Chapter One: Different

Nessie's POV

I'd always known there was something different about me. For one, I was found wandering the side of the road eleven years ago with a backpack on that contained something like ten thousand dollars, pictures of people I still didn't know, although they were very beautiful, and a locket that said "More Than My Own Life" but in French. They were my most prized possessions, except for the money, which I didn't see any of. I was put into foster care and never really got adopted. I'm currently on my eighth foster home in my entire life. I was five when I entered the system, so that's somewhere around a foster home a year.

I also knew I was different because I was really strong for a small person like me. I was only about 5'3 and weighed a hundred pounds, but I could lift twice my weight if I wanted to. I was really fast, too, at everything, not just running. Although I did use my unnatural speed to join the school's track team when I started high school. Everyone was always in awe that such a small person could run so fast. I stare in the mirror, carefully pulling my long, curly bronze hair back into a French braid. The bedroom doors bangs open and my foster sister, Kinley, walks in and flops on her bed. I live with three foster sisters, meaning Kinley and I have to share a room, and Madison and Sydney, my other sisters, have their room.

"I can't go to school today," Kinley groans. I roll my eyes at her. Kinley is easily the prettiest out of all four of us. She's ten, and has pretty white-blonde hair and big baby blue eyes that she can use to get anything out of our foster parents. She's also in the fifth grade, meaning there is no reason she can't go to school.

"Yes you can," I say, grabbing my backpack from beside the door. "C'mon, if we don't get in Maddie's car on time, she'll leave without us. Again." Madison is the oldest, she's seventeen. Sydney is twelve, and I'm sixteen. Kinley heaves herself off the bed and grabs her own backpack.

She makes a pouty face at me, but I've learned over the last six months how not to succumb to Kinley and her big blue eyes. "FIne, I'll go. But you have to get me ice cream on the way home," she says. I shrug.

"Fine, but it's not my car," I say.

"Nessie! Kinley!" shouts Madison from the bottom of the stairs. "If you two don't get your butts to this door in thirty seconds, I'm leaving!" Madison can't be at school late again. She already has ten tardies, and if she gets another, she'll probably get expelled. We rush down the stairs and walk out to Madison's car. Madison and I climb into the front and Syd and Kinley get in the back. We have to leave early enough that we can get to the elementary school for Kinley, the middle school for Syd, and then get ourselves to the high school all before 8:00.

After we drop off Kinley and Syd, Madison starts towards the high school. "Did you know we're getting a bunch of new kids today?" she says. "Mom says she heard from the people at her work that a new family moved here last weekend. Apparently they're really rich or something," she says, pulling into the parking lot. We get out, and I do notice the six new kids almost immediately. They certainly look rich but it isn't what's making them stand out to me. They have gold eyes, which I've never seen before, and extremely pale skin. They must have come from somewhere with very little sun. Which I guess makes sense why they would move to Maine. Sun isn't very plentiful here either. Suddenly, I lock eyes with one of the girls. She has really pretty brown hair and of course the golden eyes, and a heart-shaped face, and she looks as though she's seeing a ghost as she stares at me. It's strange, but she also looks like she might start crying. The boy that is with her also stares at me the same way. It's funny, I've never really seen anyone with my strange hair color before, but he has bronze hair as well.

"Nessie?" says Maddie, waving her hand in front of my face. I snap out of my stare and the new kids walk into the school building. "C'mon, we have to go before I'm late again," she says, and marches off down the parking lot. I follow her, trying to clear the images of the strange new kids from my mind. They looked so familiar, but I can't explain to myself as to why. I take my seat in first hour, which is AP U.S. History. I usually sit in the back alone and sleep, because trying to listen to the teacher is extremely difficult, but today, someone is sitting next to me. I look over and realize that it the boy with my hair color that is sitting there. He doesn't take his eyes off me as he sits down.