The One and Only

Chapter One: Tetsusaiga stolen by the beauty

A/N: in this story, No one has met Sesshomaru except Inuyasha. So they have never seen him before. Now, on with the story!

Sango's eyes lightly opened to the sound of soft sputtering, soon followed by an outrageous explosion. Inuyasha was at it yet again.

"You bitch! Why'd you do that?" he ferociously growled at Kagome who just woke up. She had big bags under her eyes, and her hair was mangled every which a way.

"What are you blabbering about now, Inuyasha?" sleep edged her voice. She hadn't rested well in the past few days, because she constantly sensed a very powerful demon around. Inuyasha apparently didn't see or feel it, because he told her whenever she asked that she must be going crazy.

"What do you mean 'blabbering about now'? You just dumped cold water all over me!" to prove his point, he shook his head, releasing tiny water droplets all over her, Shippou, Miroku, Sango, and Kirara.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't dump water all over you. Now good night." Kagome turned back over in her sleeping bag, preparing to slumber again.

"Oh no you don't, wench!" Inuyasha jerked Kagome out of her bag by her arm, stepping all over Shippou in the process. Squeals of pain escaped Kagome's mouth.

"INUYASHA!" Angry protests came from behind him.

"Huh?" WHAM hiraikotsu landed smack dab in the center of his face. "HOW DARE YOU TRY AND HURT KAGOME LIKE THAT! YOU WILL PAY!" Sango yelled. He went too far hurting her best friend like that.

Sango caught hiraikotsu as it returned back to her. She launched it again at him, this time, it hitting him in his stomach.

"Sango, I would appreciate it if you stopped." Miroku intervened.

"What? You jealous? You want your ass kicked too?" Sango once again retrieved her boomerang, but this time launched it at Miroku. Just barely, he was able to dodge the heavy piece of equipment, but wasn't able to stop it from hitting him from behind when it came back.

"Sango, please stop." Kagome asked sincerely. She didn't want Miroku or Inuyasha to become hurt anymore, although Inuyasha did deserve it.

"I'm sorry, Kagome. I guess I just got out of hand." Sango hugged Kagome.

"It's okay. They'll forgive you."

"LIKE HELL I WILL!" Inuyasha's voice rang out into the forest. He charged at Sango, his eyes burning red. He was becoming a demon, and tetsusaiga was nowhere to be found.

"Inuyasha! SIT!" Inuyasha fell to the ground, loose dirt filling the air around the impact of him and the ground.

Inuyasha jumped up again. The spell didn't work; he was still in his demon form.

"Shippou! Help me find the tetsusaiga!" Kagome threw sleeping bags and pillows around, searching for the lost treasure.

"Kagome! Here it is!" Miroku yelled. When she turned to face him, tetsusaiga was in his hands. "I found it concealed by a bush."

"Thanks." Kagome quickly spat at him. "INUYASHA! SIT!" Inuyasha crashed to the ground yet again. Kagome placed the tetsusaiga by him, hoping the reaction would be that of a good one.


A lone demon sat in a large tree just above the frantic group. He had stolen the tetsusaiga, just to see what kind of reaction he would cause. It turned out to be quite amusing. Until that human girl that somehow intrigued him started searching for her companion's sword.

So he carelessly dropped it in the bushes.

Amazingly enough, the monk managed to find it. He watched as the monk handed it to the girl, and her 'sit' his brother. She placed the sword by his side, and a few minutes later, he got up and was back to normal.


He was there, and she could feel him. He was somewhere close. Kagome looked into the treetops, the power surges becoming stronger.

There he sat. She could barely make him out. She knew he had flowing hair, although she didn't know what color it was. The light from the campfire increased the magnitude of his eyes, revealing them to be a painstakingly beautiful golden color. No shards were on him, as far as she could tell.and speaking of looked as it one was swaying behind him.

She walked closer to the tree. The demon tensed, and leapt into the sky.


That was close.the demon from before said, as he sailed through the starry night breeze, relishing in the smell. If she had caught me.who knows what would have happened.

He landed in a vast field, a large castle occupying the southern end of it. he took a few steps, then was countered by a undersized toad demon.

"Me Lord!"

"Yes, Jaken?"

"Did you find the mangy half-breed?" the henchman inquired.

"Yes.and I've stumbled onto something more." Leaving the toad in the dark, the demon continued on to his castle domain.


Kagome and the rest of the gang reluctantly went back to sleep. All were pretty worked up, especially after what happened. Kagome was tired, but then again, after seeing those eyes.those terribly golden eyes full of distrust, and hatred, and of coldness.she could not get back to sleep.

So she laid there, him filling her mind until early morning.

Kagome went about the day, him still filling her head. Why were his eyes so cold? Did he have a grudge against anyone? And if so, who?

"Kagome, are you alright?" Sango's worry for her brought her out of her mindless state and back into reality.

"Oh, yeah, Sango. I'm fine. Say yesterday, did you feel a presence other than Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippou, and mine's yesterday?"

"No, why?" "No reason." Kagome's thought's once returned to the demon. Was he the one that has lately been following them? Was it his presence that has disturbed her on many an occasion?

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