Gargoyles: Elizabeth's Story

Review: Elizabeth is the adoptive sister of Xanatos and befriends the Gargoyles. Join her as they go through a lot and catches the eye of Brookyn. Follow their story as they conquer evil and Elizabeth and Elisa protect the Gargoyles Brooklyn/OC

An: Had this idea for years and finally writing it down. :)

Chapter 1 Awakening

Xanatos stood looking at the ruins of Castle Wyvern.

"At last, Castle Wyvern." Xanatos said. He ran up the steps and to the top of the tower where the Gargoyle that he assumed Goliath was. He moved away some vines on the Gargoyle. "Magnificent." Owen came up behind him. "Make the offer now, Owen. This instant." Owen pulled out his cell.

"May I say one last time, Mr. Xanatos. That the costs of this venture will be astronomical." Owen said.

"Start hiring crews. I want to begin as soon as possible." Xanatos said.

"It may prove difficult to find the necessary manpower. The castle has a bad reputation. The locals consider it haunted." Owen said.

"You know the answer, Owen. Pay a man enough and he'll walk barefoot into hell." Xanatos said. He noticed someone was missing. "Where's Elizabeth?"

"She is down by the other Gargoyles, Mr. Xanatos." Owen said as he made a call.

Elizabeth stood looking at the the other Gargoyles that were companions of Goliath. Elizabeth was small woman with atheltic built. She may look like a pretty face, but she could hold her ground in a fight and knows to use a gun. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a braid. Unlike her brother, she wanted nothing to do with his business. She was in college for archiology and study of the Middle ages and Merlin.

"What do you think?" Xanatos said.

"It's like Magnus said. Is Owen putting in the offer?" Elizabeth asked.

"He is." Xanatos said with a smile. Elizabeth took one last look at the Gargoyles.

"Good. They been asleep long enough." Elizabeth said, turning on her heal and heading for the door.

It took six months for dissembling the castle under the watchful eye of Xanatos and Elizabeth, when she could. The gargoyles were packed in boxes for a safe trip so they wouldn't be damaged.

The day that construction was done. Elizabeth sat in her class, listening to her Professor talk. Time seemed to drag for her. The castle was finally complete and tonight if everything was right. The spell would be broke and the Gargoyles would finally be awake after being asleep for a thousand years. Elizabeth smiled to herself. Wondering what it was gonna bring. The bell rang and Elizabeth was out of the seat, swinging her bag over her shoulder and books in arm before the Professor could excuse them and was out the door.

Her brother's helicopter was waiting in the parking lot, making Elizabeth run towards the helicopter and nearly jump in as soon as she reached it. Xanatos laughed at his sister's excitement.

"Someone is excited for tonight." Xanatos said as Owen talk off to the Castle.

"I am very much. You think it will work?" Elizabeth asked.

"Magnus did put the Gargoyles will wake as soon as the castle raises above the clouds. I think we full filled it." Xanatos said. Elizabeth smiled and looked out the window. The castle finally came into view as the sun was starting to set. Owen landed the chopper in the courtyard of the castle and Elizabeth opened the door and jumped off the helicopter with her brother right behind her.

They go up to the tower where the gargoyles were. They stood on either side of the leader of the Gargoyles. Elizabeth pulled her jacket close to her. Xanatos looked at Goliath.

"Don't disappoint me." Xanatos said. Elizabeth raised a eyebrow at her brother as the sun disappears over the horizon. Elizabeth closed her eyes.

"Please, please, please work." She whispered. The wind started picking up, making Elizabeth open her eyes as rain hit her face. A storm was brewing as thunder rolled and thunder cracked. She opened her mouth to say something. CRACK. She looked at Goliath and saw the stone was cracking. Elizabeth's eyes widen, realizing that the spell was broken as Goliath broke from his stone sleep, roaring. "It worked."

"Yes!" Xanatos said. She ran to the side to look down at the other gargoyles in time to see them burst from their stones, roaring. Goliath jumped down to join the others. Elizabeth turned to her brother smiling.

"I told you it would work." Xanatos said.

"I know. They are finally free." She said.

"Let's go down to them. They are going to have a lot of questions." Xanatos said. Elizabeth led the way down to the next level. They found the gargoyles looking out at the city with wonder. Elizabeth stepped forward to go to the gargoyles. The dog gargoyle turns and growls at Elizabeth.

"Easy." She said as the others turn and looked at her. She looked up at Goliath. "Are you Goliath?"

"Yes?" Goliath asked. Elizabeth smiled.

"Excellent." Xanatos said.

"If you'll follow us. We will explain everything." She said. Elizabeth led the way into Xanatos's study. Xanatos sat at his desk while Elizabeth leaned against it as the Gargoyles stood in front of them.

"How long has it been?" Goliath asked.

"This may be a shock but you have been asleep for a thousand years since the spell was cast." Elizabeth said. The gargoyles sat in silence, suprised it has been so long.

"I learned about the castle and you six from an ancient book that came into my possession." Xanatos said.

"The Magus who cursed you wrote the whole story down in there. I think he wanted to make sure that someone would free you from your spell someday and we fullfilled his wishes." Elizabeth said.

"Now I'm sure you have questions." Xanatos said.

"How did you break the spell?" The old Gargoyle asked.

"The spell was designed to end whe the castle rose above the clouds." Elizabeth said.

"The eggs in the rookery." The little green guy said with fear.

"Gone, I'm afraid." Xanatos said. The gargoyles looked worried.

"Magnus wrote that him and the princess escaped with the eggs, but he had to abbandon the book. Its not known if they made it to their destination." Elizabeth said, shooting a glare at her brother, hoping it would give some relief to the gargoyles. It seemed to lighten the mood.

"Why have you done this?" Goliath asked.

"My sister here was the one that pushed for it." Xanatos nodding towards Elizabeth.

"I was fascintated by the Magus's story. I convinced my brother that we should look into breaking the spell." Elizabeth said.

"I wanted to see if it was true and now that I know it is, I want to be your friend." Xanatos said. He got up and walked up to Goliath. "There's much we can do for each other, Goliath." Elizabeth saw the distrust on the leader's face. She knew it was gonna take sometime to earn the Gargoyle's trust.

"Such as?" Goliath said. Xanatos goes to say something when the sound of an approaching helicopter came.

"David. Are we expecting anyone?" Elizabeth asked.

"No." Xanatos goes to leave and stops to look at the Gargoyles. "You'll be safer if you staye here." Xanatos disappears and the Gargoyles follow. Elizabeth goes to the wall and punches some numbers into the wall and a gun comes out. She puts it in the pouch on her hip.

"You coming?" A voice said. She turned to see the Red Gargoyle waiting for her. A smile was on his beak. She grinned.

"Of course." Elizabeth said as she ran after him and the others. She came to the door out to the courtyard where the other gargoyles were. She saw a helicopter and people surrounding her brother with guns raised. "What?"

"What's going on? Who are these people?" Red asked.

"They're attacking the castle. That's all we need to know." The Old Gargoyle said. Goliath roars and the gargoyles run out. The men turn and were shocked to see Gargoyles running towards them. Elizabeth ran as the men opened fire on the gargoyles. Goliath tosses one of the men into a wall as another aims a gun at him. Elizabeth tackles one of the gunman that was aiming a gun at Goliath and knocks the gun out of his hand. She punches him hard in the face, knocking him out. The blue gargoyle grabs one of the attackers as it comes at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth looks around and sees The old Gargoyle be brought to his knees by a stun gun.

"Leave him alone!" Red shouts as he swoops down and grabs the attacker, hoisting him in the air. He tosses the attacker across the courtyard. The blue, green, and red one help the old one to his feet.

"No!" Elizabeth shouts as one of the gunmen throws a gernade at the gargoyles. The green one catches it and tosses it aside. "No don't." But it was to late. An explosion sends the Gargoyles falling. The red one collides with Elizabeth and they hit the ground.

"Sorry." Red said.

"That was a gernade. Those are dangerous." Elizabeth said as Red helps her stand up.

"We're not use to these weapons." Red said. Xanatos grabs a weapon from the wall as Goliath battles one of the gunman. He aims his laster, but one of the commandos knocks him off balance. A laser rips into the castle walls, sending debree to the ground and off the side of the castle.

"Let's go. We got what we came for." A voice calls. Elizabeth pulls out her gun as one of the gunman come out of the castle holding a briefcase in his hands. The leader shoots a flare into the sky and the copter lands and the people get on. Elizabeth takes aim and opens some rounds, but the door shuts. The glass shatters as she hits the mark, but the helicopter takes off.

"Really!" Elizabeth shouts. The gargoyles regroup and look as the helicopter took off. Elizabeth put her gun away.

"I've never seen weapons like those before." The red one said.

"And that creature that carried them off." The blue one said.

"A dragon most likely." The old one said.

"It wasn't a dragon." Green said. Elizabeth came over to the Gargoyles.

"No. That was a helicopter and the weapons they were using were guns." Elizabeth said. The Gargoyles nodded. Xanatos approached.

"You alright?" Xanatos said. Elizabeth nodded.

"I'm good." She said. Xanatos turned to the other Gargoyles.

"Thank you. Without you and your friends, who knows what those thugs might have done." Xanatos said.

"Someone I once trusted said the same thing to me and then destroyed my people." Goliath said.

"Hmm. I can see I'll have to work hard to earn your trust." Xanatos said. Goliath looked at all the mess as Xanatos notified Owen to have a cleanup crew ready to go.

"Why were you attacked?" Goliath asked.

"The richer you are, the more enemies you have and I'm very rich." Xanatos said.

"Goliath. Even though this is my brothers headquarters and also your home. We want you to stay here." Elizabeth said. Goliath and the other gargoyles looked at each other.

"I hope you'll consider working with me to keep this castle safe." Xanatos said.

"Our castle is our home. No matter where it has been taken. We'll stay here." Goliath said.

"Excellent." Xanatos said.

"I know you've been used poorly by men in the past, but all that is about to change. Trust me." Elizabeth said. Goliath looked at her.

"You and your brother broke the spell of sleep that imprisoned us, Elizabeth and for that we are gratefule, but we will never trust humans again." Goliath said. Elizabeth sighed.

"I can tell this relationship is something we'll have to work at." Xanatos said. A growl came from Goliath but he nodded. The Gargoyles disappear into the castle and Elizabeth went to get her things from school and put in her room. She came out and heard Owen tell her brother a dectective was here to investigate the explosions. She came down and found the trio of Gargoyles looking around.

"You guys need help with something?" She asked, making the three gargoyles turn.

"We are looking for food." The aquamarine one said. Elizabeth smiled.

"Yeah he is always hungry." Olive one said.

"Well I'll show you where our kitchen is." She said.

"Kitchen?" The trio said.

"Its where we store our food and cook it." Elizabeth explained as the led the three towards the kitchen. The four entered the kitchen and the gargoles stare at amazement at what was in front of them.

"Wow! Look at all this stuff." Olive one said.

"It's fantastic." Blue one said. Red went over to the stove, studying the turndials of the stove.

"What do you suppose this does?" Red said.

"Uh don't!" Elizabeth called as he turned the dial. Red jumps back as one of the burners ignites. He collides with the olive one, who goes flying into a rack full of pots and pans. Elizabeth shakes her head and goes and helps the olive one to his feet. The blue one enters the freezer where the food was stored. He was in heaven. Blue starts grabbing as much food he can carry. "You need to be careful with that. Its called a stove where we cook our food." Elizabeth was explaining to Red as Olive closes the door to the freezer.

"I was just curious. Sorry Liz." Red said.

"It's Elizabeth, not Liz." Elizabeth said.

"Hey. Let me out!" Red and Elizabeth turn to the freezer. "Let me out! It's cold in here." Blue was banging on the door. Red and Olive ran to the door.

"Hold on. We'll save you." Olive called. Elizabeth goes to help.

"You push and we'll pull." Red said. Elizabeth grabs the handle with the gargoyles and gets ready to pull. Blue steps back and runs to the door, hitting it as the three pull, sending all four flying and food scattering to the ground. Elizabeth sits up and looks at the mess and sighs.

"Well we sure made a mess." Elizabeth grumbled. Red comes over and offers a hand. She grins and takes his hand and he pulls her to her feet. She turns to the other two. "Try not to get each other trapped in the freezer again."

"Yes mam." The trio said Owen and Xanatos came into the kitchen.

"What happened here?" Xanatos asked. The old Gargoyle came into the kitchen as well. He looked uneasy with all the new things that were in the room.

"Was just showing these three where the food was cause they were hungry and this one got stuck in the freezer. Sorry about that brother." Elizabeth said. David sighed.

"Well you guys best be going. The sun will be rising soon." Xanatos said. Elizabeth followed the Gargoyles out. They stepped out into the courtyard.

"A fine mess you made of that kitchen, lads. When I heard that crash I thought that..." The old one said.

"Look! Goliath is talking to that human." Olive said. Elizabeth looked up to see Goliath talking with an old friend of hers.

"That's Elisa. I went to school with her. She's a good friend. I think she was investigating what happened earlier tonight." She said. They go up to Elisa and Goliath.

"So, a thousand years ago. You were betrayed by the one human you trusted. Does anyone know about you?" Elisa asked.

"Only the man called Xanatos and Elizabeth. They brought us here." Goliath said.

"Hi Elisa." Elizabeth said. Elisa turned and smiled at Elizabeth.

"Hey Elizabeth its good to see you." Elisa said. She gasps when the others come up behind Elizabeth. "Oh this can't be happening."

"Don't worry. They are friends." Elizabeth said with a smile as the red one sniffs Elisa and looks at Goliath.

"Is this a new friend Goliath?" Red asked.

"Boy I hope so." Blue said.

"This is Elisa Maza. A dectective?" Goliath said, with a confused look. Elisa pulled out her badge to show the other Gargoyles.

"Second class. NYPD." Elisa said.

"What exactly does a detective do, lass?" The old one asked.

"Well, uh, when somebody does something wrong, I find out who and arrest them." Elisa said.

"Who says what's wrong?" Goliath asked.

"Well we have a justice system." Elisa said.

"Laws, Penalties, assessments that the people decide." Elizabeth said.

"You mean, the humans decide?" Goliath asked. Dawn was starting to come in the horizon. "You have to go."

"Wait. Will I see you again? I'd like to know more about you." Elisa said. Goliath looked hesitant. "Look you saved my life. I owe you."

"Goliath. I've known her for a long time. You can trust her." Elizabeth said.

"Let me help you understand this city. You need to know how it works." Elisa said.

"I suppose we need to be prepared for whatever's out there. Very well." Goliath said.

"Good. Tomorrow's my day off I'll meet you in the afternoon." Elisa said.

"At after dark." Goliath said, earning a short laugh from Elizabeth.

"Why am I not surprised? Ok. Here after dark." Elisa said.

"Not here. Over there on that rooftop." Goliath said, pointing towards a rooftop in the distance.

"Where there?" Elisa asked.

"Why were you sneaking into the castle?" Goliath asked.

"A good detective trusts no one." Elisa said.

"That's one thing we have in common." Goliath said. Elisa nods and leaves. Everyone watches her go.

"It seems that much has changed from what we knew." The old one said.

"Yes and if we are to survive in this new world. We need to learn about it and the humans who rule here." Goliath said. The Trio and Elizabeth share smiles.

"Goliath!" Owen called waving at him. Goliath goes to talk to Xanatos while Elizabeth follows the others to their spots. Red turns to talk to Elizabeth with a grin on his face.

"Elizabeth. Will you take us for a tour of the city?" Red asked. Elizabeth couldn't hold back the smile as she gives a nod.d

"I got the whole day off from work and college. I can do that." Elizabeth said. The trio grinned.

"This city is big. It will take all day to look around." Olive said.

"We will make a whole day of it." Elizabeth said. Red grinned as all the Gargoyles got into positions as the sun rose and the Gargoyles turned to stone.

"I see that the Gargoyles are getting close to you." A voice said. Elizabeth turned to see her brother behind her.

"They seem to. Goliath seems hesitant but he's slowly warming up." Elizabeth said. Xanatos nodded as Elizabeth heads for her room. Xanatos smirked.

"Things are going quite as I planned." Xanatos said.

Elizabeth did some of her homework til she got tired and she set her alarm an hour before sunset. She had a dreamless sleep as she slept till the alarm went off. Elizabeth quickly jumped in the shower. She was out of the shower, dressed, and out by the gargoyles before the sun was going down. She grinned as the sun went below the horizon and the stone started to crack and the Gargoyles broke from their stone sleep. Red turned and grinned when he saw Elizabeth standing there ready to go.

"Ready?" Red asked as the other two looked at her.

"Ready." She said.

"Where you think you're going?" Goliath asked as Elizabeth came up to the trio.

"To explore the ciity. Elizabeth is gonna give us a tour. After all we can't spend the rest of our lives in the castle." The red one said.

"Yeah. If we're gonna live here, we need to know all about it. Its people, its culture, its technology..." Olive said.

"Its food!" Blue said, earning a laugh from Elizabeth.

"We won't cause any trouble and will stay out of sight." Elizabeth promised. Goliath sighed and nodded.

"Very well. You three may explore with Elizabeth. Stay close to the building and stay out of sight." Goliath said. Elizabeth looked at the three.

"So how am I going to travel with you guys?" Elizabeth asked. Red smirked.

"Simple." Red said. He scooped her up bridal style earning a squeak from her as she wrapped her arms around Red's neck. "Ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." Elizabeth said as Red jumped onto the ledge with his brothers following. Elizabeth looked down, thankful that she wasn't afraid of heights. Red spread his wings and jumped off the castle. Elizabeth gasped as the air caught them and Red was gliding in the air.

"Liz. Your choking me a bit." Red said as his brothers joined them on either side.

"Sorry." Elizabeth said, loosening her grip, but keeping her arms around Red's neck as they flew. "And stop calling me that." Red just smirked as they flew through the city.

"This is so different now since we slept." Blue said.

"I would of loved to live a thousand years ago. I love the history of the Middle Ages." Elizabeth said. She explained her studies in college and her fasination with King Arthur. A loud rumble came from Blue's stomach. "Hungry?"

"Is there anyplace good to eat?" Blue asked.

"Yes. Over there." Elizabeth pointed towards McDonald's. Red swooped down and set her in an alleyway. The three disappeared in the shadows. Elizabeth goes in and orders 10 burgers cause she knew the blue one would eat almost all of them and ordered a soda for herself. She picked up her order and head outside. Brooklyn had her climb on her back and then the three climbed the building. They sat eating their food on the edge of the building.

"Mmm. This food is good." Blue said. Elizabeth ate her one and was sipping her soda.

"Next time we are out I'll have you guys try the Chinease restraunt not far from here." Elizabeth said. The trio nodded in agreement. A roar of a motorcycle came and they look to see a guy riding a motorcycle down the road.

"I've got to see how it works." Olive said, taking off.

"Wait!" Red said as Olive takes off after the motorcycle. Red scoops Elizabeth off and they fly after Olive. He flies down to the motorcycle.

"What a beautiful device!" Olive said. The driver lets out a yell and whipes out. He runs away screaming. Olive lands next to it. Blue and Red land next to him and Red sets Elizabeth down. "Wait come back!" Elizabeth shook her head as Olive bent down to examine the bike.

"Goliath said not to let anybody see us." Red growled.

"I just wanted to see how his..." Olive looked at Elizabeth.

"Motorcyle." Elizabeth said.

"Worked." Olive aid. He picked up the fallen bike and climbed on it.

"Be careful." Blue said.

"It looks easy enough." Olive said. He pops the clutch and the bike goes racing off. "WHOA!" Elizabeth ran after him with the other two following. The bike heads towards the wall and Olive jumps off. The Motorcycle hits the wall and explodes into flames. Elizabeth stops next to Olive with the other two.

"Maybe we'd better not tell Goliath about this." Red said.

"Agreed." The other three said. Red scoops Elizabeth off and climbs the wall and takes off with her in his arms. She showed him the theaters and she noticed that Olive seemed interested in all the technology the world had to offer him. She smirked. She had an old laptop she would give him later. They had to stop Blue from eating a whole pastry cart and flew off when they heard yelling. Blue was still eating as they flew. Elizabeth shook her head at him as the other two looked at him in disgust.

"These are great. You should try some." Blue said.

"I would have if you hadn't eaten teh entire cartful." Red said, glaring at his brother. The trio land on a roof and Red sets Elizabeth down as they look out over the city.

"Its such a peaceful night." Elizabeth said. The three agreed.

"This is a big city. My wings are tired." Olive said.

"Mine, too. And it's a long way back to the castle." Red said. He turned to Elizabeth. "Why don't you humans get tired?" Elizabeth gave him a smile.

"We drive or take the bus or taxi." Elizabeth said. They watched as a man waved for a taxi.

"Yo, Taxi!" The man yelled. A taxi pulled up to the curb and the man got in.

"Hmm." Red said.

"Red. You don't think your going to actually do that?" Elizabeth asked as he scooped her up again.

"We're gonna try. Come on." Red said as he flew down to the street. They hid in a doorway of a building.

"I don't think this is a good idea." Elizabeth said. Red looked out and saw a taxi coming. He jumped out and lifted his claw.

"Yo Taxi!" Red yelled. A yell came and tires squealed as the taxi spun around and sped off. Elizabeth put her hand to her face and sighed.

"I told you." Elizabeth said.

"Looks like we walk." Blue grumbled. They walked in the alleys keeping out of sight from the humans as they headed back towards the castle. They neared the castle and Elizabeth climbed onto Red's back as they scaled a building. She climbed off and Red scooped her up as they flew the rest of the way to the castle. The old fellow and dog was waiting for them on their tower.

"Its about time you lads and lass came home." Old one said as the dog barked happily as they landed and Red set Elizabeth down. Elizabeth petted the dog and gave him a burger she saved for him. He ate it happily.

"This city is a fascinating place." Red said, stretching.

"There are underground tube with giant metal." Olive said.

"Lights so bright they turn night into day." Red said.

"All kinds of food!" Blue said. Elizabeth laughed at the excitement of the Trio.

"Have you seen Goliath?" Old One asked. The four shared looks.

"We thought he'd be back by now. It's almost dawn." Red said.

"Aye, that's what worries me." Old one said.

"He'll be fine. There's plenty of places for him to rest." Elizabeth said. The others nodded as they jumped onto their perches and got into fighting positions as the sun rose over the horizon. Elizabeth yawned and stretched as she headed for her room. It had been a night. She didn't go see her brother as she went to her bed and fell on it and passed out. She woke up a few hours before sunset and went to eat something in the kitchen after changing. She was surprised not to see her brother or Owen but she left it alone. She would run into them eventually. She headed out to the tower as the sun was starting to set for the day. She walked out as the sun disappeared over the horizon. The gargoyles burst from their stone sleep, roaring.

"This never gets old." Elizabeth said. Red jumps down and looks up to where Goliath was always perched, looking worried.

"Don't worry, lads. He'll be back. We didn't survive 1000 years sleep just to loose him now." Old one said.

"I hope your right." Red said. Elizabeth sees Goliath flying towards them.

"Look!" Elizabeth said. The others turn and grin when they see Goliath land next to them.

"We were worried about you." Red said.

"What happened?" Old one said.

"It appears we have enemies." Goliath said. Goliath explained to them that him and Elisa were attacked by the attackers on the castle in the park.

"Wonder why they attacked you." Elizabeth said.

"Given what happened, I wish you had accompanied us last night, Hudson." Goliath said, turning to the old Gargoyle.

"Hudson?" Red and Elizabeth asked.

"Aye, it's my name. What would make of it?" Hudson asked.

"I like it." Elizabeth said.

"It's a fine name." Blue said.

"Hudson. I like it." Olive said.

"We should choose names too. Names that suit our new lives here." Red said.

"Oh? And what might they be?" Goliath asked, crossing his arms. Red scratched his head as he though.

"Brooklyn. I'm Brooklyn." Red said.

"Broadway." Blue said.

"Ooh. Lexington. Do you like it?" Olive asked, looking at Elizabeth.

"All good names." Elizabeth said.

"They're all fine names." Goliath said. The dog comes up to them, whinning. "I guess he'll need one as well." Elizabeth walked over to the dog.

"I got one. You'll be Bronx." Elizabeth said, hugging Bronx. Bronx lets out a happy grumble. The Gargoyles nodded in agreement.

"I think he likes it." Lexington said.

"Ahem." Owen said. Goliath frowned and he went with Owen. Elizabeth stood up.

"It will be nice for all of you to have names now." Elizabeth said.

"I think it was overdue." Brooklyn said with a grin at Elizabeth. She smiled. She was happy that she was getting close with the Gargoyles but seemed to be getting closer to Brooklyn. Bronx let out a happy bark and Elizabeth turned to see a blue female gargoyle appear with Goliath as Bronx and the others ran to her. Elizabeth hung back.

"Lass." Hudson said.

"Is it really you?" Broadway asked.

"How did you..." Brooklyn asked. Bronx was licking the female gargoyles face as she pet him.

"I'll answer your questions later. It's just so good to see you all again." The Gargoyle said. Elizabeth felt uneasy with her. Her brother never said there was another gargoyle that survived the clan. She frowned, wondering why he hid it from her. The female turned to Goliath. "My love. I must ask a favor of you."

"Anything." Goliath said.

"Xanatos has told me of the disks that were stolen from him." The female said.

"He wants our help in retrieving then." Goliath said.

"Yes and i think we should help him. Out of gratitude for reuniting us, if nothing else." The female said.

"I agree. Perhaps in helping him we can rid ourselves of the humans who hunt us. Besisdes with you by my side I can do anything." Goliath said. The Gargoyles head towards Xanatos's office. The female turned as Elizabeth went to follow.

"So your Xanatos's sister. He has said good things about you and I hope we can get along." The female said. Elizabeth looked at her. She saw something in the female's eyes that told her she was lying.

"Funny. He never said anything about you." Elizabeth said. Anger flashed in the female's eyes, letting Elizabeth know she was right not to trust her, even though the Gargoyle was Goliath's mate. The female opened her mouth to say something when Brooklyn popped his head out.

"Elizabeth. You coming?" Brooklyn said. Elizabeth turned and smiled.

"Yes. After you." Elizabeth said. The female stalked after the other gargoyles. Brooklyn looked at Elizabeth.

"Everything okay?" Brooklyn asked.

"I'm not sure. My brother never said anything about her and I don't turst her." Elizabeth said. Brooklyn and her walked towards Xanatos's office.

"She doesn't trust humans. Give her time." Brooklyn said. Elizabeth wasn't sure if the female would. They enter the office where Xanatos was sitting behind the desk. Elizabeth stood with the trio as images flash of where they were going.

"I've explained the strengths and weaknessses of each fortress and given you what I think are the best plans of attack. Only your speed and strength can stand against their defencses." Xanatos said. THe gargoyles nodded.

"We will take the air fortress." Goliath said, nodding to the Female. He pointed at the trio. "You three."

"Four. I'm going with." Elizabeth said.

"Elizabeth." Xanatos said. She glared at her brother, who seemed to shrink at her glare.

"You lost your property. I will help the three get it back." Elizabeth said.

"You four will breach the tower." Goliath said.

"Cool." Brooklyn said.

"What?" Goliath asked, earning a laugh from ELizabeth.

"It's a new word we learned. It indicates a positive response." Brooklyn said. Goliath shook his head and looks at Hudson.

"Hudson. The underground base is yours, but take Bronx with you." Goliath said.

"I'm perfectly capable of..." Hudson said, but Goliath interupted him.

"Take him with you. He needs the exercise." Goliath said, earning a whine from Bronx, who looked up at Hudson. Goliath looks at them all. "Be careful all of you. Humans are much more dangerous in these times. The Gargoyles go to leave. Elizabeth grabs one of the guns from the walls and puts it in her holder as she follows, not noticing her brohthers frown that he wasn't happy his sister was going, but there was no stopping her. She hurries to join the Gargoyles.

"Let's go." Brooklyn said as she comes up to him. Brooklyn scoops her up and jumps off the side as soon as her arms were secure around his neck and his brothers right behind him. Elizabeth looked ahead wondering what awaited them at the tower as the trio flew towards their destination.

"Your quiet." Brooklyn said as they flew.

"Just enjoying the flight." Elizabeth said, which she was. Brooklyn didn't question her further as they came to the tower. They landed on the roof. Brooklyn set Elizabeth down.

"Man, the magic in this century is so... so.." Lexington said.

"Cool?" Brooklyn asked.

"Exactly." Lexington said.

"To you it is. To me its getting old." Elizabeth said.

"We need a way in." Brooklyn said, looking for a way into the building.

"No problem." Broadway said, when they saw a hatch. He cracked his knuckles as he waked up to the hatch and pulled it off its hinges. Elizabeth goes first and climbs down a ladder into the tower with the others right behind her.

"Xanatos said it's four floors down." Elizabeth said as they come up to an elevator. Brooklyn grabbed the elevator doors and pried them open. They looked down the shaft.

"Wooh. This isn't liek the elevators back at the castle." Broadway said.

"Hmm. Not enough to glide down." Lexington said. Elizabeth jumped and grabbed the rope.

"Come on. We can use the ropes to go down." Elizabeth said. Brooklyn jumped and grabbed the other. Lexington and Broadway soon joined as Elizabeth and Brooklyn go sliding down the rope.

"One. Two. Three. Four." Brooklyn counted the doors till they got to the fourth four. "Looks like this is it." Brooklyn jumps on the edge and grabs the doors to open.

"This is easy. We'll ahve that dis and be back in time for supper." Broadway said.

"Is that all you can think of is food?" Elizabeth asked with a smirk. The door opens and Elizabeth hears the cock of guns and her eyes widen when she sees armed guards pointing weapons at them.

"Fudge monkeys." Elizabeth said.

"A late supper." Broadway said.

"Brooklyn." Elizabeth said.

"Sorry wrong floor." Brooklyn said. The guards opened fire and Brooklyn grabbed Elizabeth fast as the Gargoyles jump to the top floor. Brooklyn held her tight as Broadway grabs the elevator doors and starts to open. Elizabeth pulls out her gun and shoots a guard as he aims at the gargoyles. Broadway gets the doors open and they quickly get onto the third floor.

"That was to close." Elizabeth said as alarms started blaring.

"Now what?" Lexington asked.

"We have to get to the lab." Elizabeth said. Brooklyn grabbed her as they got to the floor above the lab. The Gargoyles jump and burst through the floor. The lights came on. The scientists looked terrified as Brooklyn let her go and goes and picks up one of the scientists.

"Where is the disk?" Brooklyn asked. The scientist looked scared but pointed to the machines. Elizabeth and Lexington ran over.

"Its one of these buttons." Elizabeth said. Lexington hit a button and the disk popped out. Elizabeth snatched it. "Got it!" Elizabeth turned to see the guards trying to break through the door and Brooklyn slammed his body against the door closing it.

"Good, because we need to go!" Brooklyn said. Broadway grunts as he picks up a large piece of equipment and hurls it through a window. Brookly quickly scoops up Elizabeth as they run to the window as gunfire came behind them. The three glides away.

"We did it!" Lexington yells in victory as he rolls in flight, earning a laugh from Elizabeth. She clutched the disk in her hand.

"Let's get this back to my brother!" Elizabeth said as the trio flew back to the castle. They landed where David was waiting for them and Elizabeth handed her brother the disk. The others soon joined them and handed the disks over.

"My friends you have my profound thanks. Rest assured that the knowledge of these disks will be put to beneficial use for humans and gargoyles alike." Xanatos said. Elizabeth wondered what the disks were for.

"Brother what are they for?" Elizabeth asked.

"You'll find out soon enough, Elizabeth." Xanatos said. He left.

"I have promised to meet a friend, I'll be back soon." Goliath said. The female spun on him.

"A friend, who? Not one of us." The female growled and Elizabeth moved away from her.

"No. A human. Elisa Maza." Goliath said

"Aside from Xanatos and Elizabeth, we have no human friend, nor should we." The female said. Elizabeth frowned deeply, knowing her feelings about the female gargoyle were right. "Humanity is our enemy, Goliath. I thought you learned that a millennium ago." Goliath looked at her.

"I cannot make war upon an entire world. Doesn't Xanatos along with Elizabeth here." Goliath said. The female noticed Elizabeth still standing with the trio and Elizabeth knew she is just realizing that ELizabeht never left. "Prove that there are good humans, as well as bad?"

"Can you forgive the humans for what they did to our kind?" The female asked, getting angrier with the arguement.

"The ones responsible for that have been dead for a thousand years." Goliath said. The females eyes glowed red with anger.

"Then their descendants shall pay. I will have blood for blood!" The female growled.

"You said the centuries have changed me. They've changed you too." Goliath said. Her features seemed to soften and change at his words. "You've become hard, unforgiving. You are not as I remember you. I'm going to see my friend now." Goliath jumps onto the side, taking one last look at the Gargoyles and flies off.

"So be it." The female growled. Elizabeth turned to the Trio.

"Let's go get supper and Lexington I got a old laptop that you can play around with." Elizabeth said. The Trio grin and they disappear to get food and Elizabeth ran to get her old laptop. She came up to the tower to find Broadway at a table and the others had seemed to finish. Elizabeth handed Lexington the laptop and grabs some food from Broadway. The other two had seemed to finish. Elizabeth sat on the wall between Lexington and Brooklyn, who was playing with some sunglasses he had found.

"This thing is fansinating." Lexington said as soon figured out how to turn it on and started figuring out other stuff.

"Hey Liz. You should take us to a movie tomorrow." Brooklyn said as he put the sunglasses on.

"Stop calling me Liz. I have college class tomorrow before sunset so if you three want to pick me up, I gladly will." Elizabeth said, earnign a grin from the trio. Brooklyn puts on his sunglasses.

"You know, I think I'm gonna like this century." Brooklyn said.

"Yeah we had a little trouble adjusting at first but I think everything is going to be fine now." Broadway said. He went to take a bite out of his food when a laserblast knocks the food out of his hand. "Whoa!" Elizabeth stood and turned. In the courtyard below, a robotic version of Goliath retracts a laser cannon into its forearm. Four other robots stand behind the female gargoyle, Xanatos, and Owen.

"David. What are you doing?" Elizabeth yells. Xanatos ignores his sister.

"Attack!" Xanatos orders. The robots spread their wings, fire their thrusters, and take flight.

"What are those things?" Broadway asked.

"Robots and they are coming our way!" Elizabeth said. The robots opened fire on the Gargoyles. Brooklyn quickly grabbed Elizabeth and they quickly scattered. A laser blast hits Broadway and he sends him plumeting to the ground. "Broadway." He hits the ground and tries to get up when a stone hits him in the head and knocks him out. "We need to destroy these robots."

"How?" Brooklyn asked as he dodged laser blasts.

"Get me over one and drop me on it." Elizabeth said.

"You sure?" Brooklyn asked.

"Just do it." Elizabeth ordered. Brooklyn flew up and got over the one that was after them. Brooklyn dropped Elizabeth and she landed on top of it. Brooklyn flies after Lexington who was being chased. The robot started moving side by side, trying to knock Elizabeth off. Elizabethe held on as she saw Lexington get shot and Brooklyn catch him. Goliath came flying as one was about to shoot Brooklyn and catches him in midair and drives him into the wall, making it explode. Goliath grabs Lexington from Brooklyn. "Whoa." The robot does a drop. Elizabeth found the latch for the control panal near his neck. Elizabeth found the off switch and switches it off. It was dropping fast. "BROOKLYN!" She jumps off and Brooklyn quickly snatches her in the air as the robot collides with the floor and explodes. Hudson and Bronx soon join the battle as Brooklyn lands on a tower with Elizabeth.

"Did you know your brother was going to do this?" Brooklyn said, turning her to face him. Elizabeth shook her head.

"No I had no idea. He keeps me out of the loop of things including his plans." Elizabeth said. Brooklyn nodded. Bronx leaps after the ropot and catches it by the tale. He forces it to the ground. The robot fires on Bronx, who avoids the blasts. Hudson draws his sword and descends on the robot from above. He roars as she cleaves the machine in two. Goliath manages to get on the back of a robot that was chasing him. He stears it into another one that was attacking making both explode. "One left!" Elizabeth jumps with excitement as Goliath joins them on the tower. The other one was heading towards Broadway and Lexington.

"Quicly!" Goliath said. Goliath and Brooklyn pushed againt part of the power that was loose. Elizabeth came and helped push knocking the wall down and it hit the robot, destroying it.

"We won, dude!" Brooklyn yelled, hugging Elizabeth, who returned the hug.

"Dude?" Goliath asked.

"YOU HAVEN'T WON ANYTHING FOOLS!" The female shouted. Elizabeth turned to see the female holding a rocket launcher at them while Xanatos cocks a weapon. The female fires a rocket at Elizabeth, Brooklyn, and Goliath. Brooklyn grabbed Elizabeth and jumped. The explosion knocked Brooklyn out of flight. He flipped, wrapping his wings around Elizabeth as she clung to him and took the impact of the hit, landing in front of the other gargoyles.

"Lass! Lad!" Hudson called, running over with the others.

"We're fine." Brooklyn said, unwrapping his wings and Broadway helps Elizabeth up and then Brooklyn.

"What are you doing?" Goliath yelled as he stood up and turned on the female. The other gargoyles went to help their leader, but Xanatos stopped them, pointing a gun at them. Elizabeth grabs Brooklyn.

"Hold it. Let's just let them play out their little drama, shall we?" Xanatos said.

"David." Elizabeth shook her head in disappointment.

"Goliath you're a fool, but then, you always were. Weren't you? If you'd only taken the rest of our clan away from the castle that night. The plan was perfect." The female said.

"What?" Elizabeth said.

"Plan?" Goliath said.

"It would've succeeded." The female said.

"What plan?" Goliath roared.

"I mada a bargain with the captain. I was to get us all out of the castle so that the Vikings could sack it." The female said. The other gargoyles looked mad at what they were hearing.

"What?" Goliath asked, pain was written in his voice.

"It would have worked and after the humans were gone, we would've had the castle all to ourselves." The female said.

"No." Elizabeth said, realizing what she was saying.

"But you ruined it. You had to protect the humans. You made us stay at the castle when we should've been with you! When the vikings attacked the Captain said he'd protect us, but I didn't trust him. I've stayed alive because I don't trust anyone." The female said.

"But why did you do it?" Goliath asked.

"You can ask me that? After how they treated us? They had to pay! All humanity has to pay for what they dd to our kind!" The female said, anger was clear in her voice as her and Goliath faced off.

"There is good and evil in all of us. Human and gargoyle alike. You should know that more than anyone." Goliath said. He shook his head as he looked at his mate. "Don't you see? None of this would have happened if it weren't for you!"

"Don't say that! Goliath. This is your last chance." The female said. She raised her gun. "Humanity is a poison taht must be purged from this planet. Together, you and I can create a new world for our kind." She lowers her gun and starts walking towards Goliath. "You trusted me once. You loved me once. We have found each other again after a thousand years. Does that mean nothing to you?" Goliath was looking away and Elizabeth could see tears forming. "Very well, then." Demona raises the gun. "If your not my ally then you are my enemy." She fires a rocket at Goliath, who jumps out of the way and hit the ground.

"NO!" Elizabeth yells and Brooklyn had to grab her from running to help.

"Stay with us, Liz." Brooklyn said. She looked towards the wall as the female stepped out of the dust.

"I have a name too, Goliath. The humans gave it to me long ago. You should know it before you die. I am Demona." Demona said, cocking her gun and pointing it at Goliath. "Goodbye Goliath." Elisa comes running and knocks Deomona off her feet. A rocket shoots and hits the tower above. Brooklyn grabs Elizabeth and shields her as rocks come falling down on them. She peaked out to see the tower hit the wall, making the area where Elisa and Demona are be knocked off and fall towards the city.

"Elisa!" Elizabeth shouts.

"Goliath has her." Brooklyn said as Goliath jumps off the edge to get her friend. Brooklyn let her go as she ran towards the top as Goliath lands back. Elizabeth could see Demona still falling. Goliath let's a roar of anger and pain and hurt. Elizabeth turns to her brother, who was knocked out was starting to stir. Goliath goes up to him and grabs him and hangs him over the edge of the castle. Elizabeth and Elisa runs towards Goliath.

"She wanted me to destroy humanity. I think I'll start with you." Goliath siad.

"Go ahead, without me. You'd still be gathering moss." Xanatos said.

"No. It was because of me that you were able to save them brother. You would have let them gathered moss if I didn't convice you." Elizabeth said.

"Don't do this, Goliath." Elisa said, joining Elizabeth.

"Give me one good reason not to drop him." Goliath said, not looking at the girls.

"Because if you do, you're the same as Demona." Elisa siad.

"She's right. Is that what you want?" Elizabeth asked. Goliath looked at Xanatos and sighed.

"No." Goliath said. He tosses Xanatos towards Elisa and Elizabeth. The girls smiled at Goliath. Elisa took him into custudy.

"Elizabeth please. Don't do this." Xanatos said.

"Sorry, David. But you made your bed and you have to sleep in it. I am not looking forward to explaning this to our father." Elizabeth said. Xanatos bowed his head as Elisa led him away. Elizabeth wondered if Demona survived the fall. Elisa came back after dropping Xanatos with the police.

"I'm surprised you turned on your brother." Elisa said.

"We were close as kids but as we got older we grew apart." Elizabeth said. Elisa nodded and went up to talk to Goliath. Elizabeth went to the trio.

"Hey, where are my sunglasses?" Brooklyn asked, looking around. Bronx came over with them. "Thanks Bronx." Brooklyn put them on and the glass shaters.

"I'll get you glasses before night falls." Elizabeth said with a laugh.

"Wish I had time for a snack." Broadway said.

"You just ate." Lexington said.

"I know. Chinese Food. It was good, too. But, for some reason about an hour later. I was hungry again." Broadway said. Elizabeth shook her head.

"Guess we'll do Chinese tomorrow." Elizabeth said.

"Along with movies?" Brooklyn said.

"Of course." Elizabeth said.

"Its nice to know we have two human friends in this world." Hudson said, looking up where Goliath was talking to Elisa.

"Hopefully have more eventually." Elizabeth said. The sun rose turning the Gargoyles to stone. "I just hope this city is ready for you guys." Elizabeth greet Elisa and walks with her to the elevators.

"I'll see you tonight." Elisa said.

"Yes." Elizabeth said. She watched Elisa leave and she headed to her room. She laid on the bed and looked at the ceiling. A smile crept on her face. Fate brought her to the gargoyles and she looked foward to see what was to come having them around. She fell asleep soon after.

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