Author's Note:

This is my first attempt at fanfiction. All reviews are welcome. No Beta so all mistakes are my own. I will try to update this as much as possible but I'm going to try to stick to at least a chapter a week. I have the first 4 ready to upload. This is currently rated M for future language and situations. If rough language, violence, and sexual situations are not your cup of tea please feel free to pass this up. I intend on this being an eventual Bella/Paul story so if you don't like this pairing this is not the story for you. I will try to put warnings above any chapters that have detailed violence or sexual situations. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this story. As always any recognizable characters/places/etc. belong to their respective owner's. I only play around with them.

Chapter 1

"You don't want me?" The devastation that rippled through me nearly crippled me then and there. Edward just gave me this cold, disgusted look like I was worse than the scum beneath his designer shoes. "Please, don't leave. I'm fine, Jasper didn't hurt me. It was an accident. Please, please, please don't do this." I couldn't believe I was begging him when clearly I wasn't worth even the effort for the rest of his family to say goodbye in person. I was torn between being nearly panicked that the Cullens were leaving and being ready to do anything to at least keep Edward near a little longer. The way he looked at me when I reached out to him pleading for him to stay would've turned someone less emotionally wrecked to stone. If I was smart I would've turned and run from him when his pretty honey gold eyes that I loved darkened to a horrible black.

"I never loved you. You were always just a pet for my family's amusement. You're pathetic, look at you. Weak, human, and begging me to stay even when I'm telling you that you mean less than nothing to me." He scoffed at me and his words cut through me like a thousands tiny blades. "Don't bother looking for us. You will never find us. I just thought I'd tell you in person that my family and I are leaving so that I could see the look on your face." It was with those parting harsh words that he took off in a blur.

"Wait, Edward!" I thawed from my petrified state just to lurch after him in a useless attempt to catch him. I took off running, stumbling on rocks and random tree roots. I don't know how long I ran but eventually I couldn't see through the tears flooding my eyes and I tripped. This time though I didn't have the strength to get back up. I had no idea where in the forest I was or how far from Charlie's I had actually ran. All I could think about was how he was gone and they had left me. I curled up shivering in a ball from the cold and rain pouring down over me.

The next thing I knew there was a hush that fell over the forest. It was the hush that happened when the Cullens went into the forest. I looked up with my hope rising thinking that maybe they changed their minds and came back. What I saw wasn't the Cullens but a pair of giant yellow eyes. I was too drained to be terrified that something was going to devour me. At this point it would be a welcome relief to not have to face the pain I knew was coming when the numbness faded. Whatever the creature was it wasn't alone because I heard movement coming closer on either side of it. Then instead of just one pair of yellow eyes there was now three pairs.

I must have fainted because when I came to I wasn't on the cold, hard ground anymore. I caught a glimpse of a copper bare chest. That must be the reason I felt like I was floating in a warm cloud. That can't be right though because nobody in their right mind would be out in this weather in the middle of the night without a shirt.

I must've blacked out again because when I opened my eyes this time I was in a familiar room. I slowed accessed where I was and came to the conclusion that I was home on the couch in Charlie's living room. I must've made some sound because Charlie rushed to my side. "Bells, how are you feeling?" He looked so worried and I felt guilty for causing him the stress. I didn't answer quick enough though because he started rapid firing questions at me as his anger made a slow appearance. "What in the hell were you doing in the damn woods?! I was so scared something had happened to you, Bells. The whole town's been looking for you. Do you have any idea how long you were gone? What were you thinking?"

"Dad..." I trailed off for several reasons. First, my throat felt like someone shoved cotton down it. Second, how did I even begin to explain what happened? Oh sure I could tell Charlie the truth. By the way, dad, I've been dating a vampire who took me for a walk in the woods so he could dump me. I was just his family's human pet who they used to entertain themselves. They decided I wasn't worth staying around when one of them tried to drain me dry because I got a paper cut. Oh yeah, That was sure to go over well. Not. Charlie'd have me committed before I even got past the first sentence. So another lie it was. "I got lost. Edward wanted to take a walk so we could talk."

"Bells, the Cullens left town yesterday. You've been missing for two days. I thought I'd lost you. What happened out there after you took a walk?" I couldn't be sure but I think Charlie thought I left with the Cullens and just didn't want to tell him. After-all, I did lie to him when I took off to Phoenix. He probably thought I ditched him for my boyfriend. Obviously that's not what happened and I think he's having a hard time swallowing that I'd been in the forest this whole time.

"We went for a walk following the trail behind the house. It's my fault I got lost, honest. I shouldn't have tried to follow him after he broke up with me. I ran after him and kept tripping until I couldn't get up anymore. I didn't know where I was by then. I'm not even sure how long I laid there. All I know is that I was cold and tired. Then I woke up here." I hope he bought that load of bullshit. I tried to stay as close to the truth as possible.

"If Sam Uley and a few others from the reservation hadn't found you when they did..." He stopped to take a deep breath like he was bracing himself. "Bells, you would've died. You had hypothermia when they brought you home. You were nearly dead. I thought you weren't breathing with how lifeless and pale you were. Don't you ever do anything like that again I don't care who asks you to walk in the woods! You should know better. I almost lost you, I can't lose you. Not after I just got you back. Please be more careful." I didn't know how to respond to his heartfelt words. As a general rule Charlie and I just aren't emotional with each other. We don't verbalize our feelings. So for him to be this close to telling me how much he cares he must've been terrified for my safety.

"I..." My guilt at what I must've put him through was choking me. I forced the words out through the lump in my throat. "I love you, dad. I'll be more careful from now on. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you worry." I leaned forward as much as my sore and exhausted body would allow me to reach for him. He surprised me by coming closer and giving into the hug I had offered. When we let go he got up to send the search party that was still outside home. He told everyone that I was fine and just needed rest. I felt a small ball of warmth pool in the gaping hole that Ed..., damn I couldn't even think His name. I shuddered and Charlie rushed to bring me more blankets thinking it was from the left over chill from the hypothermia. I didn't correct him. That night the nightmares started.