Chapter 14 Eye of the Beholder

Elizabeth and Fox sat at their favorite diner. It was October 2. Elizabeth had gotten a call from Fox asking her to meet at their diner to talk. Elizabeth noticed a necklace around Fox's neck that almost looked like an eye. Elizabeth reconized it as the Eye of Odin that her brother had in his possesion. The Waitress brough the girls their food and drinks.

"So care to explain what's with the necklace?" Elizabeth asked as she picked up a french fry and took a bite from it.

"Well. There's a reason I called you here to talk to you." Fox said.

"What did my brother do now?" Elizabeth said.

"Nothing bad. He asked me to marry him." Fox said. Elizabeth spit out her drink, making Fox laugh.

"He what?" Elizabeth said, making sure she heard her friend right.

"You heard right. He asked me to marry him last night." Fox said.

"Well I wasn't expecting that, but about time. Congrats." Elizabeth said, taking a bite of her burger.

"I want you to be my maid of Honor." Fox said.

"Me? You know me and my brother are not on the best of terms." Elizabeth said.

"I want you as my maid of honor. We been friends for so long I want you." Fox said.

"One condition." Elizabeth said.

"What is that?" Fox asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Brooklyn comes to the wedding as well." Elizabeth said. Fox grinned.

"He can come. Knew that was gonna be brought up." Fox said.

"Then the answer is yes to being the Maid of Honor." Elizabeth said. Fox smiled as the girls sat talking, laughing and enjoying some time together. Elizabeth and Fox paid for their food and left. Elizabeth headed back to the tower.

The day before Halloween. Elizabeth and Elisa were shopping for their Halloween costumes. Elizabeth was picking out the Trios outfits.

"Hows the planning going for your brother and Fox's wedding?" Elisa asked. She wasn't to happy to hear what was going on but she knew there was no stopping Elizabeth.

"Pretty good. Fox is taking me after Halloween to get my bridesmaid dress and she has her final fitting for her dress." Elizabeth said as she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a pirate outfit for herself. She had a pirate one for Brooklyn. "Perfect." Elizabeth smiled. Elisa smiled.

"You two will look cute together." Elisa said, making Elizabeth blush. "Where is Brooklyn?"

"He's on partrol with Broadway. It why I was able to get away. I wanted to get these and he knew." Elizabeth explained. Elizabeth and Elisa bring their purchases to the counter to check out. The girls paid for their costumes and head to Elisa's car. They put stuff in the car. A yell comes with a roar. Elizabeth turned to see something get thrown out of the window and a man comes running out as the lights go out in the store. Elisa and Elizabeth run to the store.

"Not again." Elisa said as she pulled out her gun. Elizabeth pulled hers out. A glass breaking comes and Elisa nods as they jump in aiming their guns in. They look around as a can rolls out. They walk towards it and Elizabeth picks it up.

"Empty." Elizabeth said, tossing the can. A crash came in the back and Elizabeth and Elisa walked towards it slowly. It was the first time Elizabeth was around when this thing attacked. They approached slowly. A low growl came as they hid for a minute. Elisa jumped out and pointed down an aisle and saw nothing. A crash came and they walked more as they neared who was making the noise. An empty carton of eggs was tossed out. "Its hungry." Elisa nodded. They came out and Elizabeth's eyes widen at the site of the creature. "Avalon."

"Oh man. Police freeze!" Elisa shouted, pointing her gun. The creature took off running. Elisa and Elizabeth moved and the creature came up to the side knocking Elisa's gun out of her hands. Elizabeth looked at it and gasped. The tattoo around the eye was the same as Fox and she saw the necklace that her brother gave Fox.

"Fox?" Elizabeth asked. Elisa looked shocked. The Creature turned and grabbed Elizabeth and goes to swipe. Elizabeth moves out of the way and grabs a bag of flower as the Creature comes towards her. Elisa went to get her gun as the creature picked up Elizabeth. Elizabeth got a good close look at the necklace and confirmed her suspisions. She hit the creature in the head with the flour and it dropped her as it ran. Elizabeth stood up as sirens came and Elizabeth used her arm to shield her face as lights blinded her. She turned and sighed. The creature was gone.

Elizabeth rubbed the flour out of her hair as Elisa and Elizabeth stood outside the shop as the police look for the creature.

"You said Fox? How do you know its her?" Elisa asked. Elizabeth looked at her friend.

"Her tatoo around her eye and the Eye of Odin around her neck. My brother gave it to her when he asked her to marry him." Elizabeth said. Elisa bit her lip. "I don't know if its the power of the eye doing it to her and my brother didn't know it would do this to her. You know as well as I do, he wouldn't have given it to Fox if he knew what it would do to her." Elisa nodded as one of the cops came up to the girls.

"Happy Halloween. I can't get through a shift this month without mopping up after that thing." The cop said. Elizabeth chuckled.

"Yeah. Every night's trick or teat in the Big Apple." Elisa said. The girls head to Elisa's car as they head back to the police station. Elizabeth filled out a report for Elisa of what she witnessed. By the time she got up to the clock area. The sun had risen and she missed Brooklyn before he turned to stone. Elizabeth hung up the costumes for her and the Trio. She yawned as she opened her phone and texted Fox, checking in to make sure she was alright as she laid on the couch wrapping a blanket around her as she laid down. Elizabeth fell asleep after there was no response from Fox.

The next night was Halloween. Elizabeth was up before sunset as she headed out to where the Gargoyles were perched. The sun went down in the horizon. The Gargoyles burst from their stone sleep. Lexington jumped off his perch.

"Ah. Halloween. Tonight is the night." Lexington said. Elizabeth grinned.

"I can hardly wait. We can walk around on the streets." Brooklyn said, jumping down and hugging Elizabeth. "And nobody will know who we are."

"I been waiting for this night." Elizabeth said, grinning at Brooklyn.

"Better yet. No one will knwo what we are." Broadway said.

"You got our costumes?" Brooklyn asked.

"They are waiting for us." Elizabeth said as the door opeend.

"Hi guys." The Gargoyles and Elizabeth turned to see Elisa approaching them. "Got a minute?" Elizabeth gave Elisa a nod as her and the Trio went in and got their costumes. Elizabeth watch Broadway and Lexington change.

"What happened that I didn't see you before I turned to stone?" Brooklyn asked, coming up to her, not touching his costume. Elizabeth sighed and told him what happened to her and Elisa. "And you think it was Fox?" Brooklyn pushed a strand of hair out of her face.

"It was the same tattoo and the necklace my brother gave her. I'm scared Brooklyn. I hope she's alright." Elizabeth said. Brooklyn hugged her and pressed a kiss to her head. Broadway and Lexington were busy admiring their costumes to notice the two love birds. Elizabeth disappeared to change as Elisa went down to see if there was an info on the police. Broadway and Lexington disappear to go to the party after they changed. Goliath was waiting for Elisa and Brooklyn was waiting for Elizabeth. Elizabeth changed into a pirate costume. The outfit was a red long sleeved with a corset wrapped around her and a skirt with one side pinned up to her knee cap with pirate boots to go with it. Elizabeth steps out and smiles seeing Brooklyn in his pirate costume. "What do you think?" Elizabeth twirled.

"Beautiful as always." Brooklyn said with a smile. He sees her gun hoster on her side, holding her gun. "And you got your gun to go with it." Elizabeth pats her gun.

"I never leave without it." Elizabeth said. Goliath smiled as Elisa came up. "Elisa. You going to get ready?" Elisa shook her head.

"I just got an anonymous tip about where to find whatever that thing was that Liz and I tangled with earlier." Elisa said. Elizabeth and Brooklyn shared looks.

"We'll come with." Elizabeth said. Goliath nodded as they head out to the balcony. Golaith and Brooklyn picked up the girls and they took off towards where the tip was given for them to find the beast. A crash of glass comes and they see the beast jump out of the window.

"There." Elizabeth said as the creature lands on a ramp.

"Avalon." Brooklyn said as they flew towards it. Goliath kicks the creature into boxes and lands with Brooklyn right behind him. Goliath and Brooklyn set the girls down as the Creature bursts from the boxes. Goliath approaches it and they start circling. Brooklyn stayed close to the girls to jump in if Goliath needed help and protect the girls. The creature jumps at Goliath and Goliath punches it. It grabs Goliath by the face. Brooklyn runs forward and pulls the creature off Goliath. Brooklyn struggles with it as it is able to turn in his grip and they fought. Elisa pulled out her gun and pointed it at the creature. Elizabeth saw Brooklyn's eyes widen when he saw that Elizabeth was right. He tosses the creature off him and into the garage door. It hits the ground, knocked out. Elizabeth ran to Brooklyn.

"I'm fine." Brooklyn said as Goliath and Elisa approached the creature with caution. Metal landing on metal came and Elizabeth looked to see Xanatos land in front of them in his Gargoyle suit.

"David. What are you doing here?" Elizabeth asked.

"Private matter, Elizabeth. I appreciate no interfiernce." Xanatos said.

"Is this another of your mutated victims?" Elisa asked, pointing her gun at Xanatos.

"Let's just say I feel a certain responsibility for it." Xanatos said. Elizabeth knew right then that her suspisions were true and the creature was Fox as he reaches for the necklace and electricity runs through Xanaatos like the necklace was defending itself. Xanatos yells as Goliath and Brooklyn pull the girls away as Xanatos goes flying into the boxes.

"Goliath!" Elisa called and the creature jumped on Goliath and struggled with him. Brooklyn went to help the leader. He grabbed the creature but it knocked him off. Elizabeth ran to Brooklyn.

"I'm fine." Brooklyn said as she helped him up.

"You don't have to fight us." Goliath said, shoving the creature off him. "If Xanatos is your enemy, then believe me. We are your friends." The creature jumps and knocks Goliath down and runs away. Elizabeth ran towards the side. "Wait!" There was a crash and a trash can rolls out from the dark. Xanatos turns to see Elizabeth and Elisa turned on him. Elisa was pointing her gun at him and Elizabeth did not look happy.

"Your not going anywhere, Xanatos." Elisa said.

"Sorry, business. You understand." Xanatos said. He took off into the air.

"Liz. I think you were right with it being Fox." Brooklyn said, turning towards Elizabeth.

"Your can't be sure on it." Elisa said.

"The tatoo and the necklace. Its her." Elizabeth said, looking at her friend. Elisa put her gun away. Goliath looked as Xanatos headed back to the castle.

"Lets go talk to your brother and find out the truth." Goliath said. The girls climbed onto Goliath and Brooklyn's back and they climbed the wall. The girls climbed off and the Gargoyles picked them up to fly towards the castle. They see Xanatos waling with Owen.

"Your manipulations have failed, Xanatos." Goliath said. Xanatos and Owen stopped as the Gargoyles land and set the girls down. "I suppose you don't have a plan d." Goliath crossed his arms as Elizabeth put her hands on her hips. Xanatos tried to explain the plan. Elizabeth put her hand up.

"I'm not gonna let you use the Gargoyles as your pawns, brother." Elizabeth said.

"Come. We're done here." Goliath said. They started walking away.

"Wait." Xanatos said. They turned to look at Xanatos. "This situation is out of my control. I thought I could handle it, but..." Xanatos looks down and sighs. He looks up. "The creature you saw, it's Fox." Elizabeth shook her head as Goliath and Elisa's eyes widen realizing that Liz was right all along. "She's been affecred by the jewel she wears. Legend says the eye of Odin is supposed to give the wearer with the power and insight. I had no idea it had metamorphic capabilities."

"Sure you didn't." Elizabeth said, crossing her arms.

"Perphaps it can give you some insight into Fox's real character. It seems to have made her more like herself." Goliath said.

"Goliath please." Xanatos said.

"Don't listen to him. It's a trick. He couldn't teel the truth if his life depended on it." Elisa said.

"But my life doesn't depend on this. It's Fox's life we're talking about." Xanatos said. He turned to Elizabeth. "Elizabeth please. Listen. She's your best friend. You been there for her in jail and you two are like sisters." Xanatos came over and put a hand on Elizabeth's shoulder, making Brooklyn growl.

"I don't know when your telling the truth David. I believe its her, but I don't trust that you will use us." Elizabeth said, pushing her brother's hand off her shoulder.

"I have no more love for Fox than I have for you. Even if what you say is true, why should I help her?" Goliath asked.

"Becasue you know what it means to loose someone yo-u love." Xanatos said.

"Don't even think about it Goliath." Elisa siad.

"This is his plan D. If it fails, he'll move on to e or f." Elizabeth said.

"They are right, Goliath. Let's get out of here." Brooklyn said, picking up Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth please." Xanatos said.

"David stop. You have yet to earn back my trust and I don't think you'll ever earn back the Gargoyles." Elizabeth said as Brooklyn picks her up. She didn't miss the hurt in Xanatos's eyes as Goliath picked up Elisa.

"A noble effort, Xanatos, but another failure. No a good night for you." Goliath said. Brooklyn and Goliath took off towards Elisa's house so she can change into her costume.

Elizabeth stood outside the window, looking out over the city. Brooklyn came out.

"We will find a way to save Fox." Brooklyn said, pulling her against him.

"I hope your right." Elizabeth said.

"Ready?" Elisa's voice came. Elizabeth smiled when she saw her friend dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

"Yes." Elizabeth said. Goliath and Brooklyn picked up the girls and head towards the party. Brooklyn landed first in the alley a way from the party with Goliath behind him as they set down the girls. Brooklyn held out his arm for Elizabeth. She grinned as she took it and both stepped out onto the streets and walked towards the party. "This feels right. Being able to walk down the street with you." Elizabeth smiled at Brooklyn.

"It does. To bad everyday isn't Halloween." Brooklyn said with a smile. He looked over his shoulder and smiled. "Looks like we aren't the only ones enjoying this." Elizabeth looked behind them to see Goliath and Elisa walking arm in arm. They came up to couples dancing. "Can I have this dance?" Elizabeth grinned.

"Of course." Elizabeth said. She curtsied for Brooklyn, who bowed and they started dancing together. Elisa and Goliath joined them. "How did you learn to dance?" Brooklyn twirled her around and brought her back against his chest.

"My brothers and I would watch parties at the castle." Brooklyn said with a grin. Elizabeth smiles at him. He dips her down and brings her back up. He presses a kiss to her lips and she happily returned the kiss. Brooklyn saw the worry on Elizabeth's face. "I'm sure Fox will come out soon, Liz. We'll help her."

"I just hope we're not to late." Elizabeth said. The four walk away from the couples just to look around. A growling comes and a creature comes towards them. Goliath lets out a growl and jumps at the creature, knocking it to the ground. The mask falls off to reveal it wasn't Fox.

"Hey Dude. Be cool." The man said. Goliath let him go and he ran off. The three came up to Goliath.

"Things are not always what they seem." Goliath said.

"What do you mean?" Elisa asked.

"What if that thing is Fox and she's dying?" Goliath said.

"Liz and I think it is." Brooklyn said.

"You can't believe anything Xanatos says." Elisa said.

"I know. But that creature is still a danger to my castle. My city. And if Liz is right along with Xanatos. And if someone like him can love, perhaps there still is hope for this world." Goliath said, earning a smile from Elizabeth.

"Your gonna help him, aren't you?" Elisa said.

"Good." Xanatos's voice came from behind. They all turn to see Xanatos standing in a coat.

"How did you find us?" Elizabeth asked. Xanatos walked over and pulled a tracking chip off her shoulder.

"Old habits die hard." Xanatos said, earning an eye roll from Elizabeth and a growl from Brooklyn.

"Same old. Same old." Elizabeth said, earning a glare from her brother.

"She's not far from here." Xanatos said as he turned to head towards the party. Elizabeth and Brooklyn shared worried looks as they follow Xanatos back towards the party. Screaming came and they hurried towards a building that had food in where they could hear Fox inside. Lexington and Broadway were about to go in to fight her.

"Stay here. We'll handle it." Goliath told the two as Elisa and Elizabeth pull out their guns. Goliath went in first and Elisa and Elizabeth followed with Brooklyn and Xanatos right behind them. They stop in the middle of the building and look around. Elizabeth nearly jumps out of the skin as a door shutting comes. Elizabeth sees Xanatos closing the door.

"Jumpy." Brookly said with a grin.

"Shut up." Elizabeth said, shaking her head. They walked a little further into the building. A shadow jumps onto a railing above them and they look up to see the creature standing on the balcony as it roars. It jumps towards them and Goliath and Brooklyn pull the girls out of the way of the creature. The creature tackles Xanatos to the ground. "David!" Goliath quickly runs towards the creature and pulls it off Xanatos. He pulls the creature away and Elisa points her gun. Xanatos grabs the gun and squashes it so it was unable to be used. The creature throws Goliath off him and out the building.

"Not good." Brooklyn said as the creature heads to the door. Lexington and Broadway were with Goliath as he stood as the creature ran towards him.

"Real monsters!" People were shouting as Elizabeth, Brooklyn, and Elisa ran outside and watch as the creature jumps on the car and jumps onto a building. Goliath jumps on the vechicle and starts climbing the building after it. Broadway started eating Lexington's hat. Elizabeth turned and saw Xanatos pulling off his jacket to show he was wearing a new jacket. Elizabeth ran towards him.

"Liz?" Brooklyn called, but she ignored him as she threw her arms around Xanatos's neck. He looked surprised.

"I trust you more then I can throw you. I hope your right on this." Elizabeth said.

"I don't have time to argue." Xanatos said as he wrapped his arm around his sister and he took off. Elisa turned towards Brooklyn.

"Brooklyn. Let's go." Elisa said. Brooklyn let Elisa climb on his back as the Trio jumped on the wall and started climbing the wall. Elizabeth and Xanatos land on the roof and Elizabeth lets go of her brother as the Creature jumps in front of them.

"Fox. I know your in there. Its me David." Xanatos said. The creature approaches and Elizabeth saw it was breathing hard. The eyes seemed to go back to Fox's eyes.

"Fox." Eizabeth said. The creature's eyes land on her they go back to the creature's eyes as it growls. Brooklyn climbs onto the roof in time to see the Creature lunge at Elizabeth.

"Liz!" Brooklyn yelled as Elizabeth ducked as Goliath grabs the creature from attacking her as the Trio and Elisa join them on the roof. Goliath throws the creature into a sign and it hits the ground. Elizabeth and Xanatos turn as the Creature gots up.

"We need to get that necklace off her." Elizabeth said as Goliath gets up, eyes glowing. Goliath runs towards the creature and slams it into the sign. It roars in pain.

"Now, Xanatos." Goliath called. Xanatos runs over and grabs the necklace. Elizabeth runs to help as Goliath and Xanatos yell in pain. Elizabeth grabs the necklace and feels power rage through her as she grits her teeth in pain. The power sends them all flying and Elizabeth hit the ground, clutching the necklace in her hand. Brooklyn runs to her and helps her sit up.

"I'm fine. Fox?" Elizabeth asked as Brooklyn kept an arm wrapped around her as she clutched the necklace as they look towards the creature. Elisa ran over to Goliath as the creature screams in pain as the sign flickers off. The creature falls to the ground, huffing in pain. Brooklyn helps Elizabeth stand and she hands him the neckalce to hold onto as the Creature roars in pain and turns back into Fox. She was breathing hard with no clothes on and falls to the ground. Elisa pulls off her skirt as her and Elizabeth run to Fox's side. Elisa wraps the skirt around Fox as a helicopter sound comes and Elizabeth gathers her friend in her arms as the helicopter lands.

"Is she?" Brooklyn asked, coming over.

"She's alive." Elizabeth said, smiling at Brooklyn. He sighed in relief seeing that his girls friend was safe and alive. They turned to the helicopter as it landed.

"Where's the eye?" Xanatos asked.

"I got it." Brooklyn said.

"Good. We're keepign it." Goliath said. Elizabeth looked at Goliath.

"Why?" Xanatos asked.

"Cause I don't trust you with it." Goliath said. Elizabeth smiled. Xanatos sighed but gave a nod. He walked over to Elizabeth and picks up Fox. Elizabeth got up and walked up to Brooklyn as Elisa walked up to Goliath.

"Goliath?" Broadway asked. Brooklyn handed the eye to Goliath as they watched David walk to the helicopter with Fox.

"It's all over. Let's go home." Goliath said. Goliath picked up Elisa and Brooklyn picked up Elizabeth and they took off towards the clock tower.

AN: My favorite episode. Until next time.