Thursday, 1 September, 1977

Lily waited for the barrier to Platform 9 ¾ to open up, tapping her foot impatiently, as she had arrived three hours earlier than the barrier opened. She was told to arrive one hour early for a briefing on her responsibilities, but she couldn't drive and this was the only time her mum would be out of the house already. Lily had been standing there for about an hour and a half when she heard a voice from behind her.

"Ms. Evans, I didn't expect to see you here this early. Did the letter not say one hour early was sufficient?" Lily turned and Professor McGonagall was standing there, an owl perched on her shoulder.

"Oh, yes, but this was the only time I could get a ride." Lily shifted her weight onto her left foot, aware that there was still a half hour until her male counterpart would probably show up. Lily still had no idea who the Head Boy to her Head Girl was, just that it wasn't Remus, as she had owled him, hoping it was. She just didn't want it to be Severus. How awkward would it be to work with someone who allied themselves with people who thought she shouldn't even be allowed to own a wand. Lily cleared her throat and asked,

"Professor, who received Head Boy?" But Professor McGonagall didn't seem to hear her, as she turned to the sound of advancing footsteps. Lily stared. She certainly didn't expect James Potter to be Head Boy.

"Hello Professor, Evans." Potter said, with an air of humor, as if he knew what Lily was thinking, and what she was thinking was along the lines of "this person is so unfit for this job". Although, the more she thought it through, it made sense. The letter she received said she was chosen because of her "academic achievement, outstanding reputation as a student, and an honest, good, and hard-working personality". Potter was certainly smart, and was the best in the class at Transfiguration, even if he didn't pay attention or study, and he certainly worked hard at what he wanted to, but Lily suspected that the main reason he was chosen was in an effort to place pressure on Potter and his friends to behave.

"Now that both of you are here, let's begin to talk about the new responsibilities that come with this job. First and foremost, you set a good example for all of the younger students. Secondly, you ensure the fairness of point docking and giving out detentions by the prefects, and finally, you both create the schedule for prefect shifts and host the prefect meetings. Make sure you coordinate with the captains of all Quidditch teams to accommodate for any prefect involved in athletics, although that won't be a problem for Gryffindor, Mr. Potter.

"You both will have your own rooms, connected to each others' and your respective dorms, as well as the Gryffindor commons room and your own personal bathrooms. I trust that both of you will not abuse this privilege, as both of you realize that it can and will be taken away if misused. Are there any questions?" Lily shook her head no. Since Potter also had no questions, the entrance to Platform 9 ¾ was opened with a wave of Professor McGonagall's wand, and Lily started putting her bags under the train.

People started piling into the platform a little while after that, and Lily sat in the prefect compartment, fidgeting anxiously while she waited for everyone to get there. Hopefully the meeting would be short so she could get to Marley and Mary quickly, she thought, until Lily realized she would be the one running the meeting and could ensure it would be brief. She made a mental attendance list in her head. There would be Remus and herself from Gryff, Severus and Dalia from Slytherin, Jennifer and Amos from Hufflepuff, and Rachel and Tom from Ravenclaw for seventh years. Lily wasn't confident that she knew all the names of the sixth years, but was familiar with their faces. All Lily knew about the fifth years was that there were eight of them.

As the 25th person stuffed into the compartment, Potter cleared his throat.

"So, um, I guess we should get started. I'm James, and this is-"

"Lily." She interrupted. "I'm Head Girl. Potter, I can lead the meeting.

"So, sixth and seventh years, you guys know the deal. You can start docking points right now, and we'll have the patrol schedule signups posted by the end of the week. Obviously, be good students and set a good example for the younger students. There has to be a reason for the point docking or detentions, you guys cannot just take points from Gryffindor or Slytherin or something just because you don't like them, that will inflate the point economy. " A few people chuckled. " Anyways, I think that about concludes the meeting. If you have any questions, stay after and ask Potter or me." Potter pulled Lily aside and said, with a tone of anger,

"Hey, Evans, maybe next time don't undermine my authority. We're a partnership, maybe you should work on your team skills." He crossed his arms and looked down on the five-foot-four redhead.

"Really? Are you being serious, Potter? You have the audacity to lie to my face and say that we're a partnership? Don't pretend like this year will be any different than last year or the year before just because Dumbledore decided to give you a bit of responsibility. I know I'm going to do all the work, not just because you'll be "busy", but also because I do not trust you, Potter! Why would we be a partnership? You're immature and childish. Eff your partnership." Lily drew breath, getting ready to go on, when Potter cut her off.

"You know what, Evans? You do all the responsibility, if that's what you want to do. I knew this would happen, I knew you would think I wasn't capable of anything. Careful, you might pop a vein if you cuss that much again. You call me childish, at least I can say fuck." With that note, James Potter strode off towards the back of the train. Lily exhaled loudly, thoroughly frustrated at the nerve to yell at her for doing her job, and started opening train compartment doors at random to find her friends.

"Hey Lil!" A very tall girl with extremely pale white skin and strikingly blonde hair perked up at the sight of her friend. "Marley and I were taking bets on how long yelling at prefects would take you. Ooooooh, and we have so much to fill you in on." She guided Lily to the empty seat next to Marley, a brunette with brown skin and bangs, chatting as they both sat. "So, you remember when I was dating Toby McKinnon? Well, he's officially blacklisted to all of us in the group. He broke up with me because he "lost feelings". What kind of guy tells the truth like that?" Marley nodded in agreement.

"And Marley didn't even talk to Sam once this summer. She says she's over him, though, so maybe we're finally done with Sam shrine and can restore our dorm. " Marley continued. They all turned to look at Lily expectantly, and Lily realized that it was her turn to share.

"Oh, um, Petunia got married, to that toad Vernon, and I didn't see anyone from school, including Sev. Thankfully. And Potter got Head Boy, so I'll be doing all of that work." The three girls looked dissatisfied with her answer, but weren't surprised since they knew Ms. Evans thought of summer as family time.

"Oh, I thought for sure Severus would get it, I bet you're grateful for that," said Marley, picking up a box of Chocolate Frogs. "Ooh, Artemisia Lufkin. I don't have her yet, it says here she was the first female Minister of Magic. Do you think Artemisia is named after her? It'd be funny, because Artemisia Wilkes is certainly not going to be Minister of Magic." She was talking about one of their other roommates, who, unlike her potential namesake, did not excel at anything intellectual. She and her sixth year friend were Beaters on the Gryffindor quidditch team, and was the perfect stereotype of a dumb jock.

Mary cleared her throat. She held up her hands as if conducting to stop conversation, and summoned a piece of parchment and quill.

"It is time," she declared, "for the annual Predictions. You all know the rules. No pairing yourself or anyone sitting in this train car," Lily looked around for show to pretend she didn't know it was just the three of them in the car, "And each person may only be used once, yadda yadda." Lily started thinking about who she would pair this year. She had to be sure, since she was broke and could only bet on two couples.

"Ok, um, Sirius Black and Jenny Briggs, Caroline Archaya and John Bess," Lily said. Marley groaned.

"Sirius and any non-pureblood is a sure bet, that's cheating," Marley said.

"Not necessarily, the bet is date, not have sex with." Lily crossed her arms, then uncrossed them when she remembered Potter doing the same after that scene in the prefects' compartment. Ugh, Potter. Lily seethed just thinking about it. He had the nerve to take Head Boy from someone who deserved it, and Lily just knew he would botch it somehow. Maybe if she was lucky, he would mess up in a way that didn't inconvenience her, but she just KNEW that Potter would get in her way.

Mary and Marley placed their bets, and soon after that, the train pulled into Hogwarts. Lily walked into the Great Hall with a pep in her step, glad to be back at her favorite place on Earth. Her mom made Petunia and Lily spend the whole summer at home, calling it "family bonding", claiming it would heal the rift that had grown between them. Petunia refused to cooperate, and spent the whole summer this year with her friend Hannah and Vernon, saying that she was afraid of being in the same house as a live bomb.

Mary sat down at the Gryffindor table and Lily and Marley sat across from her, forming what Lily liked to call the triangle of loud. Right after they sat down, Marley grabbed all seven of the chocolate chip scones.

"Hey, Marley, those are for seven people not just you. Share." Lily took a scone off of her plate.

"Yeah, what Lil said. Although, everyone with half a brain knows that the cherry scones are better. Ask anyone here. They even have Gryffindor pride."

"I'm with MacDonald, anything red is the best flavor automatically." Potter sat down next to Mary, taking a cherry scone. "Hey, Evans, when will you be done with the schedule? I was thinking about having the first prefect meeting tomorrow." Lily glared at him.

"You know perfectly well that I can't do the schedule until everyone signs up for slots. Have the meeting tomorrow, or next week, I don't care." Lily took a heap of potatoes and plopped them onto her plate, refusing to make eye contact with the arrogant prick.

"Aw, James, you broke Fun Lily. Now she's going to spend the rest of her meal seething into her plate," complained Marley. Potter laughed and slid down the table to join his friends. As soon as he joined them, Sirius Black perked up immediately and flicked gravy at him. It's like he was trying to prove Lily's point about childish, because Potter retaliated, starting a food fight between the two.

"I don't know who this Fun Lily is, but if she exists I think she's around all the time. Surely something as inconsequential as a prefect schedule wouldn't make Fun Lily disappear." Lily stuffed her scone in her mouth so she couldn't talk after that, hoping to end that strain of talk. Unfortunately, Marley couldn't take a hint.

"Oh please, we all know everything about James to you is anything but inconsequential. You won't even call the bloke by his first name because you're too damn stubborn. What's the muggle expression about love?"

"There's a fine line between love and hate," Mary supplied.

"Yes, that's the one. Team Lames for the win."

"Wait, are we sure on the ship name? Jily sounds more, um, normal-"

"So, who's excited for N.E.W.T.s?" Lily interrupted. "What classes will we have together?"

Marley pulled her schedule out of her bag, and Lily noticed it was already a crumpled, stained mess.

"I have Herbology, Potions, Defense, Charms, and Transfiguration," said Marley.

"Potions, Transfiguration, Astronomy, Ancient Runes, and History of Magic," Mary said.

"Ugh, Mary, you're the only person I know who still takes History of Magic and likes it. I've got Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Transfiguration, Arithmancy, and Potions. So we all have Slughorn and McGonagall." Professor Slughorn, as much as he adored Lily, did not love her friends. He had no patience for Marley and her inattention, and all of Mary's questions made him mad, Lily thought it was because he often didn't know the answers. She put her schedule back in her bag, watching most of the other students pack up their things. Lily scanned her table to make sure the fifth year prefects were guiding the first years, and then got up herself, bumping into someone as she turned.

"Oof, sorry- oh, hey Lily. How was your summer?" Remus Lupin smiled at her, and Lily smiled back.

"Don't apologize for me running into you. And my summer was perfectly boring as always, nothing ever changes." She started walking beside Remus up to the Gryffindor tower as they talked. "You?"

"Alright, nothing's boring with the Marauders. Sirius and James took their relationship to the next level and moved in together with James' parents. How romantic." Lily snorted. They were strangely codependent.

"Ok, tomorrow we're having a prefect meeting right after dinner in the prefects' office, pass on the word. I'll post it on all the notice boards too, but you can't tell some of those people enough, I bet you that Ravenclaw sixth year will still be late."

"Marie's always late. See you tomorrow, Lily." With that, Remus departed and left Lily alone with her thoughts. Today had been a day full of surprises, or rather one big surprise, and she still hadn't processed it. She had been prepared to work with someone who hated her guts silently, like Sev, or someone who was apathetic towards her. Lily had been thrown a curveball that was James Potter, and she was not prepared to spend half of her energy on bickering. She went to bed that night after turning restlessly, anxious for something she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Friday, 2 September 1977

Lily woke up with the sun. She yawned, stretched, and promptly pulled the covers back up. She was cold and tired, but couldn't fall back asleep. After about fifteen minutes of trying to fall back asleep, Lily faced the sun and trudged around her room, picking up her uniform, robes, and badge. She threw her hair into a messy ponytail, stared at herself in the mirror, shrugged, and started walking to the dining hall. While she was sleep-walking to the Great Hall for caffeine she was stopped by a sixth year, Camila Lopez.

"You're Head Girl, right?"

"Yeah, Lily Evans. Do you need something?" Lily responded.

"Umm, I don't know how to say this, there's something of a situation in my dorm and I can't find a teacher. The Head Boy is up there, I don't know how he got past the stairs, but he's not really helping." Lily rolled her eyes. That was to be expected of Potter. She followed Camila up to the sixth year dorms and walked into the middle of what appeared to be four girls physically fighting each other over a teapot.

"Give it, he gave it to ME!"

"Um, no Linny, you know I've only liked him since SECOND YEAR!"

"You bitch! That's my scarf, you know it's my favorite!"

"AHHHHHHHHHH" The last girl seemed to be in the middle of it all, with nothing to say but lots of pent up aggression. Lily watched her tear out another girl's hair before she realized she should be doing something. She made eye contact with Potter, looking helpless, while he just shrugged. Lily rolled up her sleeves and yelled,

"Quiet!" When that didn't work, she cast a silencing spell over the four. "Break it up, ladies! Are you lot fighting over a teapot?" Lily was incredulous. Sixth years could be so immature.

"Oh, no, ma'am, we're fighting over a teapot and a scarf. The teapot is mine-" And with that the four broke out into a sputtering mess again.

"Can someone PLEASE tell me what happened? Or, better yet, one at a time, each of you explain what happened in your opinion." Lily was quite proud of herself for coming up with that idea. Maybe she could be a hostage negotiator if this whole wizard thing didn't work out. The one named Linny seemed to be the most ready to share, and Lily pointed at her.

"You first."

"Ok, so, my name is Lindsay, and I can't do that if James Potter is in the room, so could he please leave?" Lily had forgotten he was in the room, but she gave him a pointed look and he rushed out. Lily didn't think she'd ever seen him walk so fast.

"So, this teapot is mine. James Potter gave it to me in first year. He put it on the table in the common room with a note that said 'Take Me' and so naturally I took it. Today, I was asleep until I heard a crash, and woke up when I saw my teapot on the floor in pieces. Gemma was the only one awake, and I saw her repair it! Then I actually let her know that I was awake and she said it broke all on its own, but because she repaired it it was now hers?" Linny seemed to be done, and Lily nodded.

"Ok, which one of you is Gemma?" The tiny one raised her hand. "Ok, you talk."

"So, I was just getting ready for the day, it was my turn to wear the scarf today, and I was just walking around and the teapot just fell off of the shelf. If I had waited to repair it, then it wouldn't go back together, I don't think, I don't really know how the spells work, I just do them. So because I spelled it in time, it's definitely mine, because Linny couldn't have been able to spell it back." Lily nodded, trying to form this weird story in her head. Lily said,

"You don't need to spell anything right away, so the teapot is definitely Linny's. What do you mean about the scarf, your day?"

"Oh, James Potter dropped it when we were third years, I've liked him the longest, since I was twelve, and we take turns wearing it. Today was obviously my day." Lily repressed a laugh, as Gemma seemed so earnest and she didn't want to offend her.

"Ok, umm, next one?" Lily pointed to the tallest one next.

"I'm Elizabeth Li, and today was NOT Gemma's day. She explicitly states in the scarf contract that Mondays and Wednesdays are her days, and Fridays and Sundays are mine, and Tuesdays and Saturdays are Cara's. So, naturally, I ripped it off of her neck. She said some bs about being choked and a clause, but she wouldn't give the scarf." Elizabeth huffed.

"The clause does exist, and it says that since I picked up the scarf, I can decide to say any day is my day. They all signed it." Lily decided that this fight over Potter's used possessions was the dumbest fight she'd ever witnessed.

"Ok, girl number four, finish it off."

"Those three woke me up at five thirty, so I started screaming. I think anyone would have done the same." Lily rubbed her temples. What a great way to start the first day of classes.

"Ok, teapot girl, Lindsay, the teapot's still yours. You, um, Gemma, you should rewrite the weird scarf contract to be more fair to your friends, and until she does, you all signed the old contract and should abide it, although none of it counts, because you're all sixteen and underage and this is dumb. Four, you can go back to sleep now. Thanks for getting me, Camila."

Lily had been awake for thirty minutes, but it felt like an eternity. She was hungry, tired, and had a headache. As soon as the scents of breakfast hit Lily, her energy started to go up again. She filled her plate with three of the chocolate scones, a waffle, two heaps of eggs, a pastry, and one grape. Lily's mom always told Marley to make Lily eat fruit, and Marley would inevitably bug her later. Marley was way too loyal to Ms. Evans, and Lily thought that her mom liked Marley better than Lily.

She scanned the Gryffindor table, but, being so early, almost no one was down yet. Lily sat by herself, opened Magical Theory and Its Uses, and began to read while eating her breakfast. She had only opened the page when a person thumped down beside her. She looked up to see the prefect who was always late, Marie. She went back to her book, and saw Marie take out a book and do the same.

Breakfast passed in a quiet fashion, but it was a good quiet. The kind of quiet that comes from people thinking, instead of an awkward silence. Once the first and second years woke up, the dining hall was filled with chatter that made it much harder to think. Lily already had a headache, so she went back up to the room and fell onto her bed, instantly falling into a deeper slumber than she'd had in a long time.

Lily was rudely awakened by a bang and a flash of light. When she opened her eyes, Marley's face was really close to hers.

"LILY, WAKE UP!" Marley yelled.

"Ah, uhyuellishh," Lily mumbled.


"Why are you yellinggggg shhhhh be quieter," Lily said as she rolled over.

"Lily, you're going to be late. Classes start in ten minutes, and we would've woken you up earlier, but Mary needed breakfast, and I went to the kitchens to get a smoothie, and we forgot you were still up here, and Misia and Seven weren't anywhere to be found, so we couldn't ask them to yell at you, so now there's only nine minutes left because you let me talk for a minute, GET UP!"

"Shit!" She pushed the covers off and tried to smooth out her shirt, to no avail. Lily grabbed her book bag, stuffed a couple random books in it, and ran out the door. "I'm late, move out of my way!" She ran out to Greenhouse 4, with papers scattering behind her as she ran.

When she noticed, Lily muttered a spell so as she ran, she was enveloped by a storm of papers swirling around her. She slid into her seat right as Professor Rodriguez entered the greenhouse, and Lily's papers all fell from the air, scattered around the desk.

"Ms. Evans, will you please pick up your papers?" Lily turned red and picked up her hurricane of assignments. As she shoved the parchment into her bag, Rodriguez started lecturing. Marley slipped a piece of parchment to Lily discreetly.

Is the Head Girl too good to pass notes in class? Lily smiled, and wrote back,

Mar, I have to take notes. I have to get PERFECT grades this year.

You got one E. History of Magic isn't even that important. You're not even taking it as a N.E.W.T.

I don't want to get a second E.

So, do you think that I should date Brown? He asked me out on the train, I said I'd think about it.

Cyranus Brown? The Keeper? Wouldn't it be a problem to date in-team?

James specifically said that we cannot date another player on our team or another team, yes.

Then perhaps it's not a good idea…?

No one pays attention to that rule, he's a control freak. Yes or no?

If you had to think about it for a day, it's probably a no Mar.

Ugh. You know me so well.

I know. Now stop writing me so I can pay attention. Xo

Professor Rodriguez split the class into partnerships to review working with the Venomous Tentaculas, and Lily was paired with Marley. They had a well-established tradition where Lily told Marley what to do and Marley did all the physical work. Then, when homework was assigned, Lily wrote both of them and cast a handwriting spell over Marley's. This had worked very well for all six years of Herbology thus far, since the first time Mary chose to be partners with her first crush, Lance Sharp, the first guy to tell her how smart he thought he was, and the first time Mary realized she had a thing for other smart people. After a week, Mary had moved on to Jessa Crimson, the best plant girl in the class, and Marley and Lily realized they would need to band together.

"Ms. Steck, what are the odds that you and Ms. Evans will stop blabbing and get to work?"

"Oh, Professor Rodriguez, Lily and I finished. We were getting started on, um, homework. That's what you heard us talk about." Lily giggled. She and Marley had certainly not been discussing homework.

"Please refrain from distracting your fellow classmates in the future." Rodriguez frowned and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Marley looked at Lily, giggled, and then had to look away. They kept making eye contact and laughing uncontrollably until both Marley and Lily were sent out of the greenhouse. They walked back inside and fell on the floor laughing in a corridor. Marley was wheezing when they heard a voice behind them.

"Lily, Marlene? Are you two okay?" Lily turned around and stopped laughing, a giggle stuck in her throat. James Potter was there, with his badge on, looking disapproving. "Do I need to take points away from Gryffindor?"

"Oh, please. You can't take points from another Head, and I say that we're on a mission for McGonagall," Lily said. That sent Marley further into hysterics, and started Lily off again.

"Yes, I really see how professional the two of you look." Potter looked amused, smirking in that way that Lily knew made fifth years swoon. Her laugh started to subside, but Lily couldn't stop smiling, Marley was grinning like a goon, and Potter was still doing that cute half-smirk. She found the man annoying, but he certainly was attractive. Suddenly, Lily became very aware of the eye contact between her and James and looked away. Marley stood up and said,

"We should probably go, um, and do study stuff. Yeah. Lil, come on. Herbology must have got out, so we can study in the library." Lily was grateful for N.E.W.T. schedule, what with only taking six classes over five days.

"Bye, Potter." She gave an awkward little wave and started walking to the library with Marley.

Lily spent the rest of the morning in the library, even after Marley left, until lunch came around. In the Great Hall, she went to her normal spot to find it taken by Sirius Black.

"Hey, Black, you're in my spot. Move." Sirius looked up at Lily and cocked an eyebrow, smiling.

"What're you gonna do, Evans, dock points?"

"Just move. Your friends are over there, and you're over here, so maybe-"

"I should move? Nah. I'm talking to Mary." Mary nodded, chewing on a sandwich. Lily sighed and sat down next to Mary, ruining the triangle of loud.

"Why aren't you sitting by your boyfriend and your other boyfriend and your smart boyfriend?" Lily asked.

"James won't stop talking about this bird and I got sick of it. So I was talking to Mary about James and this chick." Sirius took a bite of sandwich.

"Already? It's the first day of classes. How does Potter do it so quickly?" Sirius and Mary made eye contact, smiled and looked away.

"Um, Lily, will you pass the vegetables?" Marley asked, holding her hand out expectantly.

"Sure. Oh, Mary, guess what happened in Herbology? Because of Marley, I got sent out of the classroom today. It's always her, but we couldn't stop laughing and it was so funny except there was nothing that was funny, it's just everything was funny and-"

"Oh, yeah, after we got sent out we were just laying in the hallway, it was so fun," Marley said. She snorted, and Lily started giggling. " How was Ancient Runes? Learn new, um, symbols?"

"Ugh, let's not talk about school. Why did I decide to take the hardest classes? Every class I am taking is boring and assignment-heavy. What are we going to do for the afternoon?" The three of them sat in silence until Sirius, whom Lily had forgotten was there, chimed in with,

"I can get butterbeers from Rosmerta, we can have a mini party, no drinking because McGonagall said she'd expel me if I started day-drinking again." Lily let out a laugh, then looked at Marley and Mary in turn. She nodded, Marley nodded, and Mary said,

"We're in. Can we invite the other girl's dorms?" Sirius nodded, and then Lily remembered that the stupid meeting Potter was planning was HER meeting and she should probably help him.

"I have to go! It's my stupid meeting, see you guys at dinner!" Lily pulled her bookbag off of the table and rushed out of the dining hall, speed walking through the halls. She realized she had done a lot of rushing today, what with the fight, being late, and now this. She hustled up to the prefect's office, thinking about all the things she needed to cover in the meeting. Lily pushed open the door to see Potter writing at one of the two desks. She tossed her bag onto the other desk and took out parchment and a quill. She began taking notes, then realized that she wouldn't be doing all of the speaking. Lily cleared her throat, then said,

"How do you want to split up the topics up for discussion?" Potter looked up, then said,

"What are the topics?" Lily raised her eyebrows.

"I thought you were up here, working on the meeting."

"No, I'm working on class work. I can't work on the meeting without the Head Girl." He resumed working on his homework.

"Sorry to interrupt your precious homework time but it's 1:30 and the meeting's at 7:00, so how about I read my list of topics?" Lily pulled out her itinerary. "We have to brief the fifth years, we have to make the schedule, we have to, um,-"

"Lily," She flinched. That was the second time ever he had called her Lily, both of them happening in under 24 hours. It felt like a physical shift in their relationship, a disparity, because Lily did not feel like he was James to her. He coughed, bringing her back to earth. "We had a meeting yesterday, there's not much to cover. I can supervise sign-ups if you'll help the fifth years and tell them how patrols work. Could I also listen to that part?" He smiled. "Now, can I do my work in peace? There's no quiet in my dorm, with five guys. We have six hours until the meeting. I know I don't want to pretend about planning for that long." Lily shrugged, and pulled out a book.

Three hours later, in the common room, Lily was curled up on a love seat, trying to read over the sound of Sirius' "mini party" which seemed to have escalated. Lily had just vowed that next time someone yelled "Gryffindor pride!" she would shut down the party, when Potter stood up and yelled,

"Next person that says some loud shit about anything gets a whole month's detention, and I swear to god if someone throws up on me I will shut this thing down." He sat back down, and Lily smiled. Sometimes it was nice to not be the bad guy.

Dinner was uneventful, with the trio talking to Seven, their roommate. Seven was a tall, Japanese girl, second tallest in the dorm to Mary. She got her nickname in first year, when, on the first day of classes, accidentally broke seven bones in her hand by tumbling down a moving staircase. The nickname stuck after she appeared to show a strange sort of pride for the house record for non-Quidditch related broken bones.

"So, Lily, what do you think of the gravy? Do you think the house elves would make a vegetarian version?" Lily realized she was accidentally making eye contact with a Hufflepuff while she was daydreaming, and snapped back when Seven asked that.

"Um, I really have no clue. Maybe you could go into the kitchens and ask."

"That's such a good idea! Thank you!" Seven smiled at Lily, and she said,

"No problem," and made an awkward half-smile, half-grimace back. It wasn't that she didn't like Seven, it was just that Lily didn't have enough energy to think about anything at the moment. Mary shot Lily a look that meant "stop being rude." In case Lily didn't get the message, Mary also mouthed it to her.

"What do you guys think about dating Ravenclaws? I've been thinking about it, and it sounds like such a good idea, because, OMG, their common room is open to anyone, you know, so I could just go in." Lily smiled, because she thought the same thing in sixth year.

"That's such a great idea, Seven, I've thought the same thing before."

After dinner was the prefects' meeting. That's all she could think about, all throughout dinner. She was sure something was going to go wrong, since this was her first responsibility ever. Lily was so worried, because if it was a disaster, word was sure to get back to McGonagall. She was just sitting there, getting more stressed until Lily left the Great Hall and went to the dorm and put her head down on the desk in their room. She had barely put her head down when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hey, Lil, what's up?" Lily peeked her head up through a curtain of red hair to see Marley looking anxiously at her, while also putting a piece of paper in her pocket.

"First meeting. I know I'm unprepared. Something or multiple somethings are going to go wrong, and I know McGonagall will hear. Also, I don't work well with my partner! He hates me and yells at me, and I can't take that because today's been a long day and I can't yell back." After she said that, Marley looked at her with a strange, sad, sympathetic look on her face.

"Aw, Lil, you know that nothing's going to go wrong, you'll be in a room full of the most responsible people in the school. Do you actually think James hates you?"

"Mmm." Lily mumbled and nodded.

"Why would James hate you?"

"I rejected him a thousand times and we argue and stuff."

"Do you hate him?" Marley pulled Lily's head up to make eye contact.

"No. I'm always hoping he'll say something intelligent or mature, then he opens his mouth and I'm disappointed." Marley let out a small laugh at that.

"Then why would he hate you?"

"Mmmmm," Lily mumbled again.

"See, Lil, it would be hard for anyone to hate you." Marley smiled. "Do you want to talk about something else now to distract you?"

"That would be good," Lily said.

"Ok. Um, have you researched that potions program you're applying to?" Lily nodded. "Tell me about that."

"It's supposed to be an introductory course to private potion-making for big companies. Slughorn recommended Sev and me for it, so there's a pretty good chance we'll get in because of his pull. They teach you one really advanced potion, like REALLY advanced, and then you make it, and they teach you theory and stuff, and then you get graded on it and assigned to a company."

"That sounds perfect for you. Is it partnered, and what company do you want to work for?" Marley sounded actually interested.

"It's all individual, so I either make it or fail, but it's potions, so I have confidence that I won't fail. And there's a job making potions for St. Mungo's, that's my favorite." Lily felt her eyes light up and could see Marley's relieved face. She knew that Marley was concerned about her, but also she knew that Potions always made Lily better.

"That sounds really good. I knew there were benefits of being in Slug Club."

"Who would've thought that all those boring parties and suck-up alumni would become useful?" Marley giggled, and Lily laughed as well, thinking of a specific party that was attended by the Minister of Magic himself, who still apparently thought Slughorn's word was gold.

Lily felt a lot less like crying, and tried to detangle her hair with her hands. She checked the clock, and saw that it was about seven minutes until 7:00, thanked Marley, grabbed her notes, and walked to the meeting.

When Lily walked into the prefects' office, it was 7:00 on the dot. Most people were there, but a few people were missing. Lily looked at Potter and nodded a hello. He just stared at her. She wondered what he was staring at, then realized her hair must be a mess and her mascara was sure to be running down her face. She cursed under her breath, then decided that she couldn't do anything about it. Lily held her head high and cleared her throat.

"Hello, hi, welcome, prefects. I'm Head Girl Lily Evans as I'm sure you remember," Lily blushed a little as she said that and remembered the first brief meeting on the train, "And Head Boy James Potter is also here. We're gonna split up, sixth and seventh years, you guys go sign up for your rounds. Fifth years and Potter, you're with me." A shuffle of movement arose, and Lily started talking again as soon as most of the fifth years were near.

"This is just how to do rounds. You'll be signed up with a partner, and you'll patrol the castle from curfew until about 11:30. You sign up at the monthly meetings, and you can trade with someone as long as I don't have to hear about it. Pick a spot and stick to it, if you don't show you put your partner at risk and there will be consequences." Lily finished her speech, realized no one was moving, and gestured in the general direction of the sign ups.

Potter stayed after the fifth years left the area Lily was occupying, and sat down across from where she was standing.

"That was a good meeting, right? I feel like it went much better than the one on the train. Although, there's still time for a major argument." Potter said, and Lily blushed.

"I hate it when I lose my temper. Can we pretend that didn't happen, or maybe promise not to have another shouting fit?" Lily said.

"Is that an apology?" Potter asked, a half-smile playing on his face. "I feel like we need to ensure that it won't happen again, or some incentive."

"More incentive than wanting to be a good team for the prefects?" Lily asked incredulously. If he were a good Head, that would be enough- she had to force herself to stop that train of thought before it made her mad.

"How about you pay me money when you get mad and I pay you money when I yell? It's like a get-rich-quick-Ponzi-scheme," Potter said.

"Do they have those in the Wizarding World?" Lily asked.

"Sure, but they're just called idiots. Peter taught me what a Ponzi scheme is," James said proudly.

"Well, anyways, that's a terrible idea. I doubt that would work at all, plus there's no way you can afford to pay me a sickle every time we get into a shouting match." Potter just smiled at that, and called,

"Remus!" When Remus came over, Potter continued, "Do you think Evans and I can go a year argument-free on our own?" Remus laughed, and said,

"You're kidding, right? Maybe if you provided some reason for not, like food or-"

"Money? That's what I said," Potter said.

"Genius. Money jars, like a douchebag jar or a swear jar." Remus smiled in amusement, and Lily frowned. Potter said,

"I'm naming my jar The Lily Evans Must Be Nice To Me Jar." He laughed at his own joke, and it was a contagious laugh that Lily almost laughed as well.

"Well, I'll name my jar the Potter Was a Prat Again jar." Lily said, crossing her arms in mock indignation.

"Uh-uh, Evans, jar." Potter pointed at an empty spot on the bookshelf, noticed it was empty, pulled out his wand, and conjured two jars. "That was a low blow." He pouted, making a mock sad face.

"I'd say that last naming is rude as well, so we'll call it even, Pott-James." Saved it. Lily suspected he noticed the mid-sentence alteration, and the laughing smirk on his face confirmed her suspicions.

"Ah, yes, my given name, Pot James. My mother is quite fond of gardening, you know."

"I did not. She sounds like quite the pleasant person, unlike her son." At that, James grinned. Lily didn't think she said anything funny, until he said,

"Ha! Jar!" Lily cursed internally.

"I don't have any money on me. Surprising as it may seem, I did not expect to be extorted at the prefects' meeting."

"Well, then I guess I'll see you tomorrow with my sickle. G'night, Lily," They made eye contact, and Lily made a small smile, nodded at Remus, who was still standing there, even though she had forgotten him, and exited.

When Lily entered her dorm room, she collapsed on her bed. It was only 8:00, but she felt like she'd been up for hours. She collapsed and fell asleep instantly.