragon of Dojima

Age: 48

Race: Human

Level: 164

HP: 25,000

MP: [Dormant]

AP: [Locked]

STR: 263

VIT: 282

DEX: 254

INT: 210

WIS: 380

CHA: 350

LUK: 250

He's stronger than Qrow, probably more skilled and experienced to boot considering the stuff he'd been through, but not as strong as pure gameplay. At least if you don't count LV999.

A mix between the two is what I could only assume.

Hell, even if Kiryu wasn't that strong, I can still learn a lot from him, especially since most of his skill lies in hand-to-hand combat. Him having possibly higher stats than me with unlocked Aura would just be icing on the cake, not to mention his large pool of HP. The man fought so much without Aura he probably didn't even need it.

But what really drew my attention was his MP. It doesn't return a 0 like with Ruby or Yang's stats, it says [Dormant] meaning he probably has access to magic, but can't draw on it or something. How? There wasn't magic in the games, only passing mentions of Chi or Ki in skill descriptions, so why does Kiryu have mana when Ruby doesn't?

What's the difference?

I shake my head to derail that train of thought. Well, at least Kiryu's gonna be one hell of an ally if I manage to convince him to join up with me. I'm pretty sure the dude's really tired of the criminal underground, so offering an honest job should be tempting.

After all, every CEO needs a bodyguard, and what's a better guard than a dragon?

I hope the guy wakes up soon. It's been almost a week.

Anyway, back to the potion factory. At least I finished that, I got lots of ingredients for Golems and potions, two more Gacha Tokens which I'll open while in a dungeon just in case, a perk, a mastery skill slot, and hidden rewards for the hidden objectives. All that is why I really should've taken care of this earlier.

[Revolutionary Step]

Objective A: Create 50 Tier 4 HP Potion Golems and 50 Tier 4 AP Potion Golems

Objective B: Create 50 Tier 3 Potion Golem for every stat excluding CHA and LUK

Bonus Objective A: Create 100 Tier 4 HP Potion Golems and 100 Tier 4 AP Potion Golems

Bonus Objective B: Create 25 Unique Potion Golems

Hidden Objective A: Finish the quest with three months to spare

Rewards A: 5000 Credits, 20 Cobalt Bars, 5 Alchemy Bags,

Rewards B: 5000 Credits, 20 Palladium Bars, 5 Alchemy Bags

Bonus Rewards A: 10,000 Credits, 5 Mythril Bars, 1 Gacha Token, [Businessman] Perk

Bonus Rewards B: 2000 Credits, 1 Gacha Token, Mastery Skill slot

Hidden Rewards A: 3000 Credits, 2 Gacha Tokens, Increase [Alchemy] level cap to 125, [Flexible Ritual Circles] Perk, Increase Reputation with Ozpin

It says hidden reward A, meaning that I missed a B and possibly a C. I don't know what I forgot to do, and it's pretty annoying to know that I missed some rewards because of it. At the very least I still got a bunch of good stuff, especially with the level cap being increased. Knowing that quests can increase level caps is pretty important to know, so now I don't have to experiment so much.

And my assumption about the metals was correct; they are Terraria metals, and I know that from the color of Palladium being orange. They're midgame items there, but they should be pretty powerful here. Making Golems out of Cobalt and Palladium will surpass any kind of Steel Golem I can make, even if I imbued them with high-quality Dust.

As for Mythril… well, a part of me wants to make a weapon out of it, but Golemcrafting isn't really a reliable way of making weapons, and by the time I get a smithing skill – which I could go for now since I have an extra mastery skill slot – I don't think it'd be immediately useful.

Maybe if I use all of it for one big, powerful Golem? An elite?

Hmm, I'll make a decision on what to do with that later.

Let's see what these perks can do.


You have good instincts when it comes to business deals and decisions. Knowing when to trust your gut is a difficult but incredibly useful skill.

Business agreements and operations are likely to go far smoother than they should, and you have a keen sense for spotting those who would double cross you.

[Flexible Ritual Circles]

You can now draw circles in whatever size you want, using more than just chalk. Different drawing tools have stronger or weaker potential.

High-Quality Blood Drawing Gems Blood Chalk Charcoal

The second perk looks amazing. Making tiny magic circles is gonna be a pain in the ass, but I remembered how some characters in a certain piece of fictional media draw them on the palms of their hands, so if I do that, I could theoretically whip up strong Golems on the spot, right?

I dunno what Drawing Gems are, and a sinking feeling tells me there might've been some in that treasury I sold, but that's fine. I mean, I think my blood would be considered high-quality. I'm a half-Leviathan for god's sake!

That Businessman perk is nice too. Weiss still hasn't gotten in contact with me, so snapping up this before a possible negotiation is bound to be plenty helpful, speaking of, I'm this close to seducing her. I already unlocked the affection of three girls in a relatively short frame of time, and getting a fourth?

Wonder what her perk will be…

I scroll through the mastery skill window, keeping an eye out for anything new. Tonfa Mastery, Nunchuck Mastery, and interestingly, Artificer. If we're going by DnD rules, it should mean someone who can invent magical devices. I could take Earth Magic to reach Nature Magic faster, but the things I could do with magical inventions is tempting.

Magical experiments with ritual circles are fun and all, but what if I could make generators that run purely on magic? Magic guns? Maybe even seals in case there's no feasible way to beat Salem the normal way?

There are so many things I can see myself doing with that skill, not to mention the Mystic Mage quest wants me to max out magic-themed production skills. As for Earth magic… well, Fire Magic and Sword Mastery are ticking up to 100. The next time I get on a training spree, which will be soon, I can unlock it.

...Fuck it, Artificer it is.

Mastery skill gained

[Artificer] (LV 1/100)

Your skill in inventing magical devices is that of a novice

Increases effectiveness of magical inventions by 1%

Oof okay, so I was right. Thank god I didn't fuck this up and chose the wrong skill.

I fished my scroll out of my inventory as I notice a message from Ruby. Took them long enough.

Pocketing it, I head to the front door to greet the sisters.


Ducking under a fist, Yang quickly threw a jab that Reid only had to tilt his head to evade, before countering with a headbutt that carried the force of a speeding truck. Yang cried out as a fist slammed into her stomach to follow up, leaving her sprawling over the floor.

She slowly picked herself up, coughing as the sore feeling in her belly began to fade, courtesy of her Aura. She scowled, her lilac eyes flickering red as Reid smirked at her. The smug bastard…

Her sister rushed in using her Semblance, swinging Crescent Rose in a large arc that was easily caught by Reid's blackened hand. Ruby let out a gasp as he pulled the weapon and grabbed her by the arm, forcing her to drop the scythe before swinging her around by the captive limb like a flail.

With a roar, Reid hurled Ruby at her older sister, prompting Yang to try and catch her. The momentum from her sister colliding with Yang pushed the blond even farther back, and not even a second later a pitch-black fist whipped out and struck her directly in the face, sending the two sisters into the marbled wall.

Yang reflexively dropped her sister, gasping at the pain that shot through her face. She wiped her nose, grimacing as droplets of blood leaked from it. Ruby's groan forced Yang out of her trance.

"Ruby…" She whined. "What the hell did you drag me into?"

"Ugh, I don't know," Ruby whispered back, shaking away her dizziness. "He was never this harsh before."

"Ow!" Yang winced as her nose stung her. "Frickin' hell…"

If there's one thing that Yang learned over the few days she'd spent training with Reid and Ruby, it was that the former was an incredibly harsh teacher. It's not even funny anymore- this is just torture. If not for the potions, Yang was pretty sure she'd be going home with a broken bone or ten.

She trained with her dad and her uncle, but neither of them was like this. Where Taiyang and Qrow would fight with the intent to teach, Reid "sparred" with the intent of beating the life out of them.

He held no punches. On both the first and second day, Yang broke multiple ribs, because even after her Aura shattered, he'd still charge at her anyway. "You can't rely on Aura to save your life all the time." was the justification. She doesn't know how anyone could think like that- Shattered Aura always equals instant death… right?

Reid was implying that he could fight without his Aura, which is absurd. Aura is what makes you super-humanly powerful. Without it, you've got about as good odds as a regular civilian. Reid might be terrifyingly powerful, but there's no way he can fight like that…


Yang had to admit though, she seemed to be learning a lot under him. At first, she was barely capable of dodging him at all, but now? She can strike back with a few jabs or hooks here and there, with the help of her sister of course. It might not look from the outside to be much of an improvement, but it had only been five days of work.

She also noticed something about the way he fights. Unlike how he is with a sword, Reid doesn't seem to be anywhere near as skilled with his bare hands. Granted, he hit like a goddamn truck, but he threw his punches more like an untrained punk than a martial artist.

Wide, slow swings – slow for him that is. He's still fast as hell. He held a barely passable stance, he threw hits somewhat flashily which left him open, and sometimes, Yang swore, she'd seen him freeze for split-seconds at a time, as though he was some kind of fighting game character, charging an attack. Yang learned to make sure to get the hell away from those hits and quickly counterattack, but whenever she was too slow and the attack landed?

He'd lay in with three more similar hits in quick succession, and she couldn't do anything to stop it. The strikes were so heavy, they literally tore through her Aura like paper and had literally caused internal bleeding before. Oh, and if it wasn't obvious of course, they hurt like fuck.

Then there was his durability that admittedly frightened even her. She'd land a hit- a straight hook to his face, proper follow-through, perfectly thrown fist and all. He wouldn't even flinch, and in the next instant, Yang finds herself in mid-air flying to the other side of the training ground. Ruby would swing her massive edge of Crescent Rose at him, and all Reid did to stop it was to simply stomp it onto the ground or slap it away before it reached him, completely halting the momentum in its tracks before kicking her baby sister in the face.

What he lacked in actual skill and training, he made up for with a willingness to fight dirty and overwhelming power. It wouldn't suit most fighters, but with his strength, speed, and terrifying reflexes, it felt like the perfect style for him.

Fighting like a damned thug,

However, there was one thing that honestly shocked the brawler to her core, and it was when he somehow managed to copy some of her moves almost perfectly. There was a subtle difference that made them clunky and easier to evade, which considering their differences in both body weight and height, was pretty understandable.

But she'd never seen someone so perfectly mimic one of her moves. It had taken her years to fully tune and master her fighting style. It wasn't perfect, but that was simply her lack of experience playing a part. Seeing someone do that was honestly awe-inspiring.

He wasn't only training them, he was learning from them in turn.

What the actual hell is up with him?

"Alright, I think that's enough for today," Reid stated, causing the sisters to sigh in relief. "Not gonna lie, the both of you are improving really damn quick. You're nowhere near my level yet, sure, but you're much stronger now than you were out in the forest. Give it a month and you'll probably be able to put up a real fight against me."

Yang preened at the praise as her sister simply giggled bashfully. He hadn't been saying that to make them feel better either- the blond could feel herself improving. She checked her Aura levels recently and discovered that they'd improved, not even mentioning how much lighter on her feet she felt. She still couldn't beat Pyrrha in combat class, but she's getting there.

Ruby improved plenty too from the looks of it. She was a lot less rash and aggressive and far more calculating with her attacks now. Clearly, she was starting to think more about how her movements would lead into each other, and her predictions are much better than they were a month ago.

Reid's training might be really difficult- scratch that, it was - it might feel like torture at times, but she'd be lying if she said it wasn't effective. Maybe that's what they needed. Someone or something that could and would push them to their limits.

"But that's it for praise." Reid's grin was replaced with a frown as he eyed the blond, who flinched at his piercing gaze. "Yang, for the hundredth christ-damned time, don't let your temper get the better of you. You can't fight well if you can't keep your calm. And stop relying so heavily on your Semblance to deal damage, stop tanking hits when you don't need to."

"U-uh, well-"

"And you know what I keep telling you, the way you use your Semblance is too obvious and predictable." He continued, prompting her to shut her mouth. "You activate it to make one big move, which, once dodged, leaves you wide open. Use it sparingly, don't throw everything you have out at once."

Yang fidgeted uncomfortably and looked away to escape his unamused stare, rubbing the back of her neck. "S-sorry."

"Don't be sorry, do better." He said. "Also, cut your hair already. It's just asking to get used as a hold on you."

Yang scowled at him deeply. He did not just suggest that. "Not on your life."

"This isn't a joke, Yang." He glared back. "Your hair is beautiful, yes, but beautiful hair isn't worth risking both your life and the lives of others over."

Yang opened her mouth to argue, but words refused to leave her throat, prompting her to just give up. He had a point, as much as she hated to admit it.

"As for you…" He looked at Ruby and smiled. "I'll say again, you're excellent with Crescent Rose, Ruby. It won't take long for you to surpass your uncle with it."

"Hehe." Ruby giggled, a light blush covering her face. "Thanks."

"But." His smile dropped. "That's all you're good at."


"You're using your weapon amazingly, which still amounts to being able to swing an oversized farming tool as though it was meant for combat by the way." He stated, inciting a 'hey!' from Ruby. "But once Crescent Rose is out of your hands, you're about as useful as an Aura-enhanced civilian."

Her sister flinched at the brutal honesty, frowning sadly. None of them could rebut what he was saying- the only way Ruby was useful without her weapon was by using her Semblance to quickly help civilians evacuate, but in a fight? Her twig arms couldn't even manage a bruise on anyone with unlocked Aura, and even less to Grimm.

Yang would normally be furious if someone talked down to Ruby like that, but knowing that Reid was genuinely trying to help, on top of being right, and being able to kick her ass with his eyes closed, she wasn't exactly in a position to put up any resistance to his criticism.

"I-I'm sorry…" Ruby mumbled.

"Don't be sorry, do better." He repeated. "I know you love your weapon a lot, but what will you do when it's out of your reach, or it gets broken? How will you defend those around you or even yourself?"

Ruby didn't answer, her gaze fixed between her feet.

"So from tomorrow on, we'll be having purely hand-to-hand combat lessons," Reid said. "For three hours after our initial training. Yang, you're exempt because you obviously don't need it on top of being busy with your classes at Beacon, but feel free to join in whenever you want, to hone your skills or help me teach Ruby."

"Oh, yeah, sure."


"No buts." Reid held up a finger, "This is essential if you want to get stronger." He cut Ruby off, making her deflate.

"...O-okay…" Ruby mumbled with a nod.

"Good." Reid smiled. "I'm sure you'll pick up on it quick enough. You're a really fast learner after all."

"Hehe, well, you're a good teacher too." Ruby smiled back.

"Heh, fair enough." He accepted the praise. "But a teacher isn't worth anything without the students being willing to work hard."

"Alright, alright you're all over each other, we all get it." Yang groaned, making her sister's face flare a bit. "Ugh, get a room already."

"Oh? Is someone jealous?" Reid smirked. "I think your sister might be feeling a little left out, Rubes."

"It's fine, Yang." Ruby matched Reid's smugness, blush notwithstanding. "I'm sure you'll find someone as great as my boyfriend eventually."


"I'm not jealous." Yang felt blood rushing to her cheeks as she stood up, refusing to look at the two. "I can score any hot guy – or girl – I want just fine. You'll see."

Yup, Yang wasn't just jealous, she was positively green with envy because even putting aside her burgeoning feelings for Reid, she really doubts she's gonna find any guy as good-looking as him. Ruby got her claws into him first, and it didn't take a genius to see that her grip was tight.

Ruby being smug about it is not helping.

But Yang still had confidence she can probably convince Ruby to share, eventually. She doesn't want to take advantage of Ruby's kindness, but it wasn't unheard of for some Huntsmen to have their own harems. Hell, it's tacitly encouraged. Spreading good genes is for the betterment of mankind. So it's fine, right? Ruby will see the bigger picture, she's sure of it.

What the hell is wrong with me? Yang thought with a red-faced grimace. Since when did I fall head over heels for him?

She'd never felt that way towards anyone before, even with the people she dated, and her feelings had only grown in the past five days. From training to simply hanging out to even her time in Beacon, she could only think of ways to convince her sister to share Reid.

Even her grades dipped a bit because of that.

Yang sighed, shaking the thoughts away. She should stop thinking about it- she's already stressed enough with school as it is.

Ruby will come around eventually.


"If we're done, can I go now?" Yang asked Reid. "I have an exam in a few days that I have to study for."

"Sure, good luck." He nodded. "Ah, Ruby, you stay here, will you?"

"Huh?" Her sister blinked. "Why?"

"I haven't tested you with Senketsu on yet." He said. "Think you can go for another round?"

"Oh, um." Ruby blushed slightly at the mention of that outfit. "I-I guess? But how do I use it?"

"I dunno." Reid shrugged. "Think about it real hard?"

"There's no way that's gonna work." Yang deadpanned.

Only for it to prove her wrong literally a second later.

A bright light engulfed Ruby, making Yang flinch and quickly cover her eyes with her hands. Seconds later, the light died down, revealing her innocent sister wearing that downright scandalous outfit. Yang clenched her fists tight, taking deep breaths as she spotted Reid shamelessly drinking in the view of her half-naked with a satisfied smile.

Leave it, Yang. She thought, trying to calm herself. They're literally dating. They're attracted to each other.

Yang glanced at her sister, freezing as Ruby seemed to be enjoying the attention. Faster than ever, Yang quickly vacated the room, doing everything in her power to not attack the one guy who can kick her ass to next week without missing a blink.

It's fine. She trusts them both- this is all for the sake of training and nothing more. Really, from what Ruby had said, they hadn't been dating for long. Nothing's gonna happen, nothing is gonna happen. They're mature enough to not do something stupid.

The blond kept that thought repeating in her head over and over like a mantra, not noticing that she was already at the front door.

After taking a deep breath, Yang shook her head again. Alright, she could hear the noises of fighting as she walked up the stairs. They're definitely just training. She can focus on her studies now, maybe badger the Ice Queen for help.

Yang quickened her pace, sweat dripping down her brow as she remembered how furious Weiss the last time she was late.

Goddamn it.


I've never been good at dealing with speedsters. Every time I'm outpaced, I do everything in my power to catch up so I can actually land a hit or two. Ruby has been getting significantly better at using her Semblance, and I do have a bit of trouble catching up with her sometimes.

Of course, she eventually learned my patterns and started getting her own hits in here and there. They don't hurt, but she's managing something at least. Though that went both ways and I got comfortable with her style too and counterattacking became much easier as a result. It's downright easy when I took the time to actually study her movements, and the Sharingan made it pathetically simple to spot weak points.

Even so, I couldn't be more proud of how fast she's been growing, and the sheer determination that came accompanied that growth. Contemplating after the whole forest incident made me realize that I can't be nice about this anymore- I don't know when an emergency quest like that will force me out into the field, so I made sure to drop the sugarcoating.

If I want Ruby and Yang to get strong, and get strong fast, then I need to be brutally honest, even if it hurts them.

Thankfully, they took it in their stride, only really complaining about getting hurt and all that, which is fine I guess. With my 522 STR, even barehanded I deal a lot of damage, and I made sure to tweak my fighting style a bit to suit my brute strength.

It's slower but significantly stronger. I thought that tanking hits and dishing out heavy strikes is a good change since I'm more swift and agile while using a sword. An abrupt and drastic change in fighting style could disorientate my opponent in a fight after all.

We'll see what the expert thinks when he wakes up.

Regardless of what I can do, Ruby's Semblance mixed with Senketsu is frankly insane. I can only dodge one or two attacks before another three land, and with her increased strength, they actually hurt quite a bit.

Without Senketsu, her DEX is 160, with it, it's 560. That's a 3.5x increase- she already has higher dexterity than me, but using her Semblance? I can't even see her without the Sharingan. I have to rely on Haki and my other senses to evade.

Most of the time, my body isn't even fast enough. I contemplated increasing my DEX to 500 while fighting her. I have more than enough points…

But it felt cheap. Against enemies that want to rip my throat out? Yeah, sure. I'll do almost anything to win a fight when it's to the death but in a training match? When I already have a huge advantage anyway?

Sure, getting my DEX to 500 means my Observation Haki gets to evolve – I bet it's future sight – but that's more of a reason to not do it against Ruby or Yang. It's just training, not an actual fight.

Not to mention, it's fun.

The butt of Ruby's scythe strikes the back of my head, making me grunt in pain as she darts around the arena. I struggle to keep my eyes from following her movement, but I keep still, waiting for her to try and attack me again.

Predicting where she'll attack, I quickly turn around and throw a fist at the incoming red blur, smirking as I land a direct hit to her stomach. Ruby grits her teeth and flips back, the loud bang of her sniper echoes out as she launches herself at me.

I try to anticipate her attack, but I wasn't fast enough as she abruptly changes trajectory, circling around me before swinging her scythe at my back. I tank the strike, twirling around to grab her smaller frame, but she bolts around me and does it again.

Then to my side, back again, other side- she keeps zooming around the place faster than I can move, so I stop even looking for and close my eyes. Sharingan isn't helping because she knows not to get in my line of sight. Did she discover what the eyes can do?

Clever girl.

I relax my muscles, resisting and tanking every attack thrown my way. I focus on Haki and my sense of hearing, pushing them to their limits as my Aura chips down to a third of what it was.

Ruby dashes at me from behind, and at the last second, I use every bit of my DEX to evade and counter, landing a powerful uppercut. Before she tries to escape, I open my Haki-infused fist, and a large explosion of fire comes out of my hand, sending Ruby flying to the other side.

I let out a sigh, smiling at how much damage I suffered in the fight. From 40k AP to 9k. Ruby's a force to be reckoned with Senketsu.

I walk up to her as she gets up, groaning in slight discomfort. I offer my hand, which she takes as I help her up.

"See? With that on, you even forced me to use fire magic." I praise. "I actually had to work for that victory."

Ruby grins, looking fairly proud of herself.

"Give it a month, and I really doubt I can go easy on you anymore," I tell her.

"N-no way." She tries to remain modest if you ignore the huge grin on her face. "I still have ways to catch up."

I mean, obviously. I still never pulled any of my buffs.

"And you seem to be getting used to this, aren't you?"

Ruby blinked, tilting her head at me. "Used to what?"

I point at her skimpy outfit, prompting a deep blush emerging on her face. Ruby starts to stutter, unable to meet my gaze as she backs away slowly.

"A-ah- i-it's just- well-"

"Is comfortable being practically naked next to me already, Ruby?" I smirk, taking a step forward. "Isn't this relationship moving a bit too fast?"

Ruby's face reddens some more as she struggles to form a response, trapped between me and the wall against her back.

Oh my god, why is it so fun to bully her?

"Oh come on, you know I'm just teasing you~" I chuckle, holding her chin to force her to look at me. "Why are you getting so flustered for?"

"I-it's just- I'm not used to t-this, okay?" She replies, averting her pretty silver eyes away from me. "I-it feels weird…"

The 'weird' feeling is basically… well, arousal apparently. How doesn't she realize what it is? Come on, she had to have felt that way before- she's a teenager for god's sake!

...Don't tell me she never masturbated in her life before?

"Well, it shouldn't," I say, trying to assure her. "These feelings are very normal, Rubes. It's human nature to have those desires, y'know."

"...R-really?" She asks hesitantly.

"Yes." I get closer, feeling her hot breath brushing against my lips. "Let me show you how good it feels."

[Lime ahead. Skip if you don't want it.]

She closes her eyes as I go in for the kiss, tasting the faint yet sweet taste of strawberries while grabbing her by the waist to pull her close. Ruby moans cutely as I forcefully deepen the kiss, her arms wrapping around my back in an embrace.

One of my hands slowly travels down, gently squeezing her butt, which elicits an adorable yelp. I can feel her embarrassment shoot up from that act alone, but so did her lust.

I break off the kiss, a line of saliva connecting as Ruby begins to breathe heavily, her eyes in a daze. She flinches as my hand kneads her rear a bit rougher, breath hitching while she shivers.

I don't know what's gotten into me, but I boldly pulled the straps hiding her nipples away, prompting a gasp of shock from her. Pretty pink tips decorating her sizable breasts, my free hand quickly cupping the left one before pinching the hard nipple.

Ruby whimpered, her entire body quivering at the act. I want to make her enjoy this more, so I gently kiss and nip at her neck. This seems to have been the right decision as she moaned, but it's not enough.

I want her to feel even better.

My hand that was playing with her ass stopped, slowly going under her small skirt, my fingers brushing against her wet entrance. Ruby looks at me with wide eyes, her dazed look replaced with shock and embarrassment.

"See? I told you it feels good." I whisper in her ear. "Your body doesn't lie."

"W-w-we should stop." She replies quickly.

"Why? What's there to be afraid of?" I question. "You're enjoying this, aren't you? It feels good, doesn't it?"

Ruby doesn't respond, averting her gaze away from me.

"It's just me and you, Ruby. You know I'd never do anything to hurt you." I assure her. "Trust me on this, okay?"

I'm not sure why I'm so adamant about this, but a part of me demands it. Leviathan instincts I'm pretty sure, and while maybe I should stop myself before this gets any worse… is it really that bad?

If Ruby showed any signs of fear or discomfort, I know I would've jumped away immediately. The last thing I want to do is hurt the girl I love, after all. But she never felt negative about this- in fact, all her reactions have been the complete opposite.

She does want this.

The little nod she did right now says as much.

I'm not gonna say I'm an expert here- I never did this in my life before and I have no idea what I'm doing/supposed to do, but thankfully Ruby is just as inexperienced. She's not hard to please if simple kisses are enough to make her moan.

Ruby flinches slightly, her breath hitches as one finger slowly enters her wet folds. Her thighs quiver as I push it deeper, arousing a moan from her. Ruby pulls herself closer to me as if she was trying to give me better access, making me smirk at her.

I intensify the fingering, going in and out faster every five seconds until I hit an acceptable pace that made her cry out in pleasure. Ruby rubs her thighs together, shakily moaning my name as I bring her closer to climax.

"R-right there…" She groans softly. "I-it feels so good~!"

"That's the idea," I reply, pinching the pink tip before kneading the soft flesh. "But I'm sure it'll feel even better if I do this~"

I insert another finger inside, prompting her to scream in ecstasy. I didn't even give her the courtesy of slowing down, intensely pumping my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Her folds contract and become tighter right before she cums, her eyes rolling back as juices stain my hand and the ground under us.

Ruby's knees buckle and I catch her before she drops, smiling at her crimson-colored face while she raggedly catches her breath. I don't need any kind of emotion-sensing power to know that she enjoyed this immensely.

"See what I told you?" I whisper with a smug grin. "It felt amazing, right?"

The experience ironically made her feel more at ease as she responded with barely any stutter, even if she feels out of breath. "Y-yeah..."

"So why stop there?"

I don't give her a chance to question what I mean as I capture her soft lips again, invading her mouth with my tongue as I get closer until our bodies are touching. Ruby whines, pushing me away a bit as her face burns brighter.

"What's wrong?" I ask in concern, hoping I haven't brought down the mood.

"U-um, w-well…" She gulps, looking down. "Y-your… thing is touching me…"

"Oh, that?" I glance at my erection straining my pants poking her midriff. "It just means that I'm really into this. Like how you were feeling when I was touching you."

"O-oh…" She utters. "D-does it… hurt?"


I freeze as her hand rubs my crotch, her eyes fixated on it as her arousal slowly bubbles up again. I'm pretty sure she knows what a dick is, and from what she's doing right now…

Maybe she isn't as innocent as I thought.

"It kinda hurts, yeah," I answer truthfully. Having a Bitch Breaker isn't all pros and no cons it seems. "But I don't think I need to tell you what to do. You got it covered already~"

"That's- I-I just-" Ruby pauses and takes a breather. "I caught Yang watching a video once. I-I just need to stroke it, right?"

"Among other things," I smirk. "Didn't take you for one to offer stuff like this."

"W-well, what you did made me feel really good." She admits quietly, still rubbing my rock-hard erection through the strained cloth. "It's not fair if you don't feel good too."

"Well, I can't exactly disagree with that logic."


Ruby gulps and nods, almost looking shocked at how fast I accepted but goes on to pull down my pants. I can feel my heartbeat quickening out of anticipation- I'm not ashamed to admit that I feel a little nervous.

What happens next convinces me that the universe really does hate my guts.

Just as Ruby was about to pull it down, my scroll starts ringing, freezing the two of us in place. She quickly pulls her hand away, looking to the side to not meet my eyes. I take out the device, my lips thinning as I see Velvet's name flashing.

I'm gonna break her in half.

I turn around, taking a deep and calming breath before answering in a calm and professional voice. Need to show how calm I am. What's there to be angry about? Getting blue-balled? Oh, please. I'm not that childish.


"Sir! T-the horde!" She cries out as I hear tens of voices shouting over each other. "Help me!"

...The what?

I pause, my expression turning into one of concern.


"The customers are- FOR THE LAST TIME, WE DON'T HAVE LOVE POTIONS!" She shouts over the phone, her voice obviously frantic. "SIR PLEASE HELP-"

The line cuts off before she finishes her plea.

…Goddamn it.

Guess I'll have to take care of that. Can't leave Velvet out on her own, and not like I want to go back anymore. The call just killed my mood.

I look at Ruby, who reverted to her sailor uniform. She still had a prominent blush on her face, but she very obviously doesn't want to keep going. The sheer amount of disappointment I can pick up from her is telling enough.

It killed Ruby's mood too from the looks of it.

Why didn't I put the stupid scroll in my inventory?

"Sorry." I sigh, not even bothering to hide my disappointment.

"N-no, it's fine. I think we should've stopped earlier anyway" Ruby responds, lying through her teeth. "Tomorrow, same time?"

"Yeah, and bring flexible clothes with you." I remind her, then freeze as I remember something."By the way, Ruby?"


"Did you notice something weird with Senketsu?"

Ruby blinks, glancing at her uniform before looking back at me. "What do you mean?"

I frown. Is this Senketsu not sapient? It's been almost a week since I've given her the uniform. It should've tried to speak with her by now, right? The thought of it being completely conscious the whole time is awkward, to say the least.

"No, nevermind." I shake my head. "Just tell me if it does anything weird, alright?"

"Ooookay?" She nods with a raised brow, grabbing her weapon off the ground. "I'll be going now. See you tomorrow."

"Right. Love you"

Ruby waves goodbye and exits the room, leaving me on my own.

My thoughts trail back to those precious seconds before the interruption, prompting me to scowl deeply.

I've never seen such bullshit in my life before.


"Make… them happy…"

He felt cold, breathless. It was painful- the sheer agony that accompanied the sight of loved ones grieving is something he's well acquainted with. He'd seen it countless times, he endured through it himself more times than he'd like to admit.

"Haruka… and Haruto…"

The names of people who he'd die for. He'd fight the entire world to keep them safe and happy. People he'd endangered time and time again because of who he was- the regret he felt every time scum decided that going after them rather than himself to drag him back into that fucked up world was heart-wrenching.

At times, he hoped that one of those conflicts would be the end of him. That some lucky bastard would manage to run a knife through his back just so they'd be left alone, or maybe just ignore him entirely. He'd never do such a thing on his own, but he felt tired, so tired. A peaceful life was forever out of reach for him, he made his peace with that fact a long time ago.

But was it really that bad to hope?

"Protect them…"

His arms felt weak, his vision went dark. He couldn't even recognize the one holding him, but that person is close to his heart. Someone he bonded with over the course of a few months. Someone who he can trust, who grew a backbone and took responsibility for his actions.

He had plenty of regrets- a whole mountain's worth. The last eleven years had felt like an eternity. He'd gained new friends, new dreams, new goals in life, but he'd lose just as many. However, his life that was full of pain and warmth in equal measure was finally at an end. He'd leave the rest to the next generation, to the people he trusts with his life.


It was sad, he thought. He won't be able to see them again, but maybe it's for the best. There's no more need for anyone to endanger his family ever again now that he's gone, and he knew they're in safe hands. He can finally rest easy.

The Dragon of Dojima was ready to die for his family at any time and on any day, and it seems he's finally breathed his last, but he kept someone from death. He sacrificed himself for them to live on. Ah well, he was getting old anyway while they'd just started their lives.

It was more than fair to throw his life away for them.

Kazuma suddenly felt warm, the agony of his wounds dissipating. He did not know what it was, but it felt comfortable. Is this what death actually feels like? He wasn't quite a religious man, he'd expected an eternity of cold and dark, but this, this was welcome.

He'd take any comfort in death if he could, even if he felt undeserving of it.

Kazuma heard something- no, someone speak. He couldn't recognize the voice, nor the words. They were a jumbled mess, so he ignored it. What, are the angels welcoming him or something? They must have mixed things up, he was pretty sure he'd earned himself a place in hell instead.

He ignored them for now, but then another voice spoke after what felt like an hour, this time it was clearer. They were speaking English? Yet somehow he understood what they were saying. Well, some of it at least. Not everything was clear.

Coma, training, and… rubies?

Suddenly, Kazuma felt his body again when before it had been completely unresponsive. His fingers twitched, his eyelids struggled to open, he began to hear his own breathing, and his head started pounding.

He grunted, hearing his own voice after so long, and finally opened his eyes. What greeted him was an unfamiliar marble-white ceiling.

…Seems he was still kicking after all.

Kazuma raised his hands from his blanket, testing a fist before turning his eyes to regard the room. It was empty, there was only the bed he was in, a chair and table at the other end, and that tube machine-thing they used in hospitals attached to his arm.

Is he in a hospital? That didn't quite seem right. His bed was a regular bed, and he's not wearing a hospital gown either. He's still shirtless and was in the same white pants he always wore. He doesn't know how long he's been out, but it must've been a long time seeing as his wounds are all healed.

He slowly pushed himself up from the bed, getting a better look at the room. Where is he? The last thing he remembered was crashing a funeral before getting shot, but what happened after that?

"How long have I been out for…?" He mumbled, the words getting his train of thought going before wincing at a headache.

The door suddenly swung open, and in walked an unfamiliar face. White hair and deep blue eyes on a rugged-looking young man who Kazuma would peg as in his early twenties. The stranger paused, his eyes widening as they landed on him. Kazuma had never met this individual before, but it seems he recognized him in a way.

"Oh…" He uttered. "I, uh, didn't expect you to have woken up yet."

Kazuma asked the first thing on his mind. "Can you tell me where I am?"

He froze. How did he do that? He never spoke English like that before- since when could he speak it so perfectly, without an accent? Sure, he'd read a few books and guides on the language, but he still struggled a lot when it came to actual speech.

But this? Using it like he'd been born knowing it?

What the hell?

"Sure thing." The man nodded, who also showed a tiny bit of shock before closing the door behind him and dragging the chair opposite of the former Yakuza. "You're in my home. You were this close to dying before I patched you up." He helpfully demonstrated just how close by pinching his fingers so near to one another you might push a page of particularly thin paper through the gap they made on a good day.

"I see…" Kazuma mumbled, still not sure how he keeps speaking fluent English. "I take it you're the one who helped me, then."

"Yeah. Couldn't just leave a guy bleeding out without lending a hand." He shrugged. "You did take a while to wake up though, nearly five days now, but I'm pretty sure you should be able to walk around fine."

"...Thanks. For saving my life." Kazuma bowed his head slightly, grateful for another chance. "You haven't told me your name, though."

"Reid Astera, Titan Slayer of Vale, and the CEO of the Astera Potion Company." He introduced himself with a smirk, extending a hand. "Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Kazuma took his hand and nodded, unsure of what 'Titan Slayer' means. "I'm-"

"The Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu- or Kiryu Kazuma if we're going by Japanese customs," Reid said. "I could've lied and pretended to not know who you are, which would've made things a lot easier for me… but I think you deserve to know the truth."

Kazuma paused, frowning a little. "What truth?"

"Yeaaah, I'm the one who actually brought you here, accidentally though." He responded vaguely, scratching at his cheek. "You're not exactly in Japan anymore, you see. We're not even on Earth."


What is this guy talking about? Well, sure he can believe that he's not in Japan anymore. He's been out for almost a week after all, even if he's not sure why or how, but that's at least something that could happen. Probably. Maybe.

But what's this about not being on Earth?

"I know it's difficult to believe, but we're in a different world. A whole other planet, universes away from your home." He continued. "I wasn't expecting to actually bring you, specifically, here. I knew I'd be summoning someone, but I didn't know who."

Kazuma blinked, his frown deepening. "How do I know you're telling the truth?"

He smiled slightly. "You'll see soon enough. I wouldn't make up something this convoluted for no particular reason. Really, what the hell would I get out of it?"

Kazuma had no answer to that. He can just pull out his smartphone and call someone he knew, like Date or Akiyama, but if what this Reid guy is saying is the truth...

He stayed silent, a sinking feeling in his stomach making all of this significantly more uncomfortable. He's been through so many weird events in his life, but an entirely different world?

"It sounds pretty damn unbelievable, but you'll realize that this is no joke." Reid continued. "I get it if you don't believe me, but if you go around the city and ask, no one will know what you're talking about. Nobody will recognize Japan much less Kamurocho."

"How did I get here if that's the case?" He asked.

"That's… an entirely different story." Reid sighed. "I'll just tell you right now, I'm on your side. I won't hurt you or force you to do anything you're uncomfortable with."

Kazuma remained silent, waiting for him to continue.

"I've seen you go through a lot, from the whole thing with the Empty Lot to the Iwami Shipbuilding Company. I practically know everything." He revealed, making the ex-yakuza pause. "I can't… really explain how I know, but I just want you to trust me. I'll tell you eventually, but this is already a lot for you to process."

He really does know everything. He thought. Hardly anyone knows about the Empty Lot conflict.

Kazuma had never been someone who flaunted his achievements. He never even saw them as achievements really, all of the things he went through were merely painful memories that he'd rather forget, given the chance. If this person did know, then he should realize just how much he hated the Yakuza life.

A life he could never escape, no matter how hard he tried.

At the very least, he seems like a decent person. Most people who knew about him wanted him dead or whatever. This Reid guy wanted to help from the looks of it.

"Let's say that I believe you and this is a different world," Kazuma spoke. "Can you send me back to where I came from?"

The guy blinked, frowning in thought.

"It should be possible, but I'm not really sure how to do it." He answered truthfully. "The thing I summoned you with was a one-way ticket. If you really want to go back, then I'll help you find a way-"

"No." Kazuma shook his head. "If your claim about knowing everything about me is true, then you should know what might happen if I go back. I just wanted to know if it's possible."

He paused, his frown becoming sympathetic.

"You really shouldn't blame yourself over this." He said. "It never was your fault, you know. Wanting to stay with family is human nature. The people who try to destroy it are the ones to blame."

"It doesn't change the fact that they were all drawn to me." Kazuma sighed. "As much as I hate it, they've been dragged into Yakuza conflicts because of me. I've made a big mark on that world, one that haunted me for years."

"...Are you really fine with this?" Reid questioned. "Look, it might take me years, but I know I can eventually find a way to send you back home."

Kazuma appreciated the offer, he really did. If he was 'summoned' then it must be for a reason. If Reid was willing to send him back anyway, then he doesn't seem like one to take away the freedom of others.

He respected that mindset, even if it's been the cause of a lot of deaths in the past.

"Thanks, but don't bother." Kazuma declined. "I think this is for the best. No one will get hurt because of me anymore."

Reid didn't answer for a second before nodding, respecting his wishes, then stood up from his chair. "If that's what you want. I got you some stuff, mostly clothes. Get dressed and meet me downstairs."

Suddenly, white pants and a red button-down shirt appeared out of thin air, shocking the former yakuza. Reid put them on the table before heading towards the door, but not before Kazuma stopped him.

"Wait." He said. "How am I speaking fluent English?"

"Oh, that? Eh, just regular ol' magic bullshit. Even I don't fully know how that works yet." He shrugged. "I'll explain everything though, don't worry."

"Wait, magic-"

With that, Reid closed the door behind him, ignoring and leaving Kazuma on his own.

Different worlds, someone supposedly knowing everything about him, and now magic apparently? What the hell is going on? He's been through a lot of crazy stuff before – seen a literal chicken do managerial work better than most people - but this definitely took the cake.

He glanced at the clothes thrown on the table. Where did he pull those things out from also? Kazuma is sure Reid didn't walk in with them. Sighing, he got up from the bed, grabbing the shirt and pants as he started to put them on.

Something told him this would be a long day.

Closing the door behind him, Kazuma glanced around and headed towards the stairs once he spotted them, clenching and unclenching his fists as he went. Being bedridden for days should mean his body ought to not be nearly as responsive it felt right now, he'd usually need to get used to walking again and all that, especially after what he'd been through.

But he feels relatively fine. A bit weak, but that's mostly just because he's really hungry. He'll get used to it soon anyway.

As he walked down, he spotted Reid leaning against the wall in what seems to be a living room, a weird-looking, transparent device in his hand. He pocketed it quickly and nodded at him with a smile.

"You ready?" He asked, prompting Kazuma to nod. "Let's go, then."

He opened the door next to him, leading the older man outside. Before Kazuma followed, he questioned.

"Where are we going?"

"Your new apartment," Reid answered. "Thought you'd appreciate some proper privacy in a new home. You probably won't like it here."

"Is that so…" Kazuma muttered.

As they went through the door, Kazuma froze as he saw a girl with long brown hair and honest to god bunny ears. He could barely process what he was seeing as the girl smiled at Reid, as she bowed it became clear that the ears weren't fakes.

What the hell is this?

"You're going out again, sir?" She asked.

"Sorry, Vel. Things came up." He apologized. "It won't take long though. I'll come back and help once I'm done."

"It's alright, sir. It gets less hectic this time of day anyway." The bunny girl shook her head, then glanced at the ex-yakuza. "I take it it's got to do with him…?"

"You nailed it." Reid chuckled. "Vel, this is Kazuma Kiryu. Kiryu, Velvet Scarlatina."

"It's nice to meet you, Mr. Kazuma." She bowed.

"Y-yeah, likewise." He replied, still looking at her ears.

Velvet blinked, frowning in confusion slightly. "Is… everything okay?"

"Ah, no." He looked away, hoping she didn't catch him staring. "It's nothing."

"Well, I'll leave it to you," Reid said. "See you soon."

"Yes, sir."

Kazuma gave the girl another look before following Reid outside. He shielded his eyes against the setting sun, blinking at what looked to be European architecture. Nothing close to Kamurocho and its neon-saturated alleys, or Onomichi's quiet atmosphere. This place looks like nothing in Japan.

But his mind still wandered back to the girl. She had bunny ears. Why did she have bunny ears? Real ones at that. Since when did people have an extra set of appendages like that?

"Pretty sure the girl inside made it obvious." Reid suddenly said. "I wasn't joking when I said this is another world."

"Her ears-"

"Are real, yeah." He nodded, leading Kazuma through the city. "She's a Faunus. People with animal parts. Ears, tails, wings, and so on."

"So this…" He gulped. To say he was shocked would be an understatement. "It really is a different world?"

"Yup. Welcome to Remnant, the world of Bloody Revolution or something. I don't remember the saying." Reid shrugged. "Four Kingdoms and one unofficial Kingdom. Atlas to the north. Mistral to the east. Vacuo to the west. Menagerie to the far southwest and where we are. The Kingdom of Vale at the heart of it all. "

"Kingdoms?" Kazuma raised a brow. "Not countries? States?"

"Yeah, government works a bit different here. It's ahh, outdated, you could say. Important political figures are usually given seats as Councilmen. Vale has six." He continued, bringing his hand up as he counted each job. "General Onyx Slate, who has a hold on the military. Ivory Roux with her power over the media and entertainment industry. Alba Viridian is responsible for Dust – This world's power source – and the technological advancement of Vale. Valentine Rapha is the head of Vale's food production. Azura Scarlett, the Guildmaster. And finally, Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon, the most prestigious hunter academy in the world."

The ex-yakuza processed these words, but that last subject caught his attention. "Hunters?"

"Elite warriors dedicated to destroying the enemy of humanity. The Grimm." Reid explained. "Grimm are mindless beasts that take on the form of animals and mythical creatures. Their only motivations are 'Destroy' and 'Kill'."

"Stuff like that really exists here?" He mumbled aloud. " People with animal parts I can maybe understand, but monsters?"

"Pretty far-fetched compared to where we came from, I know." Reid smiled. "But it is what it is. I adapted pretty fast, I doubt you'll be any different."

"'We?'" Kazuma parroted with narrowed eyes. "So you came from Earth too? Were you summoned by someone?"

"Heh, I died to get here." He chuckled, surprising the older man. "Don't remember much from my past life other than some general knowledge and bits and pieces of other stuff. Don't even know how I died."

"...I'm sorry to hear that."

"Don't worry about it. Pretty sure my old life was boring anyway." Reid grinned. "This place, here, is way more exciting. Dangerous to be sure, but I'm somewhat of an adrenaline junkie. I managed."

"M-mister Astera?" A voice interrupted the two, prompting them to look at a young boy holding a coloring book who's looking at Reid with sparkling eyes. "C-can I have your autograph?"

"Of course, little guy." Reid smiled, pulling out a pen from his pocket. "Where do you want me to sign it?"

Kazuma observed silently as the boy pointed at the desired spot.

"R-right here."

With one fluid motion of his hand, Reid signed the book, prompting a gasp from the boy. "T-thank you so much!"

"Anytime, buddy. Run along now."

The boy bowed deeply before running back to his mother in the distance, who also bowed in gratitude. Reid then started walking again, causing Kazuma to follow after him.

"You're popular." He stated.

"Yeah, that's what happens when you become a worldwide hero." Reid shrugged. "Fans everywhere, but they're usually pretty polite about it all."

The rest of the walk followed a similar pattern to that, with Kazuma asking questions about the world and Reid answering with what he knew. It didn't take very long for the ex-yakuza to come to terms with the fact that he wasn't on Earth anymore, especially not with magic apparently being real. Well, he had dealt with ghosts before, but this felt even more outlandish. Maybe it was the clarity that came after what felt like death, or the feeling of fulfillment after knowing that Haruka and the others wouldn't be targeted anymore.

Or it could be because of his companion's somewhat relatable origins. Being on a completely different planet is a pretty scary concept, but he was glad to take comfort in knowing that he wasn't alone, and Reid seems to be pretty knowledgeable about Remnant too.

He did arrive before Kazuma, so he's had time to research and learn a lot about it.

But it still all felt so surreal. This entire experience felt like a dream, one that he'll wake up any second to be greeted with the familiar ceiling of a hospital, but then a thought came to mind. Maybe he did die, and this is simply his second chance at life? In a world far removed from the one he came from? Reid said he died to get here, so maybe Kazuma is also the same.

There were a lot of things to process Kazuma wasn't really sure what to think anymore.

"Here we are," Reid said, stopping at a two-story building. "Had it ready for you days ago. It's pretty big for one person, but it was the best place I found on short notice. It's also the closest property that was available to my store."

A regular-looking European-style house with a tight alleyway on its left side was displayed in front of him. It wasn't anything special, but definitely nothing to scoff at either. As Reid said, it's pretty big for one person- Kazuma wasn't really sure if this was fine.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yup. Here are your keys." Reid handed him a ring of them. "Take as long as you need to process everything. Once you feel up to it, come and see me again at the store."

"Sure…" Kazuma nodded.

"Also, over in the living room, there's a case filled with money and a scroll – er, the equivalent of a smartphone here. Those are yours." He said. "Anyway, I'll leave you on your own now. Good luck."

Reid gave him one last nod before turning around, walking away from the ex-yakuza. Kazuma glanced at the keys, turning his head behind to address him before he was gone.

"Oi." Reid stopped, looking back with a raised brow. "...Thanks. For all of this."

"Well, I'm the one who brought you here." Reid shrugged. "Really, you're practically my responsibility. It'd leave a bad taste in my mouth if I just abandoned you."

"Heh…" Kazuma smiled slightly. "True enough."

"But you're welcome." He threw up a hand and turned back around, walking away. "Take care."

Kazuma stared back at the house, and with a deep sigh, crossed in through the front door. Might as well get to know the place.

This is gonna be a long day, isn't it?


It was very difficult for me to remain cool the entire time. In front of me was my favorite character in fiction. There's no way I can act like it's a regular occurrence, but I kept calm and somehow managed to gain a positive reaction from him. Sure, I know about the weird shit he's dealt with in his life – considering that all substories are canon apparently – but it's better to not remind him of Kamurocho's abnormal citizens.

Pretty sure acting like a fanboy wouldn't have helped at all though.

I did find it strange how he trusted me so fast, but one has to count my high charisma and certain other perks that help with trust, on top of Kiryu being surprisingly idealistic and trustful. Even after everything he went through, he still doesn't stereotype people into certain categories. Maybe his age and the recent events he went through helped.

Age isn't really that much of an issue either. 48 is pretty damn old, but the guy is still insanely powerful considering he doesn't have Aura to ease the burden like Qrow or Tai.

It's gonna be weird to be the only one calling him Kiryu, though. His given name is Kazuma, but I'm too used to saying his surname. No one in Remnant goes by Japanese customs, even Mistral, which is supposed to be composed of multiple different Asian countries, Japan included. Even Kiryu will be confused.

Regardless, I got a positive impression from Kiryu, considering I literally pulled him out of his world without any permission. When I first summoned him, I was elated, but I took time to think about it and felt terrible afterward. I don't think anyone would be happy to be pulled away from their home to help some random dude out in the multiverse.

If I was pulled away from here, I'd be pretty pissed. I have a good thing going here, made a lot of promises, and have a girlfriend. Leaving them without any warnings is scummy, and I'd probably take my anger out on the summoner. If they're a good guy, then it makes it even worse.

Thank god he didn't hold any grudges or anger for me, especially since I know I can't defend myself over it.

Kazuma Kiryu Reputation Level [25/100]

Hope he takes the offer I have for him. I can be happy about meeting him and all, but it'd be reaaaally nice if he joined me.

But even after all of this, after meeting one of the few people I truly look up to, I'm still pissed about what happened in the training grounds. I was this fucking close to having the time of my life before being interrupted. Don't fucking tell me I'm cursed with the Harem Protagonist Syndrome of never getting laid.

This whole thing – and I mean everything. Work, training, guilt, and every other shit I have to deal with are stressing me out. I don't think beating slavers or killing Grimm is gonna do it for me anymore, but I don't want to push Ruby to do it when she's uncomfortable because I felt horny.

It's obvious that she felt the same at the time, but now that the moment was ruined, I can't be sure if that's what she's feeling right now too.

I sigh deeply. "I hate everything…"

Wonder how Ruby's taking this…


[Lime ahead.]

Moaning, Ruby tried to replicate the feeling of pure ecstasy as her fingers furiously pumped in and out of her wet entrance. Her free hand pinching the hard pink nub before squeezing the soft mound. Her breath hitched as she brought herself closer and closer to climax, face red from exhaustion while biting down on her pillow.

She's never done this before, only catching Yang do it a few times, but she never understood why. From her point of view, it looked gross. Why is anyone willing to touch themselves there? It can't feel that good. There's just no way- how would it even feel good?

Turned out she was wrong. Terribly ignorant of the great deal of pleasure this simple act can do, all she had to do to get addicted is simply feeling it once. Ruby is surprised that Yang simply doesn't stay in her room to do this all day long. Her sister had more self-restraint than she thought.


She groaned out her lover's name, trying to imagine him doing the same thing he did earlier this day. As good as it felt doing it by herself, something was missing. Her fingers don't feel as good as his, even when she managed to insert a third one into her tight folds. Why? Why doesn't feel as good? What's the difference?

Is it because he has bigger hands, therefore bigger fingers? Does it feel better if someone else is doing it? Is it because of her feelings for him adding to the pleasure? Or is he just really skilled? It frustrated her to no end. Ruby wants to feel the same euphoria Reid brought her to.

With frustration fueling her, Ruby forced her fingers to go in and out faster until she reached her orgasm, moaning loudly as she squirted her juices onto the bed. She collapsed, breathing heavily as she gazed at her coated fingers, wiping them away on the back of her pillow with a grimace.


Great, now she's disappointed and has to clean this up.

At least she's home alone. Thank the gods Yang isn't here to catch her doing this. She would never live it down.

Ruby doesn't know how long she's been masturbating, but a check on her scroll said it was two hours. Two hours of trying to copy the feeling, and no matter how close she got, there's still something wrong. Is it so bad to want that?

...Well, she could ask Reid if she really wanted to.

Ruby blushed madly at that thought. Wait, what? Why did she think that? She couldn't just walk up to a guy and ask him to that! Even if he was her boyfriend! He'll think she's a pervert or something, and he won't look at her the same again. She could never risk that! Ever!

...B-but maybe she can? He looked pretty disappointed too, right? A-and she can just do the same for him. It's only fair if he felt good too, right?

But she couldn't just walk up to him and say that without any reason! No, no no! That's wrong! Really wrong!

...If there's a reason, though…

...She could maybe ask him on their date? Ruby has plenty of time to prepare and what better way to end a date than to spend a passionate night together? They could even do that. Ruby isn't that innocent, no matter what Yang says. She knows about sex, why it happens, how it happens, and what comes after it.

Signal literally teaches Sex Ed in the first year.

"Hm?" Ruby caught something at the corner of her eye, quickly whipping her head at the uniform Reid gave her.

She blinked. Did it just… move?

Hm. Must be her imagination...

Ruby shook her head with a sigh, getting off the bed as she headed towards the bathroom. She can think about all of this when she's not all wet and sticky.

All she needs now is a cold shower.

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