It had all started with a strange book that Kyoko had found while messing around in the basement of her father's church. It had been buried in some hidden alcove in the walls that likely even he didn't know about. If he had, then he'd have likely thrown it away judging by its appearance. It was thick and filled with sorts of symbols she couldn't recognize on the cover. Despite that it seemed hardly worn at all, as if brand new. It was if time hadn't affected it all despite how old this book might've seemed.

So of course, to satisfy her curiosity she opened it and was surprised to find that she could read the contents. Japanese in such an ancient book. She couldn't help but read it aloud.

"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schwe-… Schwepe… Sch… uh me."

Kyoko turned to the next page and a strange, yet beautiful red pendant attached to a metal chain. She immediately planned to sell it and the book when she was done to get her family some food to eat.

"The alighted wind becomes a wall. That gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate."

She could feel something warm up in her body. Whatever she was doing it was doing something and she was going to see it to its end.

"Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Repeat every five times. Simply, shatter once filled. I announce. Your self is under me, my fate (doom) is in your sword. In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail-"

Holy Grail? Like that thing from Indiana Jones? The cup that granted immortality if you drank from it?

"If you abide this feeling, this reason, then answer. Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead."

She took one deep breath as she prepared herself for the final verse.

"You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance!"

The air around her thrummed with some sort of deep red energy and yet nothing else had changed. Despite going through the entirety of the chant there was still something missing, but she didn't know what.

She leaned back with a sigh.

At this point she was prepared to just leave it alone and hope the energy would just go away before the rest of her family got back.

She moved her hand and accidently cut against a jagged stone in the wall.

"Ouch, shit," she cursed as a few drops of blood fell onto the floor below.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew up from underneath causing her to yelp and push her skirt down. The wind blew up the dust from the floor revealing a complex circle underneath that then began to spin above the ground and around her. The energy was incredible, almost blinding, and it caused her to whimper back in fear as all that power condensed into a single point.

It then exploded.

Kyoko yelled as the explosion caused her to fall backwards onto her butt. She used her arms to shield her face. When the dust finally subsided, she cracked open eyes to find a figure in front of her.

It was a man. A fairly tall one with spiked white hair, tan skin, and eyes the color of steel. He wore a red coat on top of skintight black armor. She might've considered him attractive if she had happened to swing that way. Unfortunately, she had other things to worry about. Mostly about this very threatening stranger suddenly appearing in the basement of her father's church.

The man looked around lazily. "How strange, I do not sense the presence of a Holy Grail and yet I've been summoned." He looked at her with the eyes of a hawk. "Are you my master?"

Kyoko gulped.

Master? Who was this man and why did he appear? Was it because of the spell she had apparently cast? Apparently magic existed? That was new!

He raised an eye at her silence. "You clearly have a way with words."

Was he making fun of her!?

Kyoko's vision turned red as she stood up, walked up to him, and kicked him in the shin. She immediately regretted that decision as she kneeled onto the floor and gripped at her poor throbbing foot. Did this man have a body made of steel or something?

"Well you certainly have bite," he looked at her casually as she writhed on the floor. "Tell me, where are we?"

"Kazamino," Kyoko hissed out as pain in her foot finally subsided.

"I have not heard of that country before."

"It's a city in Japan," she huffed as she finally stood up in front of him. She hardly reached his chest, which wasn't surprising considering she was twelve, but the last thing she wanted was to seem intimidated by him. Which she most definitely was.

"Strange," he said as he crossed his arms and closed his eyes in thought. "What year is this?"

"2008." Kyoko quickly replied. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing just familiarizing myself with this… time."


"Perhaps some explanations are in order for my clueless master in front of me."

Kyoko huffed though she avoided trying to hit him again. The last thing she needed was to break her against his, admittedly, solid abs of his.

"I am an Archer Servant, a Heroic Spirit summoned to wage battle against six other servants and their masters in the Holy Grail war… or at least that was what is normally supposed to happen."

"Grail? War? Heroic Spirit? And what do you mean this isn't supposed to normally happen?"

"What I mean is that there is no Grail from what I can sense. No war to fight in. And yet you still summoned me into this world. Normally I would be provided with information needed to fulfill my purpose and yet I have still haven't received a thing. So right now," he looked her over once more, "all I have to work on is this rather petite master of my mine."

Kyoko immediately crossed her hands over her chest. "I'm twelve you perv."

"And yet you're much skinnier than most girls your age should be."

Unfortunately, that reminder of her body was enough to cause her stomach to growl. The noise echoed throughout the entirety of the basement, much to her embarrassment.

"Have you eaten anything recently?" the man asked.

"No," she admitted.

"Are you alone?"

"No, it's just that my family… doesn't have much money for food."

The man scratched his head and gave her look that could almost be construed as pity. "It would be no good to have my master starve on me. I'll have to get you something to eat."

"How are you going to do that? Are you going to steal?"

The man waved her off. "There are plenty of legitimate ways for a man of my skills to gather food and money for your family. I'm assuming they own this church?"

Kyoko nodded. "It's my father's."

"Then I'm sure they'll accept donations."

Of all things that Kyoko thought would happen today, the last she would've expected her was to have a full meal cooked by someone who might as well be a Master chef. The beef rice bowl he had made for her was wonderful, perfectly meaty and garnished with some of the sweetest marinated vegetables she had ever eaten.

It was enough to cause slight tears to appear in her eyes as she graciously asked for seconds.

The man was more than willing to oblige.

"So, I'm your master, right?" Kyoko asked as she finished her second bowl.

Archer nodded as he stepped from the tiny kitchen to the dining room wearing her mother's pink apron. It looked good on him oddly enough. It was a wonder where he even got the ingredients considering the fridge was near empty. "Indeed, the command seals on the back of your hand are proof of that."

Kyoko looked at the back of her right hand and finally noticed the deep red symbols that looked like they had tattooed onto her skin. "Uh… is there any way to hide this? I don't think my father will be happy with this."

"There are spells we can use to hide it from most normal people. Though it would be a good habit to wear gloves whenever you can."

"Spells? So, you're some sort of magician, even though you're supposed to be an Archer?"

The man lifted and an arrow suddenly appeared in it. "To be an Archer servant requires the possession of powerful projectile weapons or special abilities related to them. They are not the only tools or skills I possess however they are my notable strengths along with Independent Action."

"Independent Action?"

"Independent action allows me to act independently for a length of time without an active supply of magical energy from my Master. Have you not noticed the slight drain on your Prana with me in your presence?"

Kyoko tilted her head. "Prana?"

"Are your family not Magi?"

"No. My father's a priest."

"Priests can be mages too."

"Well I've never seen him using magic before!"

"So, assuming your family doesn't have a Crest or Magical Circuits… then either you just happened to be born with dormant circuits or the summoning ritual caused your body to create them. In the latter case your body would've gone through a mutation because of the ritual."

"I have these Magical Circuits then?"

He nodded. "One active. 29 more that still lie dormant. More than the average magus and judging by the 10 units your active circuit is creating, you have the makings of a potent mage."

Kyoko gasped in excitement. She couldn't quite help it. "I can use magic?"



"True Magic is to do the impossible. It is the highest class of mystery that allows the actualization of events that are impossible to reproduce by humans or the planet even if given an infinite amount of time and resources."


"Magic makes the impossible happen. Magecraft simply allows you to do what it possible through science through supernatural means. If it's theoretically possible through science, then you should be able to do it through Magecraft."

"So, like… creating a fire?" Kyoko ventured. "Since that's scientifically possible I can use Magecraft to create fire whenever I want."

The man nodded. "In simplest terms yes. There is much more you can do through Magecraft. Just don't expect to raise the dead or travel through time."

"Fair enough. But still magi- I mean Magecraft. Wow."

He looked at her solemnly. "To be a Magus is to walk with death. You must always be prepared to die for your craft, to cast aside your humanity for the sake of something greater than yourself. It is not a decision to be taken likely."

"But you made that decision, right? And you became a Hero because of it?"

It was subtle but she could almost see the man hesitate at her words. "A Heroic Spirit. Not a hero."

"What's the difference?"

"A Heroic Spirit is a higher being, people or things that have achieved great deeds in life and become objects of worship after their deaths. Just because they are worshipped and put onto the throne doesn't make them a hero. There are plenty of villains in history whose falling have made them famous enough to put them on the throne."

"So, are you a hero or a villain then?"

"I am nothing but a soldier."

"Well that's boring." Kyoko huffed. "What's the point of a soldier if there is no war? There are still plenty of people that need salvation though. So you know what I'll be a hero then."

"What?" he stared at her incredulously.

"I'll become a Magus and a hero. I'll become so cool that'll I'll join that Throne you're talking about like you did."

He clenched his fists though that hardly bothered her. "Being a hero is a stupid hopeless dream. I might be a Heroic Spirit, but it is impossible to be a true hero. It is a dream that will only lead you to your ruin."

"You can't know unless you try it," Kyoko waved him off. "How would you know, being a soldier and all?"

The man grunted. "You'll realize soon enough Master."



"My name is Kyoko Sakura and as your Master I demand to know yours."

"In this world I have no name. You can simply refer to me though as Archer."

"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God promised to those who love him."

Kyoko hummed to herself as she listened to her father's lecture in her church.

James 1:12. One of her father's favorite verses and the one he was seen quoting most often every time she and Momo complained about their homework. It certainly applied in this case to the one other person that had come to attend his sermon that day, a homeless man that had just happened to wander in.

Despite losing most of his flock with his strange sermons he still determinedly gave them. Even when there was no one to listen. Apparently, God was all the he needed, but a man worked that hard deserved to have others listen to him, right?

She sighed.

In the end there was nothing she could do. Magecraft had its limits and even Archer couldn't really do a thing about that, apart from providing the occasional anonymous donation to the church so that they wouldn't starve.

Well technically, he could but it wasn't exactly morally sound to start hypnotizing people to come into the church. In the end faith came from choice. It was God that had planted the forbidden fruit in the Garden in first place. To be able to choose otherwise and still choose it was proof of love and forcing people to that against their will would probably one of the biggest sins of all.

Kyoko twirled her pencil in her mouth and began biting down the edge as she mulled over her homework. She didn't have to worry about breaking it at all, a quick bout of Reinforcement was all it took to prevent bite marks while still giving it enough give so that she didn't and up breaking her teeth against it.

It was strange how much of her life remained the same even three months after Archer's summoning. She was still going to school, still doing homework, and occasionally attending one of her father's sermons with Momo. The only thing that really changed is that Archer would occasionally take an hour or two afterschool to train her in Magecraft in an isolated location. It didn't take much for him to set something called a Bounded Field to prevent people from seeing them.

In fact, he was really good at hiding thanks to his magic and Astral form, so she never actually had to tell her family anything about him. Granted it didn't feel right to keep such a huge secret from them, especially from her father, but well try convincing a devout priest that you were now a magician that owned a Heroic Spirit whose sole purpose was to fight for you in a nonexistent war.

God only knows how many verses from Revelations he'd force her to recite.

Needless to say, it was much easier to keep quiet about it, especially with Archer providing donations so that her family would no longer starve. The look on Momo's face when they finally had a table full of food was just beautiful. It had been a long time since she had seen her smile and even Archer seemed notably cheered by it. Apparently, he also had soft spot for little kids.

Not that Kyoko counted herself as a little kid, despite how many times Archer said so.

Your father's a little strange, but you have a good family, Archer's voice called out from within her head.

Telepathic communication was incredibly convenient especially when it meant that Archer wouldn't have to risk exposing himself whenever they wanted to talk.

His teachings aren't very… popular but he means well, Kyoko replied. And he tries his best. He's been doing a lot better now that he thinks he has an anonymous donor supporting him. Where are you getting that money anyway?

A few odd jobs here and there. Unless we've used up significant energy, Servants don't acquire sleep. It makes it easy to pick up a night shift or two.

Are you working right now?

Kyoko could suddenly hear the familiar ring of a cash register in her head.

How do you think I was able to get so much fresh produce for your family?

Just try not to cause to cause a commotion.

I should be the one saying that to you. You've been rather reckless with your Magecraft, especially around people that might see it.

Kyoko couldn't really help it after having to more of her circuits unlocked, she had already begun learning how to use Reinforcement magic on her body along with any objects she held. It was the first field of magic he had taught her and the one that he was most familiar with apparently.

It's just cool that I can make this pencil as strong as a knife. I can't wait till I'm making weapons from thin air like you can.

My Magecraft… is highly specialized.

Highly specialized? So, you only focused on those sort of spells?

Rather I am only capable of using those spells and hopeless with the rest. I was always considered a third-rate magus in life because of that. I can teach you the basics of Reinforcement, Projection, and Alteration, but it might be best for you to branch out into other fields altogether.

Maybe later. Right now, I think I'll keep practicing Reinforcement.

There was just something cool about being able to just punch through a brick wall with her bare fist and she didn't need to make weapons if Archer could just create them for her. She had become rather fond of a particular steel spear that he would constantly make for her.

"Big sis what's wrong?"

Kyoko quickly canceled out her Reinforcement and turned around toward her sister. "Nothing wrong Momo just busy thinking."

"What were those strange lights coming from your pencil?" her sister asked.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just a little trick I've been learning at school for a talent show."

"A talent show?" Momo's eyes lit up in excitement. "I want to see!"

"Sorry it's only for the students at my school." Kyoko patted her sister's head as she pouted. "Don't worry I'll show you a few of the magic tricks I learned, just don't tell dad about them."

"I won't!" Momo replied cheerfully before heading to the bed of their shared room.

Magic tricks? Are you sure it's a good idea to tell her that? Archer asked.

It's fine, Kyoko replied. Momo's a good girl, but she can at least keep a secret or two. Not the first time we had to keep something secret from dad.

A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will perish.

Proverbs 19:9. Since when did you start quoting bible verses?

Can't really help it considering my master is the daughter of a preacher and that she's forcing me on threat of a Command Seal to attend to his sermons.

You are the one who told me what they were for. A cheeky grin appeared on Kyoko's face. Might as well take advantage of them.

You're not converting me to your father's flock anytime soon. Priests and I have had less than amiable relations in the past.

Well if I have to sit through his sermons then so do you. Even if you don't actually show up with your body.

You are a terrible influence on your sister.

I know.

Kyoko whistled, her hands on the back of her head and her bag dangling off the side, as she took a quick stroll afterschool. Archer was off working at as a Cook at Café on the other side of the city, her father and mother were off somewhere on business, and there was still some time before her sister finished with her afterschool activities.

This left Kyoko, who was firmly in the go home club with nothing to do, but wander. She had a little spending money now thanks to Archer, but she would rather save that up for an emergency instead of spending it on that very enticing Takoyaki stand around the corner.

She quickly around turned around and tried to ignore the drool coming from her mouth when she noticed a woman walking towards a nearby alleyway. Normally it wouldn't be anything of note but there was a dazed expression on her and a glassy look in her eyes. Like she was drugged and being led somewhere.

Not willing to leave this alone Kyoko quickly ran after her. She had barely caught up to the woman when she felt a strange fuzziness around her.

"Yo, what are you doing?" Kyoko asked as she quickly grabbed the woman's shoulder. Even a novice Magus like her could recognize the signs of magic in the air.

The woman brushed her off in silence and continued forward. There was a strange mark on the back of her neck as if someone had placed a spell on her.

Kyoko grabbed a nearby pipe, ready to knock the woman out and drag her to safety when the air in front of her suddenly cracked and before warping into a blurry kaleidoscope like image. There was something in there… and it just felt wrong.

Unfortunately, she was too busy staring in shock to stop the woman from stepping into the image and disappearing.

Her eyes went wide.


She immediately looked seeing if there was anything nearby that could help. There wasn't.

Archer, she mentally called out to him. There's something weird. Get over here now.

Kyoko bit her lip and stepped straight into the portal.

What she ended up seeing nearly made her drop the pipe she was using as a weapon.

If she wasn't a Magus and wasn't used to weird magic, courtesy of Archer, then by all rights she would've freaked out at the sights before her. As it was, she was seriously considering whether or not her school's lunch had been laced with some sort of hallucinogenic LCD.

It was like she stepped into some Alice in Wonderland world painted by a five year old, only that five year old had a liking towards blood, twisted metal, and weird dog like creatures that were slowly making their way toward the woman who was now unconscious on the floor. It was clear by their very sharp teeth that those dogs were not here to play.

Or at least not any games that she wanted to play.

Kyoko quickly ran in front of the woman, gripped the pipe tightly, and lifted it up ready to strike.

"Trace on."

Her first swing sent the first dog monster hurtling toward its friends like a baseball. She hesitated for a moment, looking at the damage she had done and the creature she had killed, when another monster jumped at her. The second swing caved in the head of another one. Each swing brought death and carnage to the monsters in front of her, but in the end there were simply too many.

"Archer hurry up!" She shouted out her plea both physically and mentally as she found herself slowly surrounded. She could tell he had picked up speed at her appeal, but he was still too far away.

Normally a Servant wouldn't be so far from their Master, but he had assumed there wouldn't be threat after months with no war going on. Not that she could blame him. Whatever this place was it had escaped his notice and he was damn good at detecting nearly everything. Even she didn't realize what she was getting into until she had literally run into it.

Kyoko considered using the Command Seal, bring him to her side in an instant, but if she did that…

Once you use up all three our contract will end, and I will be forcibly ejected from this world.

"Damn it!" Kyoko shouted as she upped the Reinforcement on her arms forced herself to swing once more. She was a Magus! She was supposed to be a hero! After all the time he had took training her, was this all she could do? Could she not even hold out long enough for Archer to get to her?

Seven. Seven she had killed. And there were still so many of them.

Her body felt like it was burning as she overused her Magical Circuits, yet she still had to keep her Reinforcement up. She knew that once it was gone then she and the woman behind her would die.

She cursed and lifted up her right hand. A seal had to be used.

"Good job protecting that woman."

Kyoko immediately turned around to find the source of that voice. It was another girl standing on a platform above her. She looked around her age, maybe a year or two older than she was, with beautiful blonde hair wrapped in pigtails and a very… substantial chest. Not that Kyoko was looking and trying to withhold a blush.

"Don't worry I've got the rest."

The girl suddenly jumped, not higher than Archer but certainly much higher than Kyoko ever could and summersaulted in the air. She was enveloped in flash of yellow light and suddenly a field of weapons appeared in the air above.

Projection? But unlike Archer this girl used actual guns.

They fired, completely overwhelming the monsters below until all that was left of them was a ground filled with craters.

"What the?" Kyoko whispered in amazement as the girl landed neatly on her feet wearing a brand-new outfit. She wore a beige skirt with black tips and with a shirt sleeved white shirt with puffs as a top. These clothes along with the leggings, hat, and boots, were just pure style.


"What was that?" the girl turned around and asked.

Did she actually say that out loud!?

"Er I mean we- well-" Kyoko stammered on her words. She never stammered. "That was very impressive."

The girl gave her a gentle smile as the world around faded and they were back in the alleyway. "Thank you, though you should also take some credit. It was brave of you to protect this woman and you must have a lot of potential if you can use magic without a contract," she said as her outfit was replaced by an unfamiliar school uniform in a flash of light.


"Oh, my apologies," the girl grabbed the edges of her skirt and curtsied. "My name is Mami Tomoe and I am a Magical Girl."