"You know, " Yi Jung stated calmly and put his teacup down. "People are very worried about your friendship with us..."

Jan Di raised an eyebrow. "Why? "

Yi Jung leaned casually across his armchair. "Have you never thought about what being friends with us could mean to you? What you could gain from me, for example? "

Jan Di frowned in confusion. "Things I could gain from you... "

Jan Di's imagination

A cheerful Yi Jung whistles 'Oh happy day' while pottering a very fancy flowerpot.

Yi Jung gifts the finished product to an overjoyed Jan Di. 'For you.' - 'Really? Thanks!'

Jan Di places the very fancy flowerpot in the middle of a completely empty shelf. 'Wow - it's sparkling!'

A happy Yi Jung hands Jan Di another very fancy flowerpot. 'Look, I made another one!'- 'Wah, so cool!'

Jan Di proudly places the new piece of art on her shelf that is already completely filled with Yi Jung's flowerpots. They are sparkling almost blindingly.

A group of people is admiring her ever-growing collection.

'They are so beautiful' - '

You are so lucky' -

'So many sparkles.' -

'Ah, I'm going blind!'

Several people are muttering behind Jan Di's back.

'That girl is so lucky' -

'Don't you think that her collection is growing a bit too quickly?' -

'Did you know that she never had to pay for any of those pieces?' -

'Just because she has a rich friend.' -

'She probably lets him pay for everything.' -

"Ah, I can see how this would be problematic," Jan Di mused.

"They think our relationship might be dangerous," Yi Jung continued.

Jan Di's imagination

A very angry Jan Di is standing at her bedroom window, tossing fancy flower pot after fancy flowerpot at the gossiping people. People are screaming and running away.

'See, I told you it would be dangerous!' -

' That girl is plain mad!'

People were worried about being assaulted with pottery. Really?

"And it's not just me, it's the entirety of F4," Yi Jung added.

Jan Di's imagination

F4 is sitting in a very stylish room. A good-humored Yi Jung is already on his second fancy (and very sparkly) flowerpot- 'Ah, so easy!'

Jun Pyo grumpily molds a very loop-sided and unidentifiable clump of clay that seems to emit an all-devouring blackness.- 'Why doesn't it stay upright?!'

Ji Hoo is sleeping peacefully in his chair, head on the table with a half-finished trivet next to him, dreaming a very flower filled dream.

And judging by the censor bars on the piece of art Woo Bin is busy shaping, his dreams are probably flowery, too - in a completely different way, though.

Jan Di herself is happily entering her newly acquired five-room-apartment. Four of them filled to the brink with her much envied F4 pottery collection.

Jan Di sweat dropped.

"They fear that you might ask us to use our influence for bad purposes... ", Yi Jung finished calmly.

"Yes... " Jan Di agreed absentmindedly.

Wait. What?


"What are you talking about? " Jan Di asked suddenly.

Yi Jung blinked. "What? Aren't we talking about the same thing? ... Just...what were you thinking about? "

"Free pottery " Jan Di replied calmly.


I really have no idea where that one came from. Probably read too many mangas. Anyways, I hope you liked it. *xD*

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