The One and Only

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Chapter 12:

Kikyo mounted Inuyasha's back, and he jumped over Naraku's barrier. He returned later to get Miroku and Sango, then returned once more to get the annoying kitsune that always followed him around.

Okay. Everyone was over.

Inuyasha began sniffing things out, looking for at least a familiar scent. AH! He got it! It was the sweet fragrance of Kagome. He headed over towards it, and found Kagome and Sesshomaru in the center of the field. He also saw Naraku, hidden in the shadows, waiting for Sesshomaru to come closer.

"Sesshomaru look out! Naraku's trying to suck you in!"


Sesshomaru had to be three steps from her. And her heard that whelp of a half-brother tell him about Naraku trying to suck him in. luckily, at the last moment, he swiveled around and slashed at the baboon pelt. Sesshomaru's claws met hide as he slashed through. Black hair sprang from the slash, and the fur casing fell from Naraku's body.

Oh shit. Now he owed his bastard of a brother one.

Naraku smirked as he noted the change of feelings wash over Sesshomaru's face.

"You're pathetic, Sesshomaru." Naraku said, malice and disgust filling his voice.

"I am not a hanyou." Sesshomaru said back, his tone matching the poison in Naraku's.

"True. But I also did not let a human falter my defenses, or screw up my mind." Naraku's eyes began to twitch.

"Not now, you haven't. But as I understand it, wasn't that the reason this was brought about? You being affected by Kikyo?" Sesshomaru secretly smirked to himself. He knew he won that one.

"Yes. But I was only a corrupted human then."

"Also, as I remember, you killed Kikyo when you were a hanyou. To me, that seems like you were still affected." Sesshomaru glanced behind Naraku. Inuyasha had tetsusaiga posed. All he needed to do was distract Naraku a little longer. Then, when that hanyou was out of the way, he'd attend to the other...

"What do you know anyway, Sesshomaru? At least I get the better of Inuyasha when I battle him." Bad move.

"Perhaps you don't understand. When my father was on his last breath, he asked for one thing: for me to treat Inuyasha as my equal. Yes, I despise that idea, but he was my father, and I have to respect him. So I refuse to kill him."


Meanwhile, Inuyasha was creeping closer and closer. Sesshomaru was doing perfect.

Then Sesshomaru did the whole 'daddy wished this story'. So. That's why Sesshomaru always backed off at the last minute. He'd have to thank dear old dad when this was finished.

Oh kami...he was so close, he could kill him now. Sesshomaru only needed to distract him once more, and Naraku would be eating metal.


"Such a noble demon...I truly envy you Sesshomaru. But, if you are so noble, then why let that half-breed sneak up on me?" Naraku turned around and bashed Inuyasha. Hard.

Inuyasha flew in the air, colliding with Miroku and the fire cat.

This was NOT going to be easy.


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