A Better Love Story Than Twilight

Chapter 1 The Unwritten Truths

My name is Isabella Swan; however, I prefer just Bella for short. I have recently come across this Twilight series and I am not at all happy how things turned out with them for me as the main character. Why did this Stephanie Myer person wright me out as such a helpless woman? I'm anything but! I'm also so damn bland in the series it's unforgiveable!

I toss the books into my trashcan and get to work looking up more information on the series. How did this woman know of me? My family and friends? Currently, I don't know much about the Cullens. Well, I didn't know until reading these books. Once my computer was finally up and running, I managed to find nothing on these books! Not even a Stephanie Myer existed, at least not in my world. Was the author using a penname? Even so, the name came up empty. As well as the titles for the correct books I was looking for.

Frustrated, I turn the computer off and look at the books in the trash.

The books had come as a mysterious package delivered to me. I certainly hadn't ordered any books.

Somethings were wrong about these books. Even some stuff about the Cullen family. Stuff that I was told about from my classmates a few days ago were wrong in the books.

For one: Rosalie and Emmett weren't currently dating. Apparently, they are an on and off kind of couple. Edward has made small talk with me, and I can see a discomfort in his eyes when he is close to me. His eyes also seem suspicious of me. Alice and Jasper are certainly a thing. They are all adopted by dr. Carlisle and his wife Esme. That's the basic knowledge I have of the famous Cullens.

"So, am I to end up with Edward?" I frown at the thought and shiver. Clearly this Stephanie Myer person didn't know a damn thing about me. "Still, are they really vampires? And what of the Volturi, and my gift?" So much information.

With a heavy sight I move to take the books out from my trash. As much as I hated how I was written in these books; they could give me some insightful information. Should I show them to the Cullen?

I shake my head. No way in hell am I letting Edward think I like him in that way! I also don't need Jacob finding about these books, I seriously don't want to get mixed up in some petty love triangle story. I also don't want some vampire baby coming out of me either. Perhaps that child was meant to be real in another world, just not mine in this current world I know. Despite having read myself as a mother, I just couldn't picture it. Not with Edward's child. Becoming a vampire in such a way, also didn't seem so appealing to me.

What I really wanted to know, was more about my gift. Apparently, I'm a shield. If I can become stronger now as a human, maybe the Volturi won't even be a threat to me. Well, aside from their fast speed and strength. There physical strength will still over power me sure, but if I can have some kind of mental protection from them it's certainly a step up from my current powerless form.

The next day I felt like hell. My eyes were heavy, and I just wanted to sleep. I'd spend most of the night re-reading through those books, learning every detail I could about the vampire world. I plan to make it my mission to find out if the Cullen family are really vampires. One simple way would just be to ask, but I have a feeling a certain blonde female won't like my knowledge so easily. I needed to be careful. Make friends with the Cullens somehow, without seeming weird. How to approach this?

Before leaving the house, I take a look at my outfit. I was currently wearing green arm flap pocket side solid cargo pants, along with a black shirt tucked-in, and short ankle flat boots to finish off the outfit. Satisfied, I grab my things to leave. Including my dark green (matching the pants) long coat for the cool weather. At least my clothing taste is slightly better than the Bella from the books, I think to myself proudly.

Once I pulled into the parking lot of Forks high, my eyes gazed across the lot to see the Cullen kids were already here. They kept to themselves as other students chatted away mindless chatter amongst group of friends, while waiting for the first bell to ring. I ponder in my old truck for a moment and wonder how could I approach them naturally? Was I thinking too hard on this? Why did I even want to know if they were vampires? Would it affect me if I just stayed away from Edward? I certainly don't feel anything desirable towards him, maybe those books were sent to me as some sort of prank.

I sighed and shake my head. "This is ridiculous," I grumbled in frustration. 'What the hell is the point of sending me those books, seems a bit much just to pull a prank on the new girl,' I think to myself, as I hop out of my truck. I throw my old backpack over my shoulder and lock the beat-up truck shut. 'If I remember right, Rosalie has a thing for cars' I think to myself. I lean against my truck and fold my arms over my chest, going into thinking mode. 'I could ask her to tinker with it, though I wonder if she would even bother with this hunk of junk,'

I shake my head again. "Why am I thinking so hard on this?"

Suddenly an old memory plagues my mind and my body goes cold stiff.

I see my younger self hiding in a closet, peeking through a tiny crack. I hear the screams and cries of people, people I know. But I see as a figure's back blocks my view. When the figure turns, I see red eyes.

I gasp and turn to grab hold of my truck. 'What the hell was that?! Damn it, are the memories I blocked out finally seeping through? Why now, why after all these years I couldn't remember a damn thing, and why do I feel like I don't want to remember?'

The bell brings me out of my thoughts and I silently cursed at the missed opportunity.

Before heading inside, I pause in place as another memory strikes me. 'Shit! In the books vampires who don't drink animal blood are known to have red eyes. Does that mean as a kid, I encountered a vampire?'

I ignore my question and quickly make my way into the school. I didn't feel like talking with the few friends I had made, and quickly headed to first period. I dreaded the thought of seeing Edward in our biology class together. Maybe I should go home sick today? I've already lost my chance to talk with the Cullens. Though I guess I could confront them at lunch. I needed to know what this memory was, a part of my past that I can't remember. As much as it scares me, I feel like I need to know.

Alright fine! Damn thoughts, I'll confront the Cullens. I'm sure Alice will already see this, now that I've made up my mind. If what the books said about the Cullens and their gifts are true.

The day dragged and I ignored the gossips of the day my friends tried to get me involved with. I wasn't in a talkative mood for the most part. Thankfully, the class I share with Edward isn't until after lunch. Once it was time for lunch; I told my friends I had other arrangements, and wouldn't be joining them today. Naturally, they questioned me, but I expressed it's personal and I walked away. It really wasn't their business. And I just didn't want to get stuck with another hundred questions, only to lose another opportunity to talk with the Cullens.

Heading to the cafeteria I was surprised to see the Cullen clan waiting at the door that lead inside to the cafeteria. Emmett and Jasper leaned against the wall; Alice hung onto Jasper. Edward and Rosalie stood across from their siblings, against the other wall. They all turned their heads towards me as I approached them. 'Alright Bella, no cold feet now,'

I stop and pause in front of them. "Can we talk?"

"First off, we have some questions of our own," Edward is the first to speak.

Something about his tone didn't feel very welcoming and my instincts told me to step back.

Alice smirks and makes her way over. "Don't mind him Bella, we are happy to have a chat. Why don't you come sit with us for lunch?" She wraps an arm around my shoulder, as if we are best friends. Instantly I calm with her at my side. I remember in the books she and I were like sisters practically, well Alice initiated the sibling bond before I was even part of the family. Either way, I felt I could trust this one. Vampire or not. I don't think she would ever intentionally hurt me.

"I don't want to intrude, but if you don't mind, I'd like that," I smile to the pixie-like girl. She squeals in glee and practically pulls me into the cafeteria. The others silently followed.

Instantly I felt the heavy eyes on us and heard the chattered gossiping as 'the new girl' is hanging out with the 'Cullens', who weren't known to be social outside their group. I do my best to ignore them. I can feel the hateful gazes from my friends and frown. I told them this was personal, but they must think I am ditching them to make a statement. It's up to them to think that way or not. If they are my friends, they will not judge so harshly. Guess I'll have to wait and see how they respond the next time I spend time with them.

Once we had our food, Alice guided me to their table. The Cullen siblings seem to either not notice, or care about the gossip around them. I did notice throughout our lunchtime together that the Cullens didn't really seem to eat, mostly instead poking at their untouched food.

"Alright, what did you want to talk about with us Bella?" Emmett is the first to speak at the table. His tone was a little more friendly than Edward's previously was. He seemed genuinely curious.

I sigh. "I must be going crazy," I shake my head. I take a bite into my apple and drink some water before I start to talk. "Edward, you can tell me if I'm insane or not. But am I correct in saying that you can't read my mind?"

Six pair of eyes stare at me in shock, I frown. "Surely you knew why I wanted to talk Alice; didn't you see me make my decision, about having this meeting?" I tilt my head.

Alice shakes her head. "I saw you make a decision to talk to us, yes. But I wasn't sure of what. How do you know about Edward and me?" She frowns.

"I'm not entirely sure myself," I lie. They can't know about the books. Not yet anyway. "This memory I once blocked out years ago suddenly came back, today. Albeit, not enough for me to go on though. However, I don't think this a coincidence. I also think I might be some sort of shield. I know I have a gift, but I'm not sure how to tap into it fully," I expressed. Yes, I can use this gift as a way to get close to the Cullens. To learn more about my own strength, even as a human. "I was hoping you could help me,"

"Absolutely not," Rosalie turns her head away. I frown at the woman, even in this timeline she seems to hate me. Well, not really hate me, but envious my humanity. We did start to become friends after I had that kid, but can we become close now that I'm admit about not having Edward's child?

"Rose, babe" Emmett tries to get her to calm her frustration.

"Why should we help you, how do we know you won't use your gift against us? Or try to get proof of Alice and Edward to share with your buddies?" Rose questions me, her eyes cold and dangerous as knives piercing my soul. I almost shiver under the gaze, but mentally praise myself for standing strong against the gaze.

"I'm not sure what I can do to get you to trust me. I have no intention of telling people about Alice or Edward. Besides, people would just think I'm insane," I pointed out. "I simply want to control this gift that I can't fully tap into yet. I know I can shield others from psychic attacks, I just don't know how to do it when I want to," I explain. This was all true, in the books I was a vampire when I could do this. I want to know if I can do it as a human, maybe become even stronger somehow with this power. After the fourth book my power wasn't really explored beyond keeping everyone safe from Aro. Is there more to it?

"Why do you care so much about this ability," Edward questions.

I frown in thought of how to respond. "My current home life situation, it's not the best. It has a lot to do with my past, why I can't feel close to my family," That is partially true.

Jasper raises an eyebrow. "Are you being abused in someway?"

I shake my head. "It's not that, I'm not in any danger. For now. Look, my past is messed up. So messed up, that I don't remember most of it. I know everyone here knows me as the Chief's daughter, truth is I was adopted. I don't remember my real parents very well, not without pictures. When I realized you two were gifted," I appointed to Edward and Alice, "Something about my memory of my own gift came back to me as well, maybe being around others with gifts triggered it somehow," I shrug nonchalantly. "Either way, I need to know more about my gift. Maybe some of my past will come back to me. I know you all don't know me, aside from my name. Right now, I sound like a crazy person, but I need help. I'm not sure if either of you know what's it's like to not know your past," I said, looking down at my food. Poking at it. I know Alice understands, but I can't let them know I know that already.

I feel a comforting hand come from Alice. "We'll be glad to help you Bella. At least Jasper and I can help you, he's gifted too," she points out.

I nod. "I know, he can feel and manipulate emotions,"

"Ok, how do you know about Jasper as well?" Rosalie's tone is filled with suspicion.

I shake my head. "As I said, I don't know. Maybe it's part of my gift?" I lied. I hate lying like this to them, but showing them the books now would ruin any chance of slowly becoming friends. I don't want Edward to fall for me. Nor do I need Jacob coming at me as well. I don't feel anything for Edward or Jacob, not romantically.

"Come on Rose, she needs our help," Emmett chirps in. I offer him a grateful smile.

"I don't like this," Edward grumbles.

"Well, let's vote! Those in helping Bella, raise your hand," Alice is the first to raise. Next Jasper, then Emmett.

Edward and Rosalie do not.

"Three to two, we win. Come to our house today after school Bella, do you think Charlie will mind?" She scribbles down an address and hands it to me. I tuck it safely into my back pocket.

I shake my head. "He won't mind," I lie again.

Damn, I seem to be lying so easily these days. Charlie hates it if I'm not home to make him dinner, he will have to fend for himself for a change. I'll deal with his anger later. He isn't physically abusive, but I will get an earful. Jasper frowns at me curiously and I wonder if a hint of sadness had accidently seeped out without my permission. I quickly guard my emotions carefully.

"I could also just follow you all after school, I'll call him and let him know I'll be late coming home. I can say we are working on school project," I shrug.

Alice squeals in delight and I can't help but smile. "Wonderful, oh this will be so much fun! We haven't met anyone else with a special gift in a long time, learning about yours should be interesting"

I bite into my food as Alice starts to chatter off about random topics. Rosalie would chip in every now in then when it was about clothing and fashion. Something I wasn't at all that interested it in, but just hearing the Cullens talk put me at ease. Emmett talked about videos games with me and we bonded rather well over that. I also managed to get Rosalie to talk about my poor old truck and she said even from a distant she could tell my car won't live for much longer, not without a lot of maintenance.

The rest of the day dragged. Edward constantly just glared at me through the entire class and occasionally I would glare back, but he didn't seem amused at my attempted humor. My friends came nagging at me for questions during some of the classes I shared with them. I explained that I simply wanted to hang out with the Cullen clan and get some tutoring from them. They didn't buy it for a second, but I said to stop pestering me about it. I have a right to hang out with who I please. Naturally the girls wondered if I was interested in Edward and quickly expressed I wasn't. They probably don't believe me. All well, I shrugged.

Before heading outside after the end of last period, I call up Charlie inside a vacant bathroom.

"Hey Charlie, I won't be home for dinner tonight," I get it out quickly.

-"What!? Who is going to cook me dinner? Bella, I work hard all day to provide a roof over your head, this is the least you can do!"

"Sorry, I have a group project to work on. I'll be over at the Cullens house," I explain.

"Damn it Bella, you know I hate anything but home cooked meals. Fine, your ass better be home before 9. Any later and you know what that means," He hangs up.

I flinch at the thought of the closet. It also doesn't help that it was Friday, he could leave me in there for days if he wanted to. I hated tiny places. Charlie doesn't hit me, but he knows how to punish me in other ways if I don't listen to him. If I could make this gift somehow be used an attack, as well as a protection. Maybe I can finally stop being so damn afraid of him, and Renee. I tighten my hands onto my steering wheel. I hope that Alice and Jasper hadn't been listening to that conversation. I really hope not

When I ended the phone call and headed outside to the parking lot; I noticed Rose, Emmett, and Edward were the first to leave and fly out on the road. I frowned at their aggressiveness to get away from me. Did I really make them that uncomfortable, minus Emmett?

I feel a comforting tap on my shoulder and turn to see Alice and Jasper. "Don't mind them, Edward and Rose are just wary of outsiders. They'll get use to you, I promise. You can follow me and Jasper in my yellow bug," Alice points to her car.

I smile gratefully to her. "Thank you,"

Ignoring the unwelcome thought of their annoyance towards me, I make it to my truck and start to follow Alice and Jasper to the Cullen mansion. This time, my story will end differently!

To Be Continued!