"Bye bye Moroka!"

"Bye Tatsuya," Madoka said to her brother at the entrance of the train station. "I'm going to be back soon. Make sure to be a good boy while I'm away."


Madoka smiled and petted Tatsuya on the head one more time before looking up to her father who was holding him. "… Thank you for letting me go."

To know that her parents supported her decision, that they would help her in any way they could, it made her so happy. She would do whatever it took to bring her friends back and make them proud. To make her proud of herself.

"Make sure to stay safe alright," Papa smiled. Despite everything Madoka had learned about him, he was still the same person that she had known her entire life. Her Papa who had always done his best to raise her and Tatsuya. Even if he didn't always think he got things right, Madoka knew that he would always be there for them. Always ready to do and teach them what he thought was right.

The fact that he was once Robin Hood, honestly seemed natural in retrospect.

"We'll always be waiting here for you if you need it," Mama said. "If things become too much there, even if you don't find your friends, you can always come back here to rest before you try again."

"I'll try not to take too long," Madoka replied to her mother. Her proud, strong, and beautiful mother. The person that she wanted to grow up to be like. Who she would one day have a drink with as an adult. "I can't miss too much school."

Madoka gave one last goodbye to her parents before turning to Hitomi who had stood a respectable distance away.

"I can't say that I understand everything that's going on," Hitomi said as Madoka approached. Once she was close enough, she reached in and gave her a hug, "But I can give you my blessings. And please, bring Sayaka back."

Madoka nodded. "I will. I'll make sure to bring all my friends back."

"You know, I never imagined that you could be so strong," Hitomi commented as they separated. "You were always so kind, but Sayaka and I worried that people would take advantage of you for that. Now though… I don't think I have to worry so much anymore."

"Thanks, Hitomi."

"Just try to be careful who you interact with there. I don't want you coming back too weird from your experiences."

"Oh I'm sure I'll be fine," Madoka replied. At least compared to some people around her. She still loved them anyway.

With one last wave and shout, Madoka bid farewell to her family and friends before making her way to the line where the rest of the group was waiting.

"You have… a good family," Ren commented.

Madoka's smile grew even brighter. "The best."

Madoka sat in her train seat with a smile as she watched the passing landscape through the window. It was a good time to just… relax before she arrived to Kamihama.

"Are you… ok?" Ren asked.

"I'm fine, thank you for asking," Madoka said cheerfully. It was a nice train ride. The company was nice. The scenery was good. And she even had a fresh bento that her father made to eat for lunch.

Madoka opened her bag.


Also, Amy was here too.

Madoka blinked.

… Wait. What?

She barely had time to process this turn of events before Amy jumped out of the bag and nestled itself close to her side. Everyone else there watched the cat claim its territory in curiosity, and in Archer's case, bemusement.

"That is one stealthy cat," Yuma commented.

"What is it even doing here?" Kyoko asked.

"Amy just does her own thing… sometimes," Madoka explained.

"Cats have always been mysterious creatures connected to the supernatural," Archer explained. "They always seem to be close to strange or Magical events and are actually one of the few animals of the world that actually collect Magical Energy."

"Really?" Ren asked. "What… do they do… with it?"

Archer shrugged. "No one knows. Not after centuries if not an entire millennium of study. They are a mystery that we have to accept that we'll likely never solve." He looked at Amy warily. "Needless to say when a cat feels a need to go somewhere or even goes out of its way to guide a person, things get interesting. Not necessarily good, but interesting."

"Amy did lead me to this weird feather once," Madoka mused. "I actually got my powers after I touched it."

Everyone there looked at Madoka with renewed interest.

"Describe the feather," Ereshkigal demanded.

"Oh… it was white with a pinkish hue. It was super clean and just in the middle in the alleyway. When I touched it…" Madoka put a hand to her mouth, "It felt a lot like the energy I use to summon my bow."

"You saying you got Goddess powers cause a cat decided to lead you to it?" Kyoko asked in disbelief. "Is that cat some sort of messenger or something?"

"I don't think so… Amy always seemed normal for a cat. At least until the accident…"

"Accident?" Archer asked.

"Well," Madoka began to stroke Amy fondly. "Amy was actually a stray I saw often. Then one day while she was crossing a road a car started speeding toward her. I thought it would run her over, but then she suddenly popped up right next to me."

"What?" Kyoko asked.

"One moment she was in the middle of the street and then the next, she was just right next to me."

Kyoko looked at the cat carefully. "Can that thing teleport or something?"

Madoka shook her head. "No. I don't think so. Even Amy looked surprised by what happened. After that I took her into my house. We never did figure out what happened. I thought it was Homura when I first saw her magic, but she told me she didn't have anything to do with it."

"Pigtails?" Kyoko asked. "What is her magic anyway?"

"Well…" Madoka hesitated to say much about it. Homura was a bit shy and didn't like the attention, but she didn't keep her magic a huge secret either. Really, she mostly worried about others believing her and she was willing to let her friends know about it. And everyone around Madoka was basically a close friend at this point. "She can stop time."

It was as if a pin dropped, and everyone could only just sit there and try to process what Madoka had just said.

Archer was the first to recover. "Stopping time?"

Madoka nodded. "Yes."

"It isn't just speeding up or slowing down things around her?" he continued to ask.


"Not localized to a small area?"

"When she stops time, everything stops. Only the people that are physically or magically touching her can move."

"Is there a limit to how long she can sustain that?"

"It uses a lot of magic in her Soul Gem, but I think she can keep it going for a while. Feels like several minutes before she lets time move again."

"Where was she on February 19th at 10:30 in the morning?"

Madoka tilted her head. That was a strange and specific question. "She was at my place eating breakfast."

"Did she ever leave your sight for a period of time? At least ten to fifteen minutes?"

"I mean, yea." She didn't want to go into too much detail because no girl wanted to have the time they spent in the bathroom discussed.

"Archer." Kyoko looked at her Servant. "Pigtails didn't feel like a Servant at all. She was definitely a Magical Girl."

"Assassins have Presence Concealment," Archer replied. "She could hide or disguise her presence if needed."

Ren's eyes lit up in epiphany. "You think Madoka's friend… was the Servant… that attacked you with Oriko."

Now it was Madoka's turn for her eyes to shoot up. "What? Homura wouldn't do that. She's really nice. A bit shy, but she tries really hard."

"It's no guarantee," Archer admitted. "But anyone with time manipulating abilities is a suspect. It also explains why Oriko was able to get past our wards and even evade all my senses in that battle. Being able to look a second back is useless against someone who doesn't even need to take that second to commit to an action."

"But you can't prove it was Homura," Madoka argued. "There are a lot of Magical Girls and Servants out there. Maybe someone else has time powers?"

"That is likely true," Archer conceded. "And I could be accusing her of nothing, but I'm still going to be cautious around her. You should too."

"I trust her," Madoka replied.

"Those that you trust are the ones most capable of hurting you."

Madoka stared at Archer ready to deny everything that he just said.

"Maybe… we should talk about… something else." Ren said, stopping Madoka from doing anything.

"… I believe so," Archer replied as he continued looking at Madoka. "Do you have a plan once we get to Kamihama?"

Madoka relaxed now that the subject had changed. "I'll ask the Magical Girls there if they've seen anyone that looks like my friends."

"Is that it?"

Madoka scratched the back of her head sheepishly. "There isn't really much else for me to do."

Archer sighed as he took out a map and rolled it out in front of her. Everyone else took that as a chance to come over and look over the map too. "Kamihama consists of nine wards, each of which have gone through rapid development. The hotel that we'll be staying at is located within the Chou Ward, the most central ward of the city. It will give us freedom to cover more ground as we see fit. We should have an extra bed in the room that you can use."

Madoka raised her eyes in surprise. "Thank you."

"Kyoko and I will be busy doing our own investigation, but you can always call us for help if an emergency comes up."

Ereshkigal leaned over and pointed to a Western part of the city. "Ren and I live in the Shinsei ward though we've been expanding our nightly patrols to the surrounding wards. We also spend a lot of time in the Sakei ward with her friends. We'll keep an eye out for any sign of Oriko and Madoka's friends while we're out during the night."

"I know Ren has you to keep her safe but be careful," Archer warned. "There's a lot that can happen to a young girl in the dead of night, whether by the living or dead."

"I'll… be careful." Ren adjusted her glasses as she looked at the map. "The Mizuna ward… has a lot of spirits… and dead. Be careful there… some of them… can be dangerous… To the living."

"Magical Girls and Magi are more sensitive to the mental and spiritual attacks of wraiths," Ereshkigal informed them. "Magical Girls especially. Unless you have Ren or I escorting you, it's best if you avoid that area altogether during the night. If you need to go there then make sure to call us."

"The Daito ward is the rough part of the city." Kyoko had stopped eating her stack of apples for a brief moment to point at the most Eastern point on the map. "Rough neighborhoods, rough people, and no money either. You can try to be nice but they ain't going to be friendly to a rich girl like you Madoka."

"I'm not rich…" Madoka commented.

Kyoko looked at her in disbelief before taking a large bite out of her apple. "Have you seen your house? You're pretty well off even if you don't flash it around everywhere like most rich people do. You're nice, but you act sheltered and look well off with that pretty hair and clean skin of yours. That makes you a target. Don't go over there without me. I know how to deal with that type."

"So everywhere else is fine?" Madoka asked as she took a picture of the map with her phone.

"We'll need more information about the other areas," Archer replied. "And unlike the rest of us you won't be having a Servant keeping an eye on you. You'll be a young girl, alone. Exercise caution, remember your training, and always stay aware of your surroundings. And don't ever let anyone know you're a Semi-Servant or connected to a Goddess. That will just make you a target, especially for the Magius who are out looking for people like us."

"I understand," Madoka replied.

"Which is why we should all pay the local Coordinator a visit," Archer said.

"Coordinator?" Madoka asked. Ren and Ereshkigal also looked confused.

"Coordinators are Magical Girls with magic that can adjust, strengthen, or even change certain properties of other Magical Girl's Soul Gems. They're a highly sought-after service and there's usually one in every major city. They also sell Grief Seeds and information… for a price."

"Will they work with people that aren't Magical Girls?" Yuma asked

"They will. As long as you got cash or Grief Seeds. It ain't cheap though," Kyoko replied. "Which is why I had Madoka and I collect whatever Seeds we could while you were recovering."

"Why didn't we see the Coordinator last time?" Yuma asked.

"Archer wanted to do things subtly the first time we were there," Kyoko replied. "Didn't work out. Also got a lot more people now that need that information. Here's hoping we don't get sold out."

"Coordinators act as neutral entities," Archer informed them. "They won't sell us out or turn us over, but they're almost certainly providing services to our enemies too and going to one will let people know of our presence in the city. Prepare the questions you have beforehand and be careful what you say around them. Never tell them more than you need to. They'll use that as leverage."

"They tend to all be weirdos too, at least from what I've heard," Kyoko told them. "So be prepared, don't know what we'll expect when we meet her."

"Weelcome," a polite yet also somewhat teasing voice greeted as Kyoko and her group stepped into the Coordinator's shop. It was an interesting place. Lots of blue and white with a wall that was essentially a line of large windows. It was stylish in a way, dark yet the faint light that illuminated the place was almost welcoming. As were the large couches that seemed to be provided for the Coordinator and her clientele. The Coordinator herself was seated primly with a cup of tea in her hands. A cup that she had to put down when Amy suddenly jumped out of Madoka's bag and made itself comfortable on the Coordinator's lap.

"I see you've brought me a cute little kitty here," The Coordinator said as she began to stroke the cat. "Maybe I'll keep it."

"Um, Amy's mine," Madoka bowed her head. "Sorry."

"Aw, too bad," the Coordinator replied though she hardly seemed sad at all. "My name is Mitama. Is there anything you need from me? Some Reagents for the Magi in the room? Or perhaps something for the Servants?"

Kyoko was hardly surprised that Mitama knew about them. Coordinators tended to be well informed and were known to barter with certain information. "You seem to know a lot. Any other Magi or Heroic Spirits you've dealt with.

"Nuh huh," Mitama put a finger in front of her mouth. "Client Confidentiality. I can't go around giving information about my customers. It would be bad business."

"Then what do you mean by working on Servants then?" Kyoko asked. "What can you do for them?"

"Why adjust their Spiritual Core of course," Mitama replied cheerfully, in contrast to everyone's surprise.

Spiritual Cores were a Servant's center, heart, or CPU, that dictated their every function. They were where the true being of a Servant resided and destroying it would destroy the Servant. The heart and head were also directly connected to the core making both those parts a Servant's greatest weaknesses.

"My power allows me direct access to the Soul," Mitama explained. "For a Magical Girl it means I can enhance their Soul Gem and make them stronger." She continued to smile as she looked at Yuma. "For a Magus it means I can repair, adjust, or even open up Magical Circuits that still remain closed. Even though Magical Circuits are spread across the physical body they are still a part of the Soul allowing me some control over them." She looked at Archer. "For a Servant it means I might even be able to Ascend their form. Reform their graph and core, making them closer to their starting point of conception."

And here I thought it was supposed to be impossible here, Kyoko mused to Archer as she considered the Coordinator's words. Archer's tracing was extensive, allowing for full disclosure of an object's physical form, history, and legend behind it, but even he had limits finding anything when it involved the Soul itself. If the Coordinator's magic let her manipulate Souls, then she might be able to do things for Kyoko that Archer couldn't.

It's supposed to be, Archer replied as he looked at Mitama. "What do you mean by might be able to?"

"It means that I lack the materials needed to do so." Mitama sighed. "I have the knowledge and capability, but many of the materials I would need for a full ascension are incredibly rare or no longer exist in this world. Phantasmal beasts, divine artifacts, so many things that are impossible to acquire now."

"And where did you get such knowledge of these items?" Archer asked.

"Remember. Client Confidentiality," Mitama outright teased. "I am a neutral party. I can't give out any information that might hurt another."

"But you can give information that could help us," Kyoko said.

"Yes," Mitama nodded. "For a price of course."

Ereshkigal stepped forward. "Is there anything you can do for a Spiritual Core apart from Ascension then?"

"Are you sure you can trust her with your very being?" Archer asked.

"If she tries anything, then cut her down so I can stuff her Soul Gem in one of my cages," Ereshkigal replied casually. "I could use some additional strength and, quite frankly, I'm curious to see if she's actually capable of doing so."

"Always in full control yet it's clear your host has had some effect on your personality," Archer shook his head.

"I can do a few minor adjustments without materials," Mitama replied. "Clean up a few kinks from a hasty summoning and slightly increase the efficiency of Magical Energy transfer between Master and Servant. I can even change your outfit if you so wish."

"I prefer my outfit as is. It's suitable for a Queen like me," Ereshkigal replied confidently before glancing at Ren. "Though if you can do something to lessen the burden of my Master, then I'll do it."

"Of course," Mitama clapped her hands together. "That will be one million yen. Or ten grief seeds if you'd prefer."

If Kyoko had been drinking something, she would've done a spit take. "Jesus! You think a teenage girl is going to have that sort of money."

"With a Servant? Yes," Mitama replied happily. "Besides I am currently the only Coordinator with the knowledge and capability of doing this service for Servants."

"Monopolizing the means of production," Archer sighed as he crossed his arms. "Three Magi. Two Servants. Two million Yen."

Everyone else's eyes had also begun to bug out at that point. Ereshkigal also looked like she was about to get an aneurysm.

Sensitive about money, maybe?

"You're asking me to throw in three additional Magi for free?" Mitami replied. She was still smiling and the tone of her voice hadn't changed at all, but she had closed her eyes. "Each adjustment requires magic on my part."

"Then we'll throw in a grief seed," Archer replied curtly, his arms still crossed. "Adjusting Magical Circuits is simple no matter how many there are, compared to a Soul Gem or Spiritual Core at least. Even I can do work on the former."

"Not to the same extent that I can," Mitama argued.

"That has yet to be seen."

Mitama cracked an eye open. "Two Grief Seeds and two and a half million yen."

"Two and a half million on top of any information you can give us in regard to the city."

"My my," Mitama opened her other eye. "You certainly drive a hard bargain. Okay then, I'll accept."

"Uh…" Ren looked nervous as she fiddled with her glasses. "I don't… think I have that… money."

"It's fine I'll pay for it this time," Archer replied.

Kyoko suppressed a sigh as she stepped forward. Well at least their insurance money was being put to good use. "I'll go first. Archer can trace my body afterwards to check that she actually knows what she's doing and that there's no funny business."

"Wonderful," Mitama cheered as she gestured toward a nearby exam table. "Now take off your clothes."

Kyoko paused and looked at Mitama, unamused. "What?"

The Coordinator chuckled. "Oh that's just a joke I tell to most Magical Girls."

"Isn't that sexual harassment?" Yuma whispered.

"There's a lot of that when magic is involved, for some reason," Archer whispered back. "Even back in my old world…"

"But in all seriousness, I actually do need you to take off your clothes," Mitama explained much to Kyoko's growing disdain. Her eyes only grew wider as the Coordinator continued to speak. "Unlike Magical Girls or Servants, your being isn't concentrated into a single point or core and your outfit isn't part of your form either. Regular clothes get in the way, and I need as much direct contact with your body as possible. Just think of it as a full body massage. You'll definitely feel a lot lighter by the time I'm done."

By the end of that explanation Kyoko's eyes were as wide as saucers and she had begun to regret every one of her decisions that ever led to this point. Something that honestly happened a lot these days. Maybe she should start reflecting on her choices in life?

You're an idiot

Great, now the voice was making fun of her, though she couldn't really disagree with it at the moment.

You know I'm right. You just don't listen

Kyoko turned toward the two people that she knew would always jump to her aid. "Yuma? Archer? You guys want to go first?"

"Nope," they both replied in sync.

Traitorous bastards!

"Don't worry."

Kyoko nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt a hand grab her shoulder. She turned her head and found Mitama standing right behind, the cat being left behind to lounge on the chair.

"I have a private room in the back if you're nervous," Mitama smiled. "No one else but me and you will ever know what goes on in there between us."

That was hardly comforting and, quite frankly, very very frightening.

Kyoko looked to everyone in that room and quickly realized that she was going to get no help from them despite volunteering to go first.

She turned back to Mitama. "S-sure…"

"My my, you certainly have some high-quality Magical Circuits."

Kyoko flinched as she felt Mitama move her hands across her bare back. She scowled, but the Coordinator wouldn't see it unless she kneeled down and looked through the hole that her face had been placed in.

Having this all done on what was essentially a massage table didn't help matters and there were some things, mainly her underwear, that she refused to take off. She had also demanded that a blanket be used to cover anything that the Coordinator wasn't currently going over, but Kyoko still felt incredibly vulnerable. How did Magical Girls possibly trust this chick with their Soul Gems of all things?

"Were you stressed recently?" Mitama asked. "There were a few kinks that I had to work out. Nothing major, but they were there."

"Nothing," Kyoko replied. "Just hurry and finish."

"I don't want to rush and besides there are a few Circuits here that I might be able to… excite a little. Give it a bit more flow."

Kyoko didn't like those words, but simply grit her teeth and let Mitama continue.

"They are well maintained though," Mitama admitted. "Also, of good size. You've been training considerably I see. It also shows in the muscles on your body."

"Thanks, but can you please stop ogling my body?" Kyoko asked.

Mitama chuckled. "Preferable to ogling the soul I'd say, though I do get to see some of that through your Magical Circuits. Your soul is a bit strange though. It feels like there's a little something else here. Something that isn't quite like the rest… almost like a Witch. But that can't be, you're human after all. Only a Magical Girl could manifest a Witch. Uuunless…."

Kyoko was incredibly close to jumping up and attacking. It was only that fact that she was unarmed, almost naked, and against a Magical Girl that could do unspeakable things to her soul, that she didn't. Still, it was very hard not to jump off the table and high tail it out of there wrapped in only just a blanket and her underwear. "You don't tell anyone about this."

"Of course I won't," Mitama said cheerfully. "Client Confidentiality after all. I wouldn't mind if you satisfied my curiosity though."

"Well, I do mind, so just finish already," Kyoko growled.

"How feisty," Mitama said in a songlike voice. "I imagine you're going to be an interesting customer of mine. Do come back, you'll always be welcome."

Yuma watched as Kyoko stormed out of the private room an hour later, angry but mostly intact. Basically the same as usual, apart from that light shiver Kyoko got when looking at the Coordinator, but that was understandable. Even Archer didn't notice anything suspicious as he started his Tracing and began examining her body.

Whatever Mitama did, it was probably pretty good judging by the approving nods that Archer was giving.

"Had fun?" Yuma teased just as Archer finished checking Kyoko's body and gave them the all clear. She immediately regretted her decision when Kyoko grabbed her by the back of her shirt and lifted her up like a cat would a kitten.

"Oh yea," Kyoko glared as she looked at Yuma and presented her to the Coordinator like a present. "Don't worry, you're next."

Yuma looked straight at the Coordinator's smiling face. "Eep."

Yuma was incredibly nervous. The only person that she ever let see her like this was Kyoko in the shower, though thankfully Mitama had been nice enough to put a blanket on top like she asked. It still left her feeling exposed, but she ignored that feeling so that the Magical Girl could continue working on her Magical Circuit. It was a small price to pay, for any strength that she could gain.

"Wow," Mitama explained. "You're very fit for a young girl. Lots of muscle is starting to grow there."

"T-thank you," Yuma blushed, thankful the Coordinator couldn't see her face through the hole. It was a source of pride that she had grown fit thanks to Archer's food and her own hard work.

"A single Magical Circuit though. A strong one granted, but it doesn't seem to have been one naturally created by your body."

"It was implanted," Yuma admitted as she shuffled underneath the blanket. "By Kyoko."

"No wonder it seemed so familiar. I've cleaned it up and expanded it a little, but unfortunately I don't see any other Magical Circuits I could open up here."

"Damn it," Yuma cursed. She had known that, Archer had told her that, but she couldn't have helped but hope but maybe the Coordinator would find something they had missed.

"I don't think your friends-"

"Family," Yuma corrected.

"Family, would like you to use that language."

"They aren't here to hear it. Unless you want to tell them."

"Noope," Mitama replied cheerfully. "I can give you some advice though, as to how to make up for your lack of Circuits."

Yuma immediately perked up. "What can I do?"

"Have you heard of Mystic Codes?"

"Yea." Archer had mentioned them briefly. Didn't have any on him that she could use though.

"Well, I heard rumors of some strange Magical Objects that might be hidden in the underground of Kamihama. They could help if you could get them. Also-" Mitama suddenly began to massage Yuma's shoulders. "You could try storing Magical Energy in a gem or precious stone. Those tend to carry a lot which can be held for later use."

Yuma hissed as Mitama pushed on something in between her neck and shoulder.

"You have some stress there, and in some other places," Mitama explained. "Should I actually massage some of that away, now that you're done with your checkup?"

"… Sure," Yuma eventually replied.

Ren was surprised to see Yuma calm and surprisingly light on her feet once she stepped out of the private room. Apparently, she had a much better time than Kyoko did.

Still didn't mean she wanted to head into that room next. She was shy and didn't really want to show her body to anyone.

Apart from… Rika… maybe…

Wait!? Why was she thinking that!? It didn't matter if she loved Rika, that- that…

"You're next," Kyoko said, interrupting Ren's thoughts.

"I… don't think… I can-" Ren was helpless as Kyoko grabbed an arm and Yuma started pushing her from behind.

"Too bad," Kyoko said.

"It's actually not that bad," Yuma said.

Ren could only go pale as she pushed to the waiting arms and smiling face of the Coordinator.

At that point she was seriously starting to reconsider throwing herself off another roof.

Ren kept her eyes closed as she silently asked herself whether or not it was possible to turn herself into an intangible spirit. Things only became weirder whenever Mitama spoke.

"You're so pale and skinny," Mitama commented. "Have you been eating and sleeping properly?"

"Yes… recently," Ren whispered.

"Well, you should keep that up then. A young girl like you should always take care of your body, especially if you're a human. Although your soul is a bit more transient than most humans, like it's going through a change. I wonder how far you'll take that."

Ren remained silent.

You decide what you'll be. Ereshkigal commented. Though the room was physically cut off from the outside world to provide privacy, it wouldn't stop the mental connection of a Master and Servant. That is your right as one of the living, you are human so long as you say so.

I want to live… but I'm afraid of what's happening to me. I'm… changing.

Change is a natural part of life… though it is reasonable to be afraid. I'd be afraid too, if I had to go through the things most humans did.

Mitama suddenly pinched both sides of Ren's head, next to where her eyes were.

"Body aside, your Magical Circuits are quite good. Nothing wrong with them. Although there is one that seems to be coming from your eyes to your brain that I'm curious about."

Should I tell her?

… The bare minimum, Ereshkigal replied, their mental connection the only thing connecting Ren to the outside world while she was in this room. No names, just describe the lines and see how the Coordinator reacts.

"I've been seeing black lines… on things," Ren replied.

"Oh," Mitama exclaimed. "So they must be showing you things that most people can't. I wonder what those lines represent?"

"Don't… know."

"Well, if you ever figure it out you can tell me," Mitama suddenly began to massage Ren's head. "You'll get a treat and I might find a better way to help deal with the strain that you've somehow put on your brain. It feels like your mind's been working tirelessly for a while now, I hope you have a way to let it rest."

"The glasses… they help… block the lines."

"Wonderful. Make sure to keep those on. I'd hate to see what would happen to you if you pushed your little head too far." Mitama pressed a point on Ren's scalp, eliciting a groan from the quiet girl. "I mean I'd know what would happen. You'd end up bursting the blood vessels in your brain and have an aneurysm, stroke, or both. I just don't want to see it."

By the time Ren stepped outside, Madoka was starting to wonder whether or not it was a good idea to come here in the first place. It was a pretty place and all, and Mitama acted nice… but she was also sort of weird? Madoka also felt nervous around her for some reason.

"Now before I start with the Servants." Mitama looked at Madoka. "Are you sure you don't want a session with me? I'll even throw it in for free since I'm in a good mood."

For some reason Madoka knew that she shouldn't let the Coordinator examine her body and Soul. That there was something that she couldn't let her see. "I'm fine, you can start with the Servants now."

"Okay then," Mitama turned to Ereshkigal. "Let's start with you then."