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John and Wamoshoool had just exited the bunker and we taking a moment to relax as they talked over their next plan of action.

Which was looking increasingly likely they were going to investigate the lead the computer gave them. But before they could come to a final decision, Wamoshoool Com-link started beeping.

Upon hearing that alarm the two of them looked at one another realizing what it meant.

As Wookiee then opened the Com-link which immediately shot out a small hologram from its small projector showing a live feed from the ship's sensors.

Showing that a ship the size of a frigate had just entered the system.

"Republic ID?" John then asked the Wookiee.

He expected that the Jedi might show up on this trip considering this planet's history. John was surprised by Wamoshoool's reply, as with a couple of growls and roars, he stated that this ship was not running the usual Republic transponder.

"Can we get an ID on the ship?" John then asked as he wanted to know just what they were dealing with.

In response, Wamoshoool pressed some buttons on the Com, and a name immediately appeared.

"B.A.M., can you check the date base and see if we have a match for the Crimson Sun?" John then asked the Dumb AI.

Which the Spartan knew might be a bit of a stretch for the Dumb AI's capabilities, making him wish that Cortana had accompanied him instead.

But thankfully B.A.M. pulled through and brought up the information John had requested from the ship's databanks. But needless to say, John was not at all happy when he found out who the frigate belonged to.

"What do you know about the Sun Guard?" John then asked Wamoshoool.

The name had come up several times with Cortana as a possible mercenary group that he could contact given their reputation and reputation as experienced with dealing with force users.

But otherwise, the mercenary group seemed secretive about their history. Something that raised red flags in John's mind, because he could assume that the group was here because someone had contacted them to be there.

An impression that was only reinforced by his companion's answer. As Wamoshoool stated, he did not know much about the Sun Guard, other than that they were considered more than a match for the Mandalorians.

As the battle of Sintheti was a prime example of this, what was worse the Wookiee then told the Chief that they usually did not leave their home world of Thyrsus unless they were on a mission, which could only mean one thing…

"We're returning to the ship," John stated.

For he knew that they could not risk getting stranded on this world by the Guard. Because they had no idea as to just what they were up to, let alone any standing orders from their contractor about any potential witnesses.

So, for the sake of caution, they had to assume that the Guard was under orders to kill any witnesses to their mission.

Which meant they had to leave this world and fast!

As John knew that there was no way that the Crimson Sun sensors could not have missed the sensor ping from his own hunk of junk. Knowing this the Spartan expected there to be a welcoming comment when they returned to the freighter.

Wamoshoool immediately growled in agreement with what the Spartan had said, and the two of them immediately started making their way back to the ship.

Silently hoping that there would be a ship when they got there.

On their back to the ship, John and Wamoshoool had been set upon by the locals, thus forcing them into an ongoing battle as they desperately tried to return to their ship.

But despite the difficulties, they were making suitable time.

"Wamoshoool, priority target." John made the call out to the Wookiee.

Who was currently in a nearby tree acting as support for him. The Wookiee then sent a high-energy bolt into the target's skull.

The target had been a force user that had been attempting to blast them with force lighting.

"Trespassers, you will pay!" One of the warriors called out as another group came running into the fight.

Thankfully the two of them were able to handle this sudden onrush of reinforcements, as despite the natives' numbers advanced, the duo did have certain advantages over them.

The first and foremost was their obvious advantage in weaponry, as despite being able to throw the occasional bolt of force lighting their way, the natives of this world seemed to be stuck in a medieval period regarding the weapons available to them.

John had not seen anything more advanced than a crossbow used against them regarding ranged weapons.

Barring force lighting, which made anyone who was able to use it a prime target in their eyes.

But despite that issue, John and Wamoshoool were still making good progress overall in returning to their ship. As John then spotted the Wookiee change position in the trees. Making sure that he could cover John as he continued forward.

John for his part was regret not having installed a Homing beacon on the ship. Because he had that piece of equipment, they would not have to fight this pointless battle.

Then then again John had originally chosen that ship because it was meant to be his low-profile ship, and any work like that would've had it in the same position as the Shaadlar troopship he had recovered.

Leaving the Spartan without a ship for about two to three months before it was returned to him.

Even so, John suspected that the YT would be going into the shop soon enough, as he had Wamoshoool had found more issues with the ship on a daily basis; then again this was not much of a surprise given its age.

As the Spartan had expected problems like this when he bought it, as it was a second-hand ship, and as such there were most certainly issues with the ship.

But nothing so bad that it was not space worth, even so the Spartan suspended that after this mission that he would have to bring the ship into a shop to have everything fixed.

But for the moment the Spartan was more than content with having Wamoshoool work on the ship and patching the ship, especially since the Wookiee seemed to know what he was doing.

Even so John hoped that he could join the Wookiee while he was patching up the YT-1000 light freighter. As Spartan knew that this would be an essential skill to have if he was going to be here long term.

But John could worry about those things at a different time, as he was currently making his way forward in the small lull in the fighting. Making sure not to move up too far so that Wamoshoool could not cover him.

As it was now the Wookiee's turn to move up while John covered him. Making sure that none of the local cultist used any force powers against the walking carpet.

But just as Wamoshoool had landed on his new porch did the locals lunch another attack on them. As a couple of the force welders knowing that they would be killed first, quickly targeted Wamoshoool.

Knowing that they would be picked off by the Wookiee if they did not deal with him right away.

Thankfully Wamoshoool had managed to dodge the attack sent his way by moved down the tree. But he had been forced out of position and in doing so, leaving the Chief on his own.

Immediately realizing this, the Spartan opened fire just as another wave of attackers appeared.

But before they could do anything this new wave was taken completely aback when the super soldier rushing them, their vanguard quickly taken apart by the Spartan.

Leaving the darksiders alone to deal with the Spartan.

"Abomination! mutant! You must be destroyed!" One of the cultists then cried out.

As he did so, he and the rest of his cultist drew on the power of the force and sent all the attacks they could muster the Spartans ways. As this varied from the usual force lighting all the way to large boulders thrown the Spartans way.

But thanks to both his augmentations and his training John had little problem in dealing with these.

As John was then able to get an angel on one of the cultists and fired! Easily placing a blaster bolt into their leader's chest.

Which lead to rest to panic, which gave the Spartan and Wookiee to opportunity to quickly isolate and pick apart the rest of the group.

Once their attackers had been dealing with; John then notice just how close he and Wamoshoool were to the small mountain on which their ship was parked.

Even so, John could only help but wonder if they would be able to reach it before the Sun Guard arrived. Still the Spartan put that thought aside, as he then returned to the task of dealing with the new wave of cultists so that Wamoshoool would have the space to reposition and once again start giving him covering fire.

As John knew they were going to need one another if they were going to have even a chance of getting out of this situation alive.

"Buir, alor, I've come as you asked me to." The woman in the sacred red, white armour asked as she entered her parent's house.

"Yes, Lisa, come in." Her mother then said using her nickname for her.

As Liscia had heard that this was because this was what her mother originally wanted to name her, but her father had been indecisive when it came to names.

Because of this, they had decided to name her Liscia after a family friend.

"You wanted to talk about something?" Liscia asked as she removed her bucket allowing her to make eye contact with them.

"Yes, we have much to talk about Lisa, take a seat." Her mother then gestured to a chair that had been placed there for her.

As Liscia sat she then tried to get a read on her parents, as she was secretly worried about them. For things had changed drastically since both of them since her father had been defeated by the Master Chief.

"I assume that this has to do with what took place between you and the Chief?" Liscia asked.

To which her father nodded simply.

"As you know, since I was forced to submit to the outsider my position in the Clan has been called into doubt." Her father explained to her.

Which was true, as Liscia had heard some of her fellow Clan members talk about whether someone else should take the mantle of leader of Clan Sandra after its leader's defeat at the hands of an outsider.

So, it would not be completely unexpected if someone within the Clan came to challenge her father for the mantle of leader.

As Lisa could think of two of her Clan members off-hand that would challenge her father for leadership. Though she would prefer one potential candidate over the other; mostly because she knew that she could work with him if push came to shove.

That and if she accepted the opportunity that had been given to her.

Because this was part of the reason she had wanted to meet her parents. As she wanted to talk this over with them before she made any sort of decision.

But for now, she had to pass along what some of the Clan members were currently talking about when they were not there. As she felt that they needed to know just what their Clan mates thought about their current situation.

"I've heard rumours that some of our Clan members have planned to challenge you for your position," Lisa said, confirming what her partners already suspected.

"We've heard those rumours too, as such it had become obvious to me that our Clan's future lies not with us, but with the next generation." Her mother then explained to her.

As she and her father had been telling him to step down for a long time now. But with his loss to the Spartan, had felt that it was a clear sign that he should step down as leader.

For it was obvious that he was not what the Clan needed, especially considering the circumstances that they now faced. As he and his wife agreed that it was time for them to step back and let the new generation take the lead, as they had led them through the Civil War, then the disgrace that was the Clan Wars.

But now they faced a situation that was completely different from those wars, as they could both see that the coming conflict would be the very soul of all Mando'ade.

Everyone could feel it, as the true Mandalorians were on a collision with the dar'manda and their jetiise allies. But the question on everyone's minds was when this conflict would take place, as many thoughts it would be on the battlefield, while others thought that it would be a spiritual one.

For her part, Liscia was not sure what form this conflict would take, but she was certain of one thing. That it would take place, that much she was certain, especially considering the rumours that were now flying around the moon.

But that was something that she could worry about later, as Liscia wanted to know just who her parents had in mind to lead the Clan going forward.

"Then who will be taking the role of leader? Will it be Ancor?" Liscia then asked.

As she knew him to be closer to that of a Clan leader than herself. Still, she could not help but get a bad feeling as she watched her parents look at one another then back at her.

"Actually, we were thinking that you would be best to take the mantle of leader of Clan Sandra." Her father explained.

Liscia was his only surviving child, so it seemed only right that they would pass on the role of leadership to her as they retired from the position.

But little did they know their little ad was about to throw a hydrospanner into the works.

"Me, Clan leader? No, it should be someone else." Liscia stated firmly.

Because despite what her parents might think and want, she was not what the Clan needed now. Besides, she had other offers that she had to consider as well, which if taken might be better if she was not the head of Clan Sandra.

But obviously, this was not the response that her parents had been expecting. The expressions on their faces said as much.

"You disapprove?" Liscia then asked.

As she had been kind of expecting that kind of reaction from them. Liscia was surprised by her mother's reaction to this news.

"Somewhat, I just want to know why?" She then asked her daughter.

Because Lisa's mother knew that her daughter had no reason to lie to them about this.

"I've been offered a position as an aid to the respective to Mandalore, I was planning to talk with the Chief if I could. But if I couldn't then the Historian at the very least." Liscia explained.

For someone had obviously been pulling some strings for her, also the fact that she was from a well-respected and influential Clan helped matters as well.

Even so Liscia could feel a hidden hand involved in this this; even so she would be lying if she did not see an opportunity in what was being offered.

But then again, she could not help but feel a little bit uncertain as to what to do in this situation.

"You suspect Chief of doing this, don't you?" This was not so much a question as it was a statement.

A statement that Lisa could not deny considering her own suspicious on the matter.

"I do, actually." Which was the truth.

For Liscia suspected that Chief or one of his many new contacts was responsible for this offer, she had been suddenly given. As such she planned to confront her new benefactor and depending on what he said she with either accept the position or leave the system.

Because Liscia knew that if she rejected the Chief offer then her life might be in danger, no matter want he said. For she was certain that she would not have to worry about the Spartan, instead she was more worried about those who followed him.

As it had not escaped, they noticed that the Spartan, like it or not was developing quite the following.

Most of those Mandalorians were desperate to see things change. But from what she understood, the Chief had yet to address them, thus making many Mandalorians worry just as to what his growing collection of followers would be without his direction.

For many secretly feared the worst if the Spartan did not address them soon.

But that was something that they all could worry about later, as they had yet to deal with rancor in the room.

"So, why are you considering this offer from the dar'manda?" Her father then asked.

As he wanted to know not only for the sake of her Clans future but for that of her daughter's as well. As Liscia knew that both her parents would want to know why she would potentially give up her claim to lead her Clan and instead go to be a part of the kriffing tsad droten senate. Let alone the dar'manda.

"Because, if I do accept buir, it wouldn't be for Satine. But it will be for Mandalore, and to keep the kriffing jettise off our backs." Liscia assured them.

Because despite everything she had been tough, Lisa knew that at this point they had to play the aruetiise games.

As they could not fight Satine and her New Mandalorians, at least not while they had the Galactic Republic back them. But at the same time, she simply could not stand by and just let Satine continue to open up the Mandalorian sector for further exploitation by the Republic, the same way they had been doing to the rest of the Rim for generations now.

"I've heard that before." Her mother then said.

For there had been others like her daughter that had thought the same way. Still, there had been something different in Lisa's voice as she had been talking with them that gave her mother hope that this would not be the case.

A fact that was proven correct by her daughter's next response.

"I know buir, but if it isn't the Chief that's behind this then I'll turn it down and become the Clan leader." Liscia then stated.

She wanted her parents to understand where she stood on this situation. Because if this was the Chief then she would have an opportunity to ask him why he had arranged this opportunity for her.

While on the other hand, if it had been someone in the New Mandalorian government that had extended this offer to her, then she knew just what they were trying to do and would reject the proposal out of hand.

For she wanted nothing to do with the kriffing dar,manda otherwise.

"You'll have to marry if you become Clan head." Her father then warned her.

A fact that Liscia knew, as with her parents' weakened position, she would need someone else to help ensure that there was not a power struggle during the transition.

"I know…" Liscia muttered.

As this obviously was not her first choice, then again it was for the future stability of the Clan during the transition that would take place. Knowing this Liscia would surrender herself to an arranged marriage.

Despite any personal feelings she might have about the situation. For as the only legitimate daughter of her Clan's leader Lisa knew that an arranged marriage had not been out of the realm of possiblity.

As this had been a tradition older than time, such marriages were meant to strengthen bonds between the two parties. Or in this case, preventing a power struggle between the two or more candidates for the leadership of Clan Sandra.

"Liscia," Her mother then stroked her hair gently. "You will have a say in this." She then assured her.

As her mother knew that her daughter had to have a say in this if there would be any chance for a long-lasting marriage between whoever ended up being Liscia's husband.

"Thanks, but can we talk about this after I speak with the Chief?" Liscia then asked.

As she felt that this was the right thing to do given the situation. Because things had not reached a boiling point… yet.

So Liscia felt that she had enough time to ask the Chief or the Historian her questions before they started considering who she should offer her hand to.

"He's off world as you know…" Her father reminded her of this obvious fact.

As most beings who kept an eye on the Spartan's activities knew this. For her was off doing another job for his benefactor, and he had taken his Wookiee with him.

Because of this many suspected that he would not be back for many standard days.

Which might be cutting things close considering the current flow of events in the Clan. Even so, Licsia could not help but feel that she could meet with Chief before things came to ahead.

"I know buir, but this isn't something that we should do without consulting him," Licsia stated simply.

For she knew that any change of leadership in Clan Sandra had to be run by him first.

Because despite allowing them to remain independent, the Clan was in a way under his protection. So, if there was going to be any major changes then he needed to know about them ahead of time.

But her father did not see it that way, as he then let out a sigh.

As he knew that there was not anything that he could say to dissuade her little girl from this course of action that she had obviously chosen to take.

"Fine, just done wait too long thought. As I cannot guarantee that I can keep a claimant from challenging me for less than two standard weeks." Her father stated.

As it would take them at least that long to gather the necessary support for a claimant to mount a formal challenge to him. Something that his daughter was also more than aware of.

"I won't buir," Liscia assured him.

As Liscia was also more than aware of just how much time she might have.

But despite that limitation, it only made her even more determined to meet with the Spartan.

Because one way or another she would get the answers that she wanted from him about this opportunity that had suspiciously landed in her lap.

Mando'a dictionary:

Buir - Mother/Father

Alor - leader, chief, *officer*, constable, boss

Ad - Daughter

Dar'manda - A state of not being Mandalorian - not an outsider, but one who has lost his heritage, and so his identity and his soul - regarded with absolute dread by most traditional-minded Mando'ade

Tsad droten - a group of people, Republic

Mando'ade - Mandalorians (Pl) - sons and/ or daughters of Mandalore

Jetiise - Jedi plural, Republic

Aruetiise - traitors, foreigners, outsiders

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