Chapter 5:

The air rippled. It rippled with blue. A dense, neon blue that I had not seen for quite a long time now, which subsequently fled, streaking in soft lines over the vast plain. The were not weaving in graceful flights, like dragons and phoenixes, like harpies and feathered serpents, but hit straight and true, forward, forward.

Until, upon hitting an invisible barrier, far off into the distance, the light beam bent, upwards, upwards, swinging into the sky, penetrating the bank of clouds overhead.

I am no great atmospheric scientist. But even I could tell that that should have at least done something to the clouds. It did not. There was not Sasuke's kirin.

But this was rather bad. Is a giant ray of blue not extremely visible? It should be visible for miles on end. And observed it probably was. I am not looking forward to taking arms so early against my enemies.

After the beams returned, having formed what appeared to be a cage of blue, they vanished. What was left behind was flat earth. Supernaturally flatter, or should I say, scientifically?

There were two more coagulations of light afterwards, and they took the form of structures. Not the imposing skyscrapers of the modern day, not even the high medieval castles. It was the Town Hall of the stone age, an untidy, ramshackle construction, 2 stories in height, surprisingly enough. It was, however seemingly built with solid stone, and would withstand the elements.

The other blue changed into a small hut, like in the game. A half-dome with a hole for the door. Inside, there were 7 people who came out to greet me. There were the quest givers in the game, and some unidentifiable civilians, they looked more fit than modern men at the very least.

"Greetings, Lord! I am Ragu Silvertongue. I wish to join your tribe _"

He stopped. Time seemed to freeze. His lips stopped moving, and his eyes stopped blinking. It was a while before I figured out what was going on, after all, you don't expect your conversation partner to suddenly fall silent!

But the virtual screen had a question mark upon it. Thus, this must be some sort of prompt, one probably aimed towards me telling it the name of my tribe, the name of my future empire.

"Great Xia."

What could be more fitting than the first dynasty of the Far Eastern land of China, segregated from the west albeit in a different direction?

"-Great Xia," he continued, and no hitch could be heard in his voice. It was almost as if he had intended, and had known about my city name all along. Biological, memory manipulation? Perhaps even creation? The system I have possesses some potent powers! "I would like to work with you to build this great city _"

Ah, Ragu Silvertongue. As the Westerosi would put it, you traitorous cunt. But it wasn't really clear. After all, they were real now. I can't simply have their guaranteed loyalties no matter what I do! If I kill, if I murder, if I am unjust in my actions, my citizens and advisors may strike me down.

I responded to the prompt once more. "Xi'an"

Just as the name of my city suggests, I will bring peace to the barbaric west. Perhaps barbaric isn't the nicest way to put it. After all, it's would not be these people's fault if they turned out like the Earth's native Americans, merely the fault of the circumstances. They had not the vast interconnection of the Eurasian continent of the West, Near East, Middle East and Far East.

"-Xi'an," Ragu continued, "Will you accept us, my lord?"

I nodded, turning my eyes approximately 30 degrees colder. That would make it 7.5 degrees celsius. "I shall receive you into my service gladly. However, let you all be warned, I do not take kindly, like all other men, to treachery. Should one of you betray me…"

I let the silence hang for dramatic effect; no one yet seemed guilty, but who knew what evils men planned in their hearts of hearts?

I smiled, "however, I am no cruel ruler. I'm sure it will not come to that! Let us work together, to the best of our ability to create an empire where our heirs may dwell to the ending of the world."

They did not cheer; they merely looked relieved. It seems blasting with darkness before soothing with light is a powerful technique for gaining allegiance. But charisma does not carry oneself alone in this world.

Only power. And only technology and science can create absolute dominating power.

"Mandrubar," I turned to my chief scientist or master as this world calls them. He was rather clean and frail-looking, wearing some animal pelt, the identity of which I did not care to know.

"I require stilt houses to be researched, before the night hits."

"And Fernikus, draw up the plans for the layout of the city. Write the plans on the loose dirt, try to create space, but maximise our efficiency."

When those two had got to work, I turned to the remainder of my population.

"Our Great Xia is newly established. Our defences are weak, our arms inferior, and our peoples are few. Many barbarians and foreign peoples may roam these lands, and upon seeing us, seek to usurp our position. Therefore, men, construct a defence. For now, a simple line of sharpened stakes will have to do. Each should be as tall as your shoulder. Two of you, stay behind."

They bowed and left for my territory's periphery. They only held flint knives. How they would get the stakes is beyond me, perhaps they will be looking for downfallen tree branches?

By now, Fernikus had completed his work. After all, we do not have much for the city at present.

A faint map was lying, scraped onto the dirt. There were 5 quadrants, first the privileged section of residents, of which my Town Hall was but a part, ringed by expensive residential premium buildings. I presume those are for meritorious civil officers and generals. There was the main residential, for the rest of my citizens. For industry, there were the good-producing sectors, the agricultural for food, which was not in the game, but all the more vital out here in real life. Finally, was the yet to be established military sector.

"What about an entertainment and culture sector?"

What defined a civilisation, but its culture? Its songs, books and great works? The ancient Chinese were able to stand against the nomadic tribes because of this.

Fernikus frowned, and shook his head. "There is no room, my lord. Perhaps, this can be discussed later, once we have the blueprints."

It wasn't that urgent anyway. What I needed to worry about were the axioms of survival, namely food, water and shelter. Water from the great sea and lake were in abundance, and inbuilt shelter from my system was available. But food…

Luckily, the hunter building from the Stone Age was available, so I ordered Fernikus to immediately begin construction, aided by the two men who had been left behind. His design was identical to the design the developers of FOE had used: a large tent, covered with animal pelts. In it could be stored these items, produce armaments and tools for the sake of hunting, and process animal matter, skinning and cooking.

It was not a complex build, and so it was completed quickly. The materials were all present anyway, fetched from the dwindling supply in the Town Hall. I immediately appointed the two men hunters, and they took their bows and arrows, along with some of the remaining obsidian arrows, and left, seeking some nearby deer. There should be quite a lot available, judging by what I had seen the day before, although I'm not too certain about stone age archery skill. The bow did not look quite so fearsome, and was rather small compared to my dream English Longbow, good for hunting small things. The arrows also looked shit.

After a few hours, Mandrubar had finished his research into stilt houses. Truly a simple invention, made of straw and rising slightly above ground level. I could not see much use for this technology. We lived not in the swamps of the South East Asian nations, this was a vast plain, and so had no used for raised surfaces. I suppose it could keep the bugs out. And if anyone came to direct us directly, it would be over, since we had the high ground, just like Obi-Wan.

Regardless of its use, when I had gotten the blueprint, imprinted in my mind (courtesy of the system imprinting new techs directly into my brain), the virtual screen opened and fireworks appeared on the screen, mirrored by the same lights in the sky.

Too bad they were illusionary, almost like a mirage that vanished afterwards, leaving no traces. Too bad I couldn't find some free gun powder.

A thunderous boom emanated from nearby, and the Town Hall became shrouded in that electric blue light again.

Once the light dissipated, a neat brown structure, with spots of brighter colour, remained in place, looking like some sort of neat Viking Great Hall.

[Xi'an of Great Xia has entered the Bronze Age. Long may it reign!]


Ok, for the point about wild tomatoes and potatoes, well nowadays, no strains may be present that is non-toxic, but surely there was one when it was domesticated by early humans? After all, it could never have evolved through horticulture if humans had never specifically tried to breed a non-toxic variety (they would never have tried to change a toxic species to a non-toxic one) at the start of tomato and potato cultivation.

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