[parasite EVIL]

Chapter Two



"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Leon Kennedy blew out a large breath as he stood outside the young girl's bedroom door. It had been years now without a sign of Umbrella or Claire. He didn't know if it was a good thing, or a bad thing, but that was how things were. And right now, his paticence could last for so long.


"I'm sick. *hack, hack*"

"Oh please, I'm not that stupid. Get up Sherri."

"ooohhhhhhhhhhhh........Alright." With a turn of the lock, the door open and out stepped Sherri Kennedy, as she was now named, dressed and clean, dragging her backpack behind her as she headed for the kitchen. "School sucks!" She remarked and sat down.

"Well, if I can survive 13 years of it, you can survive 4 more years. Then you can sleep in all you want." Leon smiled and handed her a plate of leftover pizza, which she took and began to eat.

"Yet, It's been how many years and you still eat like a collage kid?" Sherri remarked as she shoved the pizze into her mouth. Leon just laughed and drank his coffee.

"There's nothing wrong with pizza for breakfast. It has most of the food groups......." He argued as he walked down the hall to his room to slip a shirt on. Sherri smiled and bit into the food again. After what happened in Raccoon, She and Leon had been getting along great. He had a few strings pulled and had her registered as his sister. Since then, Sherri had grown up consitterably, She was, of course, 15. But Leon still didn't trust her. Today was his first day of work with the government, and her wanted to make sure she got to school, because she had a habit of skipping lately.

"What's the name of the place you're working at?" Sherri hollared across the apartment and finished her meal.


"Sounds like a stag film. The Mighty Inticing Sexy Team!" A smile crept accross her face as Leon's laugh reached her ears. She opened the refrigerator and took a Ice Cream Sandwich from the ice box. When Leon returned fully clothed to the kitchen and looked at her choice oddly, she simply held up her snack, smiled, and replied, "Milk group."


"...495........499..........503........ha hah!!!! 507!!!!" Aya Brea exclaimed as she found the address. She had planned to go to Leon Kennedy's new place of residence after dropping Eve off at school, but was held back a bit thanks to L.A.'s morning rush. Pulling off into the corner and putting the car into park, Aya removed the keys from the egnition and stepped out of her car. After locking the car securely, Aya walked into the apartment complex and began to walk up the stairs. She was nearly scared out of her skin and a sudden loud bang from the floor above, followed by.....


"NO! I WANT TO TAKE THE BUSSSSS!" Aya ran up the last remaining flight of stairs to see a man dressed in a T-Shirt and jeans with short, floopy auburn hair try to drag a blond teenager out of his apartment. You will not laugh Aya... She thought to herself. She then glaced around and noticed the number on the man's apartment door, shinning in gold. Apartment 23? that's Leon's......

"Leon Scott Kennedy?" She questioned. The man right away looked at her with fear in his eyes, removing his hands from the teen.

"Sherri, get inside the apartment........."


"GO INSIDE NOW!!!!" He yelled and the girl obeyed him, rushing inside, closing the door and locking it. A sharp breath went into Aya's mouth as she saw what he was withdrawing. A gun. Dumb, Aya, Dumb!!!!! She thought to herself, stepping back, I should've brought my gun, but I can still fry him if I ne.. "Are you from Umbrella? If you are, don't move or I'll shoot you without a second thought." Umbrella......?

"No, I'm not from Umbrella!!!! I'm FBI!!!!!" Aya announced, her hands raised in the sky. "I'm going to take out my badge, okay? Don't shoot!" With the man's nod of approval, Aya reached into her jacket, pulled out her badge, and handed it to the gunman. After looking at it for 30 seconds, a look of shock washed over his features, soon replaced by calmness.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you're from MIST too!" The man smiled, placed his gun back in the holster, and handed Aya back her badge. "My name's Leon Kennedy, though you aready knew that. Sorry about that, I thought you were from Umbrella."

"Why would you be scarred of a drug company?" Aya asked, puzzlement printed accross her whole face. Leon sighed and shook his head.

"It's nothing, forget about it." Leon assured her, "I better fetch Sherri, before she freaks out." With a knock, the teen came out, hiding behind Leon, who lovingly protected her. "It's okay Sherri, she's from MIST. So, are you here to give me a ride to headquarters?"

"Headquarters? Were you expecting me?"

"I start my work at MIST today.......or didn't you know that?" Aya felt her jaw drop.

"Y...you're a MIST agent!?!" Leon simply smiled.