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I awaken in a realm of swirling darkness, with a single point of light. A translucent blue square with the words "Respawn" upon it. With a moment of hesitation, I press the 'accept' option, and am blinded as white light fills the void.

Welcome User

What the fuck?

You have been chosen as the new Host of the Game System

Please Select Race:

[Human] [?] [Random]

Okay, so I'm a Gamer now. Interesting. I scratch my head as I look over the options. Random is out for the sole purpose that it could fuck me over forever if I end up as a Cockroach or something equally as stupid.

Humans are okay, a jack of all trades race, lacking the power of others usually, making up for it due to their versatility. But that unknown race is tempting me, it would be a huge risk to choose it…

A choice was made by pressing a finger into the [?] box.

Race Selected:

[D'Nur Infernoid]

A being of the world of Argent D'Nur, corrupted fully by Argent Energy.

I look over my new form in a mirror,and I look like a tiefling more than anything. A pair of horns curving along my head, flicking up towards the end, atop a mane of jet black hair. My skin had turned rust red, and I could see my canines had elongated into sharp fangs. My eyes were akin to a cats, slitted and orange, while my nails had turned into what could only be called talons, razor sharp and pitch black.

Selecting World…

Modded Minecraft has been selected

What? That's unexpected, I was fully prepared to have to face Doom in all its blood soaked glory. No matter, this is simply easier for me then.

You have 500 credits to purchase bonus items to make your start simpler.


[Wooden Sword]

Deals 4 Slashing damage

Cost: 10c

[Gold Sword]

Deals 4 Slashing damage

Cost: 5c

[Stone Sword]

Deals 5 Slashing damage

Cost: 25c

[Iron Sword]

Deals 6 Slashing Damage

Cost: 50c

[Diamond Sword]

Deals 7 Slashing damage

Cost: 100c

[Netherite Sword]

Deals 8 Slashing damage

Cost: 150c




Immediately I buy the Netherite sword, having it will make the start far easier for me. I ignore the Building tab, and scroll through the mining section. It was much the same, listing each tool out and their cost. But it was the items at the bottom that caught my attention. The [Miner Kit], containing an iron pick, 64 torches and 16 bread, and the [Lumberjack Kit], which had an iron axe, 16 scaffolding blocks and 16 apples. Both were only 100 credits each, so I snagged them quickly.

It was the Other section that was most interesting to me. It had potions and enchantments in it, everything priced at 50 credits. My lips twitch into a smile as I buy Sharpness V, Looting III and Unbreaking III and apply it to my sword with the last credits I had. It was only natural I gave myself the best chance in combat after all.

Skills Gained


Provides information on the target when used.

[Imbue Argent]

Costs 10MP per second

You convert your inherent magical energy into pure Argent Energy, and forcibly insert it into your target. Can be used for the corruption of creatures, structures and items.

[Argent Blast]

Costs 150MP

Deals 15 Fire Damage

You hurl a condensed ball of Argent Energy at your target, in a manner akin to a fire bolt.

I hold up my hand and activate [Imbue Argent] for a moment, watching the vibrant orange energy spark to life across it. This is useful, if i remember my Doom lore correctly then with this I can create Possessed far easier than anything else.

"Can i see my stats?" I ask the void, my voice croaking from lack of use.

Name: ?

Race: D'Nur Infernoid

Level: 0

HP: 2,500 (1000/30s)

MP: 2,500 (1000/30s)

SP: 2,500 (1000/30s)

END: 10

STR: 10
DEX: 10
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 10
LCK: 10

Points: 0

A fairly standard stat array for a starting character, easy to manipulate and style to my preference. But my lack of a name disturbs me, do I not get one?

Players Name has been Locked by Admin.

Why on earth, or whatever the world of minecraft is called, is the NAME locked, that seems entirely unnecessary to me. Oh well. Spawn me in I guess.

My vision darkens and I feel reality tear itself asunder.

I regain consciousness upon a bed of grass, and stand up, luckily I have not been forced to assume the same blocky visage as the rest of the inhabitants of the world. Dusting myself off I scowl as I see that I'm dressed in the standard outfit of Steve, a simple blue t-shirt and jeans with my feet strangely bare. The netherite sword I bought was sheathed on my hip, a simple hoop on my belt holding the blade. I draw it to take a closer look, it was odd to see. Not quite as blocky and as pixelated as the game, but still not a standard blade. I shrug before clumsily putting it back in the hoop, no sense in having it out when I'm just likely to end up stabbing myself in the foot.

I look around to try and get my bearings, but my vision is blocked by the vast towering spruce trees in the area I spawned in. I sigh, before choosing a direction at random, west I believe as the rising sun is behind me, and start my march onwards.

After a short period of travelling, still within the bounds of the spruce forest, I come across several pigs, rooting about the dirt for food. They looked nigh identical to the game, the only difference being the joints actually existing instead of the limbs just swinging around the place on an axis. They don't seem to fear me, even as I walk among the group they continued to forage.

Standing beside one of the animals, I smile before firmly grasping it. The pig squirms and gives squeals of confusion as it struggles to get away from me. My smile widens as the squeals turn to pain as I activate [Imbue Argent], the orange lighting sparking across its body.

It last about 10 seconds before the beast begins to spasm and mutate, growing large tusks designed to rip and tear flesh, its trotters becoming large claws of bone as it grows larger, at least twice the size of its regular kin, all of it made of muscle, as a thick coat of fur grows across its body. No longer a pig from minecraft, it looks like the lovechild of a raging boar and a demon, which is surprisingly accurate.

Chaos Hog

HP: 25

MP: 0

Thoughts: Obedience, Desire to Kill

I nod at the last one and gesture to the rest of the pigs standing around, confused as to what has happened to their friend. My first demon gives a bellow of rage and charges. The massacre, for it could only be called that, took a matter of seconds as the Hog tears apart the pigs, their bodies disappearing in a puff of smoke when they die, leaving behind a floating porkchop. As I get close to them they immediately float towards me, vanishing as they get close enough.

7 Porkchops added

Handy, but I realise something, what is my goal here, Minecraft has no true ending, and adding in mods just increases the time I could spend here by an exponential amount.

Quest Added

[The Founder of Hell]

Hell does not exist in this multiverse, it is up to you to create one.

Objective 1: Corrupted the three vanilla Minecraft dimensions fully

Objective 2: Corrupt the three vanilla Minecraft bosses

Bonus Objective 1: Corrupt all modded dimensions fully

Bonus Objective 2: Corrupt all modded bosses

Rewards: [REDACTED]

Oh, I get to create my own hell. That means I need a lot more Argent Energy than I can supply on my own. And without a hell to supply it, that means i have to figure out how to generate it.

Quests Added

[Gore Nest Creation]

Gore Nests have been altered slightly, instead of creating a portal to hell, they now passively generate Argent Energy, giving it out as an aura.

Objective: Create a Gore Nest

Reward: Bone Devil Summon Gem

So that is my primary means of corrupting this world. If i remember correctly a gore nest requires a human sacrifice over the flesh and blood of slain creatures, so my first point of call is a village it would seem. I glance over to my hell pig, before shrugging and climbing on its back. I'm not walking for thousands of blocks when I have this to do it for me. The beast starts lumbering onwards, picking its way through the forest as the towering spruce trees are replaced by the stout oak. As we travel an oddity catches my eye, something hidden in the leaves of one of the trees. My axe materialises from my inventory as I break the leaf block, repeatedly swinging into it with the axe, to reveal a hidden chest. My head tilts as I open it and the GUI of a chest appears. Inside are several iron nuggets, a half dozen leaf blocks and in the center of the UI was a Spider Pet from the Inventory Pets mod. I sweep all of it into my inventory and nearly have a heart attack as the tarantula sized spider materialises on my shoulder. I thought these things stayed in your inventory Game?

The Admin has altered the System to make the world more alive.

Of course they have, well as long as it doesn't end up killing me then I suppose it is not an entirely horrible thing. The spider is sort of cute I suppose, I will survive it being there. My eclectic group continues along, treading further into the world.

After a few hours of travel we come across a wide river, bordering a plains biome. Looking across I note different structures that attract my attention, one a massive grey tower shooting into the sky and the other was a group of simple wooden houses, spawled beside the river a few hundred blocks away.

I point the battle pig towards the tower, I have an inkling as to what it is and I feel it could be useful. The beast jumps into the river, nearly crossing half of it in a single bound, before swimming across the rest. My little spider crawled atop my head to avoid the spray of water caused by the demon pig and its swimming. We exit the river almost as quickly as we entered it, and the hog begins to run, now able to properly pick up speed across the plains.

The tower soon looms across us, my mount making short work of the distance. I jump off and gesture to the area around the tower. "Guard this area, let nothing come here and remain living." I say, my voice a silky smooth baritone. The demon snorts, before prowling the area as I turn back to the tower. I was right it is a Battle Tower, typically you would have to ascend each level, destroying spawners before fighting a Golem. But I have a Spider Pet so I can avoid all that.

I press my hand against the rough cobblestone and pull up, my hand sticking to the wall and providing the leverage to begin to climb the side of the wall, my Spider climbing above me, far quicker and more skilled than my amateurish attempt.

It was difficult, the towers are far larger than they actually seem in game, and it took far longer than I care to admit but I eventually managed to get to the top. Peering over I see the large Golem that stands guard over the tower, not yet active, facing away from me. Carefully climbing over the top I slowly make my way to it, before jumping onto its back pressing both hands into its stone head and activating [Imbue Argent]. I have no clue if this will work, but I hope it does.

The golem spasms as I push more and more Argent into it, throwing its stone fists everywhere in a desperate attempt to knock me off. It takes a long time, and almost 2000MP before the Golem is subdued, its eye now a bright orange and the lines in the brickwork of its body pulsing with Argent energy. I could feel the itch in the back of my mind that appeared after the creation of my Hog growing stronger, and a tentative mental word being pushed through.


I blink as it becomes clear, a floodgates to the minds of my demons, my hog prowling around the tower and the possessed golem standing before me. The Hog was little more than a feral beast, its thought being eat, sleep and obey, but the Golem was intelligent, bordering on sentient with the boost provided by the possession. This was excellent, an extremely powerful servant that could think for himself, potentially being able to act without my explicit direction.

I smile as I look through the chest. Most of it was the standard Minecraft loot, some iron, a few pieces of gunpowder and a diamond, but one thing caught my eye, a large amethyst gem glowing from the inside. {Observe] helped me, explaining what it was.

[Soul Shard]

Mob Type: Unbound

Soul Count:0

A stone capable of storing the souls of slain mobs, can then be used in conjunction with a Soul Cage to spawn more mobs of the same type.

This was extremely useful, a maxed out version of this could produce enough flesh to generate Gore Nests by the dozens.

I smile as I head down, the shard safely stored in my pocket as I draw the sword. The next floor was filled with zombies. I begin to hack and slash through them as I clear the floor of mobs, rotten flesh appearing in my inventory in extreme amounts as I finish them all off. My pickaxe appears as I break the spawners, the cages shattering into iron bars, before shooting into my inventory.

I ignore the chest before heading downwards, loot can wait in exchange for the exp and drops. I continued down the floors, the mobs no true match for my sword and my health pool. I checked the inventory to see what loot drops I got

61 String

93 Bones

119 Spider Eyes

145 Rotten Flesh

I look at the immense pile of drops in my inventory before smiling, I certainly have enough to create a few Gore Nests now. Looking back at the tower I quickly decide that it shall be my base of operation for now, after changing the blocks to something better than cobblestone of course. I leave the tower and metally summon the hog, my spider clambering to rest on my shoulder.

I mount the hog and point it in the direction of the village, it snorts before beginning to trot forward slowly building up speed. It crosses the plain rapidly, gearing through the landscape without issue. I get it to stop on behind a small hill before we reached the village so I could survey the land.

Laying flat on my stomach and peering over the crest of the hill, I have a near perfect view of the village, with little chance of being spotted. The village is of a decent size. Several houses, a church, a blacksmith and a couple of buildings that I don't recognise for the area, as well as a couple of animal pens and farms. The people themselves were a mix of the standard villagers and more human looking people, all of them scurrying around doing their jobs.

I focus on one of the regular villagers, planting crops on a farm close to us, with no others close enough to help. I hear the hog scramble behind me, before acting on my mental order, running over to the village.

Predictably the sight of a demon pig charging towards the place causes chaos, people running away, a few foolhardy ones running towards it with tools they intend to use as weaponry. The demon ignores it all to instead begin to herd the villager in the direction of the tower.

The fleeing person was easy to control, keep the Chaos Hog behind it and make the most feasible place to run to the tower and nothing else had to be done. The rest of the village gave up as they realised they couldn't take on the beast with how few were actually willing to go and attack it, for which I'm grateful for. It would be a horrible waste of potential Gore Nest sacrifices to kill them this early on.

As I walk along I check my status, interested to see if it had changed.

Name: ?

Race: D'Nur Infernoid

Level: 3

HP: 2,500 (1000/30s)

MP: 2,500 (1000/30s)

SP: 2,500 (1000/30s)

END: 10

STR: 10
DEX: 10
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 10
LCK: 10

Points: 15

So, clearing the tower levelled me up a few times, useful. I think for a few moments before equally spreading the points between END, STR and DEX. I want to get each stat up to at least 25 before I start truly specialising myself.

I look up from the status window to see I'm at my tower, the villager laying on the ground unconscious with the Golem standing over it. I absentmindedly thank it as I pick up the limp body, taking it up to the second floor of the tower.

Dumping him against the wall, I go over to the chest and look through it. The loot wasn't anything special, a couple of torches, an ink sack and an iron ingot. I quickly break the chest and the blocks it was sitting on, dumping the mob drops, save the string, in their place instead. The pile was extremely large, actually acting as a physical part of the world than the floating icons they tend to be.

Dragging the villager to the pile and setting him atop it, I slowly draw my sword and press it against his chest. I expected some twinge of morality, seeing the helpless fool but there was nothing, no care for him. [Imbue Argent] activates as I stab the blade into him, and give it a twist.

There was a brief cry of pain, before the orange lighting sparks across his body, and it starts to fuse with the pile of flesh and bone beneath him. I remove the blade and step back, fully engrossed in the disturbing spectacle before me as a large bulbous form was created. A single yellow eye stares at me as the massive toothy maw opens and closes repeatedly. I've done it, the Gore nest has been created, a smile bursts across my face as I [Observe] my latest creation.

Gore Nest

HP: 500

MP: 500

AE: 500/minute

Feed it more gore to increase its size, and it's Argent output.

Quest Complete

[Gore Nest Creation]

Reward: Bone Devil Summoning Gem

The gem appears in my hand as the pop-up vanishes, a bone white crystal about the size of a golf ball. A firm squeeze caused the gem to shatter into mist, which slowly formed into the fiend. I [Observe] it to see if I should expect a fight or not.


The Fossilised King

HP: 9000

MP: 7000

Obedience: 50

Thoughts: Curiosity at his new summoner.

"And who is the one that dares to summon me?" Its voice is a hissing rasp, in a language I can tell isn't natural. Actually, how the fuck can I understand him then?

Hidden Trait Revealed:


You can read, write and speak any and all languages instinctively, despite the name only referring to the vocal aspect of the language.

That's useful. Saves me having to learn a thousand different languages I guess. The clicking of claws draws my attention back to the devil, as he is examining the Gore Nest. He turns around to face me, a look of wonder in his crimson eyes.

"I apologise for my impertinence my liege, I did not realise who I was speaking to." The devil kneels before me, "I am Barakas, the Fossilised King, It shall be an honour to follow you."

+10 Obe with Barakas

For being the Dark Lord

I smile at the kneeling Devil as the pop-up appears, I guess this won't end in a fight, but with me gaining a new follower. A glance out the window shows the rapidly darkening sky as the sun sets.

"Rise Barakas, and serve me." as I finished the devil straightened up, his barbed tail curled around his legs. "And what is your desire, my liege?"

I gesture out the tower to the rapidly spawning mobs, dozens appearing across the plains. "Grab the zombies, skeletons and spiders and bring them to the Gore Nest for devouring."

Barakas looks outside at the mobs before turning to me, "Anything I should know before I do this?"

I ponder his words for a moment, "The Skeletons are ranged attackers, using a bow and arrow with deadly efficiency, the zombies and spiders are close range with little in the way of damaging attacks. The creepers," I point out one of the phallic green mobs out, "explode, literally, when you get too close and the endermen can teleport and will attack when looked at directly so avoids them."

Barakas makes an odd clicking sound, before launching out the side of the tower. His wings rapidly flapping creates a buzzing sound akin to the world's biggest wasp, as he grasps a zombie and shoots back towards the tower.

He doesn't even slow, simply launching the undead in through the window of the tower, the undead landing besides the nest in a daze. The Gore Nest however reacted immediately, wrapping a tentacle of flesh around the undead and pulling it into the toothy maw.

There's a crunch of bone as the Nest shudders visibly. I leave the floor, intent on looting the rest of the chests while Barakas was doing his task.

The loot was standard, some iron, gold, redstone and a couple of diamonds as well as a few random items, some vanilla, some modded. The most interesting one of them was this.

[Ring of the Flying Squid]

Requires: 16GP

Allows the wearer limited flying capabilities.

My lips twitch into a smile. While not the most useful, it does mean that the Angel Ring is a feature, so true flight is well within my grasp.

I saunter down to the first floor, checking on the Gore Nest as I pass. It's grown to be double its size easily, now producing 750 Argent a minute. Finally reaching the ground floor I see my Hog, the golem and Barakas, as well as about a dozen zombies and skeletons, their eyes orange showing possession by Argent Energy.

"Well this is a surprise, how did this happen?" I ask the assembled demons, Barakas turns, a feral grin on his face.

"The aura of the Nest, it possessed these ones, a soulless corpse requires very little to corrupt." The pleasure at this fact was audible in his voice.

I nod before jumping atop the hog, and giving it a nudge. "Well then, we have a village to capture don't we?" Before rushing onwards across the plain, Barakas wings buzzing behind and the eerie sound of the possessed in lockstep with my golem as they match behind.

We make it there rapidly, and the screams of the inhabitants sang through the air as they rushed into houses, hoping that it would halt us. It didn't as my possessed broke through doors, and dragged those inside to the village square.

The grinding of metal on stone catches my attention as I look over to see my golem forcing the iron golem that was protecting this place to its knees in front of the villagers. How delightfully cruel.

Hopping off my mount, I walk over to the restrained golem and press my hand atop it, before activating [Imbue Argent].

The golem spasms in place, as the corrupting power of Argent begins its work on it. The minutes pass before the golem is possessed, it's eyes glowing orange. The tower golem releases the iron golem who rises.

Striding out in front of the gathered villagers, "I will only say this once, so hear me well. I am offering you the chance to live, swear your fealty to me and take me as your ruler or each person here dies."

One of the kneeling villagers, a blacksmith going by his clothing, spits at my feet, unable to do more while held down by my possessed. "We will never take a madman as our laird, especially one that allies himself with monsters."

I look over the rest of the villagers, and see the agreement in their eyes, unwilling to voice it they may be. I begin to walk away, waving Barakas over as I do.

A moment's concentration and I begin talking in the same unnatural tongue he does. "Remain here with the possessed. Keep the villagers in their buildings, let none escape. I shall be at the tower if I'm required."

A sharp nod is all the response I get from the devil before he turns back to the village, screaming commands at the possessed. My mount trots over, before carrying me back to my temporary base.

So this is a thing now. Don't ask why, I'm an idiot ruled by impulses and I got far too invested in a joke idea.

I have a P()atreon now, just add JarlDraven at the end of the link to find me.

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