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CHAPTER 3: Renewal

As the sun shifted, my mouth grew dry, my legs sore, and my patience thin. I had been walking for hours and the town was still a ways off. The path in the forest had just begun to narrow and the ground turn rough when I noticed that the clouds were get darker and distant thunder rumble.

"Really, now of all times?" I pull my hood over my head and place my satchel inside the cloak, then hurry towards cover; of course, the rain begins to drizzle immediately. "Why me?! At least the cloak's waterproofed." I walk faster, watching my step as I head towards a clump of trees with thicker branches. "Just about six yards off, I'd say...but my eyesight is better so I could be wrong. I wonder…" I sprint foward and my vision blurs as I speed to the trees. 'Is this how it feels to be superhuman?' As I'm distracted by my thoughts, my foot slips on some mud, and I then trip and hit my head on a root. I then fall unconscious.


I wake up at the bottom of the hill, soaked everywhere my cloak didn't cover. "Urgh. My head…" I pull myself up and check to see if anything is broken or bruised. "Eh, I'm fine...a little sore but eh." Then, I continue walking through the wet forrest waterlogged and cold but still breathing.

Hours pass and as I dry, I think on what is happening. 'Where am I exactly anyway? Country-wise anyway? It's cold and murky, so the tropics is out…' I look at the trees, noticing that there are a lot of pine, birch, and oak trees. 'So if I remember my botany right those are Scots either I'm in Scotland or someone decided to plant a bunch of trees native to there near their town…'

I check my bag again to see if I have anything to collect water in… "Nope, not even an empty flask…" 'My mouth is sooooo dry right now' I see a pond nearby, the water is probably dirty but I'm desperately needing a drink right now. "Screw it." I cup some water in my hands a sip it as it drains out of my hands, the chilling sensation of cold water going down my gullet, my body instinctively drinking despite the bitter taste of stale water.


Hours Later…

I blearily open my eyes and groan as my stomach protests to the sheer stupidity that was drinking pond water. "Urrrgghh."

I force myself up and walk across the muddy ground, continuing my trek to civilization. The walk is long and boring, but as I trudge through the muddy earth and the forest I begin to go back over the recent memories: My Death, Rebirth, and the panic I felt afterwards. 'I need to get a hold of my emotions again...I thought I already fixed that but it seems dying is traumatizing. Who knew?' I think sarcastically.

Finally, I see the edge of a town through the brush: a homely and village style architecture compared to the more modern one I'm familiar with...but I see a lightbulb on that porch and the cars are recent so I'm guessing that I've landed in the early 2000's... hopefully. Oh, my stomach feels better but augh! Never, ever drinking stagnant water...why did I do that anyways? I know survival rules and yet I did that...then again I'm not human... anymore.

BOOM!!! An explosion goes off in the town and I hear screams. Against my better judgement, I run out of the woods and down the street towards said sounds of terror.