Hiccup turns into a female dragon

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(Contains: Night fury Transformation, gender Transformation and udtf. Also sex as a dragon)

Hiccup was held in captivity by the Dragon Hunters on a ship while they were sailing towards the island were they were trading Dragons, he was held in a cell next to toothless. He had tried to escape but it seems to futile with every try. As the hunter's ship trundle along in this awful weather and the stormy archipelago the hunter's guard the ship even in night time. The always feared a attack of the Dragon riders to get their leader back.

On the main deck there was a cabin for the dragon hunters leaders. They were discussing what to do and because Trader Johann was with Krogan and Viggo with his brother they had to decide what to do with Hiccup and toothless. Trader Johann spoke up:" I have a plan for Hiccup and his pet Dragon. How about we change Hiccup in such a way that the riders won't recognise him and that he will help us get rich with Toothless. Or we just let them go free because the Dragon riders will try and help him and they will not know what to to with his change." krogan and Viggo asked him what he had mind. The trader wanted to turn Hiccup into a Dragon but in such away that his mind was somewhere else. He wants to make it pleasurable towards him to make sure he not forget what he was happening to him.

Because Hiccup was on two different decks. They knocked out Toothless and dragged him to a bigger cell where more Dragons could fit in. The pulled a syringe out and took some blood from toothless and mixed it with changewing acid and some Dragonscales. But these we're from different night fury. These are from female night fury. Which changed the person who was injected with it. It was more possible that he would become female. They didn't know how or what would trigger the change but it seems to be the best punishment for the rider. For all the trouble he has created. Hiccup was dragged into the office of the Dragonhunters. And pushed on his knees. The Hunters look like they were gonna enjoy this. " I've you want the dragon eye, I won't tell you where it is. And where is my dragon?" Hiccup asked. Viggo slapped Hiccup hard that he was sent to the floor. The guards pulled him back up and onto his knees. " Hiccup, do you think that I care about the dragon eye now?" Johan said mockingly. " You will see your Dragon soon but you seem to love the night fury much after meeting him and defeating the red death. Here's our deal,

I'll let you go but you have to drink this." Feature to the cup with the mixture in it. " Why should I don't know what is in it.?" He said. Johan smiling at him. He nodded towards the guards and the held hiccups Head and covered his eyes, while holding his mouth open. The started to pour the liquid in and they jammed the needle in his neck. After that a strange heat rolled through hiccup. The cup holding the mixture was only watered down ale and in the needle was the stuff to change him. He tried to cough up what he had to swallow. He felt the prick on his neck on his main blood vessel. He struggled against it." Take him down to his Dragon see how he likes his dragon now. Hiccup was dragged toward the door. He struggled to get free. A punch to his neck and all lights went out. He went limp and the guards dragged him to his knocked out best friend.

The rider and his Dragon was in one cell. Toothless woke up and sniffed he smelled a other of his kin, but he only saw his rider and he was certainly sure that he was male.

Hiccup sitting there as if nothing was going through his head, just a blank stare. Hiccup was feeling weird as his stomach was doing summer salts.

He felt it made him throw up but he tried to focus on just breathing and looking at his Dragon to see if they hurt him. Toothless stirred ant was happy so see Hiccup again. He tried to get up but stumbled across the cell as if he was drunk. He remembers the prick sensation and the words of the hunters what did they mean that he loved toothless. He felt really sick. He looked up from getting nudged by toothless.

Hiccup being nudged and he stirred at his dragon. " Hey bud, how is your tail fin? It looks hurraght" his sentence ended as he coughed up a smell that tasted like shit. He caught again, he could taste it. Vomit came up his throat, it stunk badly and it exits though his nose. It came out like a brown fluid. Hiccup continued to be sick. Somehow it had isolated for his mouth and he could only smell it and it came out of his nose like anus.

He noticed that the taste in his mouth had changed his mouth getting more flexible and bigger a salty, sweet tasting fluid was being generated from his mouth it. It was also sticky too.

He didn't see that Toothless was smelling it and it gave the dragon mixed signals. It was basically saying that a female was ready to be serviced by a male dragon. Hiccup touched his face he felt that his lips had changed becoming rougher and more hard with little scales growing. He did not know what was happening to him. The surface felt sticky inside of his mouth. There was a nub and as he touched it he felt heat and his erection grow it had forced him to his knees, the sensation. More fluid came out of his mouth. He saw toothless smell his face and he felt him lick it. Toothless tongue exploded with the flavour of a female. The pheromones confirmed that the area he was licking was of a female dragon vagina.

He didn't see that his nose was changing into a anal cavity and his nose bone was disappearing making one hole he felt his neck bones grinding it felt as his if his neck was pushing through his skull. Hiccup got too his feet and his head felt heavy and it felt as if it was stuck in a position of facing down.

Toothless walked up to him to sniff hiccups face and he smelt something coming from his riders mouth. It smells like a female but he backed away from hiccups weird look. His neck and hair felt heavy it was pulling him down to all fours. Hiccups mouth was filling up with saliva but it tasted salty and felt sticky, he continued to talk. His voice sounded muffed less loud.

Hiccups face felt more central of his shoulders and he couldn't move it around it has grown more flat and wide because of the growing tail. He could only look down towards the floor. The tail was already half the size of toothless one.

It felt as the tail was moving on its own accord. As a different conscious was moving it and he had no control over it. Because of the tail he was unable to balance properly.

It was becoming more difficult to stand in a upright position. Pain flared up his neck and shoulders. And did his arms and hands. It sent him forward with him on his knees.

A pain wracked his shoulders and they changed the range of motion so did his elbows as they shifted to knee joints. Hiccup saw his arm become legs and feet became paws with four claws with each having a dewclaw. He felt his shoulders become hips for a quadruple animal his case in the middle his throat was changing into a vaginal channel with a egg chamber suitable for a dragon dick and sperm. He could take a dragon dick with a knot easily.

Hiccup tried to call out for help but his voice was diminishing it felt as his vocals were closing up. His voice sounded wet.

His tongue turns into the urethra and urine sprays out towards the ground. As the pee fell to the ground his voice vanished from him. Hiccup felt as if he was losing his mind he felt fins on the side of his body grow as if body was expanding. His vaginal lips doing wet sounds. Every movement he could move then less. The became more engorged and Dragon like. He could still see but only downward.

The female smell of pee got toothless attention. It confirmed that there was a female in this cell he was watching his rider change but the animal side of him was getting stronger not to be ignored it. The tip of his flared dragoncock started to pocke out of his sheath and it slid out an inch. Toothlsee was still sniffing at his riders tail. Saw how his Rider struggled to get up from his position it actually saw very awkward for saw this thing sit in this awkward position like he did. It's tail curls around this head less body only it's genitals in view. The rest of hiccups face was between it's legs his former mouth drooling fluid that ran in his eyes. It stung his eyes. His nose fully an anus now clenched. Toothless saw his riders eyes as they were full of fear. He had no idea that this would happen. Sure he felt the prick as they injected the stuff but this is unimaginable. If the others were subjected to this fate he hopes they didn't get captured in the future.

He was wanting to claim him or her now. He pinned this body of his rider to the ground and his now fully erected cock was centermeters away from hiccups former mouth. Hiccup looked as his Dragons cock came closer to his face. He couldn't move any where. He felt that he was pinned to the floor. He could not move. Toothless cock was dripping with pre cum and it was dripping on his eyes.

Over pains started with his penis it felt as more blood was needed to be pumped through it.

Hiccup felt his penis start to grow his balls went on top of his body to start to turn into wings. But it was too long already and heavy he saw familiar tail fins on the end. The pain came again in form of his spine becoming longer and more of a sleek looking dragon. Toothless loomed over Hiccups still shifting body.

His inner organs were shifting around he could see his stomach and ribs shifting his ribs moved up and like his dragon's stomach moved down. He felt new structure appear and others disappear. He legs started to change and become as long as his new hind legs, the bones broke and then reconfigured into front paws with five claws. He saw how his skin was becoming scales and darker with each passing second.

The only thing missing was the dragon new skull and face but hiccup could feel it was getting harder to keep his eyes open. It felt like his energy was being drained but his arousal was turned on. He started to leak clear fluid.

Toothless was getting impatient with the change and he started to smear his tip of his Dragoncock against Hiccup former face, he managed to poke a eye. Hiccup closed it, but felt harder to reopen.

He was eager to mount this new female. Hiccups body moved on it own accord his front moved up as his wings grew on his back and tail lifted to curl around Toothless one. Hiccup trying to move his changing body but it didn't respond. Toothless his snout was right up to the growinghead of this new Dragon. He sniffed its new scent coming from it's dragons body was nearly finished, it had wings, tail with fins and scales. It was on its back still. Hiccup felt his penis grow wide and in size to become the dragon's skull. Its mouth was forming with a forked tongue and retracted teeth like toothless. It's starting to breathe in and out.

Hiccups awkward position let him see how his chest moved. He wasn't in control of it. It also felt like he forgotten how to breathe. It felt as if he was only becoming a organ to pleasure toothless.

It's neck with dragon vocals. And her eyes opened up a pair of blue eyes with slits. The Dragon brain was started to grow.

Hiccup felt his deterioration with his complex way of thinking start to slow down. His eyes slowly closed he tried to fight it but couldn't do anything about it. They were closed forthe final time and we're desolved into the body they will become ovaries making them fully draconic. For hiccup it was darkness.

Toothless started to push his ridged cock into the vagina. Throwing the female into her heat fully toothless mounted the dragon from behind and his penis found its target easily. Hiccups brain was turning into the bladder for this new Dragon. And the stuff he had learned was turning into piss.

The only thing that remains was his eyes now brain only thoughts were eating fish, sleeping, flying and breeding to continue the species. Toothless was full in his mating frenzy. What hiccup hadn't realised they were being watched all the time. With a roar toothless came and the lower end of the dragon swelled. Because of the swelling the bladder gave in and the remaining intelligence of hiccup poured out onto the floor staining the boards.

Hiccup felt him drift away. He felt the pleasure of Toothless rutting him but that was it. Toothless slumped down and the newly female night fury licked his head in effect on of this male. They were knotted together to make sure the Dragoness was gravid afterwards. Both slumped down to take a nap.

Toothless had a smile on his face. Hicccup was just a organ and no longer in control of his body. His only priority of to birth eggs and take cock form dragons. While being in heat.

The three Dragon hunters were laughing and making future plans for the other riders.

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