Chapter 1 - Love at first slurp

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"Dahlia academy, a boarding school for the best and the brightest. A prestigious academy built on Dahlia island, and with inroads to the town of Dahlia. Sure the naming might lack in variety, but it sure makes remembering stuff easy."

Said a bespectacled boy, with blond hair. He wore a white vest emblazoned with a crest near the left breast.

"Don't expect that on a test though," he said with a laugh, looking back at his fellow blond who was following him. Who was staring at his surroundings with dead eyes.

With a backpack and a luggage trolley, the dead eyed blond took leaden steps forward, with every inch covered being akin to the walk to the galley.

"O-Oi, glasses. Just take me to my room." he said to the bespectacled boy. "I-I can't breathe man." He saw a pair of students studying in the courtyard. He shivered in terror. "I think I'm gonna puke," he said covering his mouth.

"Uh, it's Scott, not glasses." Said the walking glasses, frowning. "I'm taking time out of my day to show you around you know." The glasses looked into the distance, "Lord knows Lady Persia must be looking for me right now." Scott rounded up on the other blond, his eyes lingering for a second on the whiskers. "And let's make one thing very clear, Lady Persia is the leader and the jewel of the White Cats. Disrespect her and the whole dorm will kick you out, lickety split."

Unbeknownst to them, a boy with wild black hair, wearing a black vest had paused in his stride as he heard the two of them talk. His ears picking up the name of the opposing dorm's leader, and secretly his crush, he stopped by to listen in.

"Lickety what? Eww, man I don't wanna lick her." The whiskered blond made a face. "What is that a custom around here or something? Licking your leader's face?" He scratched his cheek, failing to notice the scandalized expression on Scott's face. "Uhh, I don't want to be culturally insensitive, so if we could get some ramen and splash it on her face, then I can lick it off? How does that sound?"

"W-What the hell are you saying! You'd dare defile the sanctity of our leader's cheek! Y-You brute! You ruffian! You brother-in-arms!" Scott grabbed him and gave him a fierce one armed hug. "I know exactly how you feel!"

The whiskered blond gained some cheer in his face. "Yeah! Ramen rules!" he pumped a fist in the air.

"And Lady Persia!" Scott cried.

"But only with ramen!"

"Yeah, we're gonna lick it all off!" Scott roared.

"Ehh, if we have to!"

"Every nook and cranny baby!" Scott beat his chest and let out his innermost desires.

And the universe responded in kind.

"Y-You bastards." An angry growl sounded off behind them.

Scott turned back with a, "pardon?"

A solid punch landed square in the perverted boy's face, sending him sailing across the courtyard and landing in the fountain.

"Oi, glasses!" The whiskered blond blinked in shock, before he ducked under a punch. "You never told me you could fly!" He jumped over a sweeping kick. "Are you a ninja too?" The gust from a missed haymaker brushed his locks.

Catching the next punch, the blond said, "hey are we doing ballet?" He cocked his head. "May I have the honor of knowing milady's name? …did I get that right?"

"What?" The black haired assaulter scowled at him. "Let go damn it!" He pulled back hard, freeing his fist. Jumping back a few steps he glared at the blond. "You got some nerve starting crap with the black dogs' leader."

The blond scratched his head with an embarrassed grin. "Hehe, sorry. I'm just following the flow, ain't no stops on my life's speeder."

The black dog got in his face. "Stop now, look around. The black dogs will bite you. Look out, we'll cut you to the bone, just to spite you."

A crowd of black vested students began gathering behind the black dogs' leader.

The blond started bopping his head and cutting the air with his hands. "We cool, you fool. No need no show of hands. Claws and applause, white cats are the one, and you the numbah two."

The white vested white cats assembled at large and began chanting their dorm name. "White cats! White cats!"

A black dog threw their leader a cap, which he caught and wore backwards as he continued to rap. "Inuzuka Romio, remember the name. The top dog, top class, the best in the game. Cross me boy, and you'll never be the same."

The black dogs howled and stomped their feet. "Black dogs! Black dogs!"

The blond grinned. "Lady Persia, is the one for the books. Not like you puppy, she a tiger with the looks. Compared to her, you'd just end up lame, and you only have yourself to blame!"

"Lady Persia!" Chanted the white cats, and the fountain with floating glasses.

Inuzuka Romio, bit his lips. "Damn…", he cursed, spotting the white cats' leader, Juliet Persia, standing with her dorm-mates and smiling and nodding to the tune of their chorus. The sun rays sparkled around her as she laughed. "Damn, she's cute." Inuzuka muttered to himself and blushed, whipping his head away from her and staring at the floor.

"Y-Yah, so… S-Smash y-yo," Inuzuka stuttered, peeked a glance at Persia, blushed and stuttered again. "Crap I can't do this, she watching me so intently!" Covering his face, he squealed to himself under his breath.

"Tch," a short haired black dog snatched Inuzuka's cap and put it on himself. "Yah so get this straight, dirty white cats. No matter the game we'll beat you black and blue. So unless you're dumb, put your fists up, get a damn clue!"

"Yeah, you tell them Maru!" yelled the black dogs. And then they charged ahead, yelling bloody murder.

Persia whipped her sword out and pointed it at the pack of dogs dashing towards them. "White cats, stand your guard! And bring glory to our dorm!" And the white cats marched forward, making haste to meet the enemy head on.

The whiskered blond, smack dab in the middle, looked from left to right. "Wait what-"

"Hah!" Maru sucker punched him, "heh! First blood." He smirked to himself before ducking away from the action.

His balance unbalanced due to the weight on his back, the whiskered blond careened from the courtyard and into the mess hall of the black dogs. Tripping over his feet, he stumbled over the table and knocked it upside down, falling to the floor.

A bowl full of hot broth and noodles splattered on his head. He pursed his lips and let out a small yelp. But as the broth dripped down his face, and the fragrance of the noodles swept his senses, he found his tongue reaching for the stray noodle which had found its way to his lips. He slurped up the noodle.

And his mouth exploded with flavor.

"Are you okay?!" A girl kneeled before him and started cleaning his head. "Don't just lie there, you face will burn up!" She wiped his head with a handkerchief.

"Did you make that bowl?" The blond whispered, bunching up his knees and sitting up. The girl's frowning face met his eyes.

"Yeah, that was Hasuki's lunch. Why, did you like ruining it?" She glared at him, eyeing his white vest.

The blond grinned. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, I'm new around here. And I know we just met and this may sound crazy." He took the girl's hand and placed a kiss on it. "But marry me maybe?"

The girl went from outrage, to embarrassment, to outraged embarrassment. "W-W-What!" She slammed the bowl on his head and whipped her head away with flaming cheeks. "What are you saying you filthy cat!"

"Uhhh, did I get that wrong?" Naruto's head spun from the ceramic that cracked his skull, "you spin me right round baby, right round. Like a record baby, right round, round round." He giggled with dazed eyes before he clocked out of consciousness.

"Aah! No, don't die! Hasuki can't become a murderer!" Hasuki began trying to revive him by grabbing his throat and shaking him vigorously.

"Hasuki! Are you okay! I heard you screaming!" Inuzuka came running into the mess hall and came upon the crime scene. "Holy shit, Hasuki…" With a grave face, he knelt down beside the girl and put a hand on her shoulder. He gave her a grim smile. "Don't worry, we can hide the body."

Hasuki smacked him behind the head. "Hasuki didn't murder him! She can still feel the pulse in his throat!"

Inuzuka nodded in understanding, "ah, so we're finishing the job-"

"Stop messing around and help me take him to the infirmary!" said Hasuki.

"Alright, alright, geez." Inuzuka hefted the unconscious blond onto his shoulder. Headed towards the infirmary, he grinned like a maniac, "say this means the white cats owe us right?"


"Hey, you alright?" He glanced at her, "you got a fever or something? Your face is all red."

She pouted at him. "Just walk, Inuzuka-kun."

Inuzuka shrugged and left the matter.

Hasuki glared at the dangling blond.

And Naruto sleep sang-

"Right round baby, right round."