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Chapter 15- Hogsmeade

After all of the constant suffering, Draco got over his experience. Classes were made up, and friends were informed. Although Blaise still hadn't been told about Draco's 'condition', he was told that Draco would be up and about in a few days. And just as Lilith had promised, training soon began. In fact, that was where they all found themselves at the moment inside Lilith's training area' at six AM in the morning.

Hermione was the one in charge of all the weapons and handling them. Lilith and purposely given her the assignment of being in charge of the weapons, she didn't want Hermione to fell left out.

All of the teens stood, well more like laid against the wall, quite sleepily. Of course it wouldn't be like that for very long.

"Okay gang, wakey, wakey," Lilith said and waved her hand. A large bucket of ice-cold water fell over everyone. At that moment, Hermione was very glad that she was on the other side of the room.

But gladly that woke everyone up. Lilith began her training by showing how to maneuver the weapons. Tam and Draco were slightly bit advanced. Tam had started her training with her aunt and Draco, being a high-class family, and child of a dark wizard, he already knew how to handle weapons. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Fred were all new to this.

Many hours, cuts, bruises, slices and insults later, they were exhausted and tired. Lilith evenly gave out potions that Severus had made specifically for that day. Harry had improved quite drastically. He mastered his katana, though he wasn't perfect, he did beyond extremely well for a first day. Ron had chosen the spear and had begun to use it quite well. Fred chose a pair of axes, saying that because they were like a wand and would be easier to wield. Draco had studied with a few weapons before his time but still used his favorite, metal claws. Tam had brought her own weapon from before, her favored nun-chucks. The sun was already going down and their stomachs were growling. They hadn't been fed all day. Although human food was just for pleasure, they hadn't drank since the night before.

"Do you guys think that this is over?" Lilith asked as they began to walk to their rooms.

"What?!?" Harry screeched as he turned.

"Of course we're not done," Lilith looked at them all. "Do you think that I'm always going to get your food?" They shook their heads and suddenly Lilith felt bad for them. "Guys I know this is tough, but it's for your own good. You need to learn to discipline yourselves."

"But we're really tired. It's our first training session." Harry looked at her with big, innocent eyes. "Please, a teeny-tiny break?"

"Five minutes," Lilith said and went to the living room to wait for them. Hermione followed her and quickly passed by the kitchen for a small snack. She didn't need to hunt for blood, so instead she snacked a bit then headed for her dormitory at Hogwarts.

"Thanks Harry!" Fred said as he slumped to the ground.

"You don't know how bloody tired I am." Ron said as he joined his brother on the floor.

Draco nodded his thanks. Although they were now officially brothers, they hardly got along. They only just tolerated each other because of their mother. And both had readily accepted that Lilith was their new mother. So far, Tam and Draco got along far better.

"No prob guys; needed a break my self." Harry joined the duo and laid his head on Ron's shoulder.

Tam walked over to Draco and pulled him down with her. "So how much do you like her?" Tam asked.

"Like who?" Draco asked confused.

"Lilith, of course."

"I wish I had grown up with her." He said as a small smile played at his lips.

"You and I both," Tam responded and laid her head on her hands.

"But, didn't you grow up with her?"

"Nope, never saw her once until just recently."

"Wow," Draco was amazed. How could that have happened? How someone like Lilith leave her child and never see her until she was almost a woman. "Well, at least you know her now,"

Tam snorted.

"Please, like it's worth it," she said and stood up. She walked out of the room. It must have been five minutes already.

The hunt was good. The forbidden forest was the perfect atmosphere for a first hunt. Lilith taught them how to stalk their prey and how to attack properly. Everyone but Tam returned with just rodents. Tam found a young doe to feast on. Lilith hunted a grown stag, with no problem of course. After heading inside, they separated and headed to their own dormitories for a long awaited rest.


The next morning the owls arrived and surprisingly an owl came in and dropped a letter beside Harry's food. He quickly picked it up and saw that it was from Cho.

Harry Love,

How are you? I've missed you so much. I finally got a break. I can visit you this weekend. Do think you could pass by Hogsmeade? I really do miss you hun. Just reply with this owl. Kay? Bye love.

Your Dear Cho

Harry looked up from the letter. For some reason Harry no longer felt that strong pull that he used to towards Cho. Sure he liked her, but he knew there was something missing. He grabbed a quill from his backpack and scribbled a reply on the back of the note. He sent it off with the owl and went back to his breakfast. Ron turned around and asked Harry whom it was from.

"Cho I'm guessing?"


"You don't seem too happy about that," Ron stated as if it were more of a fact than an opinion.

"I am, but it's just not the same as before," Harry looked up to his friends face. "I don't know why,"

Ron smirked and looked over at Hermione who was currently talking to Dean. "I think I know exactly why."

Harry looked where Ron was looking and immediately blushed. "Ron please,"

Ron laughed heartily and went back to his food.


That weekend everyone left the house and headed for Hogsmeade. Harry quietly left the group and walked around trying to find Cho. He finally spotted her standing outside of the Hog's Head. He walked over and hugged her from behind. She jumped and turned around. Her face lit up with a smile, but Harry could easily tell it was fake.

"Hi Harry," she said and kissed him again. "How have you been?"

"I've been . . . good." Harry smiled.

"I'm glad. Let's walk around." Cho led him from the front of the grungy shop to a dark alley.

It all happened very fast. Cho hugged him tightly and leaned against the wall. Harry stood in front of her, like a shield. But it wouldn't last for long.

"I'm sorry," she whispered in his ear.

"For what?" Harry asked her, completely confused.

"You deserve this. I know it," a choked sob escaped her and reached Harry's sensitive ears.

"Cho, what's going on?" he pulled back a bit to look at her face. Silent tears were streaming down.

"You killed him," she took a deep breath. "You killed Cedric,"

At that moment, Harry understood everything. And if it weren't for his lightning fast reflexes, he would have had a knife in the back of his head. He threw Cho and himself on the floor.

"What have you done?" Harry yelled. He looked up into the eyes of his attacker. Blood red eyes gleamed in the darkness. "Fuck"

Harry stood and left Cho unguarded. He changed, and let his vampire attributes show. His fangs grew out, and his claws reached their limit. He heard a gasp behind him and turned.

"You- you're one of them!" Cho gasped.

"So the Boy-Who-Lived is one of us," the man smirked. "This will be an even sweeter kill."

"You wish," Harry smiled an evil smile.

He attacked. And the man didn't even stand a chance. With one slash across his chest, he was down on the floor. Harry slit the vampire's throat and watched as his gleaming blood dripped from the man's neck. Harry heard sniffling behind him and turned around to see Cho sitting on the floor, crying.

A rush of wind passed Harry and he saw another vampire run by him. This time it was a girl, and she stood beside Cho with an evil smirk plastered on her face.

"Too bad she had to talk." The woman lowered down to Cho level and moved closer to her. "Such a pretty human," she kissed Cho's cheek and smiled. "Oh well. Bye bye." And without a moment's notice, she slit the young girls' throat.

She stood again and moved closer to Harry. He moved to his fighting stance but was halted by the woman's high laugh. He looked at her; there was something different about her. He couldn't place it, but he knew. She moved faster than he could see and stuck against a wall. 'Oh shit' was Harry' first thought. She came up to him and lifted him by his throat.

"You're going to pay for killing him," she sneered. "I liked him."

Her grip around his throat tightened, her nails digging into his skin. That was when Harry began to panic on the inside; on the outside he was perfectly calm. 'Help' was his thought as he was flying to another wall.


"So what do you guys wanna do?" Draco asked his companions.

"I'm just happy for a break," Ron sighed. "Lilith was killing me."

Hermione laughed. "You exaggerate Ronald,"

"Would you stop calling me that?!" Ron yelled.

Hermione only smiled at her friend.

The others looked on with a smile on their faces. Tam and Draco isolated themselves, while Ron Hermione and Fred walked in front of them. The main reason that they all went to Hogsmeade was to get costumes for the Halloween ball. They spotted a small clothes store and walked to it.

After about half an hour of searching through the store, Draco, Tam and Ron felt a sense of foreboding. They stopped looking for things and walked out of the store. As they walked out, followed by Fred and Hermione, the three clearly heard Harry's voice in their heads yelling for help.

"Fuck," Draco yelled. "He's in trouble,"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Fred asked.

"Harry!" Ron yelled. Before anything else could be asked, he ran off with Tam, Draco and Fred on his heels.

Hermione stood at the front of the small shop. There wasn't much she could do, but she would at least contribute. She began to run after the young vamps but before she could get far, an enigma pulled her into a deserted alley.

"Lost are we little lady?" the deep voice asked.

"N-no," Hermione responded. Blood red eyes bore into her own.


When the younglings arrived, they rushed to Harry's side. He was thrown against a brick wall, and unconscious. They saw a woman fighting with Lilith. Well, they hardly saw the fight. The two women moved much to fast to see anything more than blurs as they moved. Suddenly, the other woman disappeared. Lilith limped back to Harry and sat by his side.

"Stupid bitch," she grunted. Her unwounded hand moved to Harry's face and stoked his hair out of his face. Harry stirred and looked up at his mother. Lilith smiled sadly. "C'mere,"

Lilith laid a hand on top of Harry's chest and the others began to see a white emit from her hand. Before she could do much, Lilith passed out. Draco caught her before she hit the floor. Harry stood up and as Tam was about to assist him, Harry stopped her.

"Don't worry, I can walk now." He stood next to Fred and helped carry Lilith back to the castle. "Where's Hermione?"

"I don't know, she should still be back at the shop." Fred answered.

Without even realizing it, Harry disappeared, leaving the others behind. He reappeared next to the unconscious figure of Hermione. She was bleeding heavily, and Harry could her life draining from her body. He knew she didn't have long to live.

"Hermione," he called to her. "Mione please wake up,"

The young girl stirred, and looked up at him. She smiled.

"Thank Merlin you're awake, I can get you to Poppy or Alex, they'll fix you right up," Harry tried lifting her up, but Hermione protested.

"I won't make it if you take me there Harry," she said and took one of his bloodied hands in hers.

Harry had absolutely no Idea of what she was about to do. Hermione grabbed his hand brought it to her lips. She sucked the blood off the cut he held. Before she could do anymore, Harry snatched his hand away.

"What the bloody hell are you doing Hermione?!?" Harry asked.

"It's the only way. I know I won't make it if you take me to Madame Pomfrey," she defended weakly.

She made another grab for his hand, this time Harry let her. Just after a few minutes, Hermione's change began. They both knew that it was going to be very painful. So when Hermione began to whimper, all Harry did was hold her tight. He carefully picked her up and carried her to the bookshop. He opened the door to see a young Severus waiting for him. One look at his arms, and a whiff of the air around him and Severus growled.

"You foolish boy," he sneered at Harry and took Hermione from his arms. He set her down on the closest couch. "Go get your mother, she should be in the living room,"

"But Sir-"


Harry scrambled past the Potions Master and walked to the passageway that led to the underground house. A loud piercing scream filled the air and made Harry freeze. He desperately wanted to go back to Hermione but knew he couldn't. He set on his path to find his mother and found her resting just where Severus told him.

"How are you Harry?" she asked as he walked into the room.

"I'm not too good."

"What happened? I was told that you showed a great deal of power back there," Lilith smiled.

"I-I " Could he tell her? "I turned Hermione," he whispered.

"What!?" Lilith yelled.

"I'm sorry." Harry looked down. "It's just that she was dying and I couldn't let her die. She means so much to me," his head snapped up when he felt his mother's arms wrap around him.

"Don't worry Harry, I can't blame you for that,"

"She's outside with Professor Snape,"

"Well, then lets go to her. I know a way to help with the pain,"

They both walked outside, both determined to help the newest member of their family.

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