Chapter 1 situation

"Ah shit"

I knew something was up the moment I opened my eyes. The fact being that it wasn't eyes, but eye.

I seem to be blind in one eye, it felt closed but it was actually open, unseeing. This was not a common phenomenon, I had always had 20/20 vision, from both eyes and not seeing from my dominant eye was a huge problem.

I sat up, and immediately was hurt by the cold, hard stone floor. That wasn't supposed to be there.

Not registering the signs in my half-asleep state, I groped around for my phone, the iPhone 6 I bought from the bargain bin at some store a while back. Nothing.

No matter how shit the old phone is, it doesn't just disappear, right?

Now there was no phone, there was no table, there was no bed, only some rag on the floor-is that animal fur?

I seemed to be in a run-down hut, alone with almost no possessions in the vicinity. There was a hole in the top of the roof, which protrude outwards. It was like a really early Roman house, with the compluvium, except there was no impluvium, just a fire that burned underneath.

Upon looking a bit closer, it was evident that this was not solely my space. Bedding in the form of furs littered the ground, and at random intervals, pieces of personal artifacts, toys, knucklebones and stones. Too shabby to be mine, too shabby to belong to the modern era.

So there were only two options. Either I had, somehow been reverted to my young form, and was kidnapped, or I had transmigrated. I don't know what is worse, but as you can probably tell from the title, the latter happened.

Unluckily, this moment happened to coincide with when the matron, a big, portly lady (probably from an upper class) came and smacked me on the head for not coming over to breakfast.

Not that the breakfast was any good: a piece of black bread, a bit of milk and nothing else. I guess even having that bit of milk was good considering my situation. But of course, I didn't get anything, being late. The other kids had already eaten everything, the greedy little buggers. I resisted the urge to curse at them-hey, I was hungry, especially after all the shit that had happened, who knows, maybe we'll fight hunger games with each other.

But of course, it had to be a medieval society. Off to farm work. There was endless amounts of ploughing and helping with the fields, being the start of spring and thus the year. (This is why we actually got more food than average). I, with my modern era brain and hands, could not perform as well as the other children. My hands, although the same size, lacked the experience to exert force. My feet, although tough, hurt me mentally, as I walked across the dirty fields. At the end of a hard day of work, not having a shower felt like hell. Dirtying my surroundings felt like hell. I smelled like shit.

And there wasn't exactly a river to clean myself up. And also, that nearest river is 2 km away and clogged with sewage, so there was no way I was going to wash myself there.

So all I could do was to lie on the furs after scraping off all the dirt and grime with the oak leaves having fallen from the ground.

And I slept, or tried to, with all the other children crowding around me, fighting for a space. I honestly had enough by this point, so I went to a corner, curled up and began to sleep.

As I lay, a blue screen appeared in front of me, saying:

The Forge of Empires System activates in 1 year. Host, please find a suitable location after 1 year.

Here comes my golden finger!

A year, huh? Too short, too long.

I would rather immediately depart and use this system, I knew the time taken to advance eras was very low, having played this game quite a lot.

This game, for those who don't know, was a city building game, with some other aspects like warfare. Essentially, you controlled a city as it moved up through the ages, from the Stone Age to the space age asteroid belt. I had been playing for 4 years and got into the oceanic future.

Although playing in real life would be a lot harder, with me being unable to get any of the forge point making production buildings, and certain other factors, like food, water, happiness would need to be taken into account. I had a funny feeling that these mechanisms would not be ignored.

But it is too early to think about these matters. For one, I need to figure out where I was, and how I was going to spend the next year.

I do not want to miserably spend the next year in the middle of nowhere farming constantly. It would be of no help to my future ambitions! Nor could I find any suitable plot of land to put down my city.

I suppose a poet would be a good place to start…

And so towards that goal I bounded.

Firstly, I asked around to what country I was in, and the children were excellent providers in this regard. At least I wouldn't deal with too much suspicion; all I would receive was a strange look and the answer.

It turns out I was in the Stormlands and crown prince Rhaegar was 4 name days younger than me. This was not a bad place to start. All I knew was that I needed to get away from here very quickly, before the troubles with Robert Baratheon happened, and definitely before the war of the 5 kings. I am definitely not going to put my city down in Westeros.

And yet I knew that Essos was just as bad, simply without a centralised government. It was perhaps even worse, like the Ancient Greek states, constantly getting caught in war with each other. The principle problem of the forge of empire system is, I presume, the crucial time period before I could step into the late Middle Ages, which had taken me a quarter a year, which will probably take me ¾ or maybe even a whole year. During this time, any of the major cities would easily be able to destroy me.

Staying next to such martial powers would not be great.

And let's not even talk about slaver's bay, I'm more likely to be enslaved there.

YiTi was another option, but I was pretty sure they were in a situation like the Spring and Autumn period. If these people were anything like my people, then I was pretty sure this region would be very interesting in the future, flush with philosophical thinking.

But not now. Too dangerous and too far.

The only reason available to me was to try and go west across the sunset sea. I think I remember something about a certain renaissance scientist saying something about calculating the presence of another continent, to balance the Earth's tectonic plates or something, and surely even if there wasn't, there would surely be some form of islands.

So I would need to find a boat to go west and let luck guide me. I knew how to make a compass. I know how to distil salt water into fresh water, and with more training, I should be able to sail a boat of this age myself. I wasn't exactly clueless to nautical matters, I had sailed around before, though not on the extent of what I am doing now.

So let me plan my escape for the end of the week, finding out my route and hopefully "borrowing" some implements, like that farmer's axe for example!


So for the rest of the week, I laid low and rested. There was the farm work which I skipped a lot of parts from. I would half-heartedly twist and turn the shovel, pretending to plough the field while actually taking a rest and thinking on other matters, like taking in the various factors to figure out how to take as much as possible to assist on my journey.

Did I feel uncomfortable for taking from the peasantry? Yes. But it wasn't as if I could steal from the rich. And it was just going to be a few pieces of bread and some tools. And I'll be sure to reward them generously once I meet them again.

Of course from literature class, I knew how weak such an argument was. Most people would forget, but who said I had to be like them? Maybe I will be like Han Xin.

But whatever, my path is set, there is no going back. Only I can bring salvation in this time to everyone, and all I do is for the greater good.

Yeah, sorry for the late posting, I had a lot of stuff on my plate the last week. Hopefully, the next chapter will be posted soon, I can't guarentee anything, but I feel like it would be happening somewhere this week, depending on where my thoughts take me.

Regarding some of the comments:

I feel like this story will try to incorporate some elements from different parts of the world, mainly Europe and China, since I know the most about these areas, and maybe somethings about the persians and other middle east or Central Asia stuff. I doubt I'll mention anything on native Americans or Aboriginal Australia, cuz this will be more tech based but I'll see. So yeah, there will be some aspects of Rome in this, just that there will also be some stuff on other cultures.

And regarding video game fan fiction, I don't feel like just the aspect make them bad, they're more like a platform for beginning writers (like myself) to try to get acquainted with writing. I mean, think about it. They're all in a clearly structured format, with easily identifiable goals in terms of quests and power levels, in terms of stats. So I feel like systems help the reader to see better what is going on, when the author him/herself is not able to give such descriptions (sorry about that). But yeah, overall, video game plots are just really good at helping the reader visualise what is going on, it's just that a lot of newbie writers use them, giving them a bad rep. As for this fanfiction, I decided to abolish most of the stats and stuff, and the specific quests in Forge are also going to go (they'll restrict my plot too much). So it will be a lot more free. I will mainly be keeping the continent map, the city map, and the tech tree for the MC's system, and the resources lists.

And please comment. I'm just a noob at writing so I would appreciate any constructive criticism, either regarding Plot or writing style. Thank you all!